Source-Field Investigations






Great Cycles of Life

67 to 83


Are We Living in a Lucid Dream?

84 to 98


A Praecession of Prophecies

99 to 117


Shedding New Light on the Great Pyramid

118 to 138


Gravity of the Source-Field

242 to 264


Dematerialization, Teleportation

265 to 281


The Gravity -- and Levity -- of the Situation

282 to 309


Geometry Class Just Got ... Interesting

310 to 336


Gateway to Intelligent Infinity

337 to 360


Vortex Phainomena

361 to 387


The Galactic Clock Striketh

388 to 415


Not Just a Golden Age

416 to 436



437 to 462


4. (pp. 67-83) "Thinking in ... the Great Cycles of Life".

pp. 68, 70-1, 73 shared mind in morphic fields

p. 68

"A Septermber 2010 article in Wired magazine featured a discussion ... on ... "the hive mind." A surprising number of human innovations appear in different people's minds simultaneously ... . ...

p. 70

In Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's classic The Presence of the Past, a variety of experiments support the idea that we are all accessinga common databank of information when we try to think about something ... -- just like those inventors were doing. ...

p. 71

The Co-Intelligence Institute gives a thorough summary of experiments ... on this concept the shared mind. ...

p. 73

The phrase "morphic field" is Sheldrake's own term for thought forms that build up".

pp. 74-5 books on remote-viewing

p. 74

"Harold Sherman, the author of How to Make ESP Work for You, was one of the early test subjects ... to develop the

p. 75

science of remote viewing ... -- as the consciousness of the viewer can project into any remote location and experience it as part of his own awareness. ... .

... some of the best books on remote viewing are David Morehouse's Psychic Warrior ... and the works of Joe McMoneagle."

p. 77 energetic duplicate?

"It may very well be that we all have an energetic duplicate of our physical body that is constantly traveling outside ourselves, as in remote viewing, and reporting back what it sees".

{In remote-viewing, one doth not travel in the astral-body to the location viewed. The remote-viewing is similar to the type of dreams (usual during childhood, but rare thereafter) wherein one hath no body, but can nevertheless view the scaenery in the dream. During remote-viewing, one is not situated in any noticeable "duplicate" of any shape or form of body -- quite unlike astral-projection.}

p. 79 aftermath of near-death experience

[quoted from "ACC" :] "Patients with an NDE did not show any fear of death, they strongly believed in an afterlife, and their insight in what is important in life had changed : love and compassion for oneself, for others, and for nature. ... Remarkably, there was often evidence of increased intuitive feelings."

"ACC" = Pim van Lommel : "About the Continuity of Our Consciousness". In :- C. Machado & D. A. Shewmon (edd.) : Brain Death and Disorders of Consciousness. Dordrecht : Kluwer Academic.

p. 79 proofs

"people reported accurately observations of real events -- sometimes far away from their physical bodies -- while they were clinically dead. They saw events taking place and also overheard conversatons ..., and their reports were later verified ... .

In other examples, the clinically dead person appears in a ghostlike form to a loved one -- and both people end up reporting the same experience once the patient has been resuscitated." [reference : "NDE&A"]

"NDE&A" = "Near Death Experiences & the Afterlife". 2010. Scientific Evidence for Survival of Consciousness after Death.

pp. 80-1 life between lives {the period between lives is known as the antarabhava}

p. 80

[quoted from DS, pp. xi-xii] "when I unintentionally opened the gateway to the spirit world with a client ..., I was able to construct a working model of spirit world structure."

"Newton's first book, Journey of Souls, is organized sequentially, in terms of time and location, to walk us through all ten stages from initial death to final reincarnation :

Death and Departure,

The Gateway to the Spirit World,





Life Selection,

Choosing a New Body,

Preparation and Embarkment, and

Rebirth." [JS]

[quoted from DS, pp. 5-8] "with advancement soul energy becomes more dense, moving into orange, yellow, green and finally the blue ranges. In addition to these center core auras, there are subtle mixtures of halo colors within every group that relate to the character aspects of each soul. ...

p. 81

There certainly is structure in the spirit world, but it exists within a sublime matrix of compassion, harmony, ethics and morality ... . ... There is a value system here of overwhelming kindness, tolerance, patience and absolute love. ... In this sphere of dense purple light there is an all-knowing Presence."

