Passport to the Cosmos, 9-10



S. T. of Oklahoma


p. 183 /Sequoyah/

"his Indian name was ... Sequoyah, which is also the name of the ... system of writing".

{The meaning of /sequoyah/ is 'sparrow'. According to Chinese legend, writing is imitated after birds' footprints.}

He did not use this name until he was in his forties, partly because he thought it sounded like a girl's name."

{It soundeth alike unto /sqwaw/. However, /sequoyah/ is Cherokee, whereas /sqwaw/ is Massachuset, from proto-Algonkian */etkwewa/.}

p. 186 the U.S. government is an international dope-peddler

"Vietnam experience involved his exposure to U.S. government trafficking in illegal drugs."

pp. 187-8 extra-terrestrials and space-travel

p. 187

"There are any other planets, stars, and universes, populated ... by a virtually infinite number of beings. Such beings are always among us and become visible in humanoid form so that they can interact with us ... . ... Because of the perilous state of the planet, they are showing themselves more and more now to those who will acknowledge their presence and share thei teachings. ...

p. 188

The so-called aliens have already mastered a way to materialize instantly from millions of light-years away".

pp. 188-90 visit, via flying-saucer flight, to that flying saucer's home-planet

p. 188

"he lay down and began ... to relax. Then he saw a kind of vortex of swirling lights "like a rainbow," into which he was sucked. ... . ... then found himself standing in a beautiful garden ... . ... In front of him was a silvery saucer-shaped craft and a shimmering small silver-looking being standing on steps that were coming down from the bottom of the craft. ... The being communicated telepathically that it was from "another place" and had been sent to take him there because "they" wanted to talk with him. ... He agreed to go, and walked up the steps with the being into the craft.

Once inside the craft, [S.T.] heard no sound, but through a small round window he saw the moon, the sun, and "millions of stars" instantly go by. Then they were hovering over a beautiful white city in ... another planet in another realm of the universe. ... Getting down to the ground occurred in an instant ... .

p. 189

The people in this city appeared to be male and female, wore white robes, and were fair-skinned,

with "hair that was glowing like ... sunlight." ...

{"Brownies ... described by witnesses ... have bright hair." ("EFB")}

The people said that they did not need food ... . ...

p. 190

As soon as [S.T.] said he wanted to return, he was again in the craft and saw the stars, sun, and moon go by until he was back in the garden with the ... being outside the spacecraft. ... Then he went again through the vortex, and ... he was back in bed".

"EFB" =

pp. 191-2 other AmerIndians & their extra-terrestrials

p. 191

"While still in Kansas, he was brought by a Sac Fox tribesman to a spiritual gathering in White Cloud, in the northwestern corner of the state. He was told that this was a site where materializations {emergences into the material universe} from the spirit world took place and spacecraft sometimes landed. ...

He made friends with a Cherokee ... medicine man, who ... talked to him about "extraterrestrials and beings from other planets." [S.T.] ... eventually lived with the Cherokee in western North

p. 192

North Carolina. ... He went on vision quests and learned of ... the eagle, bear, raven, and other animal spirits."



V. M. of South Africa


p. 198 names

"grew to become a sanusi, an "uplifter of his people" (Larsen 1994, p. 23).

Vusumazulu, a name given to him during his initiation as a sangoma, means "awakener of the Zulus," and ... is indeed the spiritual leader of the sanusis and sangomas of South Africa. ...

He is also known honorifically as Baba {= Babalawo?} Mutwa among his followers. Mutwa means "little bushman," and

[a name implying belief in Christianity] was the name given to him ... {to use among Christian infidel-hypocrites}.

{Though any Christian name would naturally be despised by him, he would use a Christian name as a test of loyalty (to traditional African religion) in the praesence of persons of European descent who were purported converts to African religion : if genuinely converted, they would decline to call him by any Christian name, and would insist on calling him by his African names (V. & M.). If such indeed were his intent, then he must have been (secretly) quite disappointed both with Bradford Keeney and with J.E.M. (for both them consistently call him by the secretly contemned Christian name).}

Stephen Larsen has ... him ... "a living treasure"".

Larsen 1994 = Stephen Larsen : "The Making of a Zulu Sangoma". SHAMAN'S DRUM, no. 35 (summer).

p. 200 broadcast

"when I arrived in Johannesburg ..., we were taken by ... the local UFO group to a television station, where I was to take part in a South African news magazine program ... about ... UFOs ... . [V.M.] was also on the program, broadcasting from a local affiliate in Mhabatu, near his village of Mafeking, ... northwest of Johannesburg. He ... exhibited for the cameras statues he had made of different extraterrestrial creatures, some of whom looked like the gray aliens familiar to us ... . [p. 201, fn. * : "another Zulu medicine man, ... Inyanga, ... said : "we know the grays and keep them in the periphery of our vision. ...""]

