Visitors from Hidden Realms, 3

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source {& parallels}


Chimney Rock Mountain in northern California ... is the home of the mountain spirits, the Little P:eople, the Ancient Ones, and the wogey. The wogey are ... outer space beings.”

Medicine Grizzlybear Lake : Native Healer. 1991.

UFOs ... come and sit down in the upper pasture sometimes” on mt. Shasta.

James A. Swan :: Sacred Places. 1990.


Dhyani Ywahoo, a ... Cherokee (Tsalagi) wisdom keeper, in her book ... describes angelic beings known as Adawees, who ... originated from the Pleiades. ... the Adawees were responsible for the decision to send star beings to earth ... for ... twelve tribes of the Tsalagi Nation.”

Dhyani Ywahoo : Voices of Our Ancestors. 1987.


UFOs might actually be “astral travellers” who are visible to certain psychically sensitive persons as a blob of faint light in the night sky.”

John Keel : Our Haunted Planet. 1971.


mystery lights that frequented specific locations were sometimes perceived ..., and ... in India and China temples have even been built on sites frequented by such lights.”

Paul Devereux : Shamanism and the Mystery Lines. 1993.

It was the Uchee {Yuc^i} ... who first used ... to Walk the Rainbow. Inducing themselves into a trance of blue-blackness formed by a series of sacred number patterns, a cord of white light would shoot out from their navels and arc into the universe. It was upon this cord that they ... visited many worlds.”

Terra Manasco, in WILD ALABAMA, vol. 6, No. 1, Jan-Feb 1996. {cf. Australian aboriginal praeternatural cord}

68, 70

at Kinlock Shelter : “his “vision quest” when ... he had an out-of-body experience. ... he suddenly realized that he was seeing things from treetop level, and then it was higher and higher, until finally he could see miles around in every direction.”

Charles Hubbert, in WILD ALABAMA, vol. 6, No. 3, May/June 1996.


even today the Sioux Indians of North Dakota still occasionally see elf-like entities they call “Canyo Tina.””

Ann Druffel : How to Defend Yourself against Alien Abduction. 1998.


one night he was attacked by a type of Jinn the Iranians refer to as a Bakhtat. It was as though a great weight was laid on his chest. He could not move, and he felt as though he were suffocating. ... Afterwards though, ... he decided to voluntarily leave his body and explore the experience further, and when he did he encountered two thin, large dark eyed, grayish-brown entities, possibly 4 foot tall, who seemed to be floating in the air.”

“ “ “ “ “

105, n. 3:2

Hmong of Vietnam : “in their country there was practiced a shamanic intervention that protected people from dab tsog, an evil spirit said to sit upon people and suffocate them in their sleep!”

Michael Greer : Monsters : ... Magical Beings. 2001.


near the small village of Orcotuna, in the Peruvian Andes, a 16-year-old mountain girl ... claimed that she had been taken from her bed by a group of small demons. The tallest one of the group had sex with her. This event coincided with Inty Raimy, an ancient Sun Festival ... . ... the girl had encountered the “karka,” ... small mischievous creatures”.

Charles Silva : “Extraterrestrial Abductions in Peru”. INTERNATIONAL UFO LIBRARY MAGAZINE, Dec-Jan 1993


near the village of Yungay ... she had been taken up into the clouds by little people in flying “tin houses””.

“ “ “

Red Plume, a famous Crow Indian chief who allegedly described how while on a vision quest at the Medicine Wheel near Sheridan, Wyoming, three little men and a little woman took him underground beneath the Wheel where he remained with them for three days and three nights.”

Richard Hack : “UFO Stories of the North Western Indians”. FLYING SAUCER REVIEW’s Beyond Condon. 1969.


South American astronauts tended to fall into three categories. These were : 1. Strong three foot tall hairy midgets ... . 2. 4-foot tall human-looking creatures. 3. 5-foot tall (or taller) human—like beings who preferred to run away from us”.

Coral Lorenzen : Flying Saucers : the Startling Evidence of Invasion from Outer Space. 1975.


they travel in craft ... coming from the same places we go to when we dream, ... our own past, our own future, or even the places we go when we die”.

Marc Davenport : Visitors from Time.


Wyoming :- “past life therapy was more efficient and effective than conventional psychotherapy!

