Soul Samples, Pt. I (Capp. 1-3)



Sticks or Shticks?


p. 10 during childhood (“as a small child”), the author's recurring dream about a crab-man

I see a man climbing the stairs; … when he arrives at the top step … suddenly, he is transformed into a giant crab! … Finally, my mother comes with a broom and chases the giant crab away.”

{There is a crab-man (evidently a god) depicted in antient Peruvian art.}

p. 12 a mystical experience during childhood (“ten years old; … in fifth grade, … Rocky Ford, Colorado”)

Inside the library room, I pulled the book from the shelf. I sat down, opened the book; and there! In the first chapter on astronomy, there was a photograph … [of] a group of stars … . Instantly, the photograph came alive! … The stars in the photograph seemed to be moving toward me! My mind began to swirl; … I felt dizzy”.

pp. 16 & 19 the author's own sightings of flying saucers

p. 16

[seen by the author with a male friend of his, in Boulder, Colo., in 1949 :] “We both gawked and gasped.

I perceived a silver gray object, apparently elliptical in shape, moving from south to north over the A[rts] & S[ciences] Building … . … Along the rim of the metal (?) object, I perceived a small flashing light. … .

the experience had shattered my sense of science and my view of reality.”

p. 19

[seen by the author together with his wife Marilyn, at Boulder, Colo., in 1956 :] “we both noticed a bright orange-red light above the Flat Irons (Rocky Mountain foothills). … Then suddenly, the light began to move. … (Later, Marilyn recalled the initial movement as “back-and-forth,” like a pendulum. I recalled the initial movement as back-and-forth, with a dipping motion, like the pattern of a falling leaf.) …

Gradually, the light disappeared to the north.”

pp. 16-17 the author's own prayer/introspection/meditation

p. 16

In high school, I called the routine “prayer,” but

in college, I knew that it was best to call it “introspection.” …

p. 17

Finally, in graduate school, I called it “meditation,” and I regained the results of comfort and well-being that the practice provides.”

p. 20 a serendipitous co-incidence befalling R. L. S. when he was instructor

One day, two friends (fellow sufferers in the … doctoral program) …, unmarried males, were begging for information. … “Come, on Leo, tell us! Is true that there is hanky-panky going on between Stephens students and professors?” …

Just at that moment, a lovely woman walked toward us. I recognized her as the wife of a friend of mine who was a fellow instructor at Stephens College. … She did a “double-take,” then she smiled in recognition as she said, “Oh, hi, Leo! I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!” My two friends … chortled in glee!”



Scientist or UFO Investigator?


p. 24 APRO

I joined APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization), headed by Jim and Coral Lorenzen of Tucson, Arizona. They asked me to serve as a consultant, together with Frank B. Salisbury, Ph.D., professor of plant physiology, and James A. Harder, professor of engineering, University of California-Berkeley.”

p. 30 Encounters with UFO Occupants

I resolved my … writing a paper about my work … . This paper appeared in the 1976 book [NY : Berkeley] by Jim and Coral Lorenzen, Encounters with UFO Occupants.”

p. 31 Lucille McNames

Frank Salisbury showed me a letter from Lucille McNames. No only did she describe her UFO experience, but she also described her psychic impressions of each panel member.

Does Dr. Salisbury walk too fast?”

Does Dr. Harder tap his pencil while he is thinking about a solution to a problem?”

Does Dr. Sprinkle enjoy his work with UFO witnesses?”

I was impressed. … .

Lucille McNames … has written two books about her “channeling” procedures, and the information which has been given through her about … “spirit communication.””

pp. 33-4 UFO Siege; Abducted!

p. 33

three Kentucky women : Louise Smith, Mona Stafford, and Elaine Thomas … saw … a large object with flashing lights that … stopped, circled, and approached their car from behind them. …

p. 34

Leonard Stringfield included … the women in his book [Garden City (NY) : Doubleday, 1977] UFO Siege. …

I wrote a paper for the IUR (International UFO Reporter) about the Kentucky abductions.

