Praepare for the Landings!, 6-8



Volunteers in Earth Embodiment


pp. 91-2 Star Peoples’ bodily characteristics


Star People


1979 February EAST WEST JOURNAL "article by Brad Steiger was titled Flying Saucers from the Middle Earth. ... In their book, The Star People, ... section of this book,


"The Beta[-M] Humanoid or Space Brother is described as tall, blond, light-complexioned and has also been referred to by some UFO researchers as ... often a native of Venus. ... The Beta-F Humanoid is the female version of the Space Brother. ...

The Alpha Form humanoid is smallish in size with wide-pointed ears and large eyes (also known as the ‘grays’).

The Beta-2 Humanoids ...


have ... thick lips, dark complexions, and unusually long fingers."


These Star People characteristics ... were also listed in an article called : Are You Really From Krypton?"

pp. 95-7 walk-ins {N.B. All "spirit-possession" is of this "walk-in" nature; except that it is usually quite temporary and transitory, with the mortal soul’s being displaced only briefly during the se’ance, and then returning as soon as the "possessing-spirit" hath departed.}




"Higher, more advanced souls of extraterrestrial origin taking Earth embodiment ... may either

{implying that they either displace, or merge with, the soul which was already in that baby’s body?}


incarnate near the moment of birth


or they may come as "Walk-ins" (soul transfer or soul mergence in later years). ...

In the decade of the ‘80’s, two ... books ... on "Walk-ins" were written by ... Ruth Montgomery, Strangers Among Us and Aliens Among Us ... explain ... that ... many millions of Higher souls have made a mutual "win-win" agreement with souls (presently in Earth ...)


who are willing to leave their physical Earth bodies in [order to make] place for the incoming "Walk-ins." The souls who are leaving are usually ones who are "graduating off the wheel of karma" ... .

{Would this imply that merely to be born on another planet is necessarily tantamount to going "off the wheel of karma"?}


Since they have been, more or less, stuck on this particular planet for lifetime after lifetime, they are now free to go on to the "other side" (the Higher realms) without negative karma holding them back anymore.


The "Walk-in" souls come from more advanced worlds of the Confederation and they ... have greater wisdom and inner knowledge. As part of the arrangement,

{Actually, only a deity (not another mere mortal) would have the power (viz., redeeming grace) to enable a mortal to transcend the limitations of that a mortal’s intrinsic nature. Thus, "Walk-ins" must be deities.}


the in-coming souls (because of their greater abilities) will be able to quickly transmute the old negative karma of the souls that they replaced ... .


The extraterrestrial "Walk-ins" through this "Cosmic Lease Program," are then able to get on with their individual and collective Missions for the Upliftment, Transformation, and Liberation of this planet. In the case of soul mergence "Walk-ins" who harmoniously share the same individual’s body, this strengthens their potential Mission and assists them in fulfilling their Destiny. ... However, in the case of soul mergence, the individuals already have some of these Star People characteristics, but they manifest many more characteristics after the soul mergence takes place."


"many of the "Walk-ins" that I have met ... came into Earth embodiment with partial or total conscious memory of being on the Lightship prior to coming in. In fact, some of them specifically remember searching around the planet to find the right type of Earth body ... to contain this Higher level of extraterrestrial consciousness ... . ... Many of these "Walk-ins" also remember being members of Higher Galactic Councils (as part of the Federation of Light) and of planning to come into Earth embodiment."


"Normally, only one person per Earth family becomes {would "become" imply soul-mergence?} a "Walk-in," but I do remember a couple of families that I have met in which the entire family became {by soul-mergence?} "Walk-ins" at the same time. In these cases, it appears that the particular Missions they were on required that it happen this way".

pp. 98-9 Divine protection for the Volunteers


Divine protection


"The Divine protection and "Cosmic back-up" is always operating in our lives, whether one is aware of it consciously or not. ... I have met (literally) thousands of Volunteers over the years and have found that most of them have encountered numerous life-threatening experiences in which they should have been killed ..., but instead there was some kind of Divine Intervention that took place. ... "... Divine Providence" ... miraculously protected them ... . Many people can relate to having had at least one so-called "traumatic" event occurring at sometime in their lives which helped to spiritually awaken them to their "greater purpose" for being. The ... UFO and extraterrestrial contact experiences ... were the fulfilling of a promise ... given by the Galactic Council prior to ... physical birth on Earth. All Volunteers ... make agreements and are given promises on the Higher worlds prior to embodiment. Those promises include protection from danger, so that we (the Volunteers) are able to fulfill our Missions. The Intergalactic Confederation agrees to Divinely Intervene and save us from any threats to our survival ... . ... If ... this applies to you, then rest assured that you automatically have this protection, as your "Cosmic Back-Up Team" has agreed upon prior to [your] taking physical embodiment. ... Those of us who are here in this capacity are actually acting as "Ambassadors," "Emissaries,"


