UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message









The arrival of flying saucers



They make contact



X-files, cover-ups, and downright lies



A close encountre in Hampshire



ETs in antient records and religions



A multidimensional universe



Mysticism and the Masters



Primary Mental Channel



The extraterrestrial message



0. pp. 1-10

p. 6 a plan

"there is a plan behind the UFO phenomena – a grandiose, cosmic plan that is, at the same time, extremely subtle and certainly benign."


1. pp. 11-23

p. 21 governmental secrets about UFOs

"that a 1948 top-secret report had concluded UFOs were interplanetary, and

that in 1952 an intelligence analysis went even further in concluding they were intelligently maneuvered."

p. 22 experts’ opinions about UFOs

"astronaut James McDivitt ... admitted on October 5 1965 at a press conference in Dallas, Texas, that there was no doubt that UFOs existed. ...

Dr James E. MacDonald, a leading atmospheric physicist, on August 7 1968 during a talk ... noted that extraterrestrial visitors could be multidimensional and have psychic or spiritual significance."


2. pp. 24-42

pp. 27, 31 contacts with extraterrestrials

p. 27

"Adamski ... on Thursday, November 20 1952, ... made personal contact with a being from another world. ... it wasn’t until Adamski came close to him that he knew he was in the presence of a being from another world."

p. 31

"on March 16 1957, in Alexandria, Virginia, a being from the planet Venus landed his craft".

pp. 33-4 disclosures by the extraterrestrial Mr Janus in London in 1954 (according to Sir Peter Horsley : Sounds from Another Room. 1997. – published 43 years after the event)

p. 33

"Mr Janus responded to ... thoughts in ... a telepathic manner. ...

He spoke ... of the possibility of gaining mastery over death ... . ...

p. 34

They ... dispense with their physical bodies altogether. They were capable of integrating into one great universal intelligence ... . ... .

... visitors who come to Earth from space ... come to learn about a primitive and hostile race. ...

Finally, he spoke of the visitors’ mental abilities, extrasensory powers, and ability to operate in different dimensions."

p. 39 telepathic communication with flying saucers by Dr George King

"he was able to receive communications telepathically, which he did, often in front of large audiences, at Caxton Hall, just down the road from the Houses of Parliament. There he would be given ... forecasts of upcoming flying saucer activity on specific dates at specific places, and many of these visitations were later verified by independent witnesses."


3. pp. 43-66

p. 44 a quotation from the Tao Te C^in

"A view long-held by conspiracy theorists is that

those who talk don’t know, and

those who know don’t talk."

p. 46 colored lights at night on UFO at Shemiran area of Tehran, Iran, in 1976 (according to a CIA X-file)

"The light it gave off was that of flashing strobe lights arranged in a rectangular pattern and alternating blue, green, red, and orange in color. The sequence of the lights was so fast that all the colors could be seen at once."

pp. 54-6 men-in-black

p. 54

[U.S.A.] "Classic examples of government stooges are the so-called "Men in Black" (MIB). On occasions, just after convincing UFO sightings or encounters had taken place, witnesses reported being visited by men dressed in dark suits, often with hats and dark glasses. ... The men generally claimed to come from an unspecified or little-known government department, and would even produce ID to prove it. Sometimes they were said to have threatened the witness with injury to himself or his family if he

p. 55

spoke about his sighting to anyone. ... MIB were indeed government agents ... to intimidate witnesses."

p. 56

[U.K.] "a telephone call from someone who said he worked for the government, telling him to drop the matter immediately. Two visitors came ..., wearing the bowler hats that were typical of British civil servants ..., and claiming to represent Her Majesty’s Government. ... This story is tame in comparison with some of those that have emerged from the other side of the Atlantic".


[U.S.A.] "strange men dressed in ... uniforms and carrying credentials from various government agencies had been silencing UFO witnesses. ... It could be ... that they were from a government department so deeply entrenched in secrecy that it was not known or identifiable to an officer" in the regular Armed Forces intelligence operations.

p. 64 foremost location for UFO sightings

"The foremost location for sightings in the UK, and[,] according to some[,] in the world, is the Scottish town of Bonnybridge, just west of Falkirk ... – so much so that the surrounding area stretching from Stirling to the outskirts of Scotland’s capital city, has been dubbed "the Falkirk Triangle." Hundreds of sightings are reported there every year."