"Dr. Linda Backman received training from Dr. Michael Newton and since 1993 has conducted her own research into "life between lives."" [BSL]

DS = Michael Newton : Destiny of Souls. St. Paul : Llewellyn Publ, 2000.

JS = Michael Newton : Journey of Souls. St. Paul : Llewellyn Publ, 1994.

BSL = Linda Backman : Bringing Your Soul to Light. Llewellyn Publ, 2009.


5. (pp. 84-98) "Are We Living in a Lucid Dream?".

p. 86 dream-telepathy

"ordinary people could concentrate on specific images while awake, and sent them to people who were dreaming. The dreamers then experienced ... the senders' message." [reference : DT]

{Other forms of dream-telepathy are, of course, possible -- telepathy from a dreaming person to a awake one, or between two dreaming persons.}

DT = Montague Ullman; Stanley Krippner; Alan Vaughan : Dream Telepathy. Hampton Roads Publ, 2003.

p. 86 author (D.W.)'s misnomer of "sleep paralysis" for immobility of the sleeping material body

"Once you achieved the lucid dreaming state, you would signal ... by repeatedly moving your eyes back and forth -- since the rest of your body could not move due to sleep paralysis."

{The most usual use (as, in literature about the "Old Hag Syndrome") of the term "sleep paralysis" is as an abbreviated form for "paralysis immediately upon awakening from sleep". Immobility of the sleeping material body cannot properly be designated "paralysis" for the same reason as immobility of a dead corpse cannot be so designated, either -- namely, because one's own self (i.e., one's consciousess) hath exited out of the material body, and is located in another world, in another body there in that world (such as, in a dream-body in the dream-world).}

p. 86 shared dreams are indications of an alternate reality

[quoted from LD] "Accounts of "mutual dreaming" (dreams apparently shared by two or more people) raise the possibility that the dream world may be ... just as objectively real as the physical world."

"In his book Lucid Dreaming : Gateway to the Inner Self, Robert Wagoner gives a variety of compelling examples in which people shared the same dream environment, and reported the same experiences ... after they woke up. This again implies that dreams are not psychological artifacts, but are occurring in a parallel reality ... -- where more than one person can have ... interactions with others at the same time." [LDG]

LD = Stephen LaBerge : Lucid Dreaming. NY : Ballantine Bks, 1986.

LDG = Robert Wagoner : Lucid Dreaming : Gateway to the Inner Self. Needham (MA) : Moment Point Or, 2008.

p. 87 a dream by the author (D.W.), indicative of the fact that dream-deities disapprove of his mistaken attitudes about dreaming

"In a lucid dream you can ... levitate objects ... .

{The fact that to dream shewed "garbage cans" indicated that [considering that "Everything in the dream is symbolic, and every symbol is some part of who you are" (p. 90)]

I remember one time [dreaming that] I was in a department store, and I levitated a whole series of big gray plastic garbage cans and

the dream-deities, who had manufactured the contents of the dream and controlled its activities, deemed his mistaken misuderstanding of the nature of dreaming to be so faulty as to be no better so much flying "garbage" -- "bags"/"cans" for containing garbage to indicate that they were referring to his frame/scheme for misinterpreting dreams, not the apparent contents of the dreams themselves. His misunderstanding consisteth of imagining that any activity of the dream (such as, levitation) is produced by the mortal dreamer, whereas in fact it is produced by the dream-deities, who may be actors and actresses in the dream.

started orbiting them around each other like a miniature solar system. Everyone in the store stood in awe."