or "Representatives" from different Councils of the different worlds of the Federation of Light. ... Of course, countless Volunteers have taken this a step further than just the "basic" form of over-all Divine Protection. Many of us have wanted to get a "Cosmic extended Warranty" to cover a lot more ...!!! That fail-safe warranty includes all areas of one’s life ... and everything we ... do on every of being "24/7," from the moment we arrive on the planet until ... Divine Intervention occurs".

p. 104 Wanderers

"In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, "Star People" ... used to refer to extraterrestrial Volunteer souls in Earth embodiment on Missions from other worlds. But back in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s, the contactees and channels ... used the term "Wanderers" to refer to these beings on Missions for the Federation. An excellent book that was published by George Hunt Williamson that spoke of the "Wanderers" was

In the Secret Places of the Lion,

{The term "Lion" (>ari^) hath here a Lurianic Qabbalistic reference. }

which explained how certain advanced Higher souls keep incarnating at key times throughout Earth’s history to help uplift the planet."

{Metempsychosis is a doctrine of Qabbalah, as likewise of Platonism. Attribution to metempsychosis to particular historic persons is an >isma<ili trait.}



Barack Obama


p. 107 Republican-Party threats of violence intimidate Democratic-Party politicians

"others who have attempted to change the system have been forced into dropping out of the race when the negative {Republican-Party} forces have made it clear what will happen to them if they become the President, i.e. the assassination of JFK as President and Robert Kennedy running for President."

p. 108 manipulation (by the Republican-Party) of vote-counting

"more recently, the technique being used is to manipulate the vote count through the use of computers in conjunction with the actual voting machines."

pp. 108-9 Dennis Kucinich’s flying-saucer

p. 108

"Ashtar continued : "It is also no accident that Dennis Kucinich sighted one of our ships, which we purposely brought down to be seen. This sighting event, like most sightings of our craft, is not usually a mere accident.

p. 109

... these appearances are actually "Spiritual Visual Reference Points" and "Inner Cosmic" reminders, of our connection with those of you on Earth. We are your Extended Cosmic Family ... .""

pp. 110-1 malevolent collusion of Clinton with Bush; benevolent agreement of Ron Paul with Dennis Kucinich

p. 110

p. 111

"the Bushes (or as they are referred to as "the Bush Crime Family") and the Clintons have actually been secretly working together. ... President Bush Sr. used to take President Clinton {actually, Praesident Clinton’s brother} to Mena, Alaska {actually, Mena is county seat of Polk County, Arkansas}, to get deliveries of cocaine, which were hidden in the nose-cones of the CIA planes. More recently, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., and both Bill & Hillary Clinton have attempted to block the financial steps that would activate the new economic system known as NESARA (National Economic Security And Reformation Act) which would officially "do away with" the old Federal Reserve global banking system."

On the "Corruption Scale", "both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich were at an extremely low level of 1 to 2 [negligible corruption]."

pp. 111-2 extraterrestrials sponsor Barack Obama

p. 111

"As I was watching Obama deliver his speech ..., I could see his beautiful golden-colored auric field and I also saw an intense Light shooting out of his eyes ... . It was then that I knew that that he was a highly-evolved soul, a fellow Light Worker, and a Star Person. ...


A few days later, Ashtar shared some very important things with me about Obama. ...

Greetings in the Light ..., this is Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. I want to give you more insight into the soul you all know in this life as Barack Obama ..., of his soul’s

p. 112

... Mission for being here as a Volunteer in Earth embodiment from a far more evolved world and star system. Though he has lived on many other worlds ..., his true soul’s origins are from my own star system, that of Sirius."

p. 114 Barack Obama merged with a Walk-in

The "Channeling group called "Ashtar on the Road" told me that in their most recent Channeling session Ashtar and other fellow Cosmic Beings of Light ... stated Obama had experienced the "Walk-in" of a very powerful Cosmic Being of Light whose soul merged with his soul in July 2008."

