Soul Samples, Pt. III (Capp. 7-9)



Initial Studies


p. 120 soul of genius

In my current philosophy of science, I am interested in “psychology” : the study of the soul.

I wish that I possessed the genius to assess the soul level of any person and to estimate the number of incarnations that the persons had experienced (and the number of incarnations needed to complete the spiritual journey?). Perhaps, in the next lifetime, I shall have an opportunity to work on that task!” (Hawkins 1995)

Hawkins 1995 = D. R. Hawkins : Power vs. Force : the hidden determinants of human behavior. Sedona (AZ) : Vertitas.

pp. 120-2 the author's early efforts at surveying the social attitudes praevalent amongst professors of psychology

p. 120

In 1961-62, as a young professor of psychology at the University of North Dakota (UND), I conducted a survey … of members of NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena). With the kind cooperation of Richard Hall, I asked NICAP members to provide information about their … background, and to complete

the Rokeach Dogmatism Scale.

{There are two versions (both authored by Milton Rokeach) of the Rokeach Dogmatism Scale : that of 1954, having 43 items (D&MCI, pp. 80-81 =Appendix A), and that of 1960, having 66 items (D&MCI, pp. 82-84 = Appendix B).}

Then I compared their results with

p. 121

the profiles of UND graduate students and professors of psychology. … . … the results were puzzling. How could a group of professors of psychology be more “open-minded” and yet less “scientific” than the sample of members of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena?”

In 1963, I attempted a study of my colleagues in the UND Department of Psychology. … I was unable to complete the study, … because it featured taboo topics (according to me). … . … I wished to study … To what extent do we rely on various levels and kinds of scientific evidence? I labeled the levels as follows : anecdotal information, testimony from experts, empirical evidence, and experimental laboratory evidence. I asked by colleagues to

p. 122

rate these levels of information for various topics, e.g., study of dreams, ESP, extraterrestrial intelligence, … “life on other planets.””

D&MCI = Nathan Swink: Dogmatism and Moral Conviction in Individuals. PhD Diss, Witchita State U, 2011. [N.B. : pp. 86-90 = Appendix D is an improvement (by supplementing with self-evaluation scale for answers) over Appendices A & B.]

p. 122 survey of UFOers

I decided to investigate the personality characteristics of persons who claim {accomplish, achieve} UFO sightings. I developed a questionnaire for obtaining … from participants, … a description of their ESP and UFO experiences.”

p. 122, fn. 3 “Generous cooperation in publicizing the survey was extended by

Jim and Coral Lorenzen, APRO;

Charles Bowen, Flying Saucer Review;

Laura Mundo, The Interplanetary Center; and

B. Rhine, Ph.D., Foundation on the Nature of Man.”

pp. 123-5 Mrs. June Parnell becometh a UFO researcher

p. 123

Mrs. June Parnell … had become a member of our Laramie UFO support group, after attending a second Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigations, 1981. … She had completed a Master's degree in psychology … with Dr. Helen Crawford (now at VPI), who was well-known for her psycho-physiological studies of hypnotic processes. When June became a doctoral candidate in the Department of Counselor Education, … Her advisor … agreed … that I serve as dissertation advisor. …

p. 124

When she and her husband, Tom, came to Laramie, she served as German instructor {instructress} in the Department of Modern Languages, while he served as a professor of political science, U of W. …

p. 125

In 1986, the University of Wyoming awarded June Parnell the degree, Doctor of Philosophy. … Although there have been several dissertation studies on … aspects of UFO research, her study was the first one that focused on the personality characteristics of UFO Experiencers.”



Conference Profiles


pp. 127-31 unsuccessful application for grant; decision to convoke a conference even without grant-funds : with, as consequence, the first flying-saucer contactee-conference held at the University of Wyoming, Laramie

p. 127

I had applied for grant money to conduct a meeting. I had written to Richard Hall, who was with the Fund for UFO Research. I had known Richard … from the days when he was with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.”

p. 128

But, my correspondents … insisted : “Leo, call a meeting. We'll pay for our own expenses.””