Then I wrote a paper about hypnotic procedures in UFO investigations for Jim and Coral Lorenzen in their book [NY : Berkeley, 1977] Abducted!

pp. 34-6 UFO Phenomena and the Behavioral Scientist

p. 34

E. Carl Higdon, Jr.” : “While hunting south of Rawlins, Wyoming, Carl aimed his rifle at a bull elk …, saw the bullet exit the barrel – then watched it as it stopped and fell to the ground. He went over and picked it up, then experienced his ET encounter. …

p. 35

Mr. Wantanabe, … of Japan, had traveled to Laramie, [Wyo.,] to share with me some information about his “onboard” spacecraft experiences … . … . … Mr. Wantanabe claimed that he continually receives information about the inner character of many UFO researchers. [Similarly to Lucille McNames receiving such-like information on p. 31 supra.] When I asked him if he had received information about me, he smiled and said … “Yes!

You are a salty apple!” … . … … I wondered if there was any connection with the claim of an early UFO contactee (George Hunt Williamson?) that the ETs have “seeded” many souls, and now they are returning to earth for the “harvest.””

{The allusion of the “seeding” apparently was praesumed to be to “Johnnie Appleseed”.}

p. 36

A chapter [by R.L.S.] on Carl's experience appeared in the 1979 book, UFO Phenomena and the Behavioral Scientist, by Richard Haines, Ph.D.”

Sprinkle 1979 = R. Leo Sprinkle : “Investigation of the … UFO Experience of Carl Higdon”. In :- Richard F. Haines (ed.) : UFO Phenomena and the Behavioral Scientist. Metuchen (NJ) : Scarecrow Pr. pp. 223-357.

p. 38 Phil Klass as a stud

“ “Mr. Klass, … do you think of the Antonio Boas Villas case?” (The ABV case, investigated by Dr. Olavo Fontes, a Brazilian physician … . …) At the mention of the ABV case, Phil Klass … asked, “... with a young woman, I perform sexually, not once, but twice! What would people say?” To his left, Sue Wallace inquired sweetly, “Why, Mr. Klass, are you a stud?””

p. 39 an engineer who (with friends) sighted pairs of lights in the sky

we saw two lights … as they came overhead …, there was no sound. … Just after those two … (south to north) passed overhead, two more … (right hand, west to east) came by!”

pp. 39-40 certain observers of flying saucers who do not report their own experiences

p. 39

I wondered to myself, how many UFO investigators are not reporting their own UFO experiences?”

At one conference in Esalen, California, I was told by a well-known researcher, “Leo, if I had a UFO experience, I wouldn't report it. … I don't want to lose my credibility!” …

p. 40

I began to recognize the verbal (and/or nonverbal) message of some scientists :

UFO reports are anti-science.

{Actually, such reports are merely “anti-materialist”; and belong to spiritual science. “Materialism” its itself truly “anti-science”.}

In other words, the “morality” of these scientists was offended by these “immoral” reports! … In only two disciplines, or fields of study, is it inappropriate to experience the phenomena : parapsychology and ufology!”

p. 40 astrophysicists who see flying saucers

Peter Sturrock … president of the American Astronomical Association … had conducted a survey of astronomers and found [1994] that … respondents had described anomalous aerial phenomena – … UFOs!”.

Sturrock 1994 = Peter Sturrock : “Survey of the Membership of the American Astronomical Society concerning the UFO Problem”. J OF SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION, 8:1-45, 153-95, 309-46.



Psychologist or UFO Investigator?


p. 46 mission

In 1982, I worked with more than fifty UFO “abductees” who sought hypnotherapist services with me”.

pp. 48, 56 publications by other authors about R.L.S.'s activities

p. 48

Ruth Montgomery. Her 1985 book [NY : Putnam's Sons], Aliens Among Us, contained a chapter about my activities.”

p. 56

James S. Gordon, M.D., … author of The Golden Guru … wished to watch Dr. June Parnell and me while we conducted hypnosis sessions with individual UFOers. Later [1991], he wrote an article about his … observations.”

Gordon 1991 =James S. Gordon : “The UFO Experience”. THE ATLANTIC, 268, No. 2, pp. 82-98.

p. 50 the author's bodily shiver of realization

Whenever I peceive “truth” (personal truth …; or some psychic impressions of the inner world of a client; etc.), then I experience a little shiver on my right shoulder.”

p. 51 the basic message of flying-saucer activities

In 1988, I wrote a paper titled, The Changing Message of UFO Activity : From Experimental Science to Experiential Science? This paper was presented at Colorado State University during an international conference on paranormal research, hosted by Maurice L. Albertson, Ph.D. …

After my presentation, two young reporters (a man from Ft. Collins and a woman from Denver) asked me some questions … on the policies of the U.S. government about UFO … questions. Of course, … I … responded … .

