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p. iii explanation of the bookís front-cover scene (of 4 rainbow-colored huge flying saucers accompanied by numerous monochrome smaller flying saucers of diverse colors)

"Visionary Artist Rebecca Sherwood ... has "Cosmically Subliminally Encoded" specific Higher energetic words, symbols, and frequencies ... and this will help Cosmically Trigger" the lifting of the "Cosmic Amnesia Veils" that most Light Workers had placed over their minds before taking Earth embodiment. The lifting of these veils will help them remember their Cosmic origins ... . ...

At the same time, this scene is designed to help draw the dark "denial spirits" back to the Light and to disempower them from any more sabotaging of the Sacred Laws of Creation."




First Experiences


p. 9 oneís arranging of oneís life before it occurreth

"I was aware that prior to taking Earth embodiment, I had written into my "life script" this encounter that I was now experiencing."

{It is likewise a Yoruba belief that, prior to each incarnation, one arrangeth by agreement the events of oneís forthcoming lifespan.}

pp. 7-10 medical treatment of Michael Ellegion aboard a Lightship


medical treatment


"The beautiful chamber that I suddenly found myself ... transported into was a type of medical or examination room that was illuminated by glowing white walls.


I want to stress here that this was not an astral, out-of-body, or etheric experience ... . ...

{This was, in fact, a peculiar dream. Dreams are all actually located in divine worlds.}


The attractive beings standing near me were all dressed in metallic blue and silver colored jumpsuits. ...


Their skin had a golden copper hue ... .

{This is "golden" hue is usual skin-color of a Jaina Tirthankara.}


Their eyes were shaped like ours ... with either bright-blue, violet, green, or golden pupils {sic : surely, "iris" not "pupil"}."


"In the next book of the Divine Blueprint Series, I will clearly explain ... the differences between ... encounters or reunions with human-appearing ETs and the abductions with the "grays.""

{The same identical divine beings who appear like unto good-looking ordinary humans, to persons who are already inclined to favor them; appear instead like unto deformed monsters, to persons who are inclined to disfavor them.}


"I stood by the glowing white wall of the "medical chamber" ..., as an instrument [e]merged out of the wall. ... One of the beings held it, passing it up and down around my body a few times, as bright rainbow colored rays shot out of the instrument into my body. ... Later, I realized that they were realigning the seven main chakras or energy vortex points in my body."



Cosmic Experiences


p. 32 a vision experienced by Aurora Light

"I was able to see what looked like a giant bird. It then hovered about three or four feet away from me and I could see it was a beautiful shiny-white Dove. The Dove had about a five-foot wing span and did not have feathers, but appeared to be made of a substance like pure-white alabaster stone."

p. 33 "the dove is ["]an emblem or token of truth and innocence" (Joseph Smith, HC 5:261)."



Cabalís Attempt


pp. 36-8 Light Workers

p. 36

"Since 1979, I have been doing ... channeled "Transformational" Cosmic Readings ... channeling information for fellow Volunteers on Earth embodiment ... who have come here from other intergalactic worlds."

p. 37

"These types of Light Workers (also called "Cosmic Deep Undercover Agents of Light" ...) were, literally, on

p. 38

"... Missions of Light" from the Intergalactic Confederation and Spiritual Hierarchy."

pp. 46, 48 teleported for protection

p. 46

"I was ... beamed onto the Merkabah Lightship that was hovering above ... . ... Then, these benevolent beings intervened and ... teleported me aboard their ship and, by doing so, they saved my life."

p. 48

"Even though all Volunteers who come on "Cosmic Spiritual Espionage Missions of Light" already have "Higher Protection" from the Spiritual Hierarchy, this ... would now make it even easier for them to protect and "Overshadow" me. The harmonic ... "Consciousness Technology" procedure ... used the harmonic "Conscious ... Computer" aboard the Merkabah ..., which I would describe as a computer with a consciousness system from a Higher source. ...

