Secret Influence of the Moon, 6 




The Moon Matrix

pp. 183-237


pp. 223-5 in Zulu lore : anthropoid Reptilians transporting the Moon

p. 223

"the Moon is not only a hollow object but also the home of the Chitauri, which means "children of the serpent" or "children of the python." {According to Neo-Platonic psychology, after a person's death, that person's psukhe remaineth residing (SHHA, p. 483, n. 8) in the moon's atmosphaire or in the moon's interior during the time-interval betwixt redincarnations; whereas in African tribal lore there is ("SAB&C", p. 660) "Reincarnation in snakes. Of gods and demons. Of kings and chiefs. Of commoners, including women and children."}

{In lore of Khoe-speaking Namibian tribesfolk ("ShRS", p. 223), also of Niger-Congo-speaking African tribes ("DH--RS", citing R:GM&D, p. 306), also of Australian aboriginal tribes (W"Rainbow Serpent"), and also of South AmerIndian tribes ("R-S&BP") there is a mythic rainbow-python : the "dark red or orange" Epicrates cenchria, "The rainbow boa gets its name from the highly iridescent nature of the outer layer of its scales" (S&OR&A, "Snakes", 43; cf. "RBF&P"). The iridescent pearl is likewise regarded as belonging to the moon in Hindu lore : ("TMPL") "dewdrops fell from the moon into the sea, turned into pearls, and Krishna picked one out of the water as a gift for his daughter on her wedding day."}

p. 224

"the Chitauri are a race of scaly reptilian beings of extraterrestrial origin, who, possessed of an extremely advanced technology, came to Earth in the distant past ... . ... They also interbred with humans, giving rise to a race of reptilian-human hybrids. Members of these "royal bloodlines" were appointed by the Chitauri to rule over humanity, assuming positions of kingship and such.  ... the Moon ... was brought here "hundreds of generations ago" by Chitauri leaders Wowane and Mpanku. The two were brothers and had "scaly skin like a fish."


Having stolen the egglike moon from the "Great Fire Dragon," Wowane and Mpanku emptied it of its yoke {sic! : read "yolk"}, rendering it hollow.

"The orb of the Moon appeared ... . ... It appeared .... as if the mundane egg were a crystal-vase filled with pearls, and the Moon the cover for it." ("ChPL", p. 131)}


Next, they "rolled the Moon across the sky to the Earth."" (Icke 2010, p. 310)

p. 225

"Obviously, by describing the Moon as a giant egg whose yoke {sic! : read "yolk"} was removed, the Zulus may as well be saying the Moon is ... hollowed-out ... ." {A Finnish cosmogonic myth in the Kalevala relates that from ... an egg which fell into the primeval waters were formed ..., ... from the white {i.e., albumen of that egg, after its yolk was removed} the moon." (ER&E, s.v. "Light and Darkness (Primitive)" -- "1. Primordial Darkness", p. 48a)}

{"In an Ozark version of this story, a girl boils an egg and then removes the yolk, filling the empty space with salt. At bedtime, she eats the salted egg, and then she will dream about a man bringing her a pail of water to quench her thirst." ("EM&F")} {Quite likely, this girl and man are, respectively, intended to be acting the parts of Jill and Jack, who "went up the hill to fetch a pail of water" : in the Eddic (Old Icelandic) source of this myth, "Jill" is named Bil (waning phase of Moon) and "Jack" is named Hju`ki (waxing phase of Moon). The salt is an allusion to that produced by the mill of Hamlet (whose name is derived from Eddic \Amlo`di\, \Amleth\ in the Historia Danorum by Saxo Grammaticus) : this mill is responsible for the saline nature of the ocean-sea, which is, of course, influenced by tides caused by the Moon.}

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{"Rainbow Boas ... Can be found inside leafcutter ants colonies." ("YW--SY") In the dream by Aiakos, "he saw a shower of ants falling to the ground from the sacred oak" (GM 66.e) : those emmets were likely on that tree in order to cut its leaves, on that isle Oinone, where Hera (in an action reminiscent of the riparian habitat of a water-boa) "introduced a serpent into one of its streams" (GM 66.c). [W]Oinone 'wine-queen' might be a patroness of bubbly champagne wine; for, the behaviour of a shaken bottle of champagne, when opened, is epitomized in the archaic English word \WALM\ "to well up (as water) : gush forth", in Middle English meaning "bubbling of water" ("H&E:walm") : which, how-be-it, is cognate with Skt \VALMa\ 'emmet'.}

"YW--SY" = "Snakes of the Yasuni". 

