Soul Samples, Pt. IV.III (= Cap. 12)



Some Implications


pp. 184-5 extraterrestrial ethics

p. 184

First, the ET ethics are of a very high order. Not only do the ETs minimize their initial (renewed?) intervention with humankind, but they are also aware that Earth societies must learn to deal slowly with the ET presence. (If the ET presence has been with humankind “forever,” then the task is to renew – gradually – the connection at a level of awareness that is appropriate for us as “modern” humankind.)

Second, the current institutions of earth societies must be modified in order for humans to learn how to detect and to accept the ET presence.

Third, each individual human must struggle with … changes that are needed for adapting to the ET presence … . …

Fourth, the process of change must be both efficient and effective. The process must be … sufficiently suitable for engendering a planetary ethos. …

p. 185

Fifth, … UFO activity is serving both as individual initiation and social stimulus, so that Earth governments minimize their tendency to act like armed and lawless gangs, and begin to cooperate as a planetary community.”

pp. 185-6 praeternatural initiation into mystic knowledge of of UFO purposivity

p. 185

Various writers have described [Salisbury 1974; Thompson 1991; Kannenberg 1992] the process of “initiation” that UFOErs suffer or enjoy.”

p. 186

Some UFOErs, because of their intolerance of ambiguity, or their personal philosophy, claim to “know” the true purpose of UFO activity, whether that purpose be … scientific or theological … or social, etc.”

Salisbury 1974 = F. Salisbury : The Utah UFO Display. Old Greenwich (CT) : Devin-Adair.

Thompson 1991 = K. Thompson : Aliens and Angels. NY : NY : Addison-Wesley.

Kannenberg 1992 = I. M. Kannenberg : UFOs and the Psychic Factor. Mill Spring (NC) : Blue Water Publ.

p. 186 anti-authoritarian aspect of UFO-entity activities : societal-radicalization aspect of UFO-entity activities

Because there are so many … conflicting conclusions by “experts” (scientists … and governmental officials), the general public may become … distrustful … of … conventional authorities.”

Eventually …, all established institutions are challenged by the implications of the ET presence. …Thus, economic, educational, … political, religious, and scientific institutions are challenged and gradually changed so that the human community can accept and adapt to the increased awareness of the ET presence.”

p. 186 anti-militaristic & anti-nationalistic aspect of UFO activities

political scientists will soon be analyzing the … ET presence as a factor in the ongoing political process. Probably, that analysis will … begin … an easing of governmental secrecy about the evidence of UFO activity by military observers. …

At our June 1992 UFO Conference in Laramie, during a discussion about the implications of UFO secrecy by the U.S.government, one anxious woman raised the question, “What can we do about ending the secrecy?”

I responded, “... If you wish for change, then vote for more female politicians. First, they will clean the House. … Then, they will clean the Senate. … Then, they will clean the Oval Office!” (She laughed!)”

pp. 186-7 internationalistic implications of UFO activities

p. 186

I have experienced an internal “knowing” for many years that any public announcement about formal contact with ETs would come from U.N. officials. I believe than any solution to the UFO problem is contigent upon international cooperation for study and research, as well as any invitation for public contact with ET representatives. …

The United Nations SEAT serves as a forum within the international community in the study of parapsychology and ufology.”

p. 187

Will the U.N. flag be a sufficient symbol to rally the communal spirit of humankind? …

If so, does humankind join forces …?”

{against the conspiracy-of-silence about UFOs being fostered by the Republican Party and by its paramilitary secret-police allies}

p. 187, fn. 4 : SEAT = Society for Enlightenment and Transformation; Room S-1755, UNCG; Box 20; New York, NY 10017

pp. 187-8 the substantive content of praeternatural messages from UFO ET divinities-entities

p. 187

Many UFO contactees receive messages that there are two purposes for UFO activity and ET intervention : to assist in the rejuvenation of planet Earth, and to encourage the continuing evolutionary development of humankind. … If so, then, we should anticipate at least two general implications : (A) more and more persons shall become interested in the well-being of Mother Earth; and (B) more and more persons shall become interested in ESP and human potential … . Thus, … the ET strategy could provide humankind with opportunities for … minor mysteries that offer … pieces to the solution of the … puzzle. For example, there are worldwide reports of paranormal phenomena, including Big Foot and other “man[-an]imals”; cattle mutilations; crop circles or agriglyphs; … past-life memories; visions of religious figures …; and all kinds of silly/serious games : … spiritual and healing games. The spiritual games include mental messages being channeled through UFOErs, apparently from ET entities, offering information about the ABC's of reality … . UFOErs are being bombarded with information about ancient wisdom and future knowledge, including claims about time and space, matter and light, the plight of the planet, the evolution of humankind!

