Praepare for the Landings!, 9





p. 175 stargate

"when Volunteers or Star Persons come to Earth on their individual and/or collective mission(s), they have come from the future into our present timeline. ... in order to come down to Earth one must travel through a time-space portal (i.e. stargate or wormhole) from a Higher vibrational level to this lower vibrational level of (past) existence."

p. 176 two recommended books

"the very Essence of Divine Creation merged into and through all of us ... parallel to the experiences conveyed in two other books, Norman Paulsen shares a similar experience in his fascinating book ... (... titled Return of the Ancients), as does D. J. J. Hurtek [sic; "Hurtak" on p. 225] in YAEH : The Book of Knowledge".

Norman Paulsen : Sunburst : Return of the Ancients : an autobiography. Goleta, CA : Sunburst Farms Publ. Co., 1980.

J J Hurtak : The Book of Knowledge. Los Gatos, Calif. : Academy for Future Science, 1977. &

pp. 181-2, 219 a spaceman is beamed down in order to denounce the U.S. governmental "ET Ruling"


"impromptu lecture"


"I suddenly felt a familiar sensation. The sensation was what happens when I am about to receive a telepathic message (channeling) ... strongly "Overshadowed" (when a specific type of energy-consciousness beam from a Merkabah’s consciousness computer is placed over me). I began to speak in a ... powerful voice, and a small crowd gathered to hear what I was being Guided to share. Within a few minutes, ... I observed this Higher Galactic being ... dressed in a silver-blue jumpsuit aboard a lightship. I knew that he had been sent by the Galactic Tribunal Council aboard the Merkabah ... . The powerful beam that was prompting


me to do this presentation was coming from this Lightship. I also had a vision this spaceman being beamed down from the ship and I knew for sure that he was coming here to confirm to me what was coming up in the future. Although I wanted to approach him ..., the energy beam that was influencing me made it impossible ... . When he walked up toward me, ... I noticed with my inner-sight, the huge. brilliant golden-colored auric field that surrounded him. ... Then, he telepathically communicated with me : "Michael, ... I am from the Galactic Council and I was sent here to give you this final confirmation of the upcoming ... Divine Intervention." ... He sent me a "compressed" mental message, along with very colorful "holographic-3-D" mental images of the upcoming events. Part of the message that he gave me was that I would be meeting others who were receiving the same information ... . (In fact, later one, I did hear from other channels and contactees who received basically the same information that I did). During his telepathic transfer of information, he made reference to ... "legislation" that had passed that would classify those of us who were in contact with the Space Brothers as criminals. ... .


... in 1982 ... government officials reinstated the "ET Ruling" that Congress had originally passed into law in 1969 (unbeknownst to the general public). This law states that anyone having contact with extraterrestrials will be taken by armed-guards and quarantined for an indefinite period of time, and that not even a court hearing can overturn it".


"The ET, after transmitting all this compressed information, then turned away, walked off, and disappeared – as I continued to give my impromptu little lecture for a few minutes more."

pp. 189-92 Spiritual Ascension, of Volunteers, in the Secret Wave, to the Mother Ships


Spiritual Ascension


"People ... will see themselves being transformed ...; they will literally watch as rainbow-colored ray, frequencies, and harmonics pass through their bodies. ... In these wonderfully uplifting telepathic visions from the Being, I saw this same scene repeated (simultaneously) on the hundreds of Mother Ships high above the planet, where those of us (who were taken up suddenly) ... soon emerged ... as "perfect" as possible. ...


Further information was given that some people will receive telepathic messages only moments before the Secret Wave ... occurs. ... "No one knows the exact hour or day" (Cosmically top secret). ... . ... it will happen "in a twinkling of an eye." ...


There may be many cases of Volunteers who spiritually desire to "Graduate" and make their Spiritual Ascension ... . However, ... "the soul is willing, but the body is not." In order for them to be able to take ... this Spiritual Ascension, they will have to spend time in one of the numerous Rainbow bubble (sanctuary-refuge) cities ... . ... This course will ... raise


their lower life-force (chi) energy to ... be capable of being taken aboard the Merkabah. ... There is an "automatic" harmonic sequence ... according to their levels of intensity of responsibilities and the "authority" bestrode upon them as leaders amongst those who are taken aboard (this denotes a certain level of "required consciousness" and vibrational-frequency-harmonics). ... the first one million souls will be part of this "automatic sequence" (versus the other souls who will be taken up in later waves) ... . ... When the Word from On High is given the "go ahead" with the Divine plan (a Cosmic green light), it will be as if a "giant magnet" draws the souls upward who are in alignment (attuned) with the magnet ... and so it will continue, likewise, for the following waves afterwards."

