Soul Samples, Pt. IV.I-IV.II (= Capp. 10-11)



Model Chapter


pp. 158-9 Premack Principle

p. 158

David Premack, Ph.D., experimental psychologist, developed [1959] a model of positive reinforcement … . … Homme suggested that … self statements can be reinforced by use of the Premack Principle … .

p. 159

This is the power of positive thinking plus the power of positive reinforcement to that positive thought.”

Premack 1959 = David Premack : “Toward Empirical Behavior Laws”. PSYCHOLOGY REVIEW, vol. 66, pp. 219-33.

p. 160 the 4 psychological models of human beings


human seen as beings __

instances of psychologies


in spiritual emergence”

wholism, psychicly complete, spiritually enlightened, “transpersonal psychology.””


in-the-process of becoming”

holism, orthopsychology, personalistics, “existential psychology.””


reactive … in depth”

psychoanalysis, psychodynamics, “depth psychology.””



natural posivitism, behaviorism, operationalism, physicalism, “scientific psychology.””

p. 161 (Fig. 2) a model of suffering


__ suffering




Anguish of the Soul”



Misery of the Mind”



Pain of the Body”



"Hardships in Nature”

p. 161 (Fig. 3) a model of reality according to 4 levels of consciousness-evolution




__ evolution





















p. 162 religious literature which influenced the author's “views and philosophy”

The Book of Urantia {composed by Bill Sadler in the 1920s},

OAHSPE [Newbrough 1882],

The Keys of Enoch by Dr. Jim Hurtak, and …

Zecharia Sitchin's books, about the relations of humans and gods”.

p. 162 redincarnation

According to … reincarnation, “justice” could be sought “within” the soul rather than imposed from “without” the soul. This philosophy would support the notion of compassion … as well as the notion of efficiency”.

p. 163 some Hindu cosmic time-cycles

Ancient traditions describe the “breath of Brahma” (the Creator breathing in and out) as cycles of expansion and contraction of the universe.

Is it possible that the Big Bang observations are merely views of one segment of much larger cycles of creation and consciousness?”

{To the extent that the “Big Bang” cosmology may be an endeavour to describe the breathing by Brahma, that cosmology may be accurate.}

[quoted from Yogananda 1971, p. 193 :] “The … period of Treta Yuga … will be marked by common knowledge of telepathic communication”.

Yogananda 1971 = Paramahamsa Yogananda : Autobiography of a Yogi. Los Angeles : Self-Realization Fellowship.

p. 163 functions of karman

reincarnation … “many lives” … can … concern … several levels of increasingly difficult tasks for the soul.” “humans experience … a sense of responsibility to oneself, others, humanity, and God{s}, not only in serving well during one lifetime, but serving well in many cycles, many families, and many cultures.”

p. 164 internal resistance against one's own intuition

Gardner Murphy, Ph.D., former president of the American {Para}Psychological Association, wrote an excellent book, Challenge of Psychical Research [: a primer of parapsychology. NY : Harper & Row, 1961]. Earlier, he provided a model of psychical communication, in which he discussed the implications of denying, or resisting, one's own intuition. In this model, psychical communications are occurring at all times; however, one's own internal resistance … prevents awareness of those communications.

Thus, his model suggests that, if we wish to listen and hear what other persons are “sending”, then

we must meditate : be “still,” go “inside,” and become “aware” of the inner information that is available to our conscious self.”

{When we “meditate” we commune with the deities by being “still” and knowing that the entities which regulate telepathic communications are great deities : by our going “inside” our bodies to the loci whereat (according Taoist “internal alchemy”) those mighty deities habitually reside, and whereat they rendre occult information accessible.}

pp. 164-5 two models of the journey of the soul

p. 164

One “model of the journey of the soul … has been presented by George Meek [1980]. …

Meek's model is similar to that of Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet.” [Cerminara 1950, p. 226] … Cayce described a vision (precognitive?) of himself, as a boy,

possibly living in Nebraska, on a sea coast …;

{more likely in alASKA, which hath a lengthy seacoast}


{“the kes`in , the long-haired ecstatic (muni) of sweet disposition, celebrated in R.[c] V[eda] 10.136, who treads the aerial path” (S-P, p. 194)}

p. 165

scientists, in air ships,

traveled with him to the locations where he had lived in his former life as Edgar Cayce.”

