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The appearance of great teachers & sky-beings



Into the light – and beyond!



From chupas to chupacabras



The ultimate truth?



Resistance isn’t futile


Cap. 1



source {& parallels}


some Cherokee ... said, ‘We came from the stars,’ but the others were really reluctant.”

Brent Raynes : Medicine Power.


the Hopi believe that each person essentially will incarnate in ... seven different universes or solar systems ... . A person who obeys spiritual laws ... becomes, the Hopi say, a Kachina when they die and will immediately proceed to the next universe. ... Beyond the seven universes there are said to be two more dimensions beyond mortal man’s reach. They are the eighth realm of Sotuknang, the one who helped create and continues to maintain the physical universes, and the other is the ninth realm of the divine maker of everything.”

the Kachina rattle, a gourd with a flat face ... showing that the swastika appears to have a clockwise spin to it. Encircling it there is a ring with many short-radiating lines whose slant indicates a counterclockwise rotation. ... A stick is thrust through this gourd ... is also said to symbolize the ... axis ..., and at each end, that is the ... Poles, sit the Hero Twins, Poqanghoya and Palongawhoya. ... Poqanghoya was sent ... to create the patterns of life that hold things together, while Palongawhoya ... entered a deep trance and, searching the universe with his mind, detected the faint heartbeat of Tiowa, the Great Spirit. Palongawhoya then beat his drum in rhythm with Tiowa’s heartbeat and from his drumstick his life force entered the navel of the earth, ... and went down into the crystal at the center of the earth.” {cf. “the Schumann Resonance or pulse (heartbeat) of Earth” (2012B)} {cf. the net of Indra.}

Frank Waters : Book of the Hopi. 1963. {Palo:nohoya “known as ‘Echo’,” (BH, p. 4) = [Aztec] Tepe-yollotl, god of echoes} {“Spider Grandmother ... spirals down from outer space” (AN&Th, p. 146). “Poquanghoya works ... creating the patterns of life; ... Palonghoya, in a trace, picks up the heartbeat of Tiowa, the Great Spirit, and begins to drum out the same rhythm. Thus a vibratory field is generated between the poles and finally rushes up from a crystal at the center of the earth.” (AN&Th, p. 147)} {“From the activated core, currents of energy radiated outward ... . ... Paqanghoya structured the life force into a web around the planet.” (ShD, p. 94)}

At some places the life force was more concentrated due to the structural magic of Poqanghoya ... . These are ... the sacred places ... . They are the ‘spots of the fawn,’ places of ... power ... and healing.”

James A. Swan : Sacred Places. 1990. {“the ‘spots on the fawn,’ ... . Without these ... the world would fall apart.” (AN&Th, p. 147)}


while on a Hopi reservation, he was present during a Hopi ceremony when he personally witnessed a person ... who, upon climbing to the top of a kiva ladder, levitated into the air!”

A. C. Ross : Mitakuye Oyasin. 1989.

28, n. 2

Physical levitation ... review of cases from both religious and spiritualistic literature.”

Nandor Fodor : An Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science. 1966.


one can go back into the past and talk with the mallkikuna (ancestors) and, through rituals using the San Pedro cactus, foresee the future.”

Carol Cumes : Journey to Machu Picchu.


The Hopi tell of how the Third World was destroyed by a flood and how they came to this continent by ... “stepping-stones.” TheQuiche Maya, in their ancient Popol Vuh, have a similar myth of how ... they crossed the ocean on “stones in a row.””

{cf. [Daoist] use by souls of the dead of stars as stepping-stones, whilst ambling on caelestial excursions}


Jorge Luis Delgado of Puno, Peru ... claims that a series of dreams led him to discover ... the Amaru Muru Doorway, a kind of interdimensional conduit or portal to other worlds. ... Bonita said that she perceived a “crystal city – an interdimensional city” while there.”

Brotherhood of the Solar Disk. {MAM}

{with “crystal city” cf. crystalline castle of IC}


All of the twelve that come together – six men and six women, and they’re from all over the world -- ... meet and come together in Peru, and they’re all what’s called the 5th level priests – which means that they have the ability to heal with their hands without fail.”

