Star Ancestors

[testimonies by several informants : transcripts of interviews]




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It Will Happen in Hopiland

Yuk "Little Deer" [p. 97] (Paul Werner Duarte)



We Do Not Take Our Bodies with Us

Shona Bear Clark



The Truth Hath Always Been There

Pig’s Leg [p. 190] (Sequoyah Trueblood)



8. pp. 95-118 It Will Happen in Hopiland

author : Olmec (p. 97)

pp. 104-5 [Hopi summoner of UFOs "in Moenkopi" (p. 98)]

p. 104

[UFO encountre while driving]

["on the right" :] "Suddenly there was ... a cigar-shaped craft with a twirling neon light on one side. ...

["to the left" :] There was another craft, this one triangular in shape. I could see the light of the triangle. ... The craft started changing its design, changing the lights from triangle to circle to square. ...

["up ahead ... out of the mountain" :] Then suddenly a gigantic light came out of the mountain. It seemed to explode into sparks, and each spark of light became a craft that flew in its own way, its own formation. ["We had twenty-five craft above us at one time." {25 is the conventional # in rN~in-ma : the rN~in-ma-pa describe travel in the sky in large flying bowls – "flew through the sky in a magically conjured saucepan" ("flew through the sky in a magically conjured saucepan" – ACh, p. 42, Fig. 1).}] Yet at no point did the cigar-shaped craft leave us, nor did the triangular craft leave. ...

The round ones ... have round blinking lights; they look like jellyfish from beneath. {jellyfish-shaped UFOs are sometimes sighted ("OUW", "AKW").} This continued for some time, then the craft started disappearing one by one."

p. 105

"in ancient times, there was a ship that was composed of seven pieces – six pie-shaped sections and one round section in the middle. When the Hopi arrived ... the ship split up; each of the six pie-shaped ships went to a sacred place in the world. ... When the times comes these ships will all meet again in Hopiland and the vessel will be put back together." {cf. the 3 flying cities coming together and merging as Tripura (according to the Puran.a).}


"the neon light of the cigar-shaped craft was giving information activating our genes."

ACh = Matthew Hurley (ed. by Neil Hague) : The Alien Chronicles. Quester Publ, Chester, UK, 2003.

"OUW" =

"AKW" =

pp. 105, 107-10 UFO ETs

p. 105

"In ancient times people did not talk, they sang. The light did not come from the Sun and the Moon, it came from inside the body."

p. 107

"Forty thousand years ago certain ETs began manipulating the human genetic system ... . ... . ... the Greys ... have not helped us, those who have these underground laboratories and work in collusion with the government." {the U.S. government}


"There is an entire race of Sasquatches. They live in caves. ...

The Maza Tec told me that in the mountain of Oaxaca there is an entrance to a city that is in the earth. The people that have been fortunate enough to find it never

p. 108

come back they don’t want to leave. It is like Shambhala, a Shangri-La". {this is a Taoist theme.}

p. 109

"In Mexico," UFO "Craft visit the pyramids almost every night. In Guatemala they land, they come out, and they talk with the people. ... They are shapeshifters. That is the kind of transformation they can make. We can do this too, when we are realized. ...

p. 110

Some of the pyramids are hollow inside to store craft. {similar to the 5th-dynasty pyramid of H^W-FW’s storing a barque for voyaging at night with the sun-deities.} We also believe that the main pyramid in Chiche`n Itza` ... may well have been built for a diamond {lozenge}-shaped craft."


10. 142-60 We Do Not Take Our Bodies with Us

authoress : of the Wind clan the Creek tribe (p. 145)

pp. 148-9, 151, 154-7 non-dreams : projection of the subtle body & outer visions

p. 148

"to travel the universe ... you focus between your eyes, right into the middle of your forehead. ... You see a haze, like a purple mist with a little bit of white to it. Then you will find a small hole. You go through that hole and come to a tiny hole, a such smaller one, and then you’ve got to slip through that. ... Every time I have left my body I have looked back and seen my body."

p. 149

[visualization] "to protect myself by dropping a cone-shaped shield over my body. You do this four times. Each shield is made of precious substances – like ... precious stones or shells." {visualized cones of protection are commonly employed in Wicca.}

p. 151

"My father could also make dice flip over and fall into a seven. ... And he never lost because he could make the dice turn."

p. 154

[out-of-body near-death experience (in hospital)] "I shot out of my body. I was on the ceiling ... . ... I was looking down

p. 155

on them from above. Then suddenly I was back in my body. ... . ... ever since then I have been able to hear people thinking. I can see a person’s spirit floating above his head, which tells me a great deal about the person."


[UFO encountre while driving] "a saucer-shaped object came down from the sky and hovered a short distance above us. It was silver and looked like two saucers, one over the other, with a line around the middle made of windows. ... . ... we had left our bodies and entered the craft. The Blonde men ... were there, enveloped in a pale blue light."

pp. 156-8 dreams & inner visions

p. 156

[dream of false awakening] "I woke up suddenly in the night. ... My room was completely lit up but the lamp wasn’t on. ... ... I became aware of two men standing next to me, one on each side. Their bodies were passing through the bed. They had blonde shoulder-length hair and blue eyes ... . ... They wore robes. One robe was red and white with gold roping around the collar, and the other was blue and white with gold roping."

p. 157

[another dream of false awakening] "I woke up ... to find a man standing in my room. He had blonde hair to his shoulders and blue eyes and was wearing a white robe with gold roping around the neck. ... After that I began leaving my body again regularly. Many times I’ve spoken to spirits and they’ve taken me out of my body and guided me places. ...

