Source-Field Investigations, 12-14


12. (pp. 242-64) "Gravity of the Source-Field".

pp. 249, 258-9 gyroscopes as instruments for mensuration of force-field variations

p. 249

"If we can change the flow of time in that local area, then perhaps the gyroscope will speed up or slow down. ... When the flow of time slows down or speeds up, a small but noticeable change will appear in the speed of the gyroscope's precession".

{A gyroscope will indicate (by the inclination of its axis) the direction of the gravitational force locally (within itself). Time-flux, however, cannot vary locally, for in that case messages could readily be sent backwards in time in order to alter the past (a logical impossibility). Any variation in force-fields enclosing a gyroscope can speed it or slow it; this is, of course, no indication of any local change in the flow of time.}

p. 258

"Beginning in the mid-1950s, Kozyrev designed a special type of telescope that had one of his time flow detectors {i.e., gyroscopes} located right at the focal point.

{That the optical focal point of this telescope could also serve as the focal point of the non-optical waves being detected, would suggest that these non-optical waves were in the wavelength range of visible light (whatsoever their velocity might be).}

... he could put a metal plate in front of the telescope -- blocking out all visible light and all electromagnetic radiation -- but the time flow detector still picked up a measurable signal when he aimed the telescope at a star, or any other celestial object. ... Kozyrev found that if he aimed his telescope at the true position of a star, which could be estimated through various means, the signal was much stronger. [reference : SIKCT, pp. 1-42] ... . ...

This suggested that the waves ... traveled much, much faster than the speed of light -- effectively instantaneously.

{That the gravitational field is operating at a velocity immensely exceeding that of light hath been well-known since the time of Isaac Newton (who described its velocity of propagation as infinite). This, then, is phainomenon disclosed by Kozyrev's gravitational telescope.}

... Kozyrev could then look at where the star would likely end up in the future, and he detected energy coming from that position as well. ...

p. 259

Indeed, the strongest energy from a star or celestial object came from its true position ... . The star's energy then got steadily weaker when you moved toward its position in the past, and weaker when you moved toward its position in the future. The overall intensity would graph out the same way in both directions. [reference : ThBEPh] It's as if the star were spread out in time, like a wave -- and you could detect its position in the past, present and future all at once".

{This is similar to a so-called "wave of possibility" or "wave of probability" in quantum mechanics. It may indicate a macroscopic-scale (cosmic-scale, in fact) quantum phainomenon.}

SIKCT = A. P. Levich : A Substantial Interpretation of N. A. Kozyrev's Conception of Time. London : World Scientific, 1996.

ThBEPh = Yu. V. Nachalov : Theoretical Basis of Experimental Phenomena.

{Apparently, Kozyrev gravitational-telescope observations may serve to supplant (or, perhaps, to refine) Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, the most salient feature whereof was the speculation that Newton's infinite velocity for gravitation could be replaced with a conjecture of direction of gravitational attraction being toward the true position of the sun (or other star) on account of an unexplained mechanism -- formally unexplained, but evidently meant to imply the sun's intent, when in its past (some minutes ago) optical (apparent) location, to arrive into its praesent true position, that intent having been communicated (at the velocity of light) to a planet (such as the earth) and accepted by that planet as guidance for directionalizing its being attracted by the sun. Albert Einstein was a devout Qabbalist, so to him to base a physical theory (such as General Relativity) on the intents of planetary spirits (a doctrine as much NeoPlatonic as Qabbalist) was only natural. Indeed, it would be feasible to combine a doctrine of intents of planetary spirits with the possibility-wave distribution of the gravitational directionalization. Possibilities/probabilities are (in terms of intents of consciousnesses) the natural effects of the free-will of conscious entities, whether on a subatomic or on a cosmic scale. Free-will on the scale of subatomic particles is due to their being of such little mass as to easily interact with the slight masses of human thought-forms; whereas free-will in the form of possibility-waves of stars is evidently due to their interaction with the [Neoplatonic] (Cosmic) Intellect of the Universe -- in both cases, the smaller partner (in the telepathic interaction) is dominated by the larger. Is telepathy limited to the velocity of light, with movement of souls limited merely to the velocity of gravitation? -- If so, this would explain why transmigrating (in metempsychosis) souls are bereft of [socially-networked praeviously ongoing during the life which hath just recently expired] telepathic cogitation at birth, and must therefore take some years after birth to achieve cognitive skills. [written Jun 9th 2012]}

pp. 259-60 knowledge of the future

p. 259

"Remote viewers rigorously demonstrated their ability to see events in the future before they happened. Dr. Daryl J. Ben, an emeritus professor at Cornell University,

{The way wherein this is performed is : deities sense the intents of all persons pertinent to the future events; those deities make a probabilistic praediction based upon those intents; and those deities transmit (subconsciously) such praedictive information to the remote viewers or to the ordinary people.}

p. 260

got a study published [Jan 2011 (supra, p. 37)] in The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that rigorously demonstrated the ability of ordinary people to predict the future." [They were praedicting their own personal futures (supra, p. 38).]

p. 261 binary stars

"In 1966, at a meeting of the International Astronomical Union, Kozyrev proposed that binary stars were caused by two stars energetically harmonizing with each other ... -- at speeds much faster than light." ["PESPT"]

"PESPT" = Nikolai Kozyrev : "Possibility of Experimental Study of Properties of Time". Sept 1967.

pp. 262-3 opening flower-buds

p. 262

"A young girl ... was seated in front of a series of flower buds that were days or even weeks away from opening. ... After she prayed for about fifteen minutes, ... they suddenly bloomed".