Leo Sprinkle : Soul Samples. 1999.

California :- “he was doing past life regressions himself ... where hypnosis is used as a tool for the removal of malevolent spirit influences”.

William Baldwin : Spirit Releasement Therapy. 1992.

more than half of his clients have described having suffered the “burden of attached ETs” or somehow felt influences by them.”

William Baldwin : CE-VI : Close Encounters. 1999.


praeternatural Death Lights, according to pilot Kenneth Arnold of Idaho :- “added that people involved in search and rescue missions often report seeing such lights ... where fatalities occurred ... . In addition, when he was a boy of seven, he and others saw a globe of light in the same room where the body of his great-grandmother lay in state.”

Gregory Long, in MUFON UFO JOURNAL (Nov. 1981)


the UFO passed directly through the trees, as if they hadn’t even been there!”

Jacques Vallee : Confrontations.


Romania :- “a glowing ball of light ... dropped from the sky and into a bush. .. he could no longer see ... part of his hand! Then he was aware of a tingling sensation throughout his hand and a great heat in the soles of his feet, soon followed by the sensation of something cold pressing down over his entire body.”

Charles Bowen : “UFOs and Light”. Saga’s UFO REPORT (April 1976).

Brazil :- “encountered a UFO that projected a light beam down on his car, causing his auto to become completely transparent! ... his skin suddenly felt as though it were on fire””.

“ “ “


Fowler described how he reluctantly had reached the conclusion that there was an important psychic dimension to the UFO mystery that included so-called out-of-the-body experiences, and how denial had kept himself from perceiving how he and his own family had for years experienced significant UFO-paranormal events that went back at least tree generations.”

Raymond E. Fowler : The Watchers : the Secret Design behind UFO Abduction. 1990.


Maine’s island of Mount Desert :- experience by Raymond E. Fowler’s father, Raymond F. Fowler : ‘a lightning bolt struck ... and came down ... and a revolving “fiery sun of light” landed inside his abdomen. ... the fiery light inside of him was about eight inches in diameter and ... it pulsated resonantly with his heartbeat. ... Then three flashes of light ... became three smiling men in “shining robes of light” who bowed to him and removed the ball lightning from his abdomen, tossed it around to each other”.


by Raymond F. Fowler : “a predicted UFO sighting, which younger ufologist Fowler’s wife actually did observe.”

Raymond E. Fowler : The Watchers.

pp. 65, 82-84, 87-88, 90-94, 96, 102-104 statements to author by informants




In Pennsylvania, ... a Susquehannock medicine man told ... about tall humanoid beings he had met who emerged from a UFO, which landed in his backyard. He described the creatures as the ancient “Yuh-dush-gwa,” who ... were the “protectors” of his people ... . He pointed out that the UFOs were” praeternatural, “as are the spirits, powers, forces and beings who ride them, materializing {non-physically} to whom they will.”


Massachusetts Ufologist Joe Nyman ... came upon a curious pattern he called “entity familiarity.” ... experiencers have ... independently gone back to images of themselves as alien entities. ... This was ... another flashback, ... in which the experiencer saw himself as ‘one of them,’ deciding whether his consciousness or that of the special entity was to occupy a human form. ...


Nyman ... stated : “... I was told by an individual that at his mother’s death ..., he and his two sisters were terrified to see a figure descending the stairs. the figure had a face that the man saw once again years later – on the dust jacket of Communion.”


Kentucky :- “It was just above the tree tops ... . It was a very large, saucer-shaped craft. There were lights all around the outside, and a very bright one under it. The front dome was glass-like. I could see inside. They looked just like me and you. It stayed put for a while. The light shined down on us standing below. ...

A man was standing at my bedroom door. ... He told me ... that my dad was dead. Twenty minutes later the hospital called. Dad had died. ... I’m sure this was the same man I have seen since I was a little girl. He hadn’t changed. He looked just the same as the first time I saw him”.

a man in Palermo, Maine, described ... how as a young boy, ... he and his parents, on about a dozen separate occasions ..., observed strange pulsating balls of light ... . ... “The last time anyone ever saw it was the night my grandfather died and it was sighted by my father on a stone wall, a line between our farm and the next”.