Such dream-deities are too polite to rebuke the human dreamer for such misunderstanding, but instead indicate their disapproval by some exaggerated performance intended as satirical (sarcastic) -- an instance of such satire (sarcasm) was the feigned "awe" toward the author of the actors/acresses (all being dream-deities, of course) in the dream which he experienced. The "orbiting" was more satire, intended to indicate how foolish the author is to imagine that the material planetary system can serve as any indication of what the divine worlds (which completely control the material world) are themselves alike unto.}

pp. 88-9 better fluency with a foreign language during dreams and after a near-death experience

p. 88

the author (D.W.)'s own better fluency with a foreign language during a dream.

pp. 88-9

instances of better fluency with a foreign language after a near-death experience.


6. (pp. 99-117) "A Praecession of Prophecies".

p. 107 end of the Kali Yuga

[quoted from MBh, lib. 3, sec. CLXXXVII] "seven blazing Suns, appearing in the firmament, drink up all the waters of the earth that are in rivers or seas ... the fire called Samvartaka, impelled by winds, appeareth on the earth that hath already been dried to cinders by the seven Suns. And then that fire, penetrating through the earth and making its appearance in the nether regions also, ... destroyeth all things in a moment."

MBh = MahaBharata

p. 110 foretelling of the Kali Yuga

[quoted from SD, vol. 1, lib. 2, p. 378] "Vishnu Purana when foretelling to Maitreya ... This Kali Yug ... adds : ... (Kalki Avatar) endowed with the eight superhuman faculties ... will reestablish ... the minds of those who live ... as pellucid as crystal. ...""

SD = H. P. Blavatsky : The Secret Doctrine.


7. (pp. 118-38) "Shedding New Light on the Great Pyramid".

p. 126 star-shaped pyramid

The Great Pyramid's sides are somewhat indented, as if to form a 4-pointed star.

{cf. the Star of Bethlehem? The Star of Bethlehem "went before" the Wise Men (Euangelion according to Matthaios 2:9); whereupon the child was taken by the parents into Aiguptos (Ibid. 2:14). /Be^t-Leh.em/ is 'House-of-Bread'; and loaves of bread in various geometric shapes are employed in Kemetic rituals.}

pp. 129-30, 134 Vergilian prophecy of a Renaissance

p. 129

"line five of Virgil's Fourth Ecl.ogue ... reads Magnus ab integro s[a]eclorum nascitur ordo ... "and the majestic roll of circling centuries begins anew.""

{The word /nascitur/ [literally meaning] 'is born' would refer the /anew/ to a Renaissance ('Rebirth').}

p. 130

"The motto ... from the 4th Eclogue ... was borrowed ... by Virgil from the mystic Sibylline records."

{/Sibulle/ is a Hellenic spelling of Latin /Tibull-/, diminutive of /Tibur/ (a city on the river Tiberis). /Tiberis/ is the Etruscan name for the river designated in Latin as /Albula/ : this /ALBula/ is cognate with the name of the river-god ALPHeios, who was father of Orsilokhos (CDCM, s.v. "Alpheus") and who pursued goddess Orsilokhe = (GM 116.d) Artemis.}

p. 134

Goddess Lucina shall favor ending the Iron Age, so as to commence a new Golden Age.

{/Lucina/ 'bringeress-to-light' would impart a golden luminance.}

p. 136 New World Order of the Illuminati

The book "New World Order : The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies by William T. Still ... provided evidence that Sir Francis Bacon worked with this group to create plans for a "New Atlantis" that would usher in ... a world free of war, crime and poverty."

"these world elites ... some people, including Still, now call the "Illuminati" -- meaning the "illuminated ones." This illumination is ... the result of arcane spiritual practices that make them ... gods in their own right." {Arcane spiritual practices may open psychic channels to deities who are adepts' guides.}

{Founded on May Day (St. Joseph the Worker's day) 1776 at Ingolstadt, the Illuminati were intent on the same agenda within Bavaria as other Renaissance organizations were within their own respective countries (Freemasons in Britain, Rosicrucians in France, Carbonarii in Italia, etc.). Because there was more resistance (mainly by Lutherans) to the Renaissance in Germany than elsewhere, the Illuminati of Bavaria became slandred more than have been most other Renaissance organizations.}


David Wilcock : The Source Field Investigations. Dutton (Penguin Bks), London, 2011.