p. 188

And these games are especially upsetting to persons who are wedded to a dogmatic view of the universe – … a seriously sanctimonious scientism!” (Pursglove, xxxx)

Pursglove = D. Pursglove (ed.) : Zen in the Art of Close Encounters. Berkeley : New Being Project, 1995.

p. 188 UFO extraterrestrials in antient religious literatures

Dr. Barry Downing has focused on Exodus as a paradigm for UFO strategy. [Downing 1994]

Earlier, Downing had analyzed historical scenarios of the Old Testament and New Testament that could explain the angels of God as ET representatives, and the “chariots of fire” … as UFOs or spacecraft. [Downing 1968]

Dr. Richard Thompson compares the modern UFO literature with that of ancient writings about Vedic traditions, and … finds many similarities. [Thompson 1993]

Dr. Deardorff has provided … Biblical scholars … many reasons for viewing the Talmud Jmmanuel as a source … . [Deardorff 1992, 1994] … If the document is … accurate …, then … : (A) there is a continuing relationship between humankind (Earth) and ET representatives (Heaven); (B) the story of Christianity is also a story of UFO activity; (C) the human spirit is developed through the experiences of many lifetimes, or reincarnations!” (Winters 1994)

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p. 190 experiential spiritual science : exploration of the soul through internal meditation

now the Establishment Empiricists (the academic priests {of dogmatic scientism}) are confounded by the “new” internal meditations of Experientialists. [Aron & Aron 1986; Davenport 1992; Dossey 1982, 1989] … Experientialists are using meditation like a “microscope” : to look within the world of the meditator.”

Aron & Aron 1986 = E. Aron & A. Aron : The Maharishi Effect. Walpole (NH) : Stillpoint.

Davenport 1992 = M. Davenport : Visitors from Time. Murfreesboro (TN) : Greenleaf Publ.

Dossey 1982 = L. Dossey : Space, Time & Medicine. Boston : Shambhala.

Dossey 1989 = L. Dossey : Recovering the Soul. NY : Bantam Bks.

pp. 191-2 shift from materialism to a philosophy based on metaphysics of time and of collective consciousness

p. 191

Peter Russell, in his 1992 book …, presents an analysis of the shift of focus in science from space/matter to a focus on time/light. My feeling is very strong that the next generation of scientists shall look back at our pre-...spirit communication period as a very provincial and isolated era for science.

Further, I believe that humankind may be developing a readiness for a science that emphasizes precepts of healing rather than harming, counseling rather than controlling, and evolving rather than ruling.

{“Humankind” (viz., the working-class) hath always cherished such a readiness. However, inhumane capitalistkind (i.e., the capitalist, or despotically-ruling ploutokrat, class) never hath done so, nor is it in the process of developing any such.}

An integrated model of science/spirit could lead to a view of human nature that is more compassionate than arrogant, more gentle and

{In no manner of means could the greed-maddened capitalist system in any way lead to any such. It (capitalism) is totally incompatible with all spirituality.}

p. 192

generous than angry and violent. …

However, … my many hours of listening to UFO contactees, who describe

their experiences in “time travel”

{Experiences in so-called “time travel” consist simply in those experiencers being put (by divine agencies) into “virtual-reality” situations illustrative of those deities's plans for the future.}

and dimensional explorations, provide me with a glimpse of possible future directions of the scientific enterprise in the “world of light.””

Russell 1992 = Peter Russell : The White Hole in Time. San Francisco : Harper.

p. 192 societal implications in accepting ET activities

The main difficulty is “talking” about the implications of UFO activity for our collective conscience. Humankind must face many issues of learning how to be ethical and responsible … in our relations with other sentient creatures. We must learn to become cosmic citizens. … My guess is that international groups will serve as temporary links”.

p. 193 planned cessation of governmental cover-up of the UFO praesence?

governmental officials could be waiting now for more public demonstrations to end the cover-up of UFO evidence.

{Actually, any such “public demonstrations: would result in massacre of the demonstraters. Witness, e.g., the public brutalizing, at the order of mayor Richard Daley, in Chicago of demonstraters at the Democratic Party National Convention held there.}

It may well be that the “mission impossible” for governmental officials is to maintain some secrecy on the one hand and, on the other hand,

prepare the public for the inevitable announcement.”

{Capitalist governments have no intention whatsoever of admitting to the existence of flying-saucers; for the flying-saucer pilots/occupants are well-known (from reports by contactees) to be dedicated communists.}

pp. 193-4 consequence of public acceptance of the factuality of redincarnation

p. 193

If further data were obtained in support of the reincarnation hypothesis, and if the kinds of evidence were considered to be sufficient for scientific and public acceptance, then … the implications would not only be mind-boggling, but soul-boggling as well. If reincarnation were accepted …, …

p. 194

then many of us, especially in the United States, would face the challenge of changing our views about ourselves and others.”

p. 194 general advantages in adhaerence unto a doctrine of redincarnation


Our sense of reality … might be augmented by our intuitive and emotional considerations.”