Ohio :- “Al” “began to believe that it was possible to establish contact with UFO intelligences by telepathy. ... He claimed that as he sat in his home a vertical shaft of light appeared to the right of his chair. ... He stood up and walked into it, and then, accompanied by two, tall (approx. 8 foot) humanoid beings with large heads, slanted


eyebrows, and wearing yellow-white robes, was transported up the beam into an “enormous green, translucent sphere.” ... In the company of three of these humanoids, Al seemed to be traveling through space at a tremendous velocity. Soon they arrived at another planet. ... Al was taken into the center of a huge octagonal stone court ... . Then Al saw a seething red sphere hovering nearby. “That is god energy,” ... they explained to him. “... god and energy are one and we know how to use it.”” {“a brilliant red sphere forming ... mastery of energy.” (“NP”)} {“The dragon's red ball with engraved spiral, "which was believed to have fallen from the sky, was homologized with the thunderbolt” (“D&P”).} ... That is, we can have thought forms that are lions and bodies of men.” {“Whereas in Plato’s original the lion has the potential to confer benefit”, there is also “the case with the lion-headed Ialdabaoth of the Apocryphon of John.” (AAAA, p. 48)}


Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio :- A house became temporarily invisible to its occupants when they stepped out of it to examine a “mysterious light” outside.


Yakima tribe in state of Washington :- “The Indians ... look upon Big Foot as a friend and ... have ... several instances of BF leading lost Indians ro saftely in the last several years ... . The older Indians in particular can expound for hours on various such happenings. ... .


... there was an Indian legend of a man with red eyes [Bigfoot is often described as having red eyes] and incredible healing powers who had come from afar to live with the tribe. When he grew old and was dying, he asked that upon his death his body be taken to a certain place. When this happened, a large flying object descended from the sky and took his body off with it.”

Lincoln County, Tennessee :- “he and others frequently saw mysterious phosphorescent-looking little balls of light moving silently through the pine trees. ... . ... the lights appeared in conjunction with the appearances of the so-called “Bigfoot.””

New Jersey :- “Bigfoot ... he was only eighteen inches or so from its face. ... . ... the eyes were ... red in color. ... . ... some 15- to 20-feet behind the creature hovered a tiny pinpoint of light from which a “high pitched whistle or squeal” issued.”


An oval object with colored lights on the bottom. ... Then a stream of light came out ... . ... The color of this thing was like a silver or gray color.”


Brooksville, Florida :- “a large UFO with lighted square windows overhead at a ranch where Bigfoot had frequented”.


“ “What if they know the secret of life and death?” pondered Shirley Fickett of Portland, Maine. “Suppose there in an etheric plane that we go to after death, and the aliens know this plane well?””


Pennsylvania :- “she and another woman watched in amazement as a disc-shaped object flying at treetop level approached ... their automobile. ... . .. within weeks of their encounter they both began to have strange and vivid dreams about a blond-haired man who spoke to them telepathically. One of the women even experienced precognitive dreams”.


Mayport, Florida :- “a metallic looking, dark gray domed, disc-shaped object some 40- to 45-feet in diameter ... passed low over their car. Within only four days of this encounter, poltergeist ... activity erupted in their home. There were unexplained knocking sounds, footsteps, odors, and on occasions, whether inside or outside, a very audible male voice saying the woman’s first name. ... In the months and years that followed the mother and her son began to awaken ... immobilized by tingling paralysis and seeing things like small bluish or golden balls of light and even humanoid entities materializing in their bedrooms. One night ..., the husband witnessed a small glowing ball of light as it entered through an open window and then flew up to the face of his sleeping wife”.


Avon Lake, Ohio :- “a circular object just over the treetops and about 35 feet in diameter, encircled with white lights and a pulsating red light at the bottom, shined a ‘beam of light” down on her head through her bedroom window. In the months that followed there were additional UFO sightings, even involving multiple witnesses, as well as ... psychic phenomena”.

NP” =

D&P” =

AAAA = Janet E. Spittler : Animals in the Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles. Tu:bingen, 2008.

Brent Raynes : Visitors from Hidden Realms : the Origin and Destiny of Humanity as Told by Star Elders ... and UFO Visitors. Eagle Wing Books, Memphis (TN), 2004.

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