Passport to the Cosmos, 4



Light, Energy, Vibration


p. 67 internal bodily vibration

"the extraordinary energies involved ... include ... powerful vibratory sensations experienced by the abductees. ...

{The internal bodily vibration is well-known in the lierature (much of it first-hand accounts of personal experiences) of astral projection as the agency performing the separation of the astral body from the material body. Such literature is worldwide and is available over a period extending hundreds of years into the past. [Nevertheless, the author (J.E.M.) would appear to have been quite unaware of such literature.]}

The sense of a higher vibrational "frequency" appears to be directly related to the feeling of a shift of consciousness itself to higher levels.

{In the literature of astral projection, such "higher levels" are known as subtle planes-of-existence (together with their sub-planes).}

The reported energy phenomena associated with abductions raise many scientific and phlosophical questions".

{These sort of quaestions have been answered for centuries in the traditional literature from India and China on astral projection.}

pp. 67-8 interference with electrical appliances

p. 67

"A great variety of energies or forces are associated with the UFO ... . ... Experiencers report various forms of interferences with appliances in their vicinity (I have seen this frequently myself), whether

p. 68

or not an abduction experience is taking place, as if they [the UFOs, the appliances, or both?] were themselves emanating some sort or strange energy. Electric lights, radios, television sets, toasters, microwave ovens, tape recorders, telephones, answering machines, electric alarm clocks, and automobile starters have all been reported to malfunction or behave strangely."

p. 69 flying saucers composed of colored lights; lightbeam for effecting transportation

"The yellow-orange-red vessels into which Carlos Diaz experiences being taken seem to be composed of a form of light. "When you are near the ship," he says, "you can see billions of small needles" that seem to have "no real beginning or end." ...

At the beginning of an encounter, the abductee ... may not see a UFO but will report seeing light in the form of beams ... of great intensity, or as if to turn night into day. It is usually said to be blue or bluish but may be white or even red. ... Seeing light may be preceded or accompanied by hearing a strange hum ... . ...

Light ... in the "transport" to the craft ... may be in the form of a beam, thread, tube, or tunnel, which can seem to protect the experiencer from the cold outside."

pp. 69-71 luminance of objects and of bodies both of supernaturals and of the abductees themselves; vibration in one's body

p. 69

"Inside the craft intense, cool light fills ... rooms. Sometimes a lamp-like object is seen, or the light comes from recessed places ... .

[A.] recalls being taken to a kind of engine room, where huge

p. 70

spinning magnets seemed to power the spaceship.

The beings and the hybrids themselves may seem to be luminous or to glow. ... even the grey beings may seem to glow. Sometimes the abductees will experience their own bodies as if they were filled with light or simply were light. ...

Sometimes, ... during an abduction experience ... a vibratory sensation in the body ... may be quite intense ... . ... They may feel that their vibratory level has been raised ..., as if to attune them to the vibrations of the beings and [of] the alien environment ... . On some occasions this heightened vibration is associated with a reported capacity to communicate telepathically with the beings or to connect with ... an otherwise unseen world or different dimension of reality. ... The light may be seen as emanating from a divine or sacred Source -- from the "depths of the universe" -- or the sense of bodily vibration may be linked to an "awakening" of consciousness ... . ...

Some of the abductees ... may reencounter certain light or other energy

p. 71

phenomena during their meditations. When abductees get together, they often feel an energy resonance ... . "We all started vibrating," [J.] remarked after such a meeting of several experiencers."

pp. 72-3 instance of praeternatural entities-of-luminosity from the Intergalactic Council

p. 72

"she [J.] was taken into a spaceship "hundreds of times," to "the same ship" by "the same beings ... for ... years, ... every night. ... it was like being beamed up. ..." ... The beings that contacted her ... were ... "very refined energy presences. They were literally beings of light." ... The beings "were like subtle energies, but they had gross dimensions. ... What was relevant was the experience of ... mind transmission." ... [J.] "came to understand" that she was "one of a number of people who were being ... reprogrammed to be transceivers." These people were to be "instruments for an intergalactic council that was working ... to foment a transformation" ... . ...

p. 73

The result of this "blowing out ..." was, she said, "the most erotic experience I've ever had." Then, having been taken through these "energy gates," she would be "freed up" to be "accessible to everything." In this open state, as a "transceiver," she was given "a complex mathematical system" ... that enabled her to "plug into Source ..., ... [with herself becoming] a medium to ... the Divine.""

pp. 73-4 projection of the astral body, mediated by assistance from praeternatural entities

p. 73

"Her [A.'s] encounters would begin with "a flash of light ..., and then I would start to vibrate." ... [A.] attributes to the light itelf the energy to float her out of the house up to a spaceship. ... She was awakened by a humming sound that seemed to surround the house and [was accompanied by] a flash of bright blue light ... .