pp. 193-4 how to flee the vicious plot being conspired by the Republican Party and its cohorts to send the entire population into deadly concentration-camps

p. 193

"The cabal has had a plan referred to as "Rex 84" (which includes FEMA) that allows martial law to be declared and the U.S. Constitution to be suspended, if any type of large-scale state of national emergency is declared (like another "9-11" type "false-flag" evcnt). Of course, George W. Bush, during his tenure as President, "suspended" the Constitution in various ways, including many of the Executive Orders that he wrote following "9-11." ... As a result, many thousands {many millions} of people might end up in one of the 800 government "detention

p. 194

facilities" (concentration camps) that have been built across the U.S. Much of this information has been confirmed to me by ... courageous patriots ... . According to recent reputable sources, there have been numerous "military training exercises" ... all over the country that involve mercenaries from many foreign countries that are a part of Blackwater. This has been done in preparation for the upcoming ... covertly planned ... so-called "state of national emergency." Part of their plan is to conduct "house to house searches and seizure," which could be instigated under the numerous "directives" of FEMA that allows these mercenaries to march right in and take over as many places as they want to. If these "emergency plans" of FEMA and Rex-84 are out into motion, Blackwater mercenaries plan to round up large numbers of the population (totally against their will and constitutional rights) for transport and processing. ...


In the very clear telepathic transfer of information that I received, ... It was pointed out that if not for Divine Intervention and the Waves of Evacuation, most of the Volunteers would either be killed or arrested as "criminals" under the "ET Ruling" and thrown into these concentration camps. But ... because of the Secret Wave, the Confederation and Spiritual Hierarchy would be "one step ahead," of these ... . Also, the Light Workers (who are picked up in the Secret Wave) will receive "special training and conditioning" aboard the Lightships ... as "Planetary Liberation Reconnaissance Teams," totally prepared to handle ... the cabal".

p. 195 estimates of the numbers of Volunteers who will flee in successive Waves from Earth, during the Evacuation, thus escaping from a world controlled by the Republican-Party conspiracy

"In 1981, when I connected with the ET at Squaw Peak Park, I was initially informed that there would be about 500,000 Volunteers who would be taken up on the Starships ... .

In more recent years, I have been informed that the original amount of people has been increased to about 1,000,000 ... .

I was also told that the first major Wave will consist of between two and three million Volunteers, based on the next level of responsibilities ... .

In more recent years, I was also informed that this number had increased to between four and five million Volunteers.

For the second major Wave, I was informed that this will include the rest of the Volunteers who have been in Earth embodiment or approximately sixteen to seventeen percent of the world’s total population.

(This amount has been updated from the 10 to 11 percent which was the original percentage in the early 1980s. ...)"

pp. 195-6 the Volunteers are released from the Wheel of Metempsychosis

p. 195

"During this final Waves is when the Lord ... (Sananda) officially arrives on the scene. ... He will come down from aboard His great Merkabah Lightship ... to make sure that all souls who truly want to be free of their ...

p. 196

negative karma ... and who have accepted the Cosmic Law will be "saved". ... "He will gather his ‘Elect’ from the four winds." To put it another way, these laggards will elect to get off the Wheel of Karma and choose of their own free will ... to end their needless suffering. So, now that help has arrived "in mass" {en masse} and the "hand of Intergalactic friendship" has been extended, they will choose to be rescued and will be taken up "in the twinkling of an eye.""

pp. 196-7 activities for Returning Volunteers, aboard the Merkabah




"After individuals arrive aboard the mother ship ...


they will experience total ... rejuvenation ... .

{This is a Taoist expectation.}


Then, they will receive ... either golden-colored robes or jumpsuits to wear ... .


... Next, they will have the wonderful opportunity of reunited with their Cosmic Relatives, as well as the Cosmic Extended Family, that they had not seen since taking Earth embodiment. ... all of the Volunteers who have been separated from their "Cosmic Other-Half’s" (Twin Soul Mates) since taking embodiment on this planet will be reunited during these series of Waves ... . ... When we are reunited, during this Cosmic "Welcome Home" party, we will be serenaded with the harmonious "Celestial Music of the Spheres," ... as with the analogy of ... returning ... . In this case, it is the "Special Forces of the Confederation" (Secret Agents ...) returning from our Missions for the Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy in the great Spiritual-Consciousness ... . ... .

... Cosmic Relatives, and ... Divine Couples ... may observe the Earth below ..., while sitting in one of many ... Light Clubs ... so that as one drinks the different types of "nectar of the gods," one’s vibes will be spiritually uplifted!"

pp. 198-9 Returning Volunteers enter Agartha; they depart to be amongst the stars

p. 198

"There will be several sacred "Cosmic ... Celebrations" ... . The first one of these will be held (while within the Earth’s interior) at the golden-crystal-domed ... temple in Shamballah {S`ambhala} (the Capital City of Agartha, also known as

p. 199

Arianni ...). These ceremonies ... will also serve as Spiritual Initiations ... . Then, they will ... there in Shamballah and in other prominent Inner-Earth Rainbow crystal cities ... be guests in the homes (crystal palaces) of many dignitaries of this Inner Earth .. . ...

After a few days ..., the Divine Couples will return back, briefly, to the Mother Ships above the Earth. After which, they will depart for their individual "Cosmic homes amongst the stars"".

p. 199 resurrection-bodies acquired in the Rapture; their mergence with the material

"While we were on Earth, our

"Immortal Light Higher-density etheric-physical" bodies

{The compound term "etheric-physical" is employed to denote that the aitheric-body is (during aitheric-projection) capable of affecting the material world (by moving material objects, etc.).}

were placed in a type of "Cosmic Suspended Animation."