In May, 1980, our first “contactee conference” was convened at the School of Extended Studies, University of Wyoming, Laramie. … In addition to those who presented written statements, there were five other persons : Carl and Margery Higdon, Pat and Wanda McGuire, and Mike Lewis, photographer. …

Gayle P. Bever … submitted a statement, about the changes in her scientific and spiritual philosophy as a result of the UFO encounter (experienced by her and her daughter) and, later, her abduction by a UFO entity. …

Barbara J. Freund, a university student who later became a science teacher, described her 1977 encounter with little gray entities who examined her body and conducted a healing process … . …

p. 129

R. B. (Bud) Hooper described his experience of walking on board a space craft, and communicating through telepathic messages with armored entities who showed him their propulsion system.

Catherine L. Fisher of New Mexico … described her years of meditation and communication with extraterrestrial entities. …

Kimberle J. Lenz submitted a statement about the 1974 time loss that she and her brother had experienced. During a hypnosis session in 1979, she was able to recall more about her “on-board” experience, including bodily examination and questions about human sexuality.

Millie Lindsey … described five UFO close encounters in California in 1968 … .

Lucille McNames submitted a channeled message … . … In 1966, on a bright moonlit night, Lucille saw a “flying saucer.” As it floated … above her house, another UFO began to merge with the first UFO. …

Lucille tried to project a mental message to anyone in the craft … “ … for Christ … .” The UFO then seemed to dissolve instantly.

{It dissolved because it was offended by any favorable mention of Christ.}

In 1967, Lucille began to type messages from invisible entities. Her mentors have channeled many messages through her (as Sari), including two books : Startling Revelations [Portland : Universariun Foundation, 1980] and The Crystal Tower [Portland : Universariun Foundation]. …

Mary K. Sewall … described her 1956 UFO experience in Fresno, California. While aboard a strange craft, with others, she was given a “black box” to hold. …

p. 130

On April 12, 1976, Mary awoke to see two “persons” leaning over her … . The two entities were of short stature, and as they left the room, Mary could see

a soft glow around their space suits that looked like a series of inflated rings connected together.

{Alternatively, they may appear be encircled by horizontally-stacked luminous hoops (as I have observed them, comprising the glowing body of a spectre-woman, in bodily form a projected subtle body of my woman (of Mennonite extraction) who herself habitually spake spectre-talk when repeating the utterances of spectre-voices).}

John G. Williams, Laramie musician, described his June, 1979, camping trip in some mountains of northern Wyoming. … on the edge of a double cliff overlooking a waterfall … a “network” … appeared … . John was invited by an entity to walk into the "network." … a helmet was placed on his head, and he experienced expanded awareness … . …

Other attendees. … Pat and Wanda McGuire … had experienced many UFO encounters on or near their ranch north of Laramie, Wyoming. Many persons traveled from other states, and foreign nations, to visit the ranch … . Pat had been featured on … TV …

p. 131

while describing … UFO sightings on the ranch. He also described being “picked up,” many times, by alien entities who gave him various instructions”.

there was general agreement among attendees that … groups of ETs were working with humankind toward the twin goals of planetary rejuvenation and human evolution. Those views were summarized well by two persons, Ann Canary and Ida Kannenberg.”

pp. 131-3 S. Ann Canary & her statement

p. 131

In 1966, Ann experienced a near-death experience, … her soul was taken from her body and transported to another dimension. Compassionate space beings communicated with her about a special mission before she returned to her body. In 1971, she was taken to a space craft for an examination of mind and body, including a genital examination.”

[1980 statement by her :] “1. I have embraced a faith of cosmic dimensions. … I have no allegiance to any church. ...

p. 132

2. I no longer have allegiance to any particular form of earthly government … . …

9. All life is one. We are part of the stars … . …

10. … Life is eternal – mind is eternal. …

p. 133

11. My mission is to … assist the thinking of those who live here. Unless the consciousness of humankind is raised, … we will ultimately destroy … our world. …

13. I believe in a Father-Mother God{-Goddess}, a balanced … creativity … . …

{the Yan-Yin composite comprising (in the Taoist cosmogony) the “Former Heaven”}

Man's present social/material creations … must acknowledge and embrace the female half spiritually and mentally as well as physically.

