Secret Influence of the Moon, 7 




Food for the Moon

pp. 238-278


p. 238 modern-day founders of occult societies

"Joseph Smith Jr. (1804-1844),

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947),

Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891),

Rudolph Steiner (1861-1825),

Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) (1931-1990),

Chogyam Trungpa (1939-1987),

L. Ron Hubbard (1911-1986), and ...

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866?-1949)."


p. 239 Joseph Smith & Mormonism

"Mormonism began in America in 1830 with the publication of The Book of Mormon. According to its "author" {amanuensis}, Joseph Smith Jr, the text was ... "translated" under divine guidance from a set of mysterious gold plates."


pp. 239-41 Harvey Lewis & AMORC

p. 239

"the Rosicrucian Order (AMORC), as founded in New York City in 1915 by Harvey Spencer Lewis (1883-1939) ...

p. 240

to revitalize the mind and body ... went on ... by following certain Rosicrucian exercises ... to attract wealth into one's life, ...

p. 241

that ... involved special breathing exercises, the use of "sacred sounds," and a long period of visualization -- all intended to induce an altered state of consciousness."


pp. 241-7 Gurdjieff

p. 241

"Gurdjieff was a Greek-Armenian mystic, philosopher, and guru who ... living in Moscow, Russia, during the early 1900s ... later moved to France, where, at a large country estate, he established and esoteric community ... called the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man. ...

p. 242

Possessed of a strong, solid body, piercing eyes, a handlebar mustache, a shaven head {scalp}, and a feline manner of movement, his appearance was most unusual. ... Gurdjieff could be ... often downright baffling and unpredictable. ... He ... was fond of rude jokes, ... and slept with many of his attractive female students (the majority of them already married). "I myself have met a professor in an American University who told me he was one of Gurdjieff's natural sons, and by no means the only one," wrote Colin

p. 243

Wilson in The Occult. ... .  

... Gurdjieff's ... exact date of birth is ... January 13, 1866. What ... is his place of birth : the Russian-Armenian town of Alexandropol (now Gyumri). ... Gurdjieff's mother was Armenian and his father, Ioannas, Greek. ...

p. 244

Though ... Ioannas ... was a skilled and well-known ashokh, or bard, ... Ioannas raised Gurdjieff ... to get up early in the morning, splash cold water all over his body ... . ...

Gurdjieff and his family moved from Alexandropol to the mountain town of Kars in 1878, a year after Alexandropol became part of the Russian empire. ...

p. 245

Gurdjieff and the men decided to try their own table-turning experiement. After twenty minutes the table began to move on its own, tapping out the ages of each person present. ...

p. 246

Eager to experiment, Gurdjieff ended up testing what he'd heard ... . ... He also discovered that although a Yazidi is unable to escape of his own volition (due to some strange force that keeps him inside the circle) ... Stranger still, the Yazidi, once forcibly removed from the circle, will fall into a state of catalepsy; when brought back inside the circle, the effect is instantly reversed. ...

In 1883, at the age of only seventeen, Gurdjieff left home and moved to Tiflis {Tbilisi}, the capital of Russian Georgia {Qartwel}. ... At one point he undertook a pilgrimage to the Armenian holy city of Echmiadzin. ...

p. 247

In addition to Meetings, which was published in 1963, more than a decade after his death, Gurdjieff wrote two other main books : Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson (1950) and the (never completed) Life is Real Only Then, When "I AM" {cf. "I am that [which] I am"} (1974). Taken together they form a trilogy called All and Everything."


pp. 252-4 Ouspensky

p. 252

"Also in 1912, Gurdjieff read a book called Tertium Organum by an esoteric philosopher and journalist named P. D. Ouspensky, a resident of St. Petersburg. Ouspensky's book ... deals with such topics as theosophy, cosmic consciousness, mystical states ... . ...

p. 253

In addition to Tertium Organum, Ouspensky penned a number of other highly regarded books, among them A New Model of the

p. 254

Universe (1931), a semi-autobiographical novel called The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin (1947), and the posthumously published In Search of the Miraculous (1949). The last ... is a detailed account ... of talks given by Gurdjieff to his students -- talks that ... Ouspensky managed to commit {allegedly} to memory and years later put down on paper. ...


But ... the words belong to Ouspensky."