Later, their newspapers ran a short article about this “self-proclaimed” UFO contactee and his speculation that the “Star Wars” project is an attempt by the U.S. to prepare for intergalactic warfare.”

{By ignoring, and thereby defying, the existing intergalactic government, the U.S.A. would appear to be possibly setting itself up for being punished by intergalactic military forces.}

Sprinkle 1988 = In :- Albertson; Ward; Freeman (edd.) : PARANORMAL RESEARCH PROCEEDINGS, Colo St U, Fort Collins. pp. 797-815.

p. 54 IANS

I did … attend the IANS (International Association for New Science) conferences in Fort Collins. …

IANS was developed by Maury Albertson, Ph.D., and Brian O'Leary, Ph.D., with the able assistance of Robert Siblerud, D.O., and his volunteer staff.”

pp. 55-6 TREAT (Treatment and Research of Experienced Anomalous Trauma) conferences, etc.

p. 55

"I am pleased at the increasing numbers of good scientists and professional practitioners who are joining ... International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies ... (ISSSEEM); and Society for Scientific Exploration."

"The second annual TREAT conference [Laibow et al.] was held at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI), Blacksburg, Virginia. ... Dr. Helen Crawford ... had served as a former colleague of Drs. Ernest and Josephine Hilgard, as well as a student of Dr. Charles Tart. ... Ken Ring, Ph.D., ... showed similar results to those of my ... surveys : a connection of UFOEs and ESP experience. ...

p. 56

I completed the "emergence," ... David Cheek ... suggesting verbally ..., "When you open your eyes, you'll notice some moisture on your face ... ." I responded ..., "... A little Sprinkle never hurt anyone." ... David Foulkes had a better pun : "That's quite a condensation {condescension}!" ... . ... a colleague of Dr. Cheek : James S. Gordon, M.D., ... was ... author of The Golden Guru. ... Later, he wrote an article [Gordon 1991]

Laibow et al. = Rima E. Laibow, Robert N. Sollod, & John P. Wilson (edd.) : Anomalous Experiences & Trauma. (PROCEEDINGS of TREAT II.) Dobbs Ferry (NY).

Gordon 1991 = James S. Gordon : "The UFO Experience". THE ATLANTIC, 268.2:82-98.

p. 57 Linda Moulton Howe

Linda Howe … author[ess] of Alien Harvest [Huntingdon Valley (PA) : LMH Prod, 1989], and Glimpses of Other Realities [Huntingdon Valley (PA) : LMH Prod, 1993]… and I had worked together on several UFO cases, including the Judy Doraty UFO experience.”

pp. 57-8 CSETI

p. 57

Steven M. Greer “the director of CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence)” : “His proactive approach … is the next level of UFO experience : CE-V (close encounter

of the fifth kind).

p. 58

In my opinion, the protocol for CSETI field of experiences is not for the benefit of ETs; however, it may be that the sounds (chanting), lights (directing high intensity flashlights), and meditation (sending mental messages for landing instructions), are beneficial for the teams of human participants.

{Music with invocatory singing is useful in attracting possessing-spirits for West African and other spirit-possession caerimonies; so that similar means might possibly be expected to attract flying saucers. Perhaps the author would praefer to suggest solitary activities more similar to Amerindian (and Bodish) vision-quaests instead.}

several participants described their impression that our rituals may have been helpful … to allow ET observations of our attitudes, motives, and efforts to establish mutual communication.”

{Because divine beings are adept at telepathy, physical gestures are hardly necessary to establish such rapport. Rituals are useful mainly to establish a worshipful sense of piety in the human participants.}

Greer's new book [Afton (VA) : Crossing Point], Extraterrestrial Contact : Evidence and Implications, compiles his research to date [1999].”


NEW MILLENNIUM LIBRARY, Vol. VII = R. Leo Sprinkle : Soul Samples : personal explorations in reincarnation and UFO experiences. Granite Publ, Columbus (NC), 1999.