Visitors from Hidden Realms, 4-6

Cap. 4 (pp. 107-113, 115, 117-120, 123, 127)





there were a series of UFO close encounters near Levelland, Texas. ... car and truck engines were temporarily disabled while in the presence of a UFO. The UFOs were generally described as brilliant egg or oblong-shaped objects approximately 200 feet in length.”

Aerial Phenomena Research Organization


army base in Texas :- “a glowing disc-shaped object was seen hovering overhead. Tanks approached the hovering UFO and were taking aim, when suddenly the soldiers occupying those tanks abandoned them because of an unexplained intense temperature increase inside the tanks. {indicating that the U.S. military would receive Hell-fire in punishment for their insolence} Meanwhile, at a nearby USO dance the lights unaccountably went out. {indicating that the U.S. military would be cast into Outer Darkness}

“ “ “ “

army base in Brazil :- “a large orange glowing disk reportedly hovered over ... a military facility known as the Itaipu Fortress. ... the electrical systems of the army installation inexplicably failed, along with intercommunications, and when emergency circuits were switched on, they failed too.”

“ “ “ “


observed “from the deck of a Brazilian Navy ship” at Trinidade Island in the south Atlantic :- “a large metallic saturn-shaped UFO ... . ... the Brazilian Navy had treated as “top secret” how radio transmitters and instruments with magnetic needles ceased operating.”

Paulo M. Campos, in DIARIO CARIOCA (02/23/58)


Ararangua, Santa Catarina :- “a Varig C-46 cargo plane ... encountered a mysterious red light. During that encounter an onboard generator and transmitter “burned” out.”

Orogrande, New Mexico :- “car (and those of other motorists) stalled as an oval-shaped object buzzed the highway they were traveling, giving off a heat that ... could be felt as it passed over (even though ... its altitude may have been somewhere between 1500-3000 feet).” {evidently an infrared laser-beam}

Aerial Phenomena Research Organization

Quebra, Coco, Brazil :- “a Spanish Navy officer’s truck was reportedly approached by a huge, blinding lens-shaped object (estimated 500 feet in diameter) . When the huge UFO got within 20 feet of the ground, the officer’s truck engine died. The UFO ... door opened, revealing a red illumination from its interior. Next, seven long-haired men appeared through the door”.


Minas Gerais :- ‘after the UFO landed a mere ten to fifteen yards away, Villas-Boas claimed that his tractor engine then died. ... he decided to rum for it. However, ... he was tackled by three short men in gray, tight-fitting suits with helmets.”


Bouzaid, France :- “was reportedly “paralyzed” as three beings emerged from a UFO.”

Passport to Magonia.

La Carie, France :- “Two men felt an “electric shock” as their car headlights went out. Then they saw a cylindrical craft in a nearby pasture with three dwarfish looking beings standing next to it.’

“ “

Bourrasole, France :- “Three men saw a reddish disk about 4 meters in diameter. Nearby they saw a small being wearing what resembled a diving suit. It had a large head and two huge eyes. One of the men approached and at a distance of about 20 meters became paralyzed.”

“ “


Chilean Chief of Naval Operations ... Jorge Martinez ... observed a UFO that emerged from the ocean. “The radar displays went completely blank ... .””

(Chilean television interview)


Some people were paralyzed during encounters ... . Some were burned by UFOs ... ... Still others found themselves in the grip of a powerful, invisible force as UFOs tried to pull them up into the craft. {tractor beam} And sometimes people were taken away. ... Sometimes ... beams of light from UFOs would pierce tile roofs as if they didn’t exist, and burn someone inside.”

Bob Pratt : UFO Danger Zone.


island of Colares off Belem :- “A beam of while light, about three inches in diameter, hit them unexpectedly while they were resting in a hammock. Though the beam reportedly felt “almost as host as a cigarette burn,” the patients described being immobilized. {“sleep paralysis”?} They would open their mouths to cry out, but no sound would come out. ... The beam always struck the neck and torso areas of the body. ... .

Passport to Magonia.


... many people had told her that they had seen people in the UFOs like her, who had long blond hair.”


island of Colares :- “she was awakened by a beam of light when it entered through a window. Outside ... what looked like a man in a diving suit ... shot a beam three separate times, hitting her each time in the chest. It felt very hot”.

UFO Danger Zone.


“ “chupacabra” ... had a row of spine-like protrusions running from the top of its head and all the way down its back. These appendices had a phosphorescent illumination of various colors that allegedly changed from red to blue, yellow to green, and orange to violet.”

Scott Corrales : Chupacabras and Other Mysteries. 1997.


Kitchen tables, glasses, dishes and objects start shaking when these chupacabras run (across) the roof tops, ... eyewitnesses report(ed) hearing a telepathic order from the chupacabra.”

Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo of Miami UFO Center


extraterrestrials ... dominate and control us through our spiritual teachings ... . He calls them the “Custodians.” ... . ... we are ... conquered by aliens ... already”.

