Passport to the Cosmos, 7-8



Shamans, Symbols, and Archetypes


pp. 143-4 divine animals, divine non-humans

p. 143

"the humanoid beings reported may first present themselves to experiencers in the form of animals or in other disguises."

{Among AmerIndians, the transmutation is in the reverse : in their dreams, a deity whose "proper form" is an animal or a tree, may first present "in the Shape of a human-being" (OD, p. 35).}

p. 144

"Like shamans ..., they are brought by the experiences into nonordinary states of consciousness .. and a world or worlds of nonhuman spirit beings becomes manifest. ... Further, the altered consciousness ... that experiencers undergo seem in some ways like like the ... ecstatic elements of the shamanic journey and its encounters with animal spirits and other levels of reality."

OD = Jennifer S.H. Brown & Robert Brightman (edd.) : "The Orders of the Dreamed" : George Nelson on Cree and Northern Ojibway Religion and Myth, 1823. Minnesota Historical Society Pr, St. Paul, 1988.

pp. 145-6 a dream of assisted flyings

p. 145

"In the dream ..., ... she saw that it was ... a {space}ship. As the {space}craft came closer, she felt strong energy coming from it and began to rise. The people below gasped, and [N.] noticed that whenever doubting ... words were spoken, she would start to fall. As [N.] flew higher through the trees, her hands seemed to turn to pure light. The people below were running about ..., ...

p. 146

but the huge spaceship began to recede ... . Then an "incredible white horse appeared," and she said, "I'll ride the horse." ... But she leaped on[to] the horse and held on to its mane ... . Then she and the horse seemed to take off, leaping through the air."

p. 147 thundre : eye in triangle

"[S.] recalls being awakened twice during the night, first by what seemed like a "tremendous crack of thunder and lightning in the house," and then by the sensation of a probe ... . ...

Then she saw herself going through a long winding tunnel, at the end of which was a soft yellow light. She saw what looked like a triangle with an eye in the center of it and "all these arms ... reaching up to this triangle -- all different color races, black, white, yellow, red, children's arms, adults' arms ... .""

pp. 148-9 ikuya, according to B.P.

p. 148

"there was a relationship between the gray alien beings (in his tribe they are called ikuyas) that abduction experiencers may initially encounter in animal form, and the power animals that connect the human and animal worlds among traditional peoples."

p. 149

"And when they shoot arrows at the ikuyas disguised as owls, the arrows seem to pass through without killing them."

p. 149 eagle-nests on tree-branches {This is a Siberian type of shamanic dream.}

"[K.] emerged into a black space that contained a huge tree ... . On the different branches of the tree, there were large nests ... and an eagle sitting ... in each one. ...

... the eagles seemed to represent her soaring higher self ... ."

{Inaccurate explanation of the multiplicity of eagles! Siberian shamans (who are more acquainted with this particular variety of dream) expound that the multifarious eagles nesting in the tree repraesent the multitude of individual shamans in a particular lineage of transmission of shamanry (Tungus -- D&IS, p. 211).}

D&IS = Holger Kalweit (transl. by Werner Wu:nsche) : Dreamtime & Inner Space. Shambhala, Boston, 1988.

pp. 150 needful woundedness

p. 150

"At the St. Lawrence River, Will was able to share with us the details ... about individual woundedness and healing and its relationship to the wounds and healing ... needed by native peoples".

[p. 52 "he lost his left arm ... being electrocuted ... . He asserts that he had an out-of-body experience in those moments and that nonhuman entities encouraged him to return to his body." ]

pp. 150-1 spider-web threads & heart-strings

p. 150

"She [I.] has had had "dreams" of ... spiders ... . There may be hundreds all over the room, and they have smooth gleaming bodies ... with "... eyes" that cover "their whole face.""