Socially and educationally, we might focus … on psychosocial and spiritual concerns”.


Our attorneys and political scientists might consult … with theologians and parapsychologists.”


the specialty of “psychology” might truly become the “study of the soul.””


activists … might shift … to a focus on body/mind/soul.”


There could be some fascinating discussions about the question of ... the soul of a person in a … body”.

pp. 195-6 advantages to psychological counsellors in a doctrine of redincarnation

p. 195

The persons with whom I participate in soul explorations are able to increase their feelings of efficiency and effectiveness when they accept the principles

that they are here in this lifetime, by choice … .

{that (as more explicitly detailed by, e.g., Dolores Cannon) between lives (in the bardo/antarabhava) they volunteered to come to this particular planet for becoming incarnated here for a lifetime, in order to preach here to ignorant unbelievers the salvific faith of the doctrine of redincarnation}

p. 196

Most of my clients … learn to appreciate the sanctity of souls around them. Further, they usually enhance their zest for living when they recognize and accept the “game” of living in the body.”

p. 196 personal social advantages in a doctrine of redincarnation

First, to earn another opportunity to be with [one's spouse]. …

Second, to be associated, somehow, with the souls of our children and friends. …

Third, to minimize or end … direct association with …


{willing followers of the capitalist-stooge party-line}

and fearful personalities of my former colleagues. …

{too timid to denounce publicly the capitalist-stooges' oppressiveness, though secretly despising capitalism}

Nevertheless, if there is {be} a future choice between conformity and comfort versus challenge and change, then I plan to choose challenge and change. …

If necessary, we may find ourselves – with the rest of humanity – rising up from our bodies while the planet is being destroyed.”

{Assuming that one be not beforehand nabbed and tortured to death by paramilitary capitalist-stooge secret-police.}

p. 197 some functions of human redincarnation

There are at least three models or scenarios that might illustrate the results of the reincarnation process and the pressures of UFO activity : the … testing model; the … nurturing model; and the … self-selecting model.

__ Model

suggests that __ must be tempered and tested,

through acts of __



individual souls




relationships between souls




both individual souls and groups of souls


p. 197 hopes for humankind

we ourselves, as humankind, being __

could hope that __

bright and brave”

ETs and SBs select us to survive and to go on to the task of “seeding” the next planet.”

compassionate and cooperative”

ETs and SBs select all of us to nurture the next generation of humans, whether that generation be located here on this planet, or whether that generation be on a “new” planet.”

a newly emerging level”

we could select ourselves as “ready” to use … our future potentials … for further development.

Thus …, we could decide … our psychosocial and political mores, and our spiritual goals. We could decide when we are morally prepared and ethically responsive to the demands of dealing with other civilizations within the “galactic federation: and/or the “ultra-dimensional federation.””

p. 198 “alleged” conspiracies

Some UFO researchers are convinced that there are “bad guys” (e.g., … international bankers, and various levels of military and governmental officials –

along with Satan, et al.).

{Because, in the Book of >iyob, S` is described as an accuser only of the excessively rich, therefore it is exceedingly unlikely than anyone describing S` as “bad” would at all criticize the bankers' cartels. On the contrary, anyone distrusting S` is most likely to be despising of the working-class!}

These alleged conspiracies range from withholding UFO information to mind control”.

{Capitalist banking-cartels and their capitalist-flunkey militarists are, moreover, historically infamous for impoverishing, enslaving, and mass-murdering working-class populations around the world.}

p. 199 purposes of deities

Many prophets and spiritual teachers have been quoted by their followers on the purposes of various levels of gods, e.g., … books by Zechariah Sitchin; Talmud Jmmanuel and Celestial Teachings.” (Deardorff 1991)

Deardorff 1991 = J. W. Deardorff : Celestial Teachings : the emergence of the true testament of Jmannuel (Jesus). Mill Spring (NC) : Blue Water Publ.

pp. 200-1 ETs & SBs assist good souls

p. 200

many UFOErs are aware of their close connections ETs and SBs. … In my work as psychologist and UFO researcher, I have met so many of these good souls. … Thus, from a pragmatic point of view, each person can assume that he or she – as a good soul – shall continue, regardless of the death of the body.”

Perhaps the next step for humankind is to develop states of consciousness for exploring various dimensions of intelligence : the inner time mission.”

p. 201

Consider the suggestion to meditate daily on your task or mission in this lifetime; listen to your “inner guides” or higher self. Be on the lookout for “coincidences” or synchronicities that inform you of your communications with ETs or SBs or angels”.


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