William Bramley : The Gods of Eden. 1989.

Cap. 5 (pp. 129-132, 134, 136-138, 141, 144)





Howe, Idaho (June 1948) :- “he, his wife, and his brother-in-law observed three glowing objects flying at a high rate of speed. . ... he mentally directed a question at the UFOs, and ... a “voice” inside of his head replied, “We are from another planet. You will hear from us later.” ...

[1952] ... he then spotted a mysterious multi-colored light over his ranch. He followed it for three miles until it landed in the Lost River Sinks. ... it was a metallic disc-shaped craft. Standing beside it ... with long blond hair dressed in a white uniform ... was ... a man. ... this man stated

that he was from Venus,

he wanted to be called “Paul 2,”

that he held the rank of “angel,” and

that in a former life Solem himself was


a Venutian . ... “Paul 2” reportedly informed Solem that his earth mission was ... to help in the preparation of a post-apocalyptic utopian society that would outlaw money and wherein people would live communally.”

Fort Hall Indian Reservation, Idaho (July 1969) :- “she did observe two “star like moving lights” high in the sky.”



Prescott, Arizona (August 1969) :- “he was with Solem ... , and not more than a couple of minutes after Solem began mentally “calling” the UFOs, he observed a “star” that “wasn’t there before.” “It rose in the sky, stopped, hovered, wavered to one side, and then continued across the sky ... .” ...



... she and others one night observed a “brilliant mass of light looking as big as three moons” flying over Prescott. ...



The craft came in a rolling motion like a moon and was about five hundred to eight hundred feet off the ground. ...””

“ “

The changing colors, the zigzags, ... which Paul Solem claimed he made {viz., induced the flying saucer to make} ... were observed by several hundred witnesses including Courier staff members”.



The Hopi calendar is based on the ancient Mayan calendar, ... a transition point, or an ending that will be a new beginning point at the 2012 Winter Solstice”.

Chet Snow : Mass Dreams of the Future. 1989.


Los Cipreses National Park nigh Rancagua, Chile :- “a Xendra ... was “forming in the air” near the rim of Rio Cipreses canyon. ... . ... the Xendra as a huge luminous “blue arch,” beneath which they walked. Some ... saw participants turn transparent and even disappear. {temporarily} ... . ... some of the twenty-four people who walked beneath the Xendra also encountered entities, described as “robed, bald-headed humanoids.””


Alagoas, in northern Brazil :- “the mysterious blue Xendra arch ... appeared just hours after a UFO flew over this seaport capital. ... The “arch” appeared to move and hover in areas just offshore.”


Peru :- “UFOs ... in close vicinity to an archaeological site where the pre-Incan Vicus culture lived. ... “Some of the interviews conducted on among the locals detail human-looking beings stepping out of a landed craft. ...””

Television Panamericana, Lima


Puerto Rico :- “ ‘Vortexes’ {Vortices} they call them. Portals into other dimensions where people were reporting that they would see – for instance, it would be nighttime and they would see a kind of doorway in space where it was daylight in there, and they would look in there and see that the surroundings were different there than where they were.” {another world, a divine one}

Marc Davenport : Visitors from Time.


Brazil :- “man ... saw an oval shaped object resting on the ground on three landing legs, with three dwarfish sized humanoid figures that disappeared in a silent implosion of light. His uncle had seen the same thing”.

Bob Pratt : UFO Danger Zone.

Capt. 6 (pp. 151-153, 155, 157-159, 161-162, 165-167, 169-170)





a Nessie-type monster that came to be known locally as Rocky has reportedly frightened fishermen and residents down through the years. ... “... among the Ottawa, Chippewas, Saulteurs, Missisaugas ... belief is still preserved in Bichi-Bichi, a supreme spirit guardian who dwells at the bottom of sacred lakes.””

Frank Joseph : Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake.


indigenous societies located on every continent in the world had traditions regarding out-of-the-body experience. ... He reviews a specific UFO case from the Yakima Indian reservation in Washington State where ... five people became stranded when their car broke down in an isolated area. A UFO appeared and all five suffered amnesia. One of them, however, ...was as though he were outside of his body, seeing himself and the others unable to move and looking up into the sky.”

Paul Devereux : Shamanism and the Mystery Lines. 1993.


Greg Little ... had an out-of-body experience. “I kind of came to the edge of what I would call a hole into outer space ... . I could see countless stars. ...” On another occasion, ... “There were several windows in the room and he [“a Cheyenne Arrow Priest”] said that there were these ‘little blue people’ looking in at him through the windows. Then they came into the room through the walls and windows by just passing through them. Then the little people began poking around on his body.”



The trickster forces are there essentially to test you, to see how balanced you are, to see how serious you are, to see if you inquiry into the spiritual world is full of good motives”.

“ “

when he began to meditate, ... in place of alien “bullies and oppressors,” he got “teachers.” He posted meditations on his website that have worked for him.”