{Spider-web threads anchor the web suspended in space, much as "heart-strings" (cardiac tendons) anchor the heart suspended within the thoracic space.}

[K.] "They opened up my chest and took out my heart." She protested ...

p. 151

"You don't take out somebody's heart.""

p. 152 a man is accosted by a female fae:ry [in a waking vision provoked by his lingering "on a cliff where he liked to sit, hang his feet over the edge, and look down" (p. 151)]

"all of a sudden ... he saw a shimmering violet light coming up toward him from below the cliff. He soon saw a being ... with transparent wings ... had breasts. "I knew it was a woman, and it had hands and arms, and it just came up right up in front of me, hovering right there." Sequoyah knew that this being had come to take him back to the spirit world ... . "... So all of the sudden I just yelled out, 'No, I'm not ready to go yet,'" and when he did that, the being leaned over {bowed out of the scene} "... and disappeared.""

pp. 152-3 type of extra-terrestrial encountred is dependent on quality of energy in people with whom the experiencer may be associating

p. 152

"The form of the visitation may have ... to do with the direction of consciousness of {other persons associated with by} the individual at the particular time ... . [K.] was convinced that an

p. 153

... encounter with ... scaly, lizardlike beings that she had not seen before occured at a time when she was struggling with "reptilian" energies {proceeding out of} ... a rough crowd of construction workers ... . She drew this experience to her, [K.] suggested, because she had been dealing with ... a "resonation" connecting the energy of the people".

pp. 153-4 spirit-animals who appear in dreams may have features resembling those characteristic of type of extra-terrestrial space-aliens in flying saucers

p. 153

"By the time she came to see me, [C.] ... was quite knowledgeable about ... shamanic practices, which played a majorpart in her psychospiritual development. She now speaks publicly on these subjects and has a special understanding of the ways of knowing ... of altered states of consciousness ... . ... For [C.], like a number of abductees [of flying saucers], owls in particular ... play

p. 154

an important part in personal development ... as her "spirit animal," {theriomorphic spirit-helper} although her ... owl ... would come to her, especially in dreams,

in which the eyes were solid black and proportionately too large for the head."

[p. 308, n. 7:3 : "owls, like the [extra-terrestrial] alien beings with their large black eyes".]

p. 154 the 3 types of dreams

"[C.[ distinguishes three types of dreams : ordinary dreams;

"spirit" dreams, which contain the elements of her experiences in the native worlds;

and a third ... kind of "dream."

Spirit dreams may involve a spirit-guide, and she will wake up ... from them ...with a sense of awe or even shock ... .

The third type of dream ... she will wake up from ... terrified".

pp. 154-5 an instance of "Old Hag" Syndrome

p. 154

"In this "dream" ... She was lying on a grassy mound ..., unable to move as she watched a small speck in the sky that seemed to be spiraling down toward her. She felt a wind, heard a high-pitched buzzing sound, and saw a bright light all around her. ...

p. 155

Next she recalled feeling a heavy weight on her mouth and chest ..., and she had difficulty breathing. Then ... she woke up panicked and wheezing".

pp. 156-7 divine purpose in being supernaturally "abused" from the "realm of spirit"

p. 156

"[C.] struggled to reconcile this experience ... as a healer and teacher. ... "They have an ability to change the way you look at things," she noted. ... "I now believe in something ... extraterrestrial ... alien ... . ..."

p. 157

... Furthermore, she argued, "you ... try and counsel somebody who'd been abused and say it's a plan of God, that you were abused and you're going to learn from this." "But," she concluded, "I believe that any type of experience ... does have a purpose." ... [C.] concluded that to develop as a healer, "I had to encounter something ... that frightened me." ...

She settled ... the question of whether such ... experiences could be "valid spiritual experiences" by separating in her belief structure the realms of matter and spirit.

"They ["the beings"] may be from a different world," she said,

"but they're just as much made of matter as we are.""

{The substance whereof their apparent bodies are composed is, however, subtle (; and they are capable (under appropriate circumstances) of apparent shape-shifting (entring variant subtle bodies) etc.} {Furthermore, even "we" mortals "are" actually souls (not really "made of matter").}

p. 157 silkies

"Like the people of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland who have have contact with seallike {praeternatural} entities they call [Williamson 1992] "silkies," greater spiritual heights ... can be reached through interaction with beings "on another material plane" {better designated "allo-ousia (alternate-substance) [subtle] plane-of-existence"}".