{According to certain shamanic traditions (i.e., according to that which such shamans have had explained to them by their divine spirit-guides), after death the shamans must revisit the sites whereat they had resided during the lifespan just-terminated, before passing on into the Otherworld.}

Meek 1980 = George Meek : After We Die, What Then? Franklin (NC) : Meta-Science. (Columbus (OH) : Ariel Pr.

Cerminara 1950 = G. Cerminara : Many Mansions. NY : Sloan Associates.

S-P = Frederick M. Smith : The Self-Possessed. Columbia U Pr, NY, 2006.

p. 165 (Fig. 4) a model for redincarnation

__ evolution

tasks of __


Integrating Evolving Civilizations”


Increasing Technical and Ethical Knowledge”


Diversifying Levels of Consciousness”


Colonizing Planets/Galaxies”

pp. 165-6 invisible divinities influence visible mortals

p. 165

I can imagine the attitude of those invisible beings who channel information through humans about many {interplanetary} civilizations and levels of consciousness

p. 166

beyond Planet Earth. During the next few years, as we struggle through our transformation, we finally shall become a “new age” of what? … Perhaps the invisible beings will smile and offer a tolerant, perhaps indulgent, comment : “Yep! It's another new age.”” (Sitchin 1993)

p. 166, fn. 17

Jessup died under mysterious circumstances. Some people … said that he had help {to perish} from unknown persons who were agents of the U.S. government.”

Sitchin 1993 = Zechariah Sitchin : When Time Began. NY : Avon.

pp. 166-7 a model (Fig. 5 : analogue, involving sheepherding) of interactions with UFO ETs, according to Jessup {cf. Sumerian metaphor of planets as “wandring sheep”

p. 166


are aequivalent to __






Sheep Dogs”

If we (sheep) follow the Higher Forces (shepherds), then all is well. If we do not, then the aliens [ETs] (sheep dogs) come after us and nip our heels!”

p. 167

Thus, it seems that ETs and Higher Forces are more interested in us humans because of our “souls,” or our psychic powers, for communal meditation and social enchancement.”

p. 167 (Fig. 6) activities of types of ET entities, acording to Nancy Cooney (Sprinkle 1988b)



Clinical Observation”

Short, Cloaked Entities”

Religious Activities”


Expanded Consciousness”

Insectoid (tall, thin)”


Gray Skinned”


Tall Blonds”




Half Humans”

Sprinkle 1988b = “The Changing Message of UFO Activity”. In :- M. L. Albertson, D. S. Ward, & K. P. Freeman (edd.) : Paranormal Research Proceedings. Colorado State U, Fort Collins, CO. pp. 797-815.

p. 168 CSETI

Initiated by Steven Greer, M.D., the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence provides its members with the opportunity for … possible interaction with ETs, which is based on … cooperation with various levels of human and ET groups. However, some CSETI members act as if they were guiding ETs to field locations through chanting, flashing lights, and mentally communicating contact coordinates. In my opinion, the ETs are also guiding CSETI members, so that we can assist other persons to prepare for eventual formal contact.”

p. 168 (Fig. 7) PACTS Model (Sprinkle 1988a)




Cosmic Consciousness Conditioning”


ETs as Messengers to Humankind”


ETs as Biological/Interdimensional Entities”


Space/Time Craft”

Sprinkle 1988a = “Persons Who Claim UFO Experiences”. PSYCHOTHERAPY IN PRIVATE PRACTICE 6.3:151-7.

pp. 168-9 ETs & their message

p. 168

ETs are biological entities (when they wish to be);

ETs are messengers to humankind; and

p. 169

the spiritual message is CCC : Cosmic Consciousness Conditioning.”

p. 169 tasks of humanity in recognizing ETs

the tasks of humanity, collectively as well as individually, are to focus, gradually, on each level of activity.”


on the … space/time craft and their functions and powers.”


on the genetic and sexual aspects of ETs.”


on the mental and cultural characteristics of ETs.”


on the psychic and spiritual aspects of ET communications.”

p. 169 “critical mass” : transpersonal perspective

Someday, if enough individual persons (critical mass?)

{“When a requisite percentage of the human population of Earth (a critical mass of humanity) attains Illumination, a quantum leap of evolution will be triggered.” (“LM-S”)}

accept … that our individual UFOEs are significant, then we can anticipate a political recognition that UFO activity requires not only a “personal,” but also an “interpersonal,” response.