Whitley Strieber : Communion.


east Tennessee :- “He saw a bubble up in the sky and there was this thing that looked like the mothman ... . It had black wings and it had its hands outstretched and its legs parted and was standing ... inside this bubble.”

Ann Druffel : How to Defend Yourself against Alien Abduction.


south of Chicago :- “he came upon a landed UFO with two masked humanoid being standing in the doorway.”

“ “ “ “ “

Pasadena, California :- “At first, ... they appeared as faces forming against the window shade ... . ... The “faces then appeared quite suddenly behind two Halloween masks that were lying on the nearby table. ...

“ “ “ “ “


Behind the Halloween masks they was ... ectoplasm forming two long legs dangling from these two Halloween masks. ... Then, all of the sudden, the two entities dashed one after another through the door of his bathroom, which had no other exit. ... . ... he saw what he said was like a spool of twine going through the wall and dematerializing.”

“ “ “ “ “


during a hypnosis session with a woman abductee ... she said, ‘I’m going now through the window with these entities. They are taking through the window, and I looked back on my bed and there’s my body lying there.’ ”

“ “ “ “ “


In a survey ... a few years back of ... UFO contactee-type experiencers, [2/3] reportedly had out-of-the-body experiences”.

Greg Little : Grand Illusions. 1994.


“ “Operation Stargate,” was ... cut from the Congressional budget. After all, during its two-decade existence it had cost $20 million to employ some 16 “remote viewers,” who attempted to visualize ... passing along secret information.”

Newsweek, CNN, etc.

described a successful “remote viewing” program at California’s SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International ... . ... the U.S. government had, for more than ten years, been supporting this “multi-million-dollar program” at SRI International!”

Russell Targ & Keith Harary : The Mind Race. 1985.

the government had a “list of people” who were UFO experiencers. ... using the Air Force / NASA psi project to locate “unsuspecting amnesiac abductees” for “special study.””

Raymond Fowler : The Watchers. 1990.

information and energy are one and the same, just two different aspects of it. ... . we traverse events in our world by association --

Jacques Vallee : Messengers of Deception. 1979.


we reside in an “associative universe.” This process operates ... like remote viewing and precognition should be expected to happen”.

“ “

the experiments conducted on Geller by ... Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, a secret nuclear weapons facility. ... Some after the experiments began, ... the scientists and their families ... reported seeing the apparition of a miniature flying saucer hovering in various rooms {I have witnessed this over ny bed; from close-up (one foot away), the miniature flying saucer appeared to be blurry}; giant birds were seen walking through their gardens, and in the case of one physicist and his wife, at the very foot of their bed : the apparition of an arm with a hook instead of an hand {I have witnessed a claw-handed shadow of a wavy-armed robot-being on a door within my apartment}; including a strange recorded voice ... that warned ... for the scientists to cease their work with Geller.”

Jonathan Margolis : Uri Geller. 1998.


poltergeist-type phenomena soon erupted following Geller’s initial visit. ... Objects even appeared to have travelled through solid wall or out from inside of secure containers. {The objects may have been moved by the witness while undergoing spirit-possession.} ... one couple who were Oxford academics ... described seeing their child walk through his bedroom wall in front of their eyes!” {Also an apparition induced by spirits.}

“ “


Geller recalled ... the UFO experiences he had shared ... out in the Sinai desert. ... “It must have been extraterrestrial in source and nature because they were traveling so fast, zig-zagging in the sky ... .”” {or rather, spiritual in source and nature}

Andrija Puharich : Uri. 1974.


California :- (after grandmother’s death) “I’d notice at the end of the room, ... a small light. It would blur and grow and them my grandmother would step out of it. Then we’d talk – without words but the thoughts came to me in words and I spoke back in words, but in my head, not aloud.”

Chet Snow : Mass Dreams of the Future.

p. 176, n. 6:1 “Whitley Strieber’s website can be found at”.

cap. 6, pp. 161, 164 statements to author by informants




next thing I know I’m actually going through the wall. ... all of the sudden I see the outside and I can move my eyes and see part of my body still in the wall or the window. By my head, and say shoulders, are already outside. ... Then I see a light. I’ve seen a blue light ... a green light ... a white light ... and a yellow light, and it’s like I get in this light and it’s like a light elevator that takes me up. ... here comes this metallic looking craft ... and then the next thing I know I’m already in the craft.”


Massachusetts :- “a woman ... told ... “They showed me big earthquakes happening. ...” ... she was seemingly teleported from a car in which she was riding in as a passenger. She then ... had found herself in another location some 35 miles away.” {She may have been undergoing spirit-possession during that interval.}

Massachusetts :- “ “abductee” who, under hypnosis, recalled being taken aboard a UFO as a young girl where she was exposed to a bright light”.


(reminiscences of Sedona by White Bear, co-author of Book of the Hopi)

Brent Raynes : Visitors from Hidden Realms : the Origin and Destiny of Humanity as Told by Star Elders ... and UFO Visitors. Eagle Wing Books, Memphis (TN), 2004.

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