After [V.M.] heard what I had to say about my work with Americans and Europeans who had had encounters with humanoid beings, he asked to see me."

pp. 203-4 his own shaman-vocation-inducing sickness

p. 203

"This illness was accompanied by nightmares and visions ... . ...

p. 204

It turned out that this crisis was the beginning of [V.M.]'s initiation and training as a sangoma, and as he recovered his remarkable powers as a healer began to be revealed".

p. 204 personal near-death experience

"he had been pronounced clinically dead. He saw then the great tunnel, and the great place of light".

p. 205 redincarnation

"Reincarnation, he says, is the most important "pillar of our religion," {a phrase from >islam} and accordingly the mantindane may follow you not only in this lifetime but in many others as well."

pp. 205, 207 star-people

p. 205

"According to African lore ..., "star people" have come from the heavens in "magic sky boats" for thousands of years ... . ...

p. 207

When smallpox threatened to wipe out the Zulu tribes, "the star people told our people what to do to protect ourselves," and

during a terrible famine ..., a race of mantindane-like creatures, only taller, came out of the sky and taught people

how to grind and cook the poisonous cassava root

{It must furthermore be soaked in water for hours (before being cooked), and the water discarded, in order to rid it of poison.}

to render it edible and patalable to human beings."

pp. 207-8 swinging motion by flying saucers

p. 207

"Before they knew of airplanes, he said, African tribespeople called UFOs "swings," as ...

{This swinging motion by flying saucers hath betimes been likened to that of a pendulum or of a falling leaf, with a side-to-side oscillation.}

p. 208

a swing suspended from the branch of a tree."

The Ufo Evidence. National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, 1964. Section XII : "Patterns". C : "Flight Characteristics" -- 2 : "Oscillation".

p. 208 frequent apparent types of flying-saucer crew-membres

"These creatures {better designated "creators"}, he has said, watch over us ..., actually regulating human progress ..." (Larsen 1996, p. 147). "All over South Africa," he said, "you find stories of these extraterrestrial visitors" (Larsen, p. 148). The creatures {creators}, each of which he named, included {include}

tall blond beings that were knowledge givers;

hairy creatures (the "puhwana") that give children scratches ...;

an entity with a very large head, unnaturally pink skin, and {when male} a very long male organ;

and creatures that wore a helmet and armor to protect them in this world."

{In another account of his own biography, V.M. described himself as having attired himself in armor, perhaps intended in honor of these extra-terrestrials.} {The "helmet and armor" are collectively known as a "space-suit". I witnessed (some three decades ago) one thusly attired one evening, walking in front of my abode (then a trailer), whereover I, on at least one other occasion, saw large a blue flying saucer hovering.}

"The ... most important for Africans, are the mantindane, or "sky monkeys," which as we have seen (chapter 6), are thought to be able {when male} to impregnate women. ...

{I have on a number of occasions (in a suburb of D.C., years before I saw the space-suited praeternatural) seen a seeming ape (clad, however in human-style clothing) as pilot within a bubble-top flying saucer -- but only in visions (in visionary space, viewed with eyen closed -- not in the space of the material world).}

Nevertheless, the mantindane,

[V.M.] told us with some irony,

{He may have been only feigning the irony, in order to detect whether the author (J.E.M.) would be pious enough display being shocked by such a denigration of these mighty deities (= [Maya gods] Hun-Chuen and Hun-Batz).}

are thought of by some Africans as gods who honor people by taking "things" from them "to places that we don't know."

When people are captured by the mantindane, he said, it is thought to be because they have done something wrong,

{This was said evidently also in order to test the author (J.E.M.), to determine whether could decipher from the fact that if in taking things from people those deities were honoring people, that the same deities must be likewise honoring people by abducting them personally. If J.E.M. could deduce that the alleged contradiction (honoring the people by taking their possessions, but dishonoring them by abducting their persons) was an absurdity; then J.E.M. would have realized that his piety was being tested, and would have stated this realization (with laud to V.M. for posing such a clever test). But J.E.M. was so very inured to the ridiculous contradictions within Christian theology, that he did not realize that no traditonal African native theologian would ever fabricate any actual contradictions. [written May 16 2014]}

and the gods want to take out the evil spirits ... ."

