Two Successive Recognitions of Hitherto Regarded-as-Ainigmatic Astronomical Organizations of Substance on Scales (Sizings) Galactic and Greater-Than-Galactic

The 1st, a recognition of the effect on mass of swifter-than-luminance intercommunications of particles (i.e., via quantum-entanglement), with respect to quasars generally and to great-attractors generally.

The 2nd, a recognition of the effect on mass of swifter-than-luminance intercommunications of particles (i.e., via quantum-entanglement), with respect to specific types of galaxies and to specific types of great-walls.

The 1st (achieved Apr 30th, the day subsequent to my discussion -- with prof. em. H.G., whose spirit-guides may, in co-operations with spirit-guides of other professors known to him, have facilitated such in my own spirit-guides during my dreaming in the intervening night -- of speciously paradoxic astronomic features, namely those proposed by Kurt Go:del to Albert Einstein as to possible effects of any rotation of the universe, as leading up to this realization), involving quasars generally and great-attractors generally.

(A.) As for quasars, because of their internal temperature (specific heat) is a function of their size (their entire length being occupied by a single wave, whose length would encapsulate their temperature by determining it, thus being, for so considerable a length, very close to absolute-zero) due to co-alescence (unification) of luminance-waves at such intense energy-density : therefore, because of the tendency of a wave (exemplified by the microwave-length making for a square cross-section in a radar-waveguide) to formulate a cube (having 2 mutually perpendicular planes-of-vibration, namely for, respectively, electric, and magnetic, field-components of such standing-wave. (B.) As for great-attractors, because therein their internal force-field must be of such intensity as to drive apart the quark-components of the elementary particles, and because the quark-components of nucleons are each 3 in #, therefore such triplicity would result in a triangle, or if allowance be made for temporary (very brief) periodic conjunction of the 3 (vibrating mutually toward one another, and apart from one another), then (if spatial displacement due to vanishment of mutual tension while temporarily conjoined, be allowed for) a 4th apex, resulting a tetrahedron-of-vibration.

(C.) rotation of either of these (i.e., quasar and great-attractor) would result in flattening -- praesumably the axis-of-choice for rotation would be magnetic in the case of a quasar (exemplified by a hydro-electric generator, wherein the electric current is driven to revolve in the helical wiring around the magnet's axis), and co-alescence oriented in the case of a great-attractor.

(D.) Because of the consciousness inhaerent (according to Alfred North Whitehead and his successors) in material substance, conscious-forms (understood by Aldous Huxley to explain visionary experience) would emanate from the rotating cosmic objects, of similar shape (flattened); these would be : (1) for rapidly rotating pulsar-stars, round-circumference oblate sphairoids (constituting the majority of so-called "flying saucers"), (2) for rotatating quasars, square-circumference oblate sphairoids (constituting the square "flying saucers"), and (3) for rotatating great-attractors, triangular-circumference oblate sphairoids (constituting the triangular "flying saucers").

The 2nd (achieved May 3rd, the day subsequent to my discussion -- with G.L.R, whose spirit-guides may have assisted my dreaming in the intervening night -- of details about divine assistance to the world on socio-oikonomic matters) due to supra-luminal influences among pairs (at least) of quantum-entangled particles [which I had mentioned to H.G. as analogous with karmic-relations among mortals; G.L.R. explaining favorable karman as a result of intervening on behalf of others -- which I related to the duty of a bodhi-sattva, including (as I mentioned to G.L.R.) the buddha's successor's remaining in trance until the arrival of the subsequent buddha (I having read of that over the last couple of days)], time-reversal (so-called in the General-Theory of Relativity, but not the the sense of a tension upon time-fields requiring aequalization; but simply resulting in directions of forces being reversed, thus necessarily producing anti-gravity as a centripetal force in the absence of rotation/revolution) in subatomic particles to the extent that they are involved in ongoing entanglement processes, which may also said to function backwards-in-time to the extent that successively earlier relationships with other particles which may be consumed in that backwards sequence may result in ongoing effects currently. Because increasingly closer to the centre of a quasar, the effects entanglement-processes may increasingly praevail, therefore the anti-gravitational forcefield would come to dominate therein, repellently driving all enclosed matter to the interior spatial vicinity of that horizon.

[written May 3 2016]


As concerning the rotation of a pulsar :- In addition to it rotation on its own axis, wherein a centripetal force (due to force-field directional reversal characteristic of matter undergoing quantum-entanglement effects) may open orifices at both extremities of the axis of rotation (thus emitting a beam-of-radiation out of each), there would also be a praecession in the obliquity of the rotational axis (obliquity being possible due to diminution of mass due to supraluminal quantum-entanglement effects). It is this praecession which is responsible for the circular sweep of a pulsar's beam-of-radiation.

[added May 20 2015, on the basis of realization by mid-May that any supposed effect of the pulsar's rotation's generating an additional (non-mass-inertial) rotation in another axis both (1) perpendicular to the axis of rotation and also (2) perpendicular to some 3rd axis, is not well-founded as a hypothesis, and that an additional (to that of inertial rotaion) axis could better be hypothesized as oblique, and be described as maintained as a praecession of that obliquity.]