{This is accomplished by requaesting the flower-deities who are invisibly praesent to sprinkle the appropriate elixir on the buds.}

p. 263

[quoted from ChSPs] "There is one mysterious woman who, facing thousands upon thousands of flower buds, can make them all bloom instantly".

ChSPs = Paul Dong & Thomas E. Raffill : China's Super Psychics. NY : Marlowe & Co, 1997.


13. (pp. 265-81) "Dematerialization, Teleportation".

pp. 268, 270-1, 273, 277 three-dimensional time

p. 268

"Dewey Larson built a very successful model of our Universe, beginning in the 1950s, by assuming that time has three dimensions ... . ...

p. 270

Larson called his theory the Reciprocal System because ... space and time were in ... a reciprocal relationship. ...

p. 271

Simply put, all the energy that makes space in our reality is the same energy that powers time in the parallel reality. And all the energy that makes space in the parallel reality is the energy that powers time in our reality. ...

p. 273

Gravity is ... powering time as well."

p. 277

"Dr. Bruce Peret, who runs the RS Theory Web site, his associate Dr. K. Nehru and others in the International Society for Unified Science are actively developing the model past the point Larson started with. Eric Julien independently rediscovered some of the same concepts, as well as others that are not in Larson's model, in The Science of Extraterrestrials". [SE]

SE = Eric Julien : The Science of Extraterrestrials. Fort Oglethorpe (GA) : Allies Publ, 2006.

pp. 280-1 altered in gravitational attraction acting on a rapidly rotating object

p. 280

"Two ... ball bearings ... one of them spinning at ... 300 revolutions per second ..., ... the rotating ball ... went to a higher point in its trajectory, fell faster, and hit the bottom of its trajectory before the non-rotating ball bearing." ["SBE"]

{Gravitational mass is decreased during ascent, but is increased during descent -- having greater momentum, both against and with gravity.}

p. 281

"dropping two ball bearings... one of them was rotating at a fast speed. DePalma got his results published in the British Scientific Research Association Journal in 1976." ["UDSBE"]

"SBE" = "Spinning Ball Experiment".

"UDSBE" = "Understanding the Dropping of the Spinning Ball Experiment".


14. (pp. 282-309) "The Gravity -- and Levity -- of the Situation".

p. 283 three-dimensional time-space

"In Larson's model, there are only three real dimensions -- and it this absolute reality, space and time are one and the same. You then have two parallel realities where the space in one reality creates the time in the other reality, and vice versa."

pp. 285-6 tornado anomalies

p. 285

"Many matter-blending effects have been documented".

{This may be effected by the tornado's acting the body of a conscious entity -- there is a belief, amongst both <arabs and Great-Plains Amerindians, that tornados are the bodies of weather-deities.}

p. 286

"In Freaks of the Storm, climatologist Dr. Randy Cerveny shared additional examples." [FS]

FS = Randy Cerveny : Freaks of the Storm -- from Flying Cows to Stealing Thunder. NY : Thunder's Mouth Pr, 2006.

p. 289 rotational antigravity in living beings

"As ... described in the classic Living Water, Viktor Schauberger ... discovered ... how trout could jump straight up, through high wateralls, with ... very little effort.

{"Rainbow trout" are also renowned for the iridescence of their scales.}

... he observed that the fish would first "dance in a wild spinning movement" and then "float motionlessly upward" through the waterfall ... . [reference : LW, p. 22]

... he witnessed this same effect happening with egg-shaped rocks ... doing a spinning dance ... ." [reference : LW, p. 23]

{Certain egg-shaped rocks of peculiar coloration are regarded as sacred linga-s.}

LW = Olof Alexandersson : Living Water. Houston, Newleat, 1990.

pp. 291-2 iridescence-induced trance

p. 291

[quoted from "IA" :] "I was examining ... butterfly wings, iridescent colors ... . ...

p. 292

I witnessed incredible, impossible things. ... And I became again so excited that all the objects around me became foggy and shaky. I managed to pull myself together with huge effort in a couple of hours."