p. 65 a report from the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, through its Deputy Director Lachezar Filipov

"aliens are currently all around us and are watching us all the time. ... . ... they want to help us but we are not advanced enough to establish direct contact with them. He added that such direct contacts ... would happen through telepathy rather than radio waves. ... Filipov went on to make the interesting observation that extraterrestrials are critical of unethical behavior ... . This chimes with the claims of contactees who say that extraterrestrials are looking more for a spiritual sign from us than a technological one, and it is this that will trigger closer contact with us."

p. 65 anti-nuclear protests by UFOs

In Hungary, "UFOs ... caused the power generation to fail when they appeared. ... the alien visitors wished to prevent some of the nuclear research that was being undertaken in that power station."

p. 66 medium for communications with flying saucers

"I agree with Filipov that the use of radio signals is not the best way to make contact, either, and that telepathy is a far more effective and revealing method of communication with interplanetary races. ...

In this case, the very costly program that SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is engaged in seems futile."


4. pp. 67-82

p. 81 why a mass landing by UFOs is not occurring

"In this world of vested interests, political maneuvring, power games, and conflict, how would a mass landing by UFOs be received? There is no point in naively believing that our political leaders would defer to a race that was clearly more advanced in every respect than we are, or that the top financiers of the world would willingly relinquish their controlling tentacles of power, which infiltrates every aspect of world affairs."


5. pp. 83-103

p. 86 disclosure of secret governmental files on UFOs

"on January 18 1979, when a historic debate took place in the House of Lords concerning UFOs and the existence of files about them held by the government, which had not at that stage been openly acknowledged. ... . ... we witnessed this pivotal event, which would, in a subsequent debate, lead to a ministerial admission that these files did exist."

pp. 88-9 exotheology

p. 88

"Another possibility would be as follows. The Master Jesus was an exceptionally elevated being from the planet Venus ("the bright and morning star" referred to in Revelations, chapter 22, verse 16) {N.B. planet Mercury is also morning star}, who came to Earth in an extraterrestrial spacecraft in order to live among us."

p. 89

"Is Jesus the one and only Son of God in the system of Alpha Centauri?

Do cosmic beings enter nirvana throughout the milky way?

Have the Ten Commandments been delivered to other planetary races?"

p. 90 vimana

"Translated variously as flying vehicle, aerial chariot, or airborne car, vimana is a better term than UFO or the very twentieth-century fly saucer. ... There is even reference to vimanas having the capacity to become invisible, something that thousands of UFO spotters have witnessed when these objects disappear and reappear."

pp. 99-100 historically recorded UFOs






15th cent B.C.


"the skies were filled with these fire circles"


Oct 27 1180

Kii, Japan

"flying earthenware vessel"




several orbs swarming around Venus




cylindrical UFO


Aug 18 1783


pale-blue luminous sphaire

p. 102 other inhabited planets known to seers

"Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism in America in the 1820s, claimed that he learned from the Angel Moroni that many inhabited worlds exist in the cosmos."

"The great Hindu saint, Sri Ramakrishna, ... had several disciples, ... [one] of whom ... was Swami Yogananda, who ... believed that he was not of this world but from a distant group of stars where his companions remained."


6. pp. 104-13

pp. 105-7 orbs; Kirlian photography

p. 105

"Professor Klaus Heinemann ... devotes considerable time to researching the significance of so-called orbs. These are plasma-like translucent spheres of light ... that digital cameras can detect but that are invisible to the human eye."

p. 106

"For years, the aura has been successfully photographed using Kirlian photography, a technique developed in 1939 by Russian inventor and researcher Semyon Kirlian together with his wife, Valentina." {/Kirlian/ is, as the suffix /-ian/ would imply, an Armenian family-name ("KPH").}


"Heinemann’s current working theory is that orbs are emanations from spirit beings. He says that ...

p. 107

the spirit world exists, ... he thinks we are seeing it. ... .

... the world’s first conference on the orbs phenomenon ... took place in May 2007 in Sedona, Arizona ... . Experts stated their belief that the orbs demonstrate ... otherworldly life forms."

"KPH" = "Kirlian Photography" http://www.themysticeye.com/info/kirlian.htm

pp. 107-8 consciousness of empty space; travel (vanishing) into such emptiness

p. 107

"Professor Tiller ... at Stanford University researching the nature of consciousness ... indicated that there are two levels of physical reality and not just one. ... Tiller states that the second level of physical reality functions in empty space ... . As such, it is currently invisible to us ... .