{By apocryphally ascribing these speculations of his own to Gurdjieff instead, Ouspensky managed to obtained a wider readership for them.}


pp. 257-9 Gurdjieff's alleged doctrine (not found as such in his own writings, but as apocryphally ascribed to him in Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous) concerning the Moon {which may be that of S`iva, situated immediately over sahasra-ara cakra} and the Ray-of-Creation {which may be the flame ignited at sahasra-ara cakra in order to flare upwards to the moon of S`iva, in the success of Kun.d.alini Yoga}

p. 257

Gurdjieff placed the moon at the very bottom of a diagram he called the “ray of creation.” This diagram  …

{Is this a repraesentation of success in Kun.d.alini Yoga by an adept suspended upside-down? [written 25 Nov 2018]}


consistsof…seven “worlds,” … each representing a single note (or tone) in the great

{Is this the surat s`abda (‘current-of-sound’), stated in Radha Swami litterature to exist only beyond sahasra-ara cakra?}

p. 258

descending octave of the universe. …


Through a process of division, the Absolute gives rise to the next world in the chain, All Worlds. All Worlds …,


because it is governed by three laws, … is designated by the number three. At this point a mechanical element makes its appearance … . …

{Is this the world known to Radha Swami as Tri-kut.i (‘triple-pinnacled’)? This name could be applied to Lanka; for, “Lanka is the city built on” mt Trikut.a (PE, q.v.). Lankapika is the herb methi, employed (because mucilaginous) for massage, such as by “Asclepiades, physician and originator of massage” (“AH--FM”) -- which is a mechanical action on the body.}


Next in the chain is All Suns (number six) … and, lastly,


Moon (ninety-six). {“Ninety-six angels accompany … on … daily journey” (LB, p. 12).} {In <arabic (i.e., modern European) numerals, the “9” and the “6” resemble one another when inverted (upside-down).} …

{“Moon” is the 7th link in Gurdjieff’s “chain”; and the Chinese written character for number “7” is, when inverted, identical with the <arabic (i.e., modern European) numeral 7 (with a horizontal stroke through it, in continental style).}

p. 259

 As shown …, the world in which we live, Earth … operates under forty-eight laws.

{These “laws” may be the 48 koan-s (‘documents’) of the Mumonkan (“A48KC”).}

“AH--FM” = “Ayurvedic Herbs -- Fenugreek/Methi”. 

Chinese (Mandarin)/Numbers”. 

“A48KC” = Comments On The Mumonkan : All 48 Koans With Commentaries". 



pp. 268-72 Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson by Gurdjieff


“over a thousand pages in length, and replete with invented words”.

{These “invented words” must surely be compounds of ordinary Armenian and/or Qartwelian words.}

p. 268

“The story’s protagonist is Beelzebub … . {‘Beelzebub’ (= ‘Lord of Flies’), in  Latin Vulgate; Greek MSS have Beelzebul , which is the more reliable spelling. It is a corruption of ‘Baal-Zebul’” (ODB, s.v. “Beelzebul”).}  …

{This name is, more correctly, \Ba<al-zbuwl\ (‘Owner of the Residence’).} {Strong’s 2073 \zbuwl\ ‘residence, dwelling, habitation’} {According to Talmud b.Hagigah 12b (“7HS”), \Zbuwl\ is the name of the “Fourth Heaven”.}


At beginning of the book we find Beelzebub, accompanied by his grandson H{.}usein and his personal assistant Ahoon, board the spaceship Karnak. The ship is on a course from Beelzebub's home planet, Karatas, to the planet Revozvradendr, located in another solar system. During the long journey, Beelzebub uses the time to teach young H{.}usein … . The book consists of long … talks by Beelzebub … . Some of the topics include … hypnosis, objective art …, sexual hygiene … . …


As related in Beelzebub's Tales, the collision between the Earth and Kondoor {CONDOR-bird?} was so huge that two large fragments broke off the Earth. The larger fragment,


Loonderperzo {LOON-bird?}, became what we know as the Moon {Latin \luna\}.