She ... found that she could not move,

{instance of so-called "sleep-paralysis"}

and her whole body began to vibrate. She recalled seeing two ... beings ..., ...

p. 74

and "they look like they're made of light. ... ." ... then the light seemed to surround her. ... After this [A.] ... "floated" feet first "right through" the glass of the window ... . Then she floated, still feet first, high over the trees ... . ... The floating power ... seemed

to form a line or thread that extended from her navel to the beings.

{This may indicate that such beings are variations of Brahman : types of Brahma and of Brahman.i -- judging from the extrusion, via a filament, of Brahma out of the navel of Vis.n.u[, and of Brahman.i out nof the navel of Laks.mi?].}

It also seemed as if "streamers" of light were coming out from one of the beings to her body. These threads of light seemed to be used to pull her up to the ship. ...

When [A.] first began to be conscious of her abductions ..., the appearance of light would be immediately accompanied by vibration in her body. ... But over the ... years this shifted "from intense vibration to ... mild to moderate.""

pp. 74-5 seeing blue light and hearing a voice; in a praeternatural desert there is a supernatural doorway between worlds

p. 74

"For several years when she meditated, [A.] experienced internally the presence of bright blue light. ... Sometimes a "beautiful voice ..." said to her, "'Use the light ... .'" ...

p. 75

After a time her experience with the light "wasn't just in meditation. It was there all the time." ...

"... my whole body turned to light," she exclaimed, as she experienced ... herself to be in the desert ... . ... "... It was ... great expanded consciousness. There is a doorway," [A.] said, through which these people "were able to transfer energy and transfer themselves here.""

pp. 75-6 one's subtle body's hurtling through the atmosphere; praeternaturally-caused paralysis accompanied by praeternaturally-caused vibration of one's body

p. 75

"[K.] experiences a vibratory intensification as she feels herself being transported through a solid wall or ceiling into the ship.

"... My whole body is ... orange-red-brown. ... you ... see these sparks scream off you, you're going so fast. ..." ...

p. 76

One time she recalled "a huge vibration in my body, accompanied by paralysis ..., and you just feel it, and you can't move." ... Her body seems to shake and even vibrate when this occurs, and she may cry out loudly as the {shaking} moves through her. ...

"This huge light lives inside me. It doesn't ever leave my body. ... It's always there. ... This thing sends out this blue energy, ... this blue connection to the universe ... I'm connected to it ... this blue beam coming from the depths of the universe. It's all around us. It's always inside us.""

pp. 77-8 a dream of false-awakening; vibrations of one's body

p. 77

"[N.] had written, "I awoke [in the night] ... . There were many robed hooded beings surrounding me. A shaft of liquid crystalline light was entering through the top of my head. My body began to convulse, shaking and jerking all over. ... The beings ... said, 'This is magic.' Then they left. ...

I woke up the next morning and my body was shaking all over like an electrical current was being run through me. ..." ...

For me [the author J.E.M.] to be with someone undergoing an experience like this requires a kind of spacious but concentrated "centeredness" ... that I must struggle to maintain.

{This centredness of is self-hypnosis (trance) which he must struggle to maintain in order to be able to absorb the spiritual power being emanated from the space-aliens in co-operation with her visualizing description of them.}

She recalled sitting on her bed with the beings around her and a light above. "I feel a vibration at the top of my head," she exclaimed. "... I'm just feeling energy moving through my body. ... It's in my hands ... my face. I can feel it in my shoulders. It's all vibrating, all down my back. ... My legs are starting to vibrate. My knees ... I can feel it going down. It's in my calves. ..."

p. 78

(In a session ... weeks later ..., she recalled,

"I was just being loosened up, or just coming apart, basically.")"

{Her astral body by being loosened from her material body, so that it could readily come apart from the material body in further "abductions".}

{The vibration which she was feeling was apparently of her astral body encased within her material body. For that reason it would not be very evident to an outside observer situated wholly in the material plane.}

p. 78 real-time description of her being uplifted (in her astral body) to be suspended in the air above her material body (which was doing the talking for her astral body)

"She [N.] spoke of a "vibration under my back," and "a sense of being lifted" from "underneath. ... I'm just hanging there ... up here hanging in the air. ...