The second major reason for this procedure was to help me assist other Earth Volunteers to "Cosmically Activate" their own ... consciousness".

pp. 51-9 aboard the Lightship




"Four very handsome human-appearing beings dressed in shiny blue metallic jumpsuits, were standing around my body. I noticed that the chamber walls and he floor of the room had the same glowing white and pulsating appearance ... . Then, I watched the wall open up ... . ...


The beings were very aware of my astral body floating near them. ... One of them was holding a device ... projecting rainbow-colored rays into my body from the end of a long slender flexible cable. ... Next, one of the beings telepathically directed one of the crystal-appearing objects to levitate up off the surface and over towards my body. The objects ... moved over about an inch above my body ... and then descended towards each of my seven main chakra points as they began to glow and light up. When they came into contact with the rainbow rays being emitted by the over device,


the seven etheric crystals merged into my physical body.

{The Australian-aboriginal method likewise causeth mergence of quartz crystals into the initiateís body (A. P. Elkin : Aboriginal Men of High Degree).}


I felt a slight tingling and warm sensation as they did this. ... After they completed the treatment, my astral body immediately floated back down and joined by physical body. ...


At the same time, I sensed that they were speaking with a "dry sense of humor," ... of what I had just gone through. In fact, many contactees have noted from first-hand experiences that the more advanced a being is, the more well-rounded their sense of humor is. ... Once they had finished their work on my physical body, ... We immediately entered a hallway ... when suddenly a door appeared before us. ... I entered a huge chamber which was about 60 to 70 feet across and at least 20 feet or more in height. One of the first things ... was a crystal-clear tube that surrounded an intensely-brilliant and pulsating shaft of light extending from the floor to the ceiling. I knew that this ... (consciousness technology) ... is the direct link to the Godhead of the Universe ... . The shaft of brilliant, pure light and energy was like an aspect of this great God Force that was focused through this crystal computer. ... There were about 20 to 25 crewmembers (about as many males as females) working on the computers and monitoring screens that were ... within


the chamber. ... They were all dressed in either blue, silver, or white jumpsuits, except for one being who was dressed in red with gold epaulet. The one in red ... was speaking to the Commander of this craft ... Commander Korton. {named for Cortona in Etruria?} ... Korton then reached over to one of the nearby computer systems and retrieved a small disk-shaped object (called a "universal credit chip") ... that was silver-gold in color. He ... slipped it into a slot ... . What occurred next ... was that the pulsating shaft of bright white light changed dramatically to very clear colorful images within the tube. Instantly, colorful images merged with the entire room becoming an advanced "virtual reality" 3-dimensional, holographic picture with depth, sound, and smell. It was as if I was there in person looking in on what was going on around me. (In the New Generation of Star Trek TV series, ... called the "Holodeck.") The first holographic images that appeared were scenes from my recent human embodiments (before this one) prior to returning to the Higher worlds. ...


Through this scene I relived my experience of lying upon a flat white crystalline slab with a clear ... cover over it as my original extraterrestrial body was put into a type of "energy deep-freeze storage." My body remained in this state until I was ready to use my body again at which time my soul and spirit were literally beamed from the starship (while it hovered over the Earth ...) into my Earth motherís womb ... . ... What followed were several more scenes of other events that I had experienced ... . ...

Because this "consciousness computer" taps directly into ... "Divine Intelligence," these computers have been programmed to be in alignment with the Divine Will and the Divine Plan of the Universe ... . ... Sometimes, too, the computer has the capacity or "Higher authority" to automatically intervene in situations that would stop one from completing his/her Mission. ...


Korton ... conveyed information about doing ... certain Light decrees to strengthen the auric field, the spiritual-etheric immune system ... . ...