"H&E:walm" = "History and Etymology for walm". 


p. 226 royal dynasties descended from a man and a nagini (dragoness)

"the dynasties of Manipur in northeastern Asia {read "in northeastern India"}, the Pallava[-]s in southern India, and the ruling family of Funan (ancient Indochina {specifically, Kambhoja}) traced their origin to the union of a human being and a nagi." (quoted from Encyclopaedia Britannica, s.v. "Naga")

{Cf. the "Hopi story of Tiyo (Hopkins 2012), a youth who in the distant past traveled far to the south ... returning to Hopi with ritual knowledge of the snake dance and a Snake Maiden wife. The snake dance is an important rain-making ceremony ... of the Rattlesnake Clan." ("MISM&GK", p. 104a)}

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Hopkins 2012 = Maren P. Hopkins : A Storied Land : Tiyo and the Epic Journey Down the Colorado River. M.A thesis, Univ of AZ.


p. 229 "reptilian brain" as portion of human brain

"The reptilian brain is made up of the brain stem (which itself consists of the medulla oblongata, the midbrain and the pons) and the cerebellum. It is essential to our very survival, controlling such vital processes as swallowing, breathing, respiration, heart rate, digestion, movement, and balance."

{"Reptilian brains didn't make it past this developmental point. In humans, this part of the brain is notable for engaging in pattern matching, automatically benchmarking current experience against previous encounters. This ability allows us to orient and gauge levels of safety and comfort." (EWH&M, p. 17)}

EWH&M = Dan Hill : Emotionomics : Winning Hearts and Minds. Adams Business and Professional (an imprint of Beaver's Pond Group), Edina (MN), 2007.


{The portions of the brain "controlling such vital processes" had to be praesent, of course, in Chordata orders (such as, Amphibia and Pisces) hundreds of millions of years before the origin of Reptilia. Is is a misnomer to label this portion of the brain "reptilian". The author, L.P., is, apparently, poorly informed as concerning evolution of the biological species.}


pp. 230-3 reptilian-hybrid dynasties

p. 230

"Icke uses the term "reptilian hybrid" to refer to ... members of the British royal family (who belong to the House of Windsor, formerly known as the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) ... . ...

{This intermarried combination of dynasties of Thuringian counties, hath arrogated unto itself dragon-progeny Merlin's favored Red Dragon, which is more proprely restricted to the flag of the state of Cymru.}


For ..., the reptilians are indigenous to the Fourth Density, which exists within a different vibrational frequency range from our world, which is the Third Density ... . ...

{Thus : 1st Density is that of the Heavens of the Brahma deities; the 2nd Density, that of Loka-s above Bhur-loka; the 3rd Density, of Bhur-loka; the 4th, of the Tala-s.}

p. 231

Icke says the reptilians have the technological capability {in applying "the measure of a man" (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 21:17) to the 12 "foundations" (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 21:19) [these being aspects of spiyrah Ysowd (Strong's 3247)] which underlie the city-wall of "holy city ... coming down [more accurately translated, "stepping down"] ... out of Heaven" (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 21:2) thence (as though from a disembarkment-platform of a vimana), of the "bride" (a goddess) who is s^kiynah Mtrowniyt the Queen of Heaven.} to manifest in our density, but only to a very limited extent. ...

{"Be ye wise [i.e., deviously crafty] as serpents" (Matthaios 10:16). This "reptilian" (i.e., 6-winged S`arap, "lifted up" : Eu-angelion kata Ioannes 3:14) technology is, of course, not constructed from anything in the material universe, but instead, apparently, from the gemmy substances in the 7 Tala-s, the Naga-dominated praeternatural planes-of-existence which underlie Bhur-loka (the world wherein most of the events -- centred around Dru-pada's daughter queen Drau-padi [who would seem to have displaced Dru-ops's daughter Dru-ope] -- recorded in the Maha-bharata transpire).}


This is accomplished, says Icke, using [Icke 2010, p. 286] "interdimensional craft" and " interdimensional gateways, ... through energetic manipulation ... ."

{It is relatively facile to visit planes-of-existence higher than one's own : thus, we ourselves can readily visit the dream-world, which is higher than the material world.}

p. 232

These "gateways," or "portals," can be accessed within secret underground bases on Earth, wherein dwell colonies of reptilians who [Icke 2010, p. 287],

{None of these, of course, would be in the Material Plane-of-Existence, nor directly detectible by material-body-ensconced entities abiding in the Material Plane-of-Existence.}

p. 233

... "... vibrate ... to their frequency range." ...


Icke refers to the Moon as "the center of reptilian operations" on Earth and says [Icke 2010, p. 316] their spacecraft are "constantly to-ing and fro-ing between the Moon and underground facilities and bases on Earth." He elaborates :

[quoted] ... They can then travel in spacecraft or be teleported, still cocooned from the Third Density vibrational field, to underground locations within the Earth that give them protection from Third Density consequences ... ."

Eu-angelion kata Matthaios 10:16 Cf. Max Heindel & Augusta Foss Heindel : The Message of the Stars : An Esoteric Exposition ... . 3rd edn. Rosicrucian Fellowship, Oceanside, Calif.; London : L. N. Fowler & Co, 1918. p. 21. 


Eu-angelion kata Ioannes 3:14 This is the emblem of the Order of St Francis, and is depicted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Dan Mercur : Crucified with Christ : ... the Medieval Invention of Psychotherapy. State Univ of NY Pr, Albany, 2007. 

p. 61 "Francis of Assisi (1181/82--1228), founder of the Franciscan order, was praying on Mount La Verna in 1224 when he envisioned a crucified Seraph and received the stigmata ... ."

p. 62 "while Francis was praying on the mountainside, he saw a Seraph {i.e., monstrous Dragon} with six fiery and shining wings descend from the height of heaven. ... Two of the wings were lifted above his head, two were extended for flight and two covered his whole body."