Eventually, I believe, we can anticipate a “transpersonal” perspective for an awareness, acceptable, and acknowledgement of the reality and message of UFO activity.”

LM-S” = “Luminist Manifesto – Singularity”



Some Speculations


p. 172 psychic analysis-techniques

Psychical analysis of a UFOE [UFO praeternatural person/divinity-entity] can be conducted by attending to any … parapsychological evidence, e.g., … interpretations of the significance of UFOEs; dowsing for subtle energies that are associated with UFO landings and/or ET entities; scrying or channeling information from ETs (extraterrestrial intelligence, UFOLKS, Spirit/Space Beings, time travelers, alien visitors, … inter-dimensional entities, star persons, angels, et alia). The evidence is perceived to be “internal” to the UFOEr [mortal human observer of UFO praeternatural persons/divinities-entities].”

p. 173 possible significances of external circumstance of UFO-sightings

the author (R.L.S.)'s interpretation

our interpretation of the same

For example, if the UFOE occurs inside a car, or a small room, then the location might represent an “egg” or “f[o]etus,” ready for “birth.””

{The divinity may be inviting, by appearing in the observer's own living-quarters, the observer to approach closely so as to ascertain very definitely the praesence and reality of itself; so that the mortal observer will no longer harbour doubts. By dissolving doubts and demonstrating congenial approachability, the divinity is able to increase meritorious faith in the mortal observer, who must therewith become worthy of receiving heavenly rewards.”

For example, if the UFOE occurs at night, then the UFOEr may be “in the dark,” not yet conscious of the possible significance of the scenario”.

{The divinity may be demonstrating, by glowing in the dark, that it is itself of a nature similar to that of other entities which are capable of glowing in the dark (such as, faery-folk, leprecauns and banshees, etc.). This demonstration can assist to instill a sense of religious awe in the mortal observer; and to acquire such a sense of religious awe will result automatically in heavenly rewards (both currently and after death) for the mortal observer.}

pp. 174-5 UFO entities as externalized aspects of the mortal observer's soul

p. 174

Assume that the unusual light or object is representative of the soul or internal self of the UFOEr.

If there are several lights or objects, then consider the lights or objects as representative of significant others.

{By far more reasonably, multiple praeternatural lights may be the observer's multiple souls (such as are orthodoxly accepted in Taoist and in Bon religions).}

Assume … that the UFOE is both “real” and “true.” In other words, consider … that the UFO(s) … is showing the UFOEr an important aspect of the inner self : an encounter with one's own soul, a dramatic display that portrays the UFOEr's inner world.”

View the UFOE … as a communication with the higher self

{“Oversoul/overself” is a Rosicrucian doctrine.}

and/or spirit guides. …

p. 175

Then, imagine that the goal … is to stimulate the UFOEr to reflect on her/his … spiritual levels of development. After the initial “shock” of seeing one's … soul …, the UFOEr – eventually – can be educated {habituated} for future space/time travel and for communication with other intelligent beings throughout the galaxy {and in other galaxies}.”

p. 175 dream-interpretation etc.

Most experts of dream-report analysis agree that the best interpreter of a dream is the dreamer.

Likewise, the best interpreter of a UFOE is the UFOEr.”

p. 180 purposes of UFO-entity activities

It may be that these various scenarios (… sexual and biological games; political and psychosocial games; and psychical and spiritual games) are designed to stimulate society for further evolution. [Royal & Priest 1992]

Perhaps the purpose of UFO activity is to force us humans to confront ourselves! Perhaps, as Walt Kelly's hero, Pogo, has proclaimed : “We have found the enemy, and the enemy is us!”

Perhaps the rash of investigations [Blum 1995] and stories [Sheldon 1992] is a surface indication of what is happening within our collective unconsciousness : mind at large.” (Grosso 1985)

Royal & Priest 1992 = L. Royal & K. Priest : Visitors From Within. Scottsdale (AZ) : Royal Priest Research.

Blum 1995 = H. Blum : Out There. NY : Simon & Schuster.

Sheldon 1992 = Sidney Sheldon : Doomsday Conspiracy. NY : Warner Paperback Library.

Grosso 1985 = M. Grosso : The Final Choice. Walepole (NH) : Stillpoint.


NEW MILLENNIUM LIBRARY, Vol. VII = R. Leo Sprinkle : Soul Samples : personal explorations in reincarnation and UFO experiences. Granite Publ, Columbus (NC), 1999.