14. (I have the) knowledge that we are unknowing participants in a living universe

{Mortals are unknowing, uncompraehending; whereas immortals are knowing, compraehending, mutually co-operative co-participants.}

that is founded upon … other life forms, other worlds, other dimensions.

15. (I am experiencing) loss of interest in the accumulation of material “things.”

16. Basically I have become a pacifist. ...

18. Within myself (I experience) the consummation of science with religion. …

An alien invasion has already occurred upon Earth. The conquering power … is a revolution in consciousness, and spiritual knowing that has been implanted within the minds … of people all over the world.”

pp. 134-7 Ida M. Kannenberg & a statement by her spirit-guide

p. 134

Ida has described her experiences in three books : UFOs and the Psychic Factor [Mill Spring (NC) : Blue Water Publ, 1992], Alien Book of Truth [Mill Spring (NC) : Blue Water Publ, 1993], and Project Earth [Mill Spring (NC) : Blue Water Publ, 1995].”

In 1968, she was frightened by telepathic messages … . … In 1978, the “voices” began again, and Ida began to record the messages.”

p. 135

[1980 statement by herself :] “in 1978, began he months of telepathic contact, writing as dictated by them, explaining many things. My skepticism stood firm, … I … not understanding how their various pieces of information fit together. To me there was no fit, but it was only because I lacked enough of the right pieces to make them fit. …

When enough contactees come forward with their complete stories …, then corroborations and coincidences will become apparent, and an overall pattern will emerge which may be utilized to make sense to our kinds of minds. … When all contactees come forward and share their experiences, we can then see the underlying principles that hold it all together, and then it will become believable and understandable.”

[channeled (through I.A.K.) statement from Hweig (UFO Entity) :] “The Plan is the rejuvenation of Earth and its inhabitants …

p. 136

A. Rejuvenation through the collaboration of UFO people with Earth's inhabitants. …

IV. Modifying present social structures

V. Resolving current … threatening dangers or all categories.

B. Rejuvenation through application of special knowledge of the abilities of the UFOs …

D. Rejuvenation of people through rebirth of nonmaterialistic values …

p. 137

E. Infiltration. No government can stop this kind of mental invasion by passing laws against it. … Its purpose now is to evaluate what and why our contactees are undergoing … and being led to … . …


Hweig, Amorto, and Jamie”

p. 139 flying-saucer contactees' puzzles for scientists to solve

Will some physicist or engineer puzzle about the “cylinders” described by the 83-year-old Bud Hooper …? Or the “black box” described by Kim Lenz and the “black box” described by Mary Sewall?

Will some biologist or physician puzzle about the marks on the skin of Gayle Bever, Ann Canary, and Kim Lenz?”

p. 139 possible significations of the advent of flying saucers

Perhaps UFOs are space craft, piloted by intelligent beings who are preparing humankind for … changes, physical and political.

Perhaps UFOs are sophisticated holograms displayed by intelligent beings so that Earth people will become interested … in building “flying saucers” and becoming “flying saucer occupants.”

Perhaps the UFO display is a “spiritual lesson” to determine which observers are willing to become witnesses, to demonstrate the intellectual and spiritual strength needed to speak the truth as they know it to be.”

p. 140 hopes to be fulfilled

if you desire a UFO display, meditate upon the question, “What can I do for UFOLKS, in exchange for UFO sightings?””

(Now, I shall hope for … the wish to participate in a formal, and public, face-to-face encounter with UFO people!)”

Would it not be ironic if … UFO phenomena represent … our lives? And …, what if each earthling must face … just enduring the agonizing change that makes us a better person?”