Once again this concurs with views expressed some fifty years ago by Dr King that the space ... is composed of etheric matter in which psychic (higher frequency) emanations are stored."

p. 108

"Heinemann has been reported as giving full recognition to Tiller’s work, which ... offers good evidence of realities beyond those we can actually see. Tiller points to the virtually limitless number of ... the realities that could potentially exist ... . Their worlds would appear as real to their inhabitants as ours does to us.


Hazel Courteney believes that some people can travel between such realities, ... as she elaborates in her book."


"Dr Michio Kaku ... professor at City College of new York ... has investigated, and written about, the idea that many universes – termed ... multiverses – exist independently of us. He examines subjects ... such as the technologies of invisibility, teleportation, precognition, ... and more."

pp. 112-3 consciousness during brain-failure

p. 112

"Dr Sam Parnia ... at Southampton Hospital ... concludes that ... consciousness must have been maintained even though, according to the monitoring instruments, the brain was ... not functioning at all."

p. 113

"Even though NDE patients’ brains were incapacitated ... they had very clear recall of their experiences. ... According to Parnia, NDEs show clear thought processes when the brain is ... not functioning. He and other scientists take this to indicate that consciousness is not limited to the physical brain, and may not even be derived from it."


7. pp. 114-32

p. 116 a warning from Nostradamus

"Nostradamus ... was warning ... Henry II that he could die in a jousting accident. ... Much to the consternation of the queen, Henry did not follow this advice, and died exactly as Nostradamus had predicted."

pp. 117-9 astral travel in 18th-century Italy

p. 117

"Count Saint Germain ... traveled astrally from his body while staying in the district of Naples and Mount Vesuvius in Italy. He ... describes this experience in La Tre`s Sainte Trinosophie, which translates as The Very Holy Trinosophia, but is generally referred to at The Most Holy Trinosophia."

p. 118

[translated passage from La Tre`s Sainte Trinosophie :] "I observed with astonishment that I had come out of the womb of the Earth far from ... Naples. A deserted plain and some massive triangular shapes were the only things which I had caught sight of. ... Soon, ... I had been raised to an immense height. ... Soon, ... my guide ... takes me upward with him to an immeasurable distance, I was seeing globes turn under me, earth revolve at my feet".

p. 119

"If it’s possible to travel around this world in an out-of-body form ..., there is absolutely no reason why an advanced mystic could not travel far beyond it, deep into outer space." {This is likewise performed, repeatedly, in Far Journeys by Robert Monroe.}

pp. 122-3 symbolic interpretations of architecture by Fulcanelli

p. 122

"Two books by Fulcanelli emerged in twentieth-century Paris that were to become classic ... . These were Le Myste`re des Cathe’drales (The Mystery of the Cathedrals) and Les Demeures Philosophales (The Dwellings of the Philosophers). Including detailed and authoritative accounts of the meanings hidden within various depictions -- ... carvings, drawing, sculptures, or paintings – to be found in or on significant buildings in Europe, they are said to ... reveal messages about the past, present, and even the future."

p. 123

Fulcanelli’s "publisher ... received the manuscripts of these texts from his pupil, Eugene Canseliet."

pp. 123-4 Apollonios at Himalaya

p. 123

"In the second century CE, the Roman Empress Julia Domna took as her personal secretary a writer by the name of Philostratus. One of the tasks she entrusted to him was the compilation of all available records that had been written about Apollonius by his student, Damis. One of the reports ... describes a visit by Apollonius to the Himalayas where he met sages ... [whose] chosen dwelling place was covered by a strange fog, which appeared to give them some kind of protection. ...

p. 124

It sounds as though they had erected some kind of force screen, created from etheric matter, which protected those within it."

pp. 130-1 many earths, inhabited by spirits whose language can be praeternaturally understood (quoted from :- Earths in the Universe, by Swedenborg)

p. 130

"the interiors which are of my spirit have been opened in me, ... to speak with spirits and angels ... who are near other earths; ... it has been granted to me ... to speak ... with spirits and angels who are from other earths ...; and to be instructed by them respecting the earths from and near which they were, and concerning the life, customs, and worship of their inhabitants .. . ... It is necessary that it be known that all spirits and angels ... are near their own earths, and are acquainted with what is upon them ... : for man ... is in company with spirits as to his interiors; wherefore he whose interiors are opened ... is able to speak with them ... . ... That there are many earths, and men upon them, and spirits and angels from them, is very well known in the other life; for in that life, every one ... is allowed to speak with the spirits of other earths, so as to be convinced that there is a plurality of worlds, and informed that the human race is not from one earth only, but from

p. 131

numberless earths; and so be informed, besides, of what genius and life they are, and of what character their Divine worship is."