When I got my memories back I saw their world. ... I saw a world that had three suns {"In Nanai folklore, the three suns have the form of three swans", which are white [like the clothing of the UFO Blondes] ("NWM").}, and the land looked orange. It was sandy. I saw the Earth; there were seven rings around it. {these 7 rings are the 7 dvipa-s (concentric-ring islands) surrounding Jambu Dvipa (as described in the Puran.a-s).} The Blondes live in one of those rings, one of those realms. ... They interact with humans, trying to help humans, to save them. ... They dress completely in white".

p. 158

[inner vision, with eyen closed] "sky is dark. ... The wind is blowing, it must be blowing two hundred miles an hour. Trees and houses are pitching over. ... it’s raining horribly." {cf. [Aztec] Eca-tonatiuh}

"NWM" = Tatyana Sem : "Nanai ... World Model". PRO ETHNOLOGIA 11 = ARCTIC STUDIES 5


11. 163-90 The Truth Hath Always Been There

author : Choctaw / Cherokee / Chickasaw (p. 165)

pp. 168, 176, 180 UFO; an inner vision

p. 168

[advent of UFO induced by conversion-experience, when author recognized decisively that U.S. foreign policy was "a perspective that I did not believe in or support."] "When I sat in that field crying ..., a light came over me in the shape of an egg. {UFO mother ship} ... When I saw these beings of light, the extraterrestrials, I knew I was saved."

p. 176

[an inner vision, with eyen closed] "All of the sudden I saw Grandmother Spider spinning the web of life. ... All of the sudden a light came up – there was a luminous being with iridescent wings, transparent. It was a woman, and she was beautiful – part insect, part woman/human form. I was looking right through her body, her wings."

p. 180

[description of formation of a planet] "The moment that a planet starts forming ... there is a spirit ... . Then other spirits came to help maintain the flow of energy, the forces of the elements. All these worlds are inhabited. The Sun is filled with spirits, many of them. .... . ... many spirits came from other planets. They were here in invisible form".

pp. 169-71 a dream of travel aboard a UFO

p. 169

[a dream :] "there was a vortex of light, like a swirling rainbow. I got taken right up and through the vortex. ... There was a being standing there, a Grey being with a large head, big eyes, and a slit for a mouth. This being ... was covered in what looked like a silvery suit ... . ... I went up these steps into the craft, which was sitting on legs. I sat down by a little round window. Just like that we were traveling. I saw the Moon go by; I saw the Sun and the stars go by. Then we were in a dark void. Next thing I knew I was looking down over a perfectly white city,

p. 170

pure white. ... The streets were made out of white stone. The buildings were so close together that they seemed not to be separated. {as in Manhattan.} ... There were beings dressed in white. They had blonde hair; ... with white robes that came down to their ankles. ... I could hear the Blonde talking to me telepathically. ...

p. 171

Next thing I knew we went through the void into the vortex of light, back to bed."

p. 183 self-transformations ("I become __")

West Wind



Star Being


Blue Heron





Wampum shell


Great Tree of Peace

pp. 178, 180-2, 185 caerimony; heart & heartbeat

p. 178

[Anis^anabe nigh Winnepeg, Manitoba] "He had the original water drum that was brought from the spirit world. It’s kept in the ground. ... it’s petrified. ... I’ve been taught all the Midewiwin ceremonies."

p. 180

["Sun Dance at Pipe Stone"] "I had already put the poles up but I hadn’t put the skin on yet. It was a perfectly clear sky. All of the sudden a black cloud ... was spinning right to my poles. The cloud picked them up and threw them forty yards away!"

p. 181

[a Mohawk symbol] "The symbol for ... prayer is circle with a triangle inside it.

The circle is the Circle of Life, and

the triangle is the heart. The heartbeat is inside of that. ...

p. 182

This is sacred geometry, the temples on top of the mounds."

p. 185

[tribes in Colombia, in mountains nigh Valledupar : "The Kogi refer to themselves and the ... other three groups of people from the mountain were the Arockos, the Arsadios, and the Congumos."] "The Kogi have the spiritual responsibility of protecting the heart of mother earth, to maintain her heartbeat."

pp. 186-7 a telepathic initiation in Colombia, disclosing UFO voyage-routes to other stellar systems

p. 186

"When they were in their own groups their work was entirely telepathic. Before we were allowed to enter into the council with them we were required to go through "registration." This involved us standing before the elder of the Arockos ... for five hours while he entered our minds and searched out every single thing that was stored within. ...

[/Mama/ ‘spiritual leader’ "also is the word for Sun."] Every night the Mamas telepathically filled my head with teachings and the awareness that they had been guiding my entire life process, that ... I was the keeper of the gate that opened to the higher spiritual realm."

p. 187

I "saw flashing lights moving through the sky. I saw lines of light, streaks of light going from one star to another star, connecting stars like communication travel." {I have likewise seen the lines connecting the stars : when I saw them [through the bedroom window in B., GA], I assumed that they were routeways for interstellar travel. These lines are mentioned in the Qabbalah, where they are said to form letters of a constellation-alphabet in the sky : cf. Chinese constellations, etc.}

p. 188

"The Kogi are traveling back to these planets at night. They are in council with the inhabitants of the other planets of our solar system. I saw them come back into the atmosphere in flashes of light."


Nancy Red Star : Star Ancestors. Destiny Bks, Rochester (VT), 2000.