"IA" = Viktor Grebennikov : "... Insect Antigravity". Rex Research. 2001.

pp. 293-6 telekinesis

p. 293

"Henry Kjellson, a Swedish aircraft designer, ... published it in a German magazine. A ... New Zealand researcher named Bruce Cathie then wrote ... of it in David Hatcher Childress's Anti-Gravity and the World Grid. ... .

p. 294

... set up with thirteen drums and six trumpets ... . ...

p. 295

The small drum had a very sharp sound ...; then as the speed of the drumming ... increased,

p. 296

the big stone block started to rock and sway, and suddenly it took off into the air with an increasing speed ... ." ["ALS"]

{Evidently the musical performance was done in order to persuade a levitative deity to assist.}

"ALS" = Bruce Cathie : "Acoustic Levitation of Stones". In :- David Hatcher Childress (ed.) : Anti-Gravity and the World Grid. Kempton (IL) : Adventures Unlimited Pr, 1987. pp. 211-6.

pp. 304-6 dreamy effects of rotating disk

p. 304

[quoted from "RR&OC"] Ralph Ring "described how when the model disks ... reached a particular rotational speed, ... "... it was not entirely here in this reality. ... It was uncanny, one of the weirdest sensations I've ever felt." ...

p. 305

The Utron ... responded to our conscious intentions. ... We went into a kind of meditative state, and ... focused our intentions on the effect we wanted to achieve. ...

p. 306

Sure enough, when Ring came back from the trip, he ... only later remembered the trip, as if waking from a dream."

"RR&OC" = Kerry Cassidy : "Ralph Ring and Otis T. Carr". Project Camelot, Las Vegas, 2006.

p. 306 shutters to the divine creative

[quoted from "RRIT"] "From one second to the other, these shutters are opening and shutting, creating all this reality you see around you but ... It's all spirit."

{referring to a visionary effect of seeing the divine world at first (during a visionary session) as though through shutters (i.e., occluded by horizontal strips). One' own self is, of course, not creating that aeternal world, though one's contemplative technique may be responsible for the format of the initial occlusions.}

At one point (in 1961) this system of meditation was accused -- by U.S. government "agents, "with all their bells and whistles", working within classified projects" -- of "attempting to overthrow the monetary system."

{apparently implying that the occult basis of the monetary system is a divine realm reached in the same way, viz. seeing that divine world as though through shutters}

"RRIT" = Kerry Cassidy : "Ralph Ring Interview Transcript". Project Camelot, Las Vegas, 2006.

p. 307 antigravity discoveries

"discoveries were made by Thomas Townsend Brown (the Biefield-Brown effect), Professor John Searl (the Searl Levity Disc) and others. ... Two Russian scientists, Roschin and Godin, independently rebuilt Searl's technology" [reference : "M-GC"].

"M-GC" = V. Roschin & S. Godin : "Magneto-Gravitational Converter". SUMMARY/LIST OF TECHNICAL PAPERS. Rex Research.

pp. 307-9 trance-technique of praeternatural long-distance sprinting

p. 307

"The technique ... called lung-gom ... was witnessed by Alexandra David-Neel ... . In this case, the monks are able go into a deep trance state where they can run along in huge leaps at a remarkably fast speed ... .

{The phainomenon involved may be a projection of a subtle body which would be (in order to be so ready visible to a non-projecter) in the lowest range of the aitheric.}

p. 308

... [quoted from WM&MT, cap. VI : "Psychic Sports" :] "Your Reverence will not stop the lama, nor speak to him. ... These lamas when traveling must not break their meditation. The god who is in them escapes if they cease to repeat the ngags [mantra-s], ... thus leaving them before the proper time".

{The "god who is in them" would be possessing-deity peculiar to, and enabling, that type of projection of a subtle body. It is forcibly retained within one's aitheric-body only by a constantly-repeated command.}

p. 309

"David-Neel also reports that if the monks did this practice too often, they could become stuck in a halfway point {i.e., in the air, a little off the ground} -- and then actually have to weigh themselves down with chains in order to be able to stay on the ground."

{This would suggest that the sort of possessing-deity enabling that type of projection is sort known in Bodish as /lin-ga/, a deity having a chain wound around its body.}

WM&MT = Alexandra David-Neel : With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet. Penguin Bks, 1931.

p. 308 alleged "mythical legend" [concerning the "lung-gom" of pp. 307-9]

"To me, this sounds like a mythical legend that was created to explain something".

{The deity involved in such a "mythical legend" is visible to psychic observers, and all its activities are likewise so visible -- including the aitheric chains around its body, etc. etc. The author is not only a gratuitous disbeliever of such conclusive evidence as can be seen with the eyen; but is also unable to obtain such psychic vision on account of his obstinately dogmatic materialistic doubting.}

p. 309 an instance of levitation

"Peter Sugleris ... in the 1980s ... could move objects, bend ... metal utensils without even touching them -- as witnessed by many people. And yes -- Sugleris was also able to levitate." [reference : SU, p. 108]

{The metal-bending and the levitation were both being performed for him by an invisible (though visible to psychics) helper-deity. He did not publicly mention the helper-deity, because to mention such in this despotically capitalist-dominated world is to rendre one's self a target for being assassinated -- as indeed the author (D.W.) of this book provideth many instances of.}

SU = Claude V. Swanson : The Synchronised Universe. Tucson : Poseidia Pr, 2003.


David Wilcock : The Source Field Investigations. Dutton (Penguin Bks), London, 2011.