"Spirits from thence came to me, and applied themselves ... upon me, ...upon ... the left ear; ... through the Eustachian tube, into the brain. When ... arrived there, I understood their speech, and I was enabled to speak with them."


8. pp. 133-54

pp. 138-9 spiritual practices of George King

p. 138

"Among the practices performed by Dr King ... was the ... discipline of chanting Sanskrit Mantra."

p. 139

"at the very core of his disciplines was pranayama, or yoga breathing, which ... he would do ... using ancient mudras (Tibetan hand signs)".


"One of the fascinating stories he used to tell was of a levitation experience he had while living ... in Maida Vale, London."

p. 139 spirit-guides of George King

"Among his guides, or communicating entities, was a Native American by the name of Gray Fox, ... such ... that Dr King’s own physical strength was demonstrably enhanced while he was overshadowed by him. {It is common in Siberian shamanism for a spirit-guide to enhance a shaman’s physical strength during a performance.} ... Perhaps the prominent of his guides ... was a Tibetan master by the name of Chang Fu {this would be a Chinese, not a Bodish, name}, who ... had been in a deep meditative state for years when a tribe of Mongols came along ... recognizing him as a master, out of great respect they ... cremated the body."

p. 142 peculiar voices of spirit-guides, uttered through the spirit-medium

"While the cosmic transmissions have a timeless and dramatic impact because of the different voices expressed ..., the mental transmissions do not have this. In the cosmic transmissions, you can hear the voice of a particular cosmic communicator unchanged over decades. ... Some of the voices have an indescribable beauty to them, others a resonant or sonorous tone, still others a quaint accent modeled on a terrestrial pattern."

p. 142 forecasts about flying-saucer activities

One of the unusual features of some of these early cosmic transmissions delivered to the public was to give forecasts of when flying saucer activity was due to take place. Confirmation of such activities on those dates came from people from all walks of life, thus proving the identity and existence of these interplanetary communications."

p. 144 mountains which were charged with cosmic energies during Operation Starlight (July 23 1958 to August 23 1961)


its mountains

British isles

Holdstone Down,

Brown Willy,

Ben Hope,


the Old Man of Coniston,


Carnedd Llywelyn,


Yes Tor

U.S. of A.

Mt Baldy,

Mt Tallac,

Mt Adams,

Castle Peak


Mt Kosciusko,

Mt Ramshead

New Zealand

Mt Wakefield


Mt Kilimanjaro


Mt Madrigerfluh


Le Nid D’Aigle

p. 144 "Mount Kilimanjaro was charged by members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth without Dr King having to climb it ... . Even so, ... one man could be used as the channel for eighteen of the nineteen holy mountains to be charged."

p. 144 the Aetherius Society

"Dr King moved his base from London, where the Aetherius Society had been founded in 1955, to Los Angeles, where it was incorporated on November 22 1960 as a non-profit making organization."

pp. 146-8 [cf. pp. 118-9] out-of-body projection into outer space, by George King (quoted from his book The Nine Freedoms)

p. 146

"For a moment, I hovered there, within the room, regarding my pitiful body ... . The next moment, I was above the city and in a twinkling, I hovered 1,550 miles in Space before a massive object. From the outside the Third Satellite looks like an enormous egg ... at least a mile and a half long. ... Forces seemed to whirl around me and in the middle of the greenish glow ... an opening appeared which seemed like a bluish coloured tunnel through which I made my way ... I immediately became aware that I was in a huge room ... . ... In the middle

p. 147

of the ceiling, covering about a quarter of its huge domed surface, there was a large circular window. ... The huge crystal window ... changed colour from a soft rose pink, to a pulsating violet ... . Beneath the huge window stood three crystal prisms ... . ...

p. 148

The amazing scientists on the Third Satellite have ... isolated the Universal Life Forces ... and weave them into complicated patterns and guide the resultant energies on any spot on the surface of Earth."

p. 149 prayer "battery" (capacitor)

