Soul Samples, Pt. V (Capp. 13-14)


[Pars V.I =] Capitulum 13


pp. 203-6

pp. 203-5 lesson of pain

p. 203

I contemplated the chronic pain … . I reflected deeply on the source of the pain. …

p. 204

I … recognized … vows in my current lifetime, as I tried to serve as a loyal proponent of “new science,” … Yet, the continuing pain … . …

p. 205

I am reminded of the wisdom of an excellent scientist … : Pain is the teacher; the lesson is love.”

{More praecisely, the lesson divinely intended by bodily pain is that excruciating agonies are the inevitable result of impious attempts at evading one's religious duty : a duty which must entail socio-oikonomic (politically oriented) activism in company with other divinely-guided revolutionists-insurrectionists. One's love must be intently directed toward the communist collectivity of mutually telepathic immortal divinities who abide in higher planes-of-existence.}

pp. 205-6 recommended books & their authors

p. 205

Paul Hill (1995) has presented his physical analyses of UFO phenomena … . His training and former activities as a NASA engineer are impressive”.

Michael Newton, Ph.D., (1994) has assisted many clients to explore “between lifetimes” for lessons … in their current soul development. He has proposed a model of levels of soul development ([1994,] p. 103 …).

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., ... has contributed to … biological science, in his analyses of genetic changes and morphic resonance. Now, in his 1994 book …, he provides his readers with elegant but inexpensive methods to explore puzzling natural phenomena.”

the 1995 book by Hawkins … developed an approach for the scientific study of human consciousness. … His claims, if read and replicated by other researchers, may revolutionize our view of ourselves as “spirits” as well as “scientists.” … the “map of consciousness” (p. 52) … reminded of the description by St. Augustine of two roads for the human journey, one descending and one ascending. Hawkins indicates that we humans can descend

p. 206

from Courage to … Guilt, and Shame. Or, if we choose wisely, we can asceend from Courage to … Peace, and Enlightenment. His studies suggest that as a collective community we humans are able to … explore and enhance our spiritual journey. As I continued my “sensing,” “intuiting,” … of the implications the research …, I contemplated his claim that every person “knows” how to seek truth at the level of collective consciousness. … I wondered if conventional scientists would learn to use these methods to obtain responses from UFO experiments, and UFO investigations, and to explore the realities of UFO activity, as well as {the realities of} the Federal governmental cover-up of the ET presence.

According to a recent newspaper item [“AFSR”], approximately one-half of the USA adults agree with the statement : “... flying saucers are real and the Federal government is hiding the truth from us.” … Can internal dowsing and external dialogue be combined by investigators to check on the honesty of governmental documents …? Can we increase our technical and ethical competence in order to communicate with various levels of cosmic consciousness? Can we illuminate our soul samples and enlighten the path of our soul journeys?”

Hill 1995 = Paul R. Hill : Unconventional Flying Objects. Charlottesville (VA) : Hampton Roads Publ.

Newton 1994 = Michael Newton : Journey of Souls : case studies of life between lives. St. Paul (MN) : Llewellyn.

Sheldrake 1994 = Rupert Sheldrake : Seven Experiments That Could Change the World. London : Fourth Estate.

Hawkins 1995 = D. R. Hawkins : Power vs. Force : the hidden determinants of human behavior. Sedona (AZ) : Veritas.

AFSR” = “Are Flying Saucers Real? Many Believe So.” THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, July 8, 1995. pp. A1-A16.


[Pars V.II =] Capitulum 14

Appendices [vide p. viii]

pp. 207-75

[Pars V.II.C]

Psychic Impressions of UFO Phainomena

pp. 215-30

[Pars V.II.D]

The Parnell Study

pp. 231-6

[Pars V.II.E]

Comparison of Studies About UFOErs

pp. 237-8

[Pars V.II.I]

Pilot Study on PRIMING Procedures

pp. 247-8

[Pars V.II.J]

Field Study of Life-Readings

pp. 249-53

[Pars V.II.L]

Scientific Opinions of UFOErs

pp. 259-62

[Pars V.II.M]

Models of Human Behaviour

pp. 263-70

[Pars V.II.N]

Sources for Further Information

pp. 271-2

[Pars V.II.O]

Sources for Further Reading

pp. 273-5

V.II.C pp. 229-30 psychic impressions of UFO phainomena

p. 229

the majority of respondents … to experience “mental communication” with UFO occupants … receive informations, sometimes on a continuing basis, of the relationship between humankind and a Galactic Federation, or “Space Brothers” : …

participants received messages which profess a great love for humankind and a desire to assist the development of Earth's civilization.

p. 230

For example, a respondent, LM, [admitted] to have seen UFO; to have seen UFO occupants, and to have received “mental communication from UFO occupants.” In response to the question about her “impressions of the … origins, powers, and purposes of UFO occupants or those who control UFOs,” she provided this statement :

UFOs come from other planets in our universe …, and some may have bases (not stationary)

in submarine-type Mother Ships under the seas, and

in very remote areas on our planet and

Mother Ships in the higher Earth spectrum.

I sense UFO crews volunteer to come to help save us from … a possible holocaust. …

UFOs monitor Earth inhabitants' collective percentage of evolvement by the degree of “Light” (enlightenment) they evaluate in man's composite body.”

