Star-Civilization Connections betwixt the Great-Attractor and the Galactic Centre

The Great-Attractor (so-named on account of its gravitationally attracting thousands of galaxies, including our own galaxy) is located in [the direction of] constellation Kentauros : and constellation Kentauros is identified as Pholos [whose name < */Ghala-/ <ibriy = /qal/ 'cold', is reminiscent of the nigh-absolute-zero temperatures ascribed in astrophysics to putative "black holes", i.e., to quasars which are generally galactic centres], the son of Seilenos and of a Melia (Mediterranean-ash-tree nymph).

Seilenos is renowned on account of his having told (to king Midas) the true history of the triple consisting of the city Eu-sebes and and the city Makhimos and the city A-nostos with its Abyss, that history concerning how voyagers from this triple approached toward our world as far as the land of Huper-boreia.

Out of Huper-boreia voyaged Abaris upon (or rather, within) a flying arrow (ios = sagitta in Latin) which is identified with constellation Toxotes (Sagittarius), wherein [i.e., in the direction whereof] is located our galaxy's centre. [It may be understood that whereas Huper-boreia is the actual overall headquarters of the Galactic Command, the "arrow" is a flying typical-vehicle employed therein.] {Quite possibly, the term 'arrow' is intended to indicate the same manner of flying-device as is now described as 'cigar-shaped', i.e., a so-called "mother-ship" (which is witnessed to be capable of containing within it many ordinary flying-saucers). If so, this could indicate that all mother-ships originate from, and/or are authorized by, the Galactic Command headquarters, in some contrast to the ordinary flying-saucers, which are praesumably commissioned on a command-level somewhat lower, i.e., by the local Galactic-Sector Command. Because triangular-shaped flying-vehicles are typically witnessed by persons (e.g., by Dennis Kucinich) involved in politics, they may be regarded as aequivalent to flag-ships transporting command-officers.}

references : cap. xviii

[written Jan 8 2016]