Williamson 1992 = Duncan Williamson : Tales of the Sea People. Northampton (MA) : Interlink Publ Gr.

pp. 157-8 ideographic writing

p. 157

"Abductees frequently report that they see or are shown strange writing in the {space}ships, which they assume represents a symbology ... (Pazzaglini 1991 and 1994). Jim Sparks's ... "alien boot camp" experiences have included a

p. 158

rather comprehensive curriculum taught by the aliens mainly through synbols,

{A rather extensive training-curriculum is reported my some returnees from the Afterlife (e.g., LGOSAE).}

whose meaning they gradually made clear to him. ... Before each abduction, he has noted, the aliens show him a symbol. ... In the {space}ships lessons have been specifically devoted to teaching him the meaning of various complex symbols.

He is guided to draw them by an electriclike energy that moves his fingers".

{an instance of so-called "automatic writing" -- which likewise my own hand did on one occasion (decades ago, in the apartment wherein a flying saucer hovered over our bed)}

Pazzaglini 1991 = Mario Pazzaglini : Symbolic Messages : ... "Alien" Writing. Newark (DE) : PZ Pr.

Pazzaglini 1994 = Mario Pazzaglini : "Studying Alien Writing". In :- Andrea Pritchard et al. (edd.) : Alien Discussions. Cambridge (MA) : North Cambridge Pr.

LGOSAE = John S. Weiss : Life Goes On, A Skeptic's Afterlife Education.

pp. 158-60 balls of light; illumination of power & of glory

p. 158

"three marble-sized phosphorescent green balls of light hovered about five feet in front of him. They ... floated down on to of his ... table."

p. 159

"One day Jim was sitting before a teaching machine in a {space}ship when ... an intensely bright ... bird was ... radiating a blinding light , and he realized "it represented power and glory. ... I was spellbound, ... and I could hardly breathe." ...

p. 160

The phoenix, Jim wrote, is a symbol ... "so deep, it is universal in nature.""

pp. 161-2 transparent praeternatural giants separate a human soul from the material body

p. 161

"In the next plane ["of reality" (p. 160)] ... a kind of "moat" ... shone ..., and the beings themselves now appeared luminous ..., with light coming into their bodies as if from a source beyond them. ... Dave described them like "giants," with "crystal" bodies. ... They had big heads with large eyes through which streamed light of indescribably beautiful colors, ... The beings ... changing into the crystalline forms. ... Dave has learned from these beings that they brought him to this plane to show him that there was "life beyond this life," for ... "the salvation of man" depends on our knowledge of the existence of these other planes of reality into which we will eventually pass.

p. 162

... He described a place of overwhelming joy, ... an awesome realm where nothing and no one was above another and existence itself was like light. ... But he has a strong sense that after death in prior lives, it is into this other plane that he has passed and that he will return to it again when this life is over."

p. 163 ikuya, according to B.P.

"the ikuyas (... that resemble gray aliens) ... possess a different energy and a higher standard of knowledge than the ancestor spirits ... (Walsh 1990, p. 9). They bring ... a powerful "spirit force" ..., and recalling his contact with them makes his body vibrate with great intensity."

Walsh 1990 = Roger Walsh : The Spirit of Shamanism. Los Angeles : Jeremy P. Tarcher.

p. 165 in Brazil

"When I visited Brazil ... to study the {exterrestrial-}abduction phenomenon with my associate Dominique Callimanopulos, we were told ... that {spirit-}mediums, when they worked with people afflicted by encounters with ETs in contrast to [encountres with] other spirits or entities, needed many other {spirit-worker} people to help them in the healing process because of the intensity of the energies involved."

p. 166 in South Dakota

"Beginning in June 1996 at a conference in the Lakota Sioux region of South Dakota, native people have been bringing ... their knowledge of the role of the "star people" in the origins of their cultures and current lives."

p. 166 extra-terrestrial contacts are frequent for shamans

"contact with extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings ... is frequent among shamans ..., ... such contacts were part of their training ... . [S.T.] told me that all of the more than a hundred medicine men and [medicine] women ... with whom he has talked have had such encounters."