I'm sliding down a slide. [""Out of the second story of my house," she went on".] ... There's light all around me. ... I'm inside the beam of light. I'm going up,

{This process of "sliding down" before "going up" is the same as in the "Vank Nal" ("Bank Nal") of Radha-Swamin and of Eckankar.}

and there's a hole above me, and its dark, but there's light all around it. It's ... a blue light."

In the meeting ... weeks later, she remembered seeing "a ship up in the sky" and "a blue beam of light come down to the ground, and then ... {her own} going {upward} through a {vertical} tunnel. ... They were transporting me, their energy was."

p. 79 spiritually interconnected

"[N.] says, ... "... it can be spiritually uplifting in that you meet beings who really do care and communicate important information to you. It's ... being able to see into a parallel universe. ... It's all connected. We are all interconnected" (see chapter 5)."

p. 80 praeternatural vibration of one's body

[I.] "my whole body started vibrating. ..." It "started in my toes. It was a steady move all the way up to every point in my body ... . ... . ... and then when it got to the top of my head, it felt it was concentrated right here." She pointed to the top of her skull. "Then it started to work its way down again, ... and my whole insides turned ... warm ... .""

pp. 82-3 describing an abduction experienced while camping in Mexico

p. 82

[A.] "Her body shook as she recalled the "energy flow." Then she remembered being lifted from the bed, floated "sideways," and taken "through the side of the tent." ... "My fingers are burning right now. ..." In a state of awe ..., [A.] contuiued to relive her experience ... . ... She relived, gasping and screaming, the energy changes ... . ... After this, [A.] recalled, she was taken in a "cold cylinder" of surrounding white light ("it's the energy that transports you") ..., and she found herself "in a big room in their ship ... ." In the room ... several beings ... were "welcoming" her. ...

p. 83

She gasped and screamed loudly again as she relived this experience. The energy was so powerful, she explained, that she was having trouble breathing."

pp. 84-6 experience of spiritual luminance

p. 84

"light as experienced during abduction encounters, near-death experiences (NDEs), and other "transpersonal journeys ...

p. 85

readily compare ... to the manifestations of chi, prana, kundalini awakenings, and the yogic traditions of India and China (see, for example, Bhajan and Khalsa 1998 ...). All these powerful

p. 86

phenomena are associated with profound spiritual transformations that may even have measurable physical effects (... Rubik 1995)."

Bhajan & Khalsa 1998 = Yogi Bhajan & Gurucharan Khalsa : Mind : Its Projections and Multiple Facets. Espandla (NM) : Kundalini Research Institute.

Rubik 1995 = Beverly Rubik : Life at the Edge of Science. Oakland : Inst for Frontier Science.

pp. 86-7 subtle energy-fields of aurai

p. 86

"The human energy field (HEF) and the universal energy field (UEF), experienced vibrationally or observed as auras by energy healers, ... behave paradoxically. ... Also ..., this energy contains information and is the vehicle for telepathy. ... the human or universal energy fields ... seem to be directly associated with various forms of changes of consciousness ... . For all of the above reasons, researchers who study such matters have joined ... in calling these "subtle energies." They ... also ... study the healing and other properties of subtle energies and their relation to auras, the chakra system, and the etheric, astral, radiant, and other "subtle" bodies ...

p. 87

(... especially Woolger 1987 and 1988). Physician/scientist Larry Dossey ... questions, however, whether any of the known tenets of physiology or physics,

or even the concept of "energy" itself, are useful for studying such phenomena (Dossey 1992 and 1993a)."

{Unlike what is ordinarily designated as "energy" in physics, the forces employed in the subtle (immaterial) soul-healings cannot be depleted. They are more alike to invariable qualities (such as, angular momentum, isotopic spin, etc.) -- which are (according to "known tenets of ... physics") never regarded as "energy" -- of the elementary particles in quantum-mechanics. [written May 22 2014]}

Woolger 1987 = Roger Woolger : "Aspects of Past-Life Bodywork : Understanding Subtle Energy Fields". J OF REGRESSION THERAPY, vol. 11, ##1-2.

Woolger 1988 = Roger Woolger : Other Lives, Other Selves. NY : Bantam.

Dossey 1992 = Larry O. Dossey 1992 : "But Is It Energy? : Reflections on Consciousness Healing ...". SUBTLE ENERGIES, vol. 3, #3.

Dossey 1993a = Larry O. Dossey 1992 : "Healing, Energy, and Consciousness". SUBTLE ENERGIES, vol. 5, #1.

pp. 87-8, 306 higher intelligence and purpose are guiