Source-Field Investigations, 15-17


15. (pp. 310-36) "Geometry Class Just Got Much More Interesting".

pp. 311-2, 315 the 12 "vile vortices"

p. 311

"a series of locations Sanderson had found where strange things were happening. ... Sanderson had clearly determined that there were ... areas on earth, ... equidistant, where ... strange phenomena were seen in the sea and in the air, and/or equipment malfunctioned. [reference : ITS, cap 13 : "Downfall".] ...

p. 312

Sanderson published a diagram of ... twelve "vile vortices," as he called them, in the April 1971 issue of Pursuit, his journal. He then got a huge new burst of publicity when his classic article "The Twelve Devil's Graveyards Around the World" appeared in a 1972 issue of Saga magazine.. This triggered a scientific investiagation by three Soviet researchers -- Nikolai Goncharov, Vyacheslav Morozov and Valery Makarov -- who published a paper about it in the USSR Academy of Sciences' popular journal Khimiya i Zhizn, or Chemistry and Life. ... Together, they realized that Sanderson's twelve vortexes {vortices} created an icosahedron ... . This ... is a ... geometric object [regular geometric solid] that has twenty sides".

p. 315

"William Becker and Bethe Hagens further refined and enhanced the work of the Russian scientists" ["PG"].

ITS = Richard Grigoris : Ivan T. Sanderson. Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained. 2009-10.

"PG" = "The Planetary Grid". PURSUIT : J. OF THE SOC. FOR THE INVESTIGATION OF THE UNEXPLAINED, vol. 17, no. 4 (1984).

p. 317 ley-lines [reference : "ECP"]


term for 'antient, straight paths'


fairy paths


holy lines


Sacred Roads of Hermes


Pathways of MJN


lun mei ('dragon-currents')


te lapa ('lines of light')


sac-be ('white roadways')

"ECP = Joseph Jochmans : "Earth : a Crystal Planet?" ATLANTIS RISING, 1996.

p. 318 applications of the planetary grid to contiental drift

"Hanshou Liu ... was the first to discover that when the original supercontinent Pangaea broke up 220 million year ago, it did so along equidistant lines -- forming the edges of ... a tetrahedron ... . ... .

... [Athelstan] Spilhaus ... realized that the continents, volcanic ridges and seismic fault lines then moved into a shape that was a combination of a cube and an octahedron."

p. 322 application of the planetary grid to the earth's core

"the Glatzmaier-Roberts model of the earth's core ["CFGR"] had a very clear geometric shape -- .. a dodecahedron".

"CFGR" = "... Controlling the Frequency of Geomagnetic Reversals". NATURE, Oct 28 1999, pp. 885-90.

p. 323 tetrahedral geometry in other planets [MM]


features at 19.5 degrees latitude


sunspots not beyond


Olympus Mons shield volcano


2 volcanoes


Great Red Spot


Great Dark Spot

MM= Richard C. Hoagland : The Monuments of Mars. Berkeley : North Atlantic Bks, 1992.

p. 324 patterns exhibited in vibrated colloidal suspensions

"In his Cymatics research, Dr. [Hans] Jenny took ... water ... filled ... with tiny, free-floating particles {usually powdered metals} known as colloids. ... When Dr. Jenny then vibrated the water at different frequencies {tones/pitches of music?}, the particles immediately assembled themselves into clear and beautiful three-dimensional geometries."

"It appears that the frequency of the ... earth ... is structuring the continents, fault lines and volcanic ridges".

{These wave-frequencies would be those of the seismic (earthquake) waves.}

pp. 326-7 geometric explication of the constants of quantum mechanics

p. 326

"Rod Johnson ... posted intriguing concepts on Richard C. Hoagland's discussion forum back in 1996. ... . ... many mysteries of quantum mechanics he could explain with geometry -- including Planck's Constant, the Fine Structure Constant, the ratio between the weak force and the strong force, the structure of the photon" [DCC, vol. 3, cap. 4 : "The Sequential Perspective"]. ... In Johnson's model, ... Every atom had one geometry in our reality, and an opposite, inverse geometry

p. 327

in the parallel reality. The two geometries then counter-rotated inside of each other. ... Johnson ... felt all the answers could be found in James Carter's theory of circlons." [reference : AMI]

DCC = David Wilcock : The Divine Cosmos -- Convergence.

AMI = Absolute Motion Institute.

pp. 327-30 explication -- by nestling regular geometric solids -- of the atomic nucleus

p. 327

"Robert Moon" : "From 1974 until his death in 1989, he was a key collaborator with Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. A variety of articles on his new quantum physics model can be found on LaRouche's 21st Century Science and Technology Web site." ["MMN"]

p. 328

"There are eight points on a cube, ... The first completed shell in the nucleus is the cube, with eight protons. This corresponds to oxygen ... . ...

The second completed shell is the octahedron, with fourteen protons [14 = 8 + 6 points on the octahedron] -- ... silicon ... . ...

p. 329

Then, ... the icosahedron, ... twenty-six protons [26 = 8 + 6 + 12 points on the icosahedron]. This is the iron atom ... . ...

Then, the dodecahedron fills up with forty-six protons [46 = 8 + 6 + 12 + 20 points on the dodecahedron], ... palladium ... . ...

p. 330

According to a paper by Laurence Hecht, Moon's model satisfies .... Maria Goeppert-Mayer's Magical Numbers, in which the properties of the nucleus .... suddenly change at certain numbers that curiously reappear" [reference : "ADMNM"].

"MMN" = "The Moon Model of the Nucleus".

"ADMNM" = Laurence Hecht : "Advances in Developing the Moon Nucleus Model".

p. 331 microclustres; quasicrystals

"Microclusters are also called ... "ORMUS elements" ... -- elegantly summarized in Lawrence Gardner's Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. Microclusters appear to display gravitational anomalies ... -- as well as superconductivity."

"quasicrystals ... are created by supercooling certain combinations of molten metals as a very fast speed ... -- they ... build perfect five-sided crystals".

p. 335 mapping amino-acid combinations (to form protons) onto a dodecahedron

"Amino acids ... Mark White ... map out ... over the surface of a dodecahedron." ["PCTh"]

"PCTh" = Mark White : "The Perfect Code Theory" Rafiki Inc.


16. (pp. 337-60) "... Gateway to Intelligent Infinity".

p. 340 planetary velocities' ratio

[quoted from LBC, p. 14 :] "Kepler ... particularly noticed that the ratios between planets' extreme angular velocities were all harmonic intervals."

{The planets' angular velocities are produced as accelerations in a force-field rotating at right-angles to the gravitational attraction : this is a gravitational relationship analogously aequivalent to the impulsion of conduction-band electrons in a wire wrapped at right-angles around the direction of motion of a magnet (in order to generate electricity). Harmonic intervals would indicate wave-harmonics analogously aequivalent to the oscillatory harmonics of alternating electrical current.}

LBC = John Martineau : A Little Book of Coincidence. Wooden Books, 1995.

pp. 343-4 organization of clustres of galaxies according to regular geometric solids

p. 343

"galaxies gathered into massive superclusters, and those superclusters mysteriously arrange into gigantic ... octahedrons." [reference : "FON"]

p. 344

"Further analysis revealed a dodecahedron pattern ... as well." [reference : "IUD"]

"FON" = E. Battaner : "The Fractal Octahedron Network of the Large Scale Structure". ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS, 334, no. 3 (1998), pp. 770-1.

"IUD" = Belle Dume' : "Is the Universe a Dodecahedron?" PHYSICS WORLD, 2003.

p. 348 Maldek

"ancient mysteries ... by Maurice Chatelain [OACOS] -- ... found ... what is now the Asteroid Belt" ["EPH"].

OACOS = Maurice Chatelain : Our Ancestors Came from Outer Space. NY : Dell Bks, 1977.

"EPH" = Thomas van Flandren : "The Exploded Planet Hypothesis".

pp. 349-50 a 10-degree tilt; the 400-year cycle

p. 349

"Xiaodong Song and Paul G. Richards, from Lamont-Doherty, the earth sciences division of Columbia University, discovered that there was a nearly vertical line in the earth's core -- where seismic waves moved faster ... than elsewhere. The line was tilted about ten degrees off of the earth's rotational axis -- which led them to conclude earth's core was actually on a slightly different axis than the exterior."

[supra, p. 322 "a dodecahedron ... tilt it slightly (about 10 degrees)".]

p. 350

"The inner core makes a complete revolution inside the Earth in about 400 years. ["CSELSF"]

Could this be what the Maya calendar was tracking?" {Maya hieroglyphic /CU-CU/}

[quoted from "EChGDMRER", p. 229 :] "Periods of Earth warming and cooling occur in cycles. ... small-scale cycles ... exist within larger-scale cycles of 400 years, which in turn exist within still large cycles ..., and so on."

p. 351

"the Medieval Warm Period ran from 1000 to 1400, the Little Ice Age ran from 1400 to 1900, but the upward trend began" immediately afterward.

{This "upward trend" is popularly known as "global warming". Because the Mediaeval "Warm Period" achieved a higher temperature than now, therefore the current "global warming" trend can be expected to continue until a considerably warmer temperature than now shall have been achieved again.}

"CSELSF" = "Core Spins Faster than Earth, Lamont Scientists Find". Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, 2005.

"EChGDMRER" = Takesi Yukutake : "Effect on the Change in the Geomagnetic Dipole Moment on the Rate of the Earth's Rotation". In :- Paul J. Melchior & Shigeru Yumi (edd.) : Rotation of the Earth. INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMICAL UNION SYMPOSIUM, No. 48 (1971).

pp. 352, 354 rotational period of earth's energy-field

p. 352

"Graznya Fosar and Franz Bludorf ... found what appears to be a vertical line in the earth's energy fields, which rotates along at 1.86 degrees of longitude per day -- for a total of about 194 days. Two of these cycles add up to 388 days." [reference : "TLR"]

{Do note that 194 * 4 = 388 * 2 = 776 -- cf. 776 B.Chr.E. as the era of the 1st Olympiad.}

p. 354

"in 17 earth years ..., there were 16 cycles of 388 days".

{The calendar-cycle used by the Edo (on the lower Niger river) is of 17 years.}

"TLR" = "The TLR Factor : mysterious temporal and local patterns".


17. (pp. 361-87) "Vortex Phainomena".

pp. 362-3 apparitional black stones

p. 362

"W. G. Gortten-Dieck awoke one night ... to the sight of black stones, no bigger than three-quarters of an inch, warping directly through his roof and ceiling as they fell in a smooth, even curve -- in "slow motion.""

{This is the size of the Black Stone (pebble, actually) of Mekka, which may be intended to commemorate such an event. The moment of awaking from sleep is frequently a time for the manifestation of spooky events.}

p. 363

He wrote ["RH"] : "they changed their direction in the air as soon as I tried to get hold of them."

"This indicates the stones ... were being repelled by ... his own body.".

{Rather than being "repelled by ... his own body", they were more likely being guided by an evasive spirit-entity, much as flying saucers usually move highly evasively whenever military aircraft are sent to pursue them.}

"He also found the stones were warmer than usual when he picked them up".

{This would indicate that they were teleported from some sunny-warm out-of-doors location.}

"RH" = "Rock the House". 2007. (citing the British Society for Psychical Research, 1906.)

p. 364 profuse falls of [thitherto levitating?] live fishes [cf. the levitating trout, mentioned supra]

[quoted from "RF" :] "To proclaim dibelief in this phenomenon of rains of fishes, to refuse credence to accounts so widespread in time and space, so thoroughly corroborative, would ... be indicative of a inability properly to evaluate evidence."

"RF" = E. W. Gudger : "Rains of Fishes". NATURAL HISTORY, Nov-Dec 1921.

p. 365 OOPART

"there is a great body of data on Out of Place Artifacts, or OOPARTs, that have been found in deep layers of rock ... in Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson." [FA]

{Occurrences of this sort are likely to be instances telekinetic teleportation performed (on order) by some interested divine entity for the bemusement of the devout arkhaiologist who is ardently intent on encountring such an anomaly.}

FA = Michael A. Cremo & Richard L. Thompson : Forbidden Archeology. Los Angeles : Bhaktivedanta Bk Publ, 1998.

pp. 370-1 luminous manifestations along geological fault-lines

p. 370

"Anne Arnold Silk plotted "large numbers of reported cases of sightings of ghostly

{Their clustring along fault-lines would suggest that to the extent that any of these luminous manifestations are praeternaturally-caused or -controlled, the divine entities involved may be subterranean divinities, viz. Gnomes (Rock-Jo,tunn, in Norse parlance).}

p. 371

figures, balls of light and suchlike" and found that they all clustered very strongly around geological fault lines, Futhermore, sightings of anomalous lights occurred at the ends of these lines as well." [reference : "F&C"]

"F&C" = Tom Ruffles : "Fields and Consciousness". Society for Psychical Research. Winter 1992.

pp. 372-3 public ethics & natural calamities

p. 372

[quoted from "PSE&L"] "There are reasons favoring, or pointing to, the fact that a growth in the ethical, or spiritual quality, of humanity would decrease the number and intensity of complex catastrophes. ...

{Because the reasons for geological events on any one planet involve intricate signaling (by Gnomes) to the divine denizens (also Gnomes) of another planet, concerning events which must communicated about in this fashion, these factors override the relatively insignificant praeferences of mere mortals.} {It is rather foolhardy for humans to continue to dwell in regions which are prone to natural calamities.}

p. 373

It has become vitally important that a world chart be prepared, setting forth ... the catastrophic, regions on earth -- taking into account ... the real level of spiritual-ethical development of the people occupying those areas."

{Instead, it hath become vitally important that metaphysical practitioners of high levels of spiritual-ethical attainment take into consideration calamity-prone regions of the world, in the sense of performing caerimonial prayer for the assistance of whatever communicative messaging to other world as may be intended by such divine entities (such as Gnomes) as may be arranging for such calamities to occur for that reason.}

"PSE&L" = Alexei N. Dmitriev : "Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life". IICA TRANSACTIONS, Vol. 4 (1997).

pp. 384-5 deinosaurs allegedly time-traveling

Instances are chronicled of deinosaurs being glimpsed by human observers in various places : Mokele-Mbembe in the Kongo, in Aequitorial Guinea, in the Central African Republic, in Gabon, in Kamerun, in New Guinea, and in New Britain.

{Instead of being instances of zigzagaing time-travel, these may be simply divine fauna temporarily visiting from some divine world (whether aboard a vimana piloted by an anthromorph divine pilot; or perhaps on their on recognizance).}

pp. 386-7 deinosaurs depicted in antient, & in mediaeval, art

Instances mentioned are a Kemetic sceptre-type, and a carving on the Ta Prohm temple in Kambhoja.

{Baked clay figurines of deinosaurs have likewise been found ("DA") in arkhaiological contexts at Aca`mbaro, Me`xico, and deinosaur-etchings on stones at Ica, Peru`; also ("WhAPBD") deinosaur cylindre-sigils from Mesopotamia and deinosaur petroglyphs from North America; also ("ADD") in deinosaur figurines in Karia, Anatolia, and in Tiwanaku, Bolivia.} {Instead of being instances of zigzagging time-travel, these may simply be divine fauna witnessed by mortal human observer-artists who were visiting (by shamanic travel, in dreams) the divine worlds.}

"DA" = "Dinosaur Artwork"

"WhAPBD" =

"ADD" = "Ancient Dinosaur Depictions"


David Wilcock : The Source Field Investigations. Dutton (Penguin Bks), London, 2011.