{The Christian Eu-charist is a deification of Most Holy Blood of the S`arap crucified upon the Holy Rood; co-ordinate with that Holy Blood (according to Publius Ovidius Naso : Metamorphoses 9.331 sq -- DCM, s.v. "Dryope", p. 142b) of shrub-goddess Lotis (DCM, q.v. : she is also "loved by" Priapos -- DCM, q.v. : he being a divine orchard-keeper --) she being , Lotis thus becoming a red-blossoming shrub) bled by the tree-blossom (for, this is a source of the blossoming Rosy Cross venerated by Rosi-Crucians) culling by Druope : for, Druope's husband [*\Anro-SAIMon\ >] Andr[o-h]aimon 'man-of-blood' (Antonius Liberalis : Metamorphoses 32 -- DCM, s.v. "Dryope", p. 142a-b) would appear to be aequivalent to Adhi-SIMa Kr.s.n.a "(great-grand-son Janamejaya)" (ShKPh&SP). Aja-pars`va ('unborn rib') is son of Yadavi-and-S`veta-karn.a ('white ear'), who is son of Satya-karn.a ('truth-ear'), who is son of Candra-apid.a ('glow-producing squeeze/compression'), who is son of Janam-ejaya 'nation-agitating' (MBh, "Bhavis.ya Parvan" 1 -- PE, s.v. "Janamejaya I.8)"). Janam-ejaya's son S`at.anika's (though S`AT.AN in the Book of <iyowb is more likely "S`AT.ANika IV.") son As`va-Megha-datta 'horse-cloud gift' (MBh, "Adi Parvan" 96:88 -- PE, s.v. "S`AT.ANika III.") may refer the variety of guises (cf. Skt \s`ata-anika\ "having a hundred forms of array") which "shaped a cloud" (GM @63.b), perhaps in the context of hamadryad Sagaritis (DCM, q.v.; cf. Latin \sanguinitis\ 'blood-ailment'), judging from the circumstance that when Janam-ejaya's son S`at.anika's other son Sahasra-anika ('having a thousand forms of array')'s wife "Mr.gavati began to dip and splash in the pond of blood" (KSS, "Lavan.aka Lambaka" -- PE, s.v. "Udayana 2)", p. 801b), "an eagle took her from the pond and flew away" : thus seemingly identifying her with the goddess carried off by Zun~i divine bird Knife-wing to the moon ("K-W&OM-EB"), thereat being ("MISM&GK", p. 101b) "one rabbit accompanied by Knife-wing." Rabbit is in the Moon (CBM, p. 33), just as flint-knife (= Aztec divine Eagle's feather) is in the Moon (CBM, p. 18, upper registre). With this goddess, compare Kambuja moon-princess Soma (a piratess "who came in a boat to plunder" : "KPTh&NS", p. 339) -- whose father naga-king father "swallowed the water and so dried up the land" (AGu"KhM") when he married her to Kaun.d.inya (cf. how Kaun.d.inya himself "dried up" a flood : Padma Puran.a "Uttara Khan.d.a" 145 -- PE, s.v. "Kaun.d.inya III."). "The city of Bhavapura is said to be be the place where Kaun.d.inya planted a javelin that he had received from As`vatthaman, son of Dron.a (st[ele] XVI)." ("KPTh&NS", p. 341) Because the goddess who is wife of god Bhava is named \BHAVANi\, therefore etymological cognates would include the BON religion originating in rTa-gzigs (Tajikistan), and the name \Faunus\ (< *\BHAUNo-\) of the god-husband (according to Publius Vergilius Maro : Aeneis 10.550 sq -- DCM, s.v. "Dryope", p. 142b) of nymph Dru-ope.}

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AGu"KhM" = "Khmer Mythology". 


p. 233 what is the intelligible source of conscious sense-perception?

"Our five senses pick up vibrational (waveform) information and decode this into electrical impulses, which are sent to the brain. These electrical impulses are processed by the brain to construct the "world" we experience as solid and external. Thus, everything we taste, hear, touch, see, and smell is really an experience in the brain. Icke sums this up by saying that the "world" exists only as an illusion ... ." {The only brain having any effect on our experience is the aitheric brain of our aitheric body; the material brain being only a fake decoy, simulated so as to distract extraneous entities irrelevant to us, so that we are not misled. [written 9 Oct 2018]}

{The occult understanding is that the material brain itself is the source of the basic illusion. Our consciousness, which is based in the aitheric plane, cannot "pick up" anything from the from the material universe, which is in its entirety (including the material brain) a mere illusion divinely generated by the vast concourses of deities interco-operating in order to accomplish this universewide feat. Instead of from illusory material plane, we, as aithereal entities ensconced in illusory material bodies, must receive all sensory reception from the divine intertelepathic network, in the qualities and quantities allowed to us. [written 9 Oct 2018]}



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