"People ... focus their concentration on directing the energy to someone who is praying in front of the battery. ... The battery can hold several hundred hours of prayer energy, which can be released when needed to help ... important peace talks." {Inasmuch as this "battery" evidently cannot produce its own energy (as can every actual electrical battery), it ought to be designated rather as a "capacitor" (which can hold an electrical charge, but not produce one) – like this "battery", a capacitor is made to discharge suddenly its electrical charge.}

pp. 149, 151 missions

p. 149

"Missions, including Operation Sunbeam and the Saturn Mission, which were performed by Dr King in his lifetime, have also continued to be performed after his demise."

p. 151

"A mission to help release energy from the Mother Earth to the devic kingdom will help usher in the New Age (as described in my book Operation Earth Light published by Aetherius Press)."


9. pp. 155-80

p. 156 extraterrestrial intelligences (as described by Dr King)

"I have physically met people that live on other worlds. ... They can materialize, or dematerialize, at will – in other words appear in various place – they can take on other forms, they can project their consciousness, they can project their thoughts".

pp. 158-65 various statements by the spirit-guide Master Aetherius (through Dr King as spirit-medium)






"There are few people on Venus who use bodies of coarser matter and these only when necessary – yet ... you have no words to describe them. So tenuous are these bodies, that it would be like giving a name to the molecules of your Soul".


advent of the flying saucers

"you will become luminous in the heavens, ... you will immediately be showered by Flying Saucers and Mother Ships ..., who come from planets to walk your Earth."


Interpl. Parl.

"you are the only planet that is not properly represented in the Interplanetary Parliament, the seat of which is on Saturn."


the body of light

"This mind has a soul or controller {‘inner controller’ /antar-yamin/} ... this soul has brought around itself other ... forces and moulded them into a ... structure which gives the appearance of being solid – it is most certainly not – and the whole can walk about, jump about and so on. It is really and truly ... solidified light." {aitheric body?}


peace & aequality

"Peace, dear friends, is enlightenment. ...

If Terra were enlightened

there would be no such thing as a rich man;

neither would there be a poor one.

There would be no such thing as disease;



there would be no such thing as a King;

there would be no such thing as a dictator;

there would be no such thing as a Prime Minister;

there would be no such thing as money. ...

There would be no need for travel even, because on a correctly enlightened Planet, travel between one part of the Planet and another is done so easily by teleportation and thought projection."

"if your men in power were to have faith in god instead of in a moth-eaten, wicked political system –

if science were to have faith in metaphysics ... –

if an economic system were more interested in the world as a whole than it is in its own selfish interests,

we could then come among you freely, easily."



"we know of your grave difficulties, but ... you have those difficulties because ... you have done things which have brought those difficulties upon yourselves".


Great Masters

"Great Masters ... were specially trained in the high Cosmic Mystery Schools before they came ... to Terra. ... They were trained by the Great Cosmic Adepts of Saturn Itself – all of these Masters were – and given high Cosmic initiation before apparent terrestrial birth."

p. 166 (a blessing) "I invoke the Power of the Comic Masters from the Sun and Saturn this very moment. May this power flow through you ... ."

pp. 170-3 various statements by the spirit-guide group "Mars Sector 6" (through Dr King as spirit-medium)





seva (service)

"every act of Service is written in everlasting letters of fire in the Akashic Book. When you walk into the Halls of self judgement, you will read what your own hand hath written upon these pages ... . ... Serve – and the mighty Power of Kundalini will rise in natural, unforced


opening cakra

fashion and open the Chakra jewels in your higher bodies, in ... the Initiation into Adeptship."


conspiracy of silence

"Were it not that there are thousands of our vehicles at this very moment screening Terra, you would not live ... . ...

The Silence Group ... is run by the great financial organizations – organizations that move countries – organizations which cause conflict between one country and another, so that war may result. So that their profit may be great indeed. Organizations which ... rule Terra with an iron hand. ... . ... they do it ... by playing one faction off against another and causing internal strife between the two."



"Walk in front of a Master and He will tell you ... that you must study the whole of philosophy to know anything about a part of it."


among you

"We are here among you. We will remain among you as long as you need us. This is Mars relaying through Primary Mental Channel, with the sanction and authority of Interplanetary Parliament".


Richard Lawrence : UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message : a Spiritual Insight into UFOs and Cosmic Transmissions. Cico Bks, London, 2010.