{cf. the 12 Olumpian deities, consisting of 12 god and 12 goddesses}


the first Cherokee came from the star system known as the Pleiades. ... From the void came a Creator Being who first appeared as a universal tone that was also a light. The first beings to emerge from this light were called tla ... being or ‘thought beings.’ ... There were twelve tribes in all, each coalescing along twelve vortices or holes in the Earth. ... The Cherokee tell of the Sacred Seven star people who came to earth in five islands in the Atlantic Ocean”.

William Henry : The Peacemaker and the Key of Life. 1997. {cf. Surat S`abda (Current of Sound) as divine illumination, according to the Radha-Swami}


Seen by Andrea Mikana-Pinkham :- “white spaceship” [“about the size of a large jetliner”] from which a mysterious being emerged ... to move through the wall of the ship. ... the being made movements in front of her body, “manipulating the energy” of her heart cakra ... . ... “I channel the Kumaras (Ascended Masters from Venus ...).””

{Andrea Mikana-Pinkham at SSJ--AU & WK&T}


The entire body of light was probably made to ‘look like’ or ‘resemble’ a human body in some proportion, so I would be more accepting of it.”

(Andrea Pinkham)


From Chilca, Sixto Paz Welles “was taken up, in the physical body, to a moon of Jupiter called Ganyemede {Ganymedes}.” {Ganymedes is a divine catamite (passive male homosexual) – GM 29.4.}

{Carlos Roberto Paz Wells is a “transsexual” (CPW).}


At a sacred lake “near the ancient Incan city of Ollantaytambo, ... they saw for themselves mysterious lights zigzagging and bobbing around in the night sky, emerging from and descending into the waters of the lake.”

Brad & Sherry Steiger : UFO Odyssey. 1999.


near the town of Pichaca, in the district of Puno, ... a shepherdess reportedly saw six little men, about 32 inches [1 metre] tall, step out of a landed UFO near her. She said they talked among themselves apparently in a language that resembled something “like the cackling of geese.”

Jacques Vallee : Passport to Magonia. 1969.


near Ciudad Valley, Mexico, allegedly watched two 4 ½ foot tall beings walking ... . As the beings walked through the swamp, they touched their belts which then glowed. As a result of this procedure, ... the mud around them seemed ... repelled by some sort of force.”

Coral & Jim Lorenzen : Encounters with UFO Occupants. 1976.


in Chaclacayo, Peru, ... a small being leaving a luminous trail walked through the streets of that village”.

James McCampbell : UFOLOGY. 1973.

AN&Th = Catherine Keller : Apocalypse Now and Then. 1996.

ShD = Michael Drake : The Shamanic Drum. Talking Drum Publ, Topeka, 2002.

2012 B = “2012 in brief” “Schumann Resonance” = alpha-brainwave {Is the traditional Chinese ascription of thought to the heart due an analogy between heartbeat and brainwaves?}

MAM = “Mystery of Amaru Muru”

IC = St. Teresa of Avila : The Interior Castle.



WK&T = “Wisdom Keepers and Teachers”

Cap. 2



source {& parallels}


Australia :- “The process of ‘making’ is often associated with a giant snake or rainbow by a being from the sky who inserts crystals and sometimes what they term a ‘reptilian spirit.’ ”



beings, entities, non-corporeal life forms, aliens, ... these things that people encountered on high dosages of DMT had intelligence, awareness, will, and often interacted with the volunteers. ... Some beings ... had sex with, communicated with, demonstrated the future or how various complex processes work to ... the volunteers.”

Rick Strassman, in ALTERNATE PERCEPTIONS MAGAZINE (June 2002, #58)


A woman ... had a past life memory of long ago coming to earth from another planet, coming specifically to the Yucatan region, and of experimenting with drugs that ... allowed for improved telepathic communication with her.”

Brad Steiger : The Fellowship. 1988.


the Witoto tribe ... used a DMT-containing plant mixture called oo-koo-he, and claimed it allowed them to communicate with the “little men” and gain certain knowledge from them.”

Terence McKenna : True Hallucinations.