Korton confirmed ... that part of my Mission on Earth was to act as a "troubleshooter" ... to assist the Intergalactic Forces of Light by uncovering, documenting, and ultimately stopping the vast planetary "International Conspiracy of Silence" concerning the benevolent human-appearing ETs. ... He mentioned ... that many retired government ... personnel, who had been at top secret and "above" security levels would start "coming out of the closet" to ... publicly divulge such information (Yes, ... like William Cooper, who wrote the book Behold a Pale Horse.) This ... would occur ... due to the large number of "Walk-in" souls that


are coming into human embodiment. ... the Higher Forces are sending down "tensor-activation beams" from the Lightships to open up our synoptic {synaptic?} centers, which are the psychic-spiritual centers of the brain. ...

One of the more interesting scenes that I viewed was of a 60 to 70 year old woman writing down a telepathic message ... that she was receiving at that time from the Beings onboard the ship that I was on. I realized that similar scenes happen millions of times all over the world[s] every day and night as different Volunteers in ... embodiment receive telepathic messages from different beings (of different ships of different Commands of the entire Universal Federation) ... in Guardian Action. ...


Korton reminded me that these Higher consciousness systems were mentally-telepathically controlled and operated. I knew that I had operated them previously [viz., in praevious lifetimes], when I, too, was a starship Commander on these Higher dimensions of the Universe."



Atlantean Crystal


p. 63 prophecy concerning the Atlantean power-crystal

"Edgar Cayce, relates that sometime "In the years of 1968 or 1969, an underwater Atlantean pyramid will be uncovered on the ocean floor. ... A person will penetrate the pyramid and retrieve a crystal and will bring this remarkable Atlantean power-crystal back to the surface. Many remarkable things will occur to the people who experience its powerful transformational presence."

It was, in fact, in the year 1968, when Dr. Ray Brown, a Naturopath Medical Doctor ..., fulfilled this famous prophecy."

p. 71 manifestation of the Atlantean power-crystal

"the crystal ball ... came alive. It changed into every color of the rainbow, while its shape altered into a pulsating jelly appearance. All the colors lit up, like brilliant neon iridescence, while it continued to pulsate."

"The Most Highs have put on this demonstration ..., so that you will know that this crystal ... is truly from the Temple of the Great White Brotherhood of Light and has been brought to your surface world."

pp. 72-3 sequestration of the Atlantean power-crystal

p. 72

"Dr. Ray Brown was knighted by ... in Great Britain ... royalty ..., but after they knighted him, ... They demanded

p. 73

that he hand over the Crystal to them. When he refused to do so, they stole the Crystal and threatened him. However, ... the Crystal remarkably teleported back to him every time "they" managed to steal it Dr. Brown passed on {died} in the mid-1990s and the Crystal is now sequestered in Sedona, Arizona."





pp. 84, 86 Dr. Ray Brown

p. 84

"Ray ... at his knighting ... for the "Bach flower holistic remedies" that he had created ... .... So, they created false charges against him and had him arrested for the very thing for which they had earlier knighted him."

p. 86

"he was experiencing a very vivid dream moments before the quake occurred. In this dream {astral-projection?} on a more etheric plane of existence, he saw his physical body lying in bed sleeping. There were human-appearing ETs, throughout our home, as well as, all around him that were standing beside some type of "special energy devices" (Higher Consciousness ... Technology). The ETs told him in the dream that they were there ... to activate a very horrible quake".

p. 87 earthquake-luminesence (on the occasion of this "dream" about ETs) : "people ... told us that "a split second before" the shaking started, they observed what appeared to be a very short and intense "red flash" sweep across the sky."

pp. 89-90 the beaming-up of the Atlantean Crystal




"the Ashtar Command beamed Rayís crystal up aboard one of their Mother Ships. ... . ... the missing crystal ...


reappeared; just as our "Friends Upstairs" had promised us that it would."


DIVINE BLUEPRINT SERIES, Pt. 1 = Michael Ellegion & Aurora Light : Prepare for the Landings! Vortex Network, Scottsdale (AZ), 2008.