B. P. of Para`, Brazil


p. 168 B. P.

"anthropologist ... works at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington [DC] ... . ... .

... was born into the Uru-e^ Wau-Wau, a small tribe in the state of Para` in northern Brazil, near the Venezuelan border."

p. 169 people from the stars

/Uru-e^ Wau-Wau/ "means, literally, "people from the stars," and their legend tells that ... a

huskerah, something from the sky that makes no sound

{Likely this word is cognate with English /Hush!/.}

{and thus unlike an ae:roplane} ..., landed in the Amazon basin, and

makuras, small glowing beings with large eyes who came from the sky,

{perhaps cognate with (as a designation of their spacecraft) "the god Enki's magur-boats" (ESA, p. 26) = Akkadian /makurru/}

taught the Uru-e^ Wau-Wau".

"representations of these vehicles and their occupants or

atojars -- which also means ... "people ... that ... cannot be from Earth" --

{cognate, perhaps, with Polynesian /atua/ 'deity'}

are engraved on cave walls. ... . ... people ... are waiting for the star people to return."

ESA = Morris Silver : Economic Structures of Antiquity. Greenwood Pr, Westport (CT), 1995.

pp. 170-1 praeternatural entities

p. 170

"Among his people ..., the visible can become visible, and beings residing in the spirit realm can take physical form -- indeed, they must do so to be perceived by humans."

p. 171

"little people, curipiras, ... came from another realm. Among these little people were the ikuyas ... .

The word ikuya is so sacred ... that it could only be spoken in the presence of someone highly trusted. ...

{Perhaps this word is cognate with Yoruba /Iku`/ 'Death' (and 'Death-deity').}

As we saw on p. 148, ikuyas can appear disguised in animal form."

p. 171 at PEER conference

"I invited [B.P.] to take part in PEER's Star Wisdom conference in 1998, which was to bring together ... indigenous medicine men, abduction researchers, and experiencers. ... When I was lecturing at the conference about the abduction phenomenon, I appeared to [B.P.] to be "surrounded by lights, and I knew 'they' {the ikuya-s} were there," he told me."

p. 172 blue lights from underground; luminosity-clad entities

"In his part of northern Brazil ..., ... sightings of unidentified flying objects are common. Sometimes they are silent, or they may be accompanied by a high-pitched humming or buzzing sound. ... . ... great blue balls of light ... may give off so much light ... that young girls are embarrassed to bathe naked there {out-of-doors} at night lest they be seen. The local people ... believe these lights are spirits of the rain forest.

There is a place ... near the junction of the Ri`o Negro (Black River) and the Amazon River, where ... such balls of light ... emerge from a deep black hole in the ground. (For discussion of [N.]'s association with this place, see pages 104-105 and 144-145.)"

"Several beings ... with especially long arms and wearing luminous shiny suits, appeared on the other side of the Irunduba River. The beings appeared to have a kind of aura or capsule of pure light around them ... . ... They were grayish in color, with triangular-shaped faces and pointed chins ... . They had "big, big eyes" that were black and slanted."

pp. 176-7 a penebialpa from the stars

p. 176

"for the Krenacroro ... upriver ... A woman ... spoke to him urgently : "We know your people come from

p. 177

the stars. ..." Many Krenacroro people had experienced ... a huge penebialpa (the Krenacroro word for "something that is there but unknown")".

p. 178 advent of the 7th Pac^akutek

"The ikuyas are coming now "because ... they love us ... ." ... The ikuyas and other apus are on another level and bring knowledge and understanding ..., especially of our connection to each other ... and of the fact that "we are just one part of a big, big whole.""

"we are at the end of the sixth pachacuti (five-hundred-year intervals of prophecy {according to Kec^ua lore} ...) and are beginning the seventh. ... The time we are entering is one in which obstacles to change {i.e., obstacles against social and oikonomic improvements} will fall away, and space and time {i.e., severe limitations imposed by locality and history} will seem not to exist."


John E. Mack : Passport to the Cosmos : Human Transformation and Alien Encounters. Crown Publ, NY, 1999.