{Such subtle bodies are, however, also, of course, temporarily taken out of "Suspended Animation" whenever they are needed for use by astral-projectors.}

During our time aboard the starships, we will be using this more advanced body that is capable of living forever and never aging. ...

Once we return back to Earth ..., we will place those bodies (again) in that Suspended Animation where they will remain ... until the end of the Tribulation ... . At that time,

our Earth bodies and these Light bodies will be merged together (molecularly/cellularly) ... . ...

{Ordinary dreams entail being in dream-bodies, which seem to be sort of merged astral-cum-material substances.}

We will be considered very unique in all the Intergalactic realms".

{Ordinary dream-bodies which we are in during dreams are actually not "very unique" : even animals have them.}

{That dream-bodies are intermediary between material-bodies and aitheric/astral bodies is indicated by the fact that, after making the transition (by falling asleep) from being in a material body to being in a dream-body, out of the dream-body an aitheric/astral body can further be emanated.}

p. 202 the Republican Party’s false-flag inside-job

"historical scholars see an ominous parallel between Nazi Germany and the most recent {Bush} U.S. administrations. That parallel is due to

the burning down of the Reichstag Parliament Building {actually, it suffered only slight fire-damage} that was officially blamed on "communist terrorists" and

the false-flag inside-job of 911 was officially blamed on "Middle-Eastern terrorists."

Another parallel is that Hitler forced the "Enabling Act" and other ... (unconstitutional) laws upon the German population and

Bush has forced the "Homeland Security Act" ... upon American citizens."

p. 204 the Republican Party’s plot for a instigating a projected fake national emergency

"This plan by "Big Brother" {the Republican-Party-dominated U.S. government} would be used to create F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real!!!) and

to convince everyone to allow themselves to be taken to one of the "electronically-secure detention facilities" (concentration camps) that the cabal has already prepared that the cabal has prepared just for this".

{During the 2nd World War, the Jews were easily convinced to themselves go down (under their own volition) to the Gestapo railroad-train-stations to be loaded into railroad-freight-cars to be sent to deadly concentration-camps.}

pp. 216-8 rescue (goal-break) from the Republican Party’s concentration-camps and P.O.W.-camps

p. 216

The ET Higher Beings "explained to me that these ... "Reconnaissance Vehicles" (Planetary Liberation Vehicles) that the Being at Squaw Peak Park had showed {shown} to me ... are .. Cosmic planetary liberation vehicles ... the Returning Volunteers will use ... to help rescue as many souls as possible from the "P.O.W. Camps of Earth" (if they have been activated)."

p. 217

"If needed, these Liberation Teams with obvious Sovereignty powerfully, advanced-technological capabilities (far more than their captors have) will show up at these "POW camps." The enemy {viz., Republican Party} forces will not even be aware of these Liberation Teams as they approach for their vehicles will be powered for invisibility. Then, when the rescuers arrive, they will burst ... through the walls of the concentration camps and, then, physically (temporarily) paralyze the guards. ... the captives ... will quickly step forward and accept ... SALVATION from the hands of the cabal, Then, we will instantaneously ... welcome them aboard the PLVs to be transported to the nearest domed city. Once they arrive at the Sanctuary, ...

p. 218

they will raise their vibrations ... and, ultimately be able to Spiritually Ascend."

pp. 218, 220 final victory over the Republican Party

p. 218

"As a result of our actions to liberate those in the concentration camps, the cabal ... would determine that we must be eliminated at all costs. But, very soon thereafter, "True Justice" will be served!"

p. 220

"Fortunately, this "reign of terror" by the dark forces (cabal) will soon be over! ... Then, "A New Heaven and A New Earth" will manifest ... and the Golden Age of Peace will manifest upon ... the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds."

p. 221 the revenant ghost of a dead prophetess

David Sereda "stated that he had never (consciously) heard of Tuella until one night in 2007 when he had a very vivid "dream ..." in which Ashtar and a woman ... appeared to him. The woman identified herself as Tuella. (She ... left her Earth incarnation more than fifteen years ago.) ... Next, ... David said that while he and his wife were sleeping :

Suddenly, I woke up as Tuella (Ashtar was not with her this time.) ... materialized {apparently in the mental-body} right by our bed. She was dressed in a very beautiful, iridescent space outfit and was holding the book Ashtar in her hand."

{TUELLA was evidently temporarily returning, for a visit, from TUonELA of the Suomi.}


DIVINE BLUEPRINT SERIES, Pt. 1 = Michael Ellegion & Aurora Light : Prepare for the Landings! Vortex Network, Scottsdale (AZ), 2008.

{Numbering of chapters and of pages are changed in later printings of this book.}

{The author & authoress are, however accurate in other matters, unreasonably oppositional to vaccination (p. 124) and to fluorine-supplementation.}