Petition-and-Prayer Addressed to Committees of Deities, Who Guide Mortals and Who Guide Mortals' Governments, in Regard to Oikonomics, Politics, Government, and All of That Ilk


We mortals would humbly beg your majesties to accept our acknowledgement of your adeptship in leading mortals into acting as though all the world were a stage for the entertainment of you deities most comically, consistently making a majority of voting mortals to vote against their own oikonomic interests, with the resultant praedicaments for mortals being most amusing your sublime highnesses, witnessing mortals, who have followed directions set forth by you all, to fall into victimhood in poverty, in starvations, in calamities of war, etc. etc.

We mortals would humbly requaest of your majesties that as a way of acknowledging you deities' expertise at praevailingly directing the populace into such laughable self-damage, that ye all would kindly alter your policies for this planet into some other course of entertainment for yourselves : other than oikonomic recessions, oikonomic depressions, nationalistic aggressions, and that ilk -- if it may please your highnesses, do so consider, in the stead thereof, less comical and more artistic modes of entertainment for yourselves, by guiding mortals into performances of music, of painting and of woodcarving and of stoneworking, etc. etc. We might humbly suggest of you-all deities that ye woiuld encourage, on a world-wide scale, governments to fund such musical-and-artistic projects, with, of course, the proviso that governments controlled by such ploutokrats as are inhaerently incapable of appretiating the most refined qualities of music and of art, be demoted from power and be replaced with control of governments by such erudite persons as have the necessary appretiations as will induce them to defund the militaries and to fund instead musical-and-artistic culture-based organizations.


This petition is not intended to be categorized as insincere, unauthorized, nor lacking appropriate notarization, lacking appropriate witnesses, lacking appropriate signature, or lacking appropriate sigil, nor as codicil to some other documentary instrument not in existence or not appropriately attested. It is not to be taken as invalid on its face or as invalid on account of being automatically invalidated on the peremptory demand of some other party or person.

Any other such-or-similar methods of invalidations of this petition are intended to be quashed herewithal.


We furthermore would requaest that this sort of petition (if automatically misdirected to such divinities as have neither concern nor authority) be redirected to such divinities as are not lacking in concern and in authority in these matters. If this requaest not be understood by its divinity-recipients, either in content or in implication, then we do suggest that it be submitted to scrutiny by such divine experts as are capable of understanding its content and its implications, so that they can recommend its propre addressing in order that it arrive at the offices of the appropriate divine action-committees.

If by any means possible, we would additionally praefer to see this sort of petition sent up the chain-of-command among astronomically-organized-and-oriented networks of divine organizations : from the planetary level (perhaps located in the core-centre of planet earth) to the solar-system level (perhaps located in the core-centre of the sun), from the solar-system level to the galaxy-level (perhaps located in the core-centre of the galaxy, namely in the galaxy's quasar), and from the galaxy-level to the level of the total group of galaxies controlled by the Gravitational Great Attractor. We do understand that, owing to divine administration-procedures, such a petition may not be acted upon until it be forwarded step-by-step to the highest level to which it may be capable of being raised; and we are therefore quite willing to wait through such process, and not accept ineffective results from any lower level than that.

[written 21 March 2017]