{If the sky-monkeys were actually abducting people in order to cure them by removing some "evil" from them; then the sky-monkeys would have been taking people's possessions in order to cast some sort of evil (bad luck) out of such possessions, or else to rid the owners of such evil objects, certainly not to "honor people" for possessing evil! [written May 16 2014]}

Larsen 1996 = Stephen Larsen (ed.) : Song of the Stars : the Lore of a Zulu Shaman. Barrytown (NY).

p. 209 one's fravas^i (guardian-angel, or spirit-guide, of opposite gendre)

"One [goddess], which he calls the "string skirt sister" because it wears a skirt made of strings {aequivalent to the Pacific-Islander grass-skirt, worn by the women}, has been with him since he was a baby. ... This being ... has reddish skin, intense eyebrows, and unnaturally widened eyes and speaks through a hole in its throat. Sometimes it wears a fish-shaped helmet with a crest {repraesenting the fish'e dorsal fin} on it. This being also haunted {manifested to} his aunt ..., who ... told him that hundreds of sangomas and healers in Zululand were "... controlled {assisted} by this creature {deity}." ...

Typically, [V.M.] said, when a sangoma has terrible dreams and becomes "sick with the healer's illness," the string skirt sister will lead the sufferer underground {into Fae:ryland}, where he will see "all kinds of amazing and fearful things." She has also given him knowledge,

most of which has been useless to him,

{Such is intended, however, to be useful to the soul after death.}

but it includes the capacity to foretell the future accurately.

It is this being, [V.M.]

said with some bitterness,

{Any such "bitterness" was feigned, as a test to determine whether or not J.E.M. could perceive that it was feigned.}

that caused him to end his dreams {misdirected wishes} of being a schoolteacher and to concetrate on preserving his people's culture. ...

If he does not {at first} obey her, he said,

"she screams and cries night after night after night."

{alike unto a banshee}

This being is "more me {I} than I am me," [V.M.] declared."

{"more I than I am", in the sense of 'knowing better about what is good for me than I do myself'}

pp. 210-3 his experience of being (40 years earlier) abducted into a flying saucer, and forced into sexual intercourse with a praeternatural woman therein

p. 210

[Commencement with probable sleepwaking experience (but conscious) :] "all of a sudden I was aware of this strange silence that had fallen around ..., then all around me there was a blue smoke {or rather, a blue mist?} that obscured the landscape. ... One minute I was standing there ... when I was suddenly in a place, a place made of iron. ...

[V.M.] found that he had no clothes on, and his body was now on a table that seemed to fit his contours. Several times he spoke to us of a horrible smell, ...

"like ... rotten fish."

{or rather, alike unto kippered fish?}

He ... struggled ... . But

p. 211

except for slight movement of his eyes, he was completely paralyzed. ...

{typical so-called "sleep paralysis" -- except "sleep paralysis" is usually unknown during dreaming!}

Around him were six or more small doll-like beings, about three feet tall, with huge black eyes ... . They had very small jaws, and their faces were ... white ... with a pinkish tinge. The skin of their bodies seemed to be shiny,

as if covered with oil

{or as if slimy, as of an an eel, or other fish, or perhaps amphibian?} ... .

For noses the beings had only small nostril holes, and the mouths were like a ... cut with no lips. They had no hair or ears and two, three, or four long, very thin, fingers that appeared ... to have one more joint than a human's. They were all wearing a seamless "grayish-silver, shiny, crackly uniform" and a round cap ... . The beings "staggered about ... ." The place was illuminated with a strange light ... .

A slightly bigger creature with a wrinkled face and wearing a kind of brown overall, ... a female, seemed to be in charge ... . She had no breasts ..., and the others seemed to be afraid {respectful} of her. There was a blue curtain around him, but the creatures seemed to be able to walk right through it as they approached. ...

As [V.M.] was lying on the table

in pain, a quite, a quite human-looking white woman who was wearing no clothes came up to him.

{N.B. : Females of some species enjoy inflicting pain or torment on males just before, or while, having sexual intercourse with them : this is a sort of ordeal to test the fortitude and resolve of the males.}

But her limbs were too short for her body,

her skin seemed polished ... . ...

{or simply powdered?}

She touched his face and aroused him with her hand. Then she climbed over {onto} him ... . ...

p. 212

Her large eyes did not blink ... .

{Perhaps she was wearing transparent eyeball-wraps (alike to contact-lenses) which obviated any evaporation of moisture from the eyes, so that they retained their dampness without blinking. If so, this may have been designed to guard against contracting eye-disease. [written May 16 2014]}

The most frightening {puzzling} part of all was when the creature {whore} seemed to attach something {some stimulator} to his penis that caused him to ejaculate "too much."

