Source-Field Investigations, 18-20


18. (pp. 388-415) "The Galactic Clock Striketh".

pp. 391-2 William Tifft's galactic energy-levels

p. 391

"changes in the electromagnetic spectrum of galaxies -- in rippling, circular, concentric layers ... was covered in an April 1993 issue of Discover magazine. ["MSU"] ...

p. 392

The frequency grew increaingly higher as you moved toward the center -- and it always changed by the same among ... quantized to ... these separate layers. ...

Tifft has ... evidence, from observing the same galaxies, that their redshifts change over time. We may be seeing some form of galactic evolution taking place ...., he says."

{Said galactic "evolution", however, may merely be a short-cycled proceess, repeating its cycle of waxing and waning over a merely few decades, with a shifting of frequencies backward and forward by only a very small percentage. But, if this waxing and waning is synchronized in galaxies mutually widely apart, some sort of supraluminal communication among the galaxies would be perhaps implied (if, indeed, local conditions in the space surrounding the earth be not responsible).}

"MSU" : Dava Sobel : "Man Stops Universe". DISCOVER MAGAZINE, Apr 1993.

p. 393 Harold Aspden's cosmic space-domains

"by a reshuffling of the Maxwell equations, ... Aspden was the first to find that he could rearrange these equations ... and conclude that this aether had to have different levels of density. These equations also revealed what the exact electomagnetic frequencies would be ... . Aspdent was ... to discover that the numbers he had generated theoretically, in these equations, were identical to the actual frequencies Tifft had measured in his spherical {oblate-ellipsoidal?}, concentric layers -- or "space-domains" -- which have been seen in over 250 different galaxies."

[quoted from "TD" :] "galaxies can, so far as the different space domain origins of their primary radiation sources are concerned, lock into slightly different sets of physical constants. ... Such domains have bearing on geological events,

{Howbeit, the movement of the sun along its arm of the galaxy is believed to be so slow, especially considering that each arm is located within a single one of the concentric domains, and that any proper movement of the sun would be almost entirely circumferal (rather than radial), so hardly any shifting into different domains would occur, every over the elapse of geological epochs of hundreds of millions of years.}

such as geomagnetic field reversals occurring as the solar system transits through the boundaries separating adjacent space domains."

{Geomagnetic field "reversals" are evidently relatively slow, gradual events, involving a slow migration of the magnetic poles (such as hath been underway over the last few decades). Furthermore, because the geomagnetic fields are produced by currents of constantly-shifting thermonuclearly-heated molten rock, their cyclic instability may be due to thermonuclear processes of a thermonuclear breeder-reactor type of cycle centred in the Earth's core of uranium.}

"TD" : Harold Aspden : "... Tifft's Discovery". Energy Science, 1997. http://www.

p. 394 three-dimensional time

[quoted from "Th-DQT" :] "we have examined a model based upon two co-existing 3-D spaces, one of time, one of space. ... quantum physics resides in tau-space and conventional dynamics operates in sigma-space. ... Time as a 3-dimensional quantity appears to be a promising subject for investigation."

"The word tau means "time" -- so Tifft is almost using the exact same language as the term time-space" (as distinct from space-time).

"Th-DQT" = W. G. Tifft : "Three-Dimensional Quantized Time in Cosmology"., Jan 1996.

pp. 395-6 historic increase in solar radiation

p. 395

"Between 1901 and 2000, the Sun's magnetic field has increased in size and strength by 230 percent. [reference : "SSShLGW"] ...

A mainstream geophysical team recently proved that the Sun has been more active since the 1940s than in the previous 1,150 years ... ." [reference : "SMAM"] ... As of November 2004, this same

p. 396

group proved that the Sun is more energetic than it has been in at least eight thousand years." [reference : "CTRS"]

"SSShLGW" = Curt Suplee : "Sun Studies May Shed Light on Global Warming". WASHINGTON POST, Oct 9 2000.

"SMAM" = Jenny Hogan : "Sun More Active than for a Millennium". NEW SCIENTIST, Nov 2 2003.

"CTRS" = Solanki et al. : "Carbon-14 Tree Ring Study". Max Planck Institute, Nov 2004.

pp. 396-403 solar-system's planetary climatic change

p. 396

"A LiveScience article in 2007 seriously considered ... Benny Peiser's suggestion that the Sun could be responsible for the measurable "global warming" on Mars, Jupiter, Neptune's moon Triton and Pluto, as well as tbe earth." [reference : "SBWE&OW"]

"Mercury ... has ... dense core and strong magnetic field. [reference : "MM"] ... Mercury was found to have ...

p. 397

"magnetic twisters," [reference : "PRMT"] ten times as strong as" earlier seen [reference : "MMEM"].

"The amount of sulfur in Venus's atmosphere decreased dramatically between 1978 and 1983. [reference : "NCMV"] ... . ... of Venus ... a strange, unusual and mysterious bright spot appeared in July 2009." [reference : "MBSFM"]

"In 1999, a hurricane appeared on Mars ... 300 per cent larger than any previously seen." ["CCSMNP"] "The biggest global dust storm ... engulfed the entire planet very rapidly in 2001 ["STPS"]. ... .

p. 398

... on Mars ... NASA described ... recent global climate change" in 2003."

"The amount of heavy elements (such as oxygen) in Jupiter's atmosphere decreased by ... 10 per cent between 1979 and 1995". [references : JPS&M, capp. 1 & 3]

p. 399

"In 2006, the three ovals that had merged together in 2004 were now becoming a huge storm rivaling the Great Red Spot, further indicating a "global change" in Jupiter's climate." [reference : "NSJ"] ...

A doughnut-shaped tube of glowing plasma energy fills the entire path of Io's orbit of Jupiter ... caused by charged particles spewing from Io's volcanoes. ... The overall density of the tube increased by 200 per cent between 1979 and 1995. [ reference : JPS&M, cap. 22] A ribbon-like cold portion ... significantly brightened between 1999 and 2000." [reference : "SITV"] ... . ... another "surprisingly dense" plasma tube was discovered in 2003, this time sharing the orbit of the moon Europa. [reference : "DMGCJ"] ...

p. 400

The third large moon, Ganymede, has ... a 1,000 percent increase in the density of Ganymede's atmosphere since 1979. [reference : JPS&M, cap. 19] ... The fourth large moon, Callisto, was ... observed to have ... plasma tube, bigger than Io's tube and the one in Europa's orbit ..., it rotates in the opposite direction of Jupiter itself." [reference : "NCDR"]

"Counter-rotating fields are a basic aspect of the flowing interaction between the spin fields of space-time and time-space, as I have described in my other books on the Divine Cosmos Web site. Similarly, in 2007, Italian scientists discovered that our entire galaxy has two different halos, composed of different types of stars, which are counter-rotating inside of each other. Our Sun is part of one flattened halo of stars traveling at about twenty kilometers per second. A spherical halo of stars with a different chemical composition is counter-rotating at seventy kilometers per second." [reference : "MWTSH"]

"Saturn's own tube-shaped cloud of plasma energy became 1,000 percent desnser ... between 1981 and 1993. [reference : "PID&E"] ... "Massive" emissions of X-rays from Saturn's equatorial region were detected for the first time in 2004. [reference : "XSPP"] ... In addition, curious dark areas named "spoke" formations were first observed in Saturn's rings in 1980, and were seen to rotate faster than the rings themselves. [reference : "OS"] ...

p. 401

A "gigantic storm" with lightning bolts a thousand times stronger than any seen on Earth was announced in 2006." [reference : "SSSLS"] ...

A "severe storm" was seen for the first time near Titan's equator in April 2008" [reference : "TSSSMT"].

"By 1999, NASA articles were referring to Uranus as being "hit" by "huge storms," making it "a dynamic world with the brightest clouds in the outer solar system." [references : "HSSRU"; "HSHPU"] ... In November 2004, Uranus again made headlines : thirty distinct, large clouds were now visible ... and these clouds were brighter than ever before."

p. 402

" "Dramatic changes" in Uranus's rings were announced in 2007, including brightness increases" [reference : "REGUR"]

"By June 1994, Neptune's Great Dark Spot, a circular feature in the southern hemisphere like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, had disappeared. By March or April 1995, it had reappeared in the northern hemisphere. [reference : "HDNDSN"] ... The newly migrated spot "appears to be trapped at a fixed latitude" in its new position in the northern hemisphere ...,

p. 403

as the new northern latitude was the same as the southern [latitude]. By 1996 ..., Dr. Lawrence Sromovsky noticed an increase in Neptune's overall brightness -- ... near-infrared light intensified by ... 40 percent. Some areas of latitude became fully 100 percent brighter." [reference : "NIB"] ... Neptune's south pole was found to be 18 degrees warmer than the rest of the planet in 2007." [reference : "CNHWS"]

"Even though Pluto has been drifting away from the Sun since 1989, its atmospheric pressure increased by 300 percent between 1989 and 2002, causing a noticeable rise in surface temperatures." [reference :"PS&SW"] ... Pluto's ... red levels became [reckoning from 2000] 20 to 30 percent stronger by 2002." [reference : "HSPChC"]

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"HDNDSN" = Don Savage : "Hubble Discovers New Dark Spot on Neptune". HubbleSite NewsCenter, Apr 19 1995.

"NIB" = Lawrence A. Sromovsky et al. : "Neptune's Increased Brightness Provides Evidence for Seasons". U of WI-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center, Apr 22 2002.

"CNHWS" = "Cold Neptune Has a Warm Spot"., Sept 21 2007.

"PS&SW" = Robert Roy Britt : "Puzzling Seasons and Signs of Wind Found on Pluto"., 2003.

"HSPChC" = "Hubble Sees Pluto Changing Color". Associated Pr, Feb 4 2010."

p. 404 Van Allen Belts; ozone

"Activity in [Earth's] two known Van Allen radiation belts grew so intense in May , 1998, that a new belt was created" ("RBEAAS").

"As of the mid-to-late 1990s, fully 5,060 percent more ozone was being detected in earth's middle atmosphere ... . [reference : "NMH"] This area is above where the "ozone holes" are located."

"RBEAAS" = Daniel Baker et al. : "Radiation Belts around Earth Adversely Affecting Satellites". American Geophysical Union, Dec 7 1998.

"NMH" = Charles Day : "New Measurements ... in the Middle Atmosphere". Physics Today Online, vol. 53, no. 11, p. 17.

p. 406 changing shape of Earth

"Prior to 1998, earth was gradually getting narrower at the equator and longer at the poles. However, from 1998 onward, this trend has reversed itself -- earth is bulging out at the equator and contracting in at the poles."

{This may be an oscillatory cyclical shape-changing.}

pp. 408-9 an interstellar dust-cloud; galactic wind

p. 408

"As of August 2003, an ESA/NASA experiment called DUST ... discovered that 300 percent more galactic dust streamed into the solar system between 2000 and 2003 than occurred throughout ... the 1990s." [reference : "GDSESS"]

p. 409

"The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud" ("VMID"). ...

In 2008, NASA announced that the Sun's magnetic field, which extends well beyond Puto's orbit, had shrunk by 25 percent in the last decade [reference : "SPBSh"] ..., but if we are moving into a zone of higher pressure in the local interstellar medium, this could obviously compress the Sun's magnetic field."

[quoted from "IHIM"] "For an observer at the Sun {or on Earth}, the interstellar wind seems to flow [out] from the central part of the galaxy (the Sagittarius area)."

"GDSESS" = Stuart Clark : "Galactic Dust Storm Enters Solar System". NEW SCIENTIST, Aug 5 2003.

"VMID" = Tony Phillips : "Voyager Makes an Interstellar Discovery". Science@NASA, Dec 23 2009.

"SPBSh" = Richard Gray : "Sun's Protective Bubble is Shrinking". THE TELEGRAPH, Oct 18 2008.

"IHIM" = Rosine Lallement : "The Interaction of the Heliosphere with the Interstellar Medium". The Century of Space Science, cap. 50, pp. 1191-1216. 2001.

p. 409 effect on psychic ability

"Dr. James Spottiswoode found that the earth's alignment with the galaxy could create up to a 450 percent increase in psychic accuracy" [reference : "ACE&LST"].

"ACE&LST" = S. J. P. Spottiswoode : "Apparent Association between Anomalous Cognition Experiments and Local Sidereal Time". J OF SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION, 11 (2), summer 1997. pp. 109-22.


19. (pp. 416-36) "Not Just a Golden Age". {Not merely a Golden-Age, but a Truth-Epoch (Satya Yuga).}

p. 420 mythic ice-age, according to the Vendidad

"Ahura Mazda spoke then to Yima Kshaeta : "... now the snow will not melt ... at all on the packed sheets of hard ice that will form."" ["HAAOZS"}

{Other mythic ice-ages (or the same one) would include "the end of Tokpa, the Second World", when "the world ... through cold ... froze into solid ice." (BH, p. 16)}

"HAAOZS" = Prus Homi Havewala : "History of the Ancient Aryans, Outlined in Zoroastrian Scriptures". Traditional Zoroastrianism, 1995.

BH = Frank Waters : Book of the Hopi. Viking Penguin Inc, 1963.

pp. 427-8 within the U.S. Capitol dome

p. 427

"a painting called The Apotheosis of Washington .... is surrounded by a ring of seventy-two five-pointed stars."

{These may be intended as the 72 angels who, according to the Qabbalah, praeside over 72 nations. (72 half-dekans)}

p. 428

"within the Capitol dome, you see a frieze along the inside wall that show the ... Aztec calendar[-stone] ..., and we also see ... a serpent curled around a jar of fire".

{This serpent is Agatho-daimon coiled around the fire-altar. (Agatho-daimon = Kund.a.lini; the altar = Id.a; the fire = Pingala). The kalendar-stone is meant to symbolize the time-deity Zr.van Daregho-cvadhata, the leonine-headed anthropoid deity around whose body is coiled the serpentine deity of the universe of perishable material objects.}

p. 429 occullt lore vs. mendacities & corruption

"Regardless of the lies and corruption now so obviously displayed by the various world governments, I do feel there is an underlying positive tradition they inherited.

{The mendacities & corruption derive from materialistic nobility/capitalist greed of Christianity, whereas the occult symbolism deriveth from the anti-materialist mystical outlook of the anti-Christian Renaissance.}

... America was secretly founded to help fulfull these ancient prophecies."

{The 13 Colonies' insurrection was led mainly by Renaissance-oriented (Freemasonic and the like) innovators opposing the anti-Renaissance forces of materialism.}

{There is currently a truce between Christian and anti-Christian factions within the Occidental governments (and, of course, within ploutokrateia upon with the governments are praedicated); but that rather praecarious truce might become, at any crisis, terminated abruptly.}

p. 433 modern-day (in 1998 Chr.E., in Khams) instance of attainment to the >ja>-lus ('rainbow-body') after death of the material body

"As the days passed, they maintained they could see, through his robe, that his bones and his body were shrinking. They also heard beautiful, mysterious music coming from the sky, and they smelled perfume. After seven days, they removed the yellow cloth, and no body remained." ["D3ST']

"D3ST' = "Detaching 3d Space from Time". INDIA DAILY, Oct 7 2006.


20. (pp. 437-62) "Disclosure".

pp. 443-4 crops in crop-circles

p. 443

"Flies have been found stuck to the crops as if their wings had been melted. Radiation levels 76 percent above normal have been observed, only to mysteriously disppear soon afterwards. The growth nodes on the crop stems often appear to be elongated, consistent

p. 444

with the effects of microwaving, and their cells reveal pitholes -- suggesting they were flash-heated in a microsecond. ... Electrical equipment often fails inside the formations and magnetic compasses pick up unusual readings." [references : CC; "CC&ThM"]

CC = Hugh Manistre : Crop Circles.

"CC&ThM" = David Pratt : "Crop Circles and Their Message".


David Wilcock : The Source Field Investigations. Dutton (Penguin Bks), London, 2011.

{General remarks :- The author (D.W.) is at pains (as, e.g., on his pp. 374 & 375) to evade mention of contactees' accounts of encountres with the divine pilots of flying saucers, of their being transported to other world aboard the flying saucers, and of other veritable witnessing of divine intelligences guiding divine cosmic civilizations. This sort of evasiveness on his part is due to an erroneous metaphysical outlook which is gratuitously in denial of the NeoPlatonic and other traditional mystical systems which describe the Universe as guided by a Universal Soul, a Universal Mind, and a Universal Intellect. How can he (or any similar materialist) sincerely suppose that an unintelligent universe can to bring about dramatic changes for the better here (or on other similar planets, for that matter) in the face of very severe socio-oikonomic repression by a brutal materialistic ruling-class, if there be in existence no Universal Intelligence to offset (countre-act) such highly-organized repression? (Instead of relying on the intelligence of divine beings who operate the Universe, the author D.W. is imagining that by time-travel (zigzagging backwards and forwards in time) somehow planet-wide unjust social repression by ruling-classes can be abolished -- but zigzagging time-travel is a self-contradictory absurdity, whereas the doctrine of divine Cosmic Intelligence guiding the Universe is no absurdity.) -+

If the divine Universal cosmic civilization hath not already removed socio-oikonomic repression from this planet, may it not be simply that the metaphysical systems in existence on this planet are as of yet in too rudimentary a stage of development to warrant attracting serious divine assistance to ameliorate socio-oikonomic situation on this planet? [written Jun 10th 2012]}