The Native Americans have a belief ... that when you try to get in contact with the spirit world ... you’ll usually encounter trickster forces first. The trickster forces are there to essentially test you, to see how balanced you are, to see how serious you are, to see if your inquiry into the spiritual world is full of good motives”.

Greg Little, in ALTERNATE PERCEPTIONS MAGAZINE (Winter 1999, No. 45)

Aleister Crowley ... described and sketched an entity he had communicated with named Lam. It was small, slender, with a large head and eyes, and grey skin. ... In fact there reportedly exist cults of Lam today in North America and Europe wherein practitioners claim still to interact ... with Lam and his associates.”



Sioux :- At “sweat lodge ceremonies ... he and other experienced such phenomena as a cool wind that would inexplicably blow through a sealed entrance, flashing airborne sparks and lights that would appear”.

Michael Craft : Alien Impact.


I asked Peter to bend objects that cannot be bent with hand pressure. Peter strokes and seems to ‘pump’ energy into an object ... . The object gets warm and bends in the direction Peter wants.”

Berthold Schwarz : Into the Crystal : the Miracles of Peter Sugleris. 1993.


A California contactee was described writing using his left hand when he is ordinarily right handed. ... . ... Helene Smith, the noted Swiss medium whose controversial “Martian alphabet” and visionary visitations to the martian landscape, caused a bit of a stir back in the 1890s ... if one of her fingers was pinched or pricked behind a screen from her view, it was the corresponding finger on the opposite hand that was agitated.”

Nandor Fodor : An Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science. 1966.


he had done a telepathy experiment with the famed Israeli psychic Uri Geller back in the early 1970s ... to discover that not only could Geller pick up on his mental impressions, but that Geller could send images”.


ACL&LGM = “Aleister Crowley's Lam & the Little Grey Men”

pp. 49-53 account in ALTERNATE PERCEPTIONS MAGAZINE (Winter 1997, No. 37) of the experience by Medicine Grizzlybear Lake, Seneca author of Native Healer (1991)




I began to have a series of unusual dreams about silver-colored eagles. ... There was a dark void, then suddenly a strong humming noise, then the appearance of each eagle as it emerged from the east, the south, the north, and the west. They all flew in a circle but began to change form. In place of the eagles appeared four silver-colored disks. The four silver disks then merged into one very large silver-colored flying saucer.”


I heard a voice say, ‘You are one of us ... .’ Outside the large window hovered a huge, silver disc-shaped vehicle approximately forty-five feet in diameter. Soft blue lights pulsated on it ... . ... The room where I stood was circular, the floor was inlaid with geometric patterns and designs ... . ...


As I looked through a transparent window I saw us leaving Trinidad head ... . Evidently we were leaving the earth! ... I also notice a peculiar bubble of blue light, almost translucent, cover an area from Crescent City to Eureka. It radiated all the way past the Hoopa Indian Reservation up to the Mount Shasta region. As we ascended higher ... I could see numerous geographical areas on our continent which had a similar blue-glow emanating from the land : there was

one located in the Dakota region,

another around the New York-Pennsylvania-Great Lakes,

a very large glow emanating from the Four Corners area of Arizona-New Mexico,

and still another was located somewhere above Vancouver, Canada. ...

I could hardly catch a glimpse of the other ‘blue glow sections’ in central Mexico,

and various parts of South America.

The strongest one, however, seemed to radiate from off the eastern coastline somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

... the occupants of this craft ... replied that such areas were ‘power centers’ – spiritual energy high fields that could be seen radiating from earth to beings in outer space. ...

The chair and the table where I sat were transparent. ... .

... at the ‘screen’ on my right, ... I slowly watched the future events pass through the screen. ...


I ... ask questions more questions. ‘... this is ... all just a dream?’

... suddenly I saw four old Indian men sitting there. ...

The first one on my left hand ... was bare-chested, except for an abalone necklace hanging around his neck.

The second grandfather ... wore a velvet-looking shirt and a large turquoise-stone necklace.

The third elderly man ... wore a silver colored medallion draped from his neck. It was a perfect circle with a cross in the center. On his arms were silver arm bands, and painted on his face and chest were designs of lightning. In his hands he held silver colored, spotted eagle feathers.