"In the early ‘80’s, Ruth [Montgomery]’s Spiritual Guides Channeled through her that the man who would be elected President in the last election before 2012 (obviously, the 2008 election) would be a "Walk-in"!"

pp. 115-6 Barack Obama is Abraham Lincoln redincarnate




"A Reading from the Universal Akashic Records" through Carolyn Evers : "Mr. Obama’s real mission is to heal the nation ... as Abraham Lincoln ... . ...


He built the pyramids and .. he is closely aligned with the planet of Sirius ... . ...""


"In a Higher state of consciousness Gordon-Michael Scallion ... responded, "Lincoln will once again occupy the White House." He was then asked, "Who is Lincoln?" The response was "Obama.["]"



Steps Leading Up


pp. 127-8 confirmation for Volunteers

p. 127

"Many millions of Volunteers ..., even those who are reading this book, have received telepathic communications, visionary experiences, and/or visitations from some Higher spiritual or extraterrestrial presence. Through these experiences, individuals have ... a conscious reminder of this promise that they were given prior to taking earth embodiment. ... For some

p. 128

people, ... their inner "knowing" ... may have merely been based on faith. However, it is now "Officially & Cosmically" reconfirmed!"

p. 142 Tuella aboard a Lightship

"as Tuella shared in her book : ...

I (etherically) left my (physical) body and rested my hands on the forearms of my two escorts, and experienced the tremendous motion as we ascended at incredible speed upward to the waiting ship. I was immediately standing in the ... control room ..., ... and Athena (a Lady Commander [Commandress]) began showing me the various maps."

pp. 144-5 channeled message about the forthcoming Lightship

p. 144

"Tuella, this is Anton, of the Silver Fleet at Cook mountain headquarters. ... The ship ... on which this sector Gathering (Evacuation) will take place ...

p. 145

is a city-size ship, being almost one-hundred miles in diameter. .... This ship does not land, but remains in a cruise pattern."

pp. 149, 152 suggested books

p. 149

"I want to refer to another very important book by a well-known UFO researcher ... Wendelle C. Stevens : UFO : Contact From Angels In Starships. ... This book is about the spiritual experiences of an Italian contactee, Giorgio Dibitonto".

p. 152

"Bruce Cathie’s report on Mr. Adamski ... published ... his findings in the last pages of his book THE BRIDGE TO INFINTY."

"in England on 24 April 1965, near Scoriton, in Devonshire, ... three space-beings in "light-body got out of a bell-shaped ship ..., and one of the ETs indicated association with the former George Adamski, who left his physical body the day before in death in the United States of America. That report and its investigation fill an entire book titled THE SCORITON MYSTERY by Eileen Buckle."

p. 155 revenant ghost of Adamski

"THE INTERPLANETARY NEWS edited by Jim Wales, stated in a recent issue that "during a memorial service held for George Adamski, some in the audience witnessed his apparition briefly, dressed in a white robe.""

pp. 156-7 telepathic contact with a flying saucer is confirmed by its signaling


confirmation by signaling


"an account that Ray Stanford (‘50’s flying saucer researcher) shared in an old issue of FATE magazine" concerning "telepathic contact with a saucer in Texas" : "Paolo had a clear Cosmic (telepathic) contact, and he could tell exactly what was about to happen throughout the various phases of the encounter.

"Now they are switching on the white light on underside," he said. And the light really did go on.

"Now they are making the light brighter!" And the light would grow brighter.


"Now they are about to dim the lights!" And the lights would grow dimmer.

And it continued. Paolo announced in a loud voice when the red, green and blue lights would go on, and they promptly did so. The flying disk changed many different ... colors, and then flew off in a southwest direction".

pp. 161, 167 conducted by flying-saucers : rescue for mankind

p. 161

"in the "Concluding Remarks" of UFO – Contact from Angels in Starships, (by ... Wendelle C. Stevens) Eufemio del Buono has this to say :

... Moses ... led His people with fiery disks and column-like space ships ... . In this way one can understand that all that Georgio {Giorgio} Dibitonto, Tina, ... and other contactees of different nations and religions have experienced is part of a great operation of rescue and homecoming for all mankind that is being carried out on a grand scale by this extraterrestrial space fleet.

p. 167

Giorgio Dibitonto revealed (prophetically) : "I saw thousands of flying disks and starships arrive. Men, women and children were entering open doors, others were sucked up and lifted off the ground, for there was not even time for a landing, the rescue work was so urgent."


DIVINE BLUEPRINT SERIES, Pt. 1 = Michael Ellegion & Aurora Light : Prepare for the Landings! Vortex Network, Scottsdale (AZ), 2008.