{[Wintun] Their first child … They named … T.alimleluheres … and put him away rolled up in a bear hide. (“LWM”, p. 103) -- He was embraced by his sistre (“LWM”, p. 104). --  His “heart popped off” (“LWM”, p. 105), but was resuscitated (“LWM”, p. 106). She became a diving wukwuk ‘loon’ (“LWM”, p. 107).} {[Mewan/Miwok] Wekwek (Loon Man) “saw his sister without clothes.” (DWM&WT, p. 193)  She is “old and naked” (DWM&WT, p. 192). -- [Pomo] Loon Woman weareth a necklace of hearts (YT“LW”).}

{The tendons of Zeus were inserted into a bear-hide  (GM @36.b). He was put by his sistre Hera into her bosom (GM @12.a).} {Zagreus’s heart was rescued and became immortal (GM @30.b).} {Goddess Coatl-icue (‘snake skirt’ : clad only in live snakes) is “an aging warrior woman” who “wears a necklace of hands and hearts” (MMGuG, s.v. “Coatlicue”, p. 151).}


The smaller fragment, Anulios, {The Classical Latin word for ‘ring’ is \ANULus\ (not \annulus\), so that the ring-throated mallard duck may be thus indicated.}

 {[Pomo] “Thunder-man tied both of the mallard ducks with hairs from his head; he wished them for his wives” (“CCINCC”, p. 487); similarly as Loon Woman [Yana] “wanted a husband whose hair was as long as her own. ” (YT“LW”)}


the inhabitants of the former civilization of Atlantis knew of the existence of … . …

But … did humans know that the purpose of their existence was


to transmit “sacred vibrations” (also called “askokin”)  {praesumably mediated through mother-ships into the hold whereof scow-saucers are squeezed, directed by a bright ray for navigation}

{Located at Asheville, NC, and at Okifinokee swamp (along with lake Okichobee), FL, these stimulations of lacustrine herbs are explicated by, located on lake Askanios, the city Nikaia of warrioress-goddess Nike 'victory' (cognate with Skt \nis`a\ 'a vision [verb \nis`\ 'to meditate']; turmeric’) and by Augeias ‘bright ray’ (GM, vol. 2, p. 383b) the son of (GM @127.a) Naupiadame (\nau-\ ‘ship’ + \piazein\ ‘to squeeze’ < *\piwady-\ + Latin \amica\ ‘female friend’).} {Nau-PI[W]Adame = PIVAra (‘Asparagus racemosus’), daughter of (KSS -- S-ED, s.v. “pivara”) Huhu, a lake-residing (Bhagavata Upa-puran.a 8 -- PE, s.v. “Indradyumna I.2)”, p. 328 ) crocodile.}


to the Moon and Anulios as a means of nourishment … . …


Presumably by means of genetic alteration, this organ was made to grow … at the root of the tail, which human then possessed. …

{Such “humans” may have been the deinosaurs : “The differences … were in the bones that made up the base of the tail. … A number of chevrons … are a sign of sex differences.” (“PUTBTM&FDA”)}


The beings who inhabit Mars are described as possessing long broad trunks, “enormous protruding and shining eyes,” small, clawed feet, and large wings. … They can also fly long distances, every beyond the atmosphere of their planet.

As for the beings that dwell on Saturn, these are described as birdlike, with an appearanace similartothat of a falcon. …


The inhabitants of the Moon … have “very frail” bodies {could this frailness indicate that they are of foetus-nature?} and look like large ants. …

{[Amawaka] The 2 foetus-sons of an incestuous sibling-couple induce their mother to seek out her brother-spouse; when she hath located him (by being guided by her 2 sons, who temporarily leave out of her womb in the guise of 2 emmets), it is discovered that he (their father) is the Moon (“SMAV”).}


Forever busy, they managed to “tunnel” the entire Moon … . … But there are also periods of fine weather on the Moon, during


which the whole planet is in blossom,” and the Moon beings have more food than is needed. …


From where did Gudjieff acquire the idea of a hollow, tunneled Moon inhabited by antlike entities? 

{There were red ants on the Moon Trail.” (“ISRACh”)} {When the man ran down the creek, the woman's body followed him, while the head started after the children, rolling along the ground. ” (BS&MM, p. 45) -- “The chief of the ants called out all his people, and they went to work boring in the mountains.  This tunnel is still to be seen, and the rocks about it all bored and honeycombed by the ants. ” (BS&MM, p. 46) -- “The woman's body chased the father down the stream, and is still following him. The body of the woman is the moon, and the father is the sun.” (BS&MM, p. 47)}

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