{Evidently the dream-body (or other subtle-body) which he was then occupying, was capable of discharging more (immaterial) semen than a material, waking-world body could have done. The mechanical penis-attachment was likely to assure his having an orgasm, which might not occurred otherwise. [(As evidence for lack of orgasm in mystical dreams? :) Because of the type of my own dream-body, I have not experienced orgasm in a dream in a good decade.]}

After this the female being went away, and [V.M.] did not see her again. ...

{She had to hastened away, praesumably because as a muchly-in-demand whore, she had a waiting queue of other male customers to attend to.}

His penis "was burning as if I had put it in scalding water." ...

{Evidently she had put some sort of acidic or caustic anti-venereal-disease substance inside a "female condom" (which she was wearing inside her own vagina to protect her from coming into contact with that substance). Surely, she would not afflict any male of her own species in such a way; but that sort of whore would be glad at (and amused by) tormenting males from other world in such a way.}

A big round bottle ... filled with a pinkish liquid was suspended somehow ..., and inside of it was a creature, swimming like a frog".

{Perhaps the relationship between a liquid-submerged swimmer and the sky-monkey, may reside in a connection, of the Pauran.ik myth concerning the Pracetas-es who took refuge underwater while above the water the world was being subjugated to winds, with the Aztec myth that at the conclusion of the Eca-tonatiuh (Wind-Era) all humans became monkeys.}

"In the next moment, [V.M.] found himself once again in the bush, ... and his mining boots ... were gone.

His body was covered with gray dust, and he smelt "awful, like in that stinking place." ...

{"This particular boggart ... smelled horribly." ("EFB")}

Villagers found his boots in the bush, but curiously they were still laced, "as if somebody or something had pulled me out of my boots without unlacing them." ...

{This may have involved artificially stretching the material of the boots (including the boot-lacing) until his feet could be easily slipped out of them. A similarly miraculous effect is known from the Cree "Shaking Lodge" : "his blanket and cords were thrown out to us! -- not one of them, apparently (i.e., one knot) untied!" (OD, p. 103)}

p. 213

Most horrifying of all to him, his skin started to peel off his penis, which ... became "an ugly pink."

{"circumcision ... : often the flayed member was then 'kippered' for several days thereafter by being held in the smoke from a fire" (MCLA 6.1).}

{Ostensibly that particular world is politically dominated by sadistic whores, who send out flying saucers to catch males from other worlds, to fetch such males to the whores so that the whores can sexually violate the males, hurting them as much as they feel like doing in the process. [But perhaps the entire episode was intended as a suggestion of modes wherein ploutokrat warmongers could be condignly punished (by being sexually violated in another world) after their deaths.]} {It is interesting that in the Cree "Shaking Lodge" where the knots were slid off without being untied, the spirit who performed this feat was (OD, p. 103) the "Stone". Cf. the circles of stone (especially Stonehenge) in Britain, which are much-visited by hovering flying saucers (reminiscent, possibly, of the flying saucers which abduct men in South Africa). [written May 16 2014]}

OD = Jennifer S. H. Brown & Robert Brightman : The Orders of the Dreamed : ... Cree and Northern Ojibwa Religion ... . MN Hist Soc Pr, St Paul, 1988.

MCLA = Christopher Price : Male Circumcision : a Legal Affront. 1996. 6.1 : "Muslim circumcision procedures".

p. 213 his mystical experiences during convalescence/recovery

"At night when [V.M.] was beginning to recover from these terrible injuries, he smelled the same horrible smell as he had during the 1958 incident. Although the door to his hut was locked, he saw a single mantindane standing by his bed,

"the same ... ["still female"] in the brown suit." ... She moved ... "like a ballerina, very slowly."

{aequivalent to a Brownie of European folklore}

She looked down on him ..., and "... Again I could not move.""

{So, here she is displaying her prowess at enforcing "Old Hag Syndrome" in "sleep-paralysis".}

pp. 215-6 cosmic arrogance inhaerent in capitalist/materialist philosophy

p. 215

"The entire Western civilization is based upon a blatant lie, the lie that we human beings are the cocks of the walk in this world, the lie that we human beings

p. 216

are the highest evolved forms in this world, that we are alone and that beyond us there is nothing."

p. 216 announcement capable of eliminating oppressive "industrial systems"

"if we were to announce to the world that "the {extra-terrestrial} aliens are here," people would look behind governmental fac[,]ades of power and challenge "the corruption, the governmental lies,"

{If the working-class folk were to recognize that they have allies in other worlds willing to abett an insurrection, they would no longer cower in dread of ploutokrats' military weaponry, but would take courage to defy capitalist-stooge regimes,

and the "rotten industrial systems.""

and to outlaw every variety of capitalism.}


John E. Mack : Passport to the Cosmos : Human Transformation and Alien Encounters. Crown Publ, NY, 1999.