V.II.D pp. 232-3 results of Personality Factors Test (Parnell 1987)

p. 232

Profile scores … indicated that participants could be described as … more intelligent than average, … liberal, free-thinking, self-sufficient, resourceful, and preferring their own decisions.”

p. 233

The scores describe persons … genuinely concerned about social issues and problems; interpersonally sensitive …; reflecting creativity, avant garde attitudes ..; having greater than usual psychic energy …; and engaging in many projects that they usually complete.”

Parnell 1987 = June O. Parnell : “Personality Characteristics … of Persons Who Claim UFO Experiences”. (Order # Dissertation Abstracts 8623104)

V.II.E p. 238 UFO experiences are real, according to psychological studies of experiencers

Ring and Rosing [1990] suggest … that “abductees” are experiencing alien contact in the “imaginal” world (between our consensual physical reality and the controversial psychical reality).

Rodeghier, et al., [1991] imply that UFO abductions are occurring in the consensual reality that we “know” (or claim to know) as the “real world.””

Ring & Rosing 1990 = K. Ring & C. J. Rosing : “Psychological Survey of Persons Reporting Abductions and Other UFO Phenomena”. J OF UFO STUDIES (new series) 2:59-98.

Rodeghier et al. 1991 = M. Rodeghier, J. Goodpaster, and S. Blatterbauer : “Psychosocial Characteristics of Abductees : results from the CUFOS abduction project”. J OF UFO STUDIES (new series) 3:59-90.

V.II.I pp. 247-8 pilot study on PRIMING Procedures (Sprinkle 1986a {not in bibliography, p. 288})

p. 247

from January 1985 through June 1986, … persons participated in a pilot study of PRIMING Procedures (PRIME : an acronym for Psychological Resonance Impressions of Mutual Experiences. There were … participants who arranged “sitting sessions” (SS) and … participants who arranged “long distance” (LD) procedures. … each participant sat quietly while the researcher audiotape-recorded his verbalized impressions of each person, including … current feelings, … past life impressions, and … future goals or activities. Afterward, in SS procedures, each participant … rated the views and impressions … . … In LD sessions, the audiotape-cassette, plus information ..., were mailed to each participant, who rated the impressions and returned the rating form. …

p. 248

The results tend to support the holographic model of mind, and they tend to support the hypothesis that psychological resonance procedures can be used at a distance to share information.”

V.II.J pp. 249, 252-3 a field study of life-readings

p. 249

A field study was conducted 1985 and 1992 (eight years) in order to test … Long Distance sessions … in PRIMING, or psychological resonance procedures. Over the years, more and more participants described these sessions as a “life reading”, a` la Edgar Cayce. … After these sessions, each participant was … asked to … comment, about the verbalized impressions, or Life Reading. …

p. 252

Accuracy of information, as confirmed by the participant, may be attributed to the psychical intuitiveness of the provider and/or spirit guides … . …

p. 253

The only hypotheses that seem to be relevant are : … the results are indications that, somehow, Leo and Participant are able merge psychically … . … Resonance between Leo and participant ... seems to fit the procedures and the data.

The only other “reasonable” hypothesis is that Leo is being aided with information about participants from spirit guides. I accept this hypothesis”.

{Similarly to the greater likelihood in this circumstance of assistance from spirit-guides, than any such fanciful conjecture as “psychic resonance”; likewise in the case of the phainomena investigated by Rupert Sheldrake, intervention by praeternatural genetics-manipulating spirits is by far more likely than any such fanciful conjecture as “morphic resonance”.}

V.II.L pp. 261-2 a field study of scientific opinions held by UFOErs

p. 261

UFOErs and non-UFOERs differ in their … ESP experiences …, and in their level of personal belief in … reincarnation. These UFOErs, as a group, tend to agree with the

p. 262

statements that there is credible evidence for various phenomena of “new science”. [ Sprinkle 1991c] … Among the non-UFOERs, there were … (35%) who expressed a belief in reincarnation; among UFOErs, … (75%).”

UFOErs perceive themselves as going through an “initiation” or vision quest or shamanic journey, which eventually leads to a mission or duty to serve or assist others.”

Sprinkle, 1991c = R. Leo Sprinkle : “UFO Contactees and the New Science”. In :- M. L. Albertson (ed.) : New Science '91 : Proceeding of the International Conf on New Science. Colordo State U, Fort Collins (CO). pp. 527-39.

V.II.M p. 269 (Fig. 13) some similar models

psi domains

psychological functions















Carl G. Jung

P. Teilhard de Chardin

V.II.M p. 270 (Fig. 14) some similar methods/approaches





mystic healer

"Cosmic Guide"


political therapist

"Cosmic Citizen"



"Cosmic Messenger"



"Cosmic Traveler"

V.II.N pp. 271-2 (Table 38) some sources for further information





Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists

2826 O St., Suite 3

Sacramento, CA 95816



Exceptional Human Experience Network

414 Rockledge Dr.

New Bern, NC 28562


Free Spi.

Newsletter of Spirit Releasement Therapy

P. O. Box 4061

Enterprise, FL 52725



FSR Review

P. O. Box 162

High Wycombe, Bucks

HP 13 5DZ, England



International Association for New Science

1304 So. College Ave.

Fort Collins, CO 80524



Internat. Assn. for Regression Research

P. O. Box 20151

Riverside, CA 92516



Internat. Soc. for Study of Subtle Energies

356 Goldco Circle

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Institute for UFO Contactee Studies

1425 Steele St.

Laramie, WY 82070



Institute for UFO Research

1304 So. College

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UFO Magazine

P. O. Box 6970

Los Angeles, Ca 90066-6970


V.II.O pp. 273-5 some sources for further reading




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