The fourth person was much lighter skinned ... . ... It looked as though a bearskin hide was wrapped around his shoulders and a very large bear claw / bear tooth necklace hung from his neck.

... I exclaimed. ‘Who are you, spirits ...?’

The oldest man in the center remarked that : ‘We are your grandfathers. {cf. pitamaha ‘grandfather’ as title for each of the 4 Brahman-s (5 prior to the decapitation of Sada-), according to the S`iva Puran.a} We are the North, East, South and West as far as you are concerned. We are real ... . {cf. the common translation of many North American Indian tribes’ names as ‘real people’} In time you will find out that your people have always known about flying saucers and outer space. We come from a planet beyond the Sun {in a universe (plane-of-existence) reached by entering the ‘Sun’ (one’s own soul), as in Radha Swami?} past your Universe. Many of us also live within the center of your planet earth. {as elemental-spirit gnomes?} And still others live in another dimension which is side by side with your physical world as you know it. You may call it the spiritual world. {= the dream-world?} These two dimensions, the physical and the spiritual world actually make one world. All things are both physical and spiritual. ... But in reality there is no separation between the physical and spiritual, matter and energy, life and death. All are one in time and space.’

I later awoke in my bedroom at daybreak ... . I notice something peculiar : My feet were wet with ... mud. I noticed by own tracks through the front room, down the apartment steps, and into the meadow. {thus, he had been sleepwalking; indicating that sleepwalking is associated with iridescent (as, the abalone – mother-of-pearl – worn by the 1st of the 4 Grandfathers) dreams. “Aragonite is the primary mineral in mother of pearl. Many sea animals secrete Aragonite in the making of their shells. Place Aragonite under your pillow to protect against ... sleepwalking.” (CF) “Mother-of-pearl (Zhen-Zu-Mu)” is an ingredient in a medicament against “sleepwalking” (AShBXP). Moonstone, possessing “iridescence”, can likewise “stop sleepwalking” (BM). Cf. also Swinomish “strange iridescent flowers and magic creatures that she brings back from her night dreams” by “sleepwalking” (RS)} ...


So I went to visit our local Indian doctor (shaman) who lives on a mountaintop within the reservation. ... As I pulled up into his old, run down house, I saw him standing outside staring up at the sky. Above him were four silver disc shaped objects. ... He said I would continue to be sick {insane, mad}, unless I did as I was instructed by the four grandfathers who were in the UFO.”

CF =


BM =

RS =

pp. 54, 57 accounts told by women to the author

p. 54

Seven light froms appeared around her bed. “they were just wavy kind of ... ghost, ... they were about seven foot tall ... . They were all at once talking to me ... .””

p. 57

Florida :- “Knocking sounds, footsteps, odors, and on occasions, whether inside or outside, a very audible, masculine male voice would call out her first name, and it would always be on her left side.”

pp. 58-60; 62 blue light; green telepathic reception


colored light



this clairvoyant ability originated from a blue twirling light at the location of the Third Eye ... . As I ... practiced using this blue light, I have been able to get ... remote viewing. ... .

(told by Alexander Zikas)

I think all people have a blue light in the location of their Third Eye, but never notice it or realized its potential ... .”



... a short buzz ... turned to a bell sound, then to a series of three bell sounds. ... it would develop into voices, with my name likely to be the first audible word.”

(told by Alexander Zikas)


My first encounter with the blue light, or rupam as it is known in Sanskrit, happened in childhood ... . Many times I would sit to meditate and I would see a blue dot in the center of my forehead – the location of the third eye.”

Donald Schnell : The Initiation.


he had done a telepathy experiment with the famed Israeli psychic Uri Geller back in the early 1970s ... to discover that not only could Geller pick up on his mental impressions, but that Geller could send images ...! ... “... when he was sending me a picture or a letter [of the alphabet] it always turned out to be green. ...””


People of the Blue Light?”

Brent Raynes : Visitors from Hidden Realms : the Origin and Destiny of Humanity as Told by Star Elders ... and UFO Visitors. Eagle Wing Books, Memphis (TN), 2004.

[photograph of author on p. 48]