Past / Praesent / Future Studies


pp. 144-5 personality characteristics of UFO abductees/contactees

p. 144

Ken's book, The Omega Project, is a model presentation of a … comparison of NDEers and UFOers in a variety of inventories.”

p. 145

The study by Ring and Rosing (1990) in the Journal of UFO Studies (JUFOS), is among the few empirical studies of the personality characteristics of UFO abductees/contactees. … Further, the results of these studies are supported by … Rodeghier, Goodpaster, and Blatterbauer (1991) (RGB).”

Ring and Rosing suggest the possibility that “abductees” are experiencing alien contacts in

the “imaginal”world (midway between our consensual physical reality and the … spiritual or psychical reality).

{Any supposedly “midway world” may simply be a fluctuating alternation between the physical plane and an aitheric-plane-based dream-realm.}

Rodeghier et al. [RGB] imply that the UFO abductions are occurring in the consensual reality that we “know” (or claim to know) as the “real world.””

Ken OP = Ken Ring : The Omega Project : Near-Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large. NY : Wm. Morrow, 1992.

Ring & Rosing 1990 (R&R) = Ken Ring & C. J. Rosing : “Survey of Persons Reporting Abductions and Other UFO Phainomena”. J OF UFO ST (n.s.) 2:59-98.

RGB = M. Rodeghier; J. Goodpaster; S. Blatterbauer : “Psychosocial Characteristics of Abductees”. J OF UFO ST (n.s.) 3 (1991):59-90.

pp. 146-7 personality-types by hemi-sphaires of brain

p. 146

David Loye, Ph.D. … developed a brief inventory to assess what he calls the HCP Profile (Hemispheric Consensus Prediction Profile). … Loye [1978, 1983] learned that both groups of persons, who either are characterized as

left brained” (using analytical and logical processes) or as

right brained” (using intuitive and emotional processes),

are successful in predicting possible future events. Further, Loye found that, by pooling results from both groups, their predictions can be even more accurate.”

p. 147

However, the UFO Conference participants and the ACD Conference participants … selected the option of a blue”.

{Blue is the color of the personal aura of peace and good-will. When flying saucers come to express approbation, they appear as blue (as always have when appearing to me personally); whereas when they come to express disapproval, they appear as red (as often is the case in instances in Hastings 2008, wherein flying saucers regularly arrive over ICBM launching-sites in order to registre their strong disapproval against thermonuclear bombs).}

Loye 1978 = David Loye :The Knowable Future : … prophecy. NY : John Wiley & Sons.

Loye 1983 = David Loye : The Sphinx and the Rainbow : … future vision. Boulder (CO) : Shambhala.

Hastings 2008 = Robert L. Hastings : UFOs and Nukes. Authorhouse, Bloomington (IN).

pp. 150-1 “Life Readings”

p. 150

Long Distance sessions would be as effective as Sitting Sessions by participants in psychological resonance procedures. … Over the years, more and more participants described these sessions as a “life reading,” a' la Edgar Cayce. …

p. 151

Accuracy of information, as confirmed by the participant, may be attributed to the psychical intuitiveness of the … spirit guides … . … The only other “reasonable” hypothesis is that Leo is being aided with information about participants from spirit guides. I accept this”.

p. 152 belief in metempsychosis

Among the non-UFOErs, there were … (33%) who expressed a belief in reincarnation;

among UFOErs, … (75%).”

pp. 152-3 shamanic journey : being taken in service toward the Stars

p. 152

UFOErs perceive themselves as going through an “initiation” or vision quest or shamanic journey, which eventually leads to a mission or duty to serve or assist others.”

p. 153

An interesting study could be conducted on the number of years (and level of maturity?) between “abduction” and “service” for the average UFOEr.

When does a UFOEr focus on “abduction” (being taken away from Earth) and when does a UFOEr focus on “adduction” (being taken toward the Stars)?”


NEW MILLENNIUM LIBRARY, Vol. VII = R. Leo Sprinkle : Soul Samples : personal explorations in reincarnation and UFO experiences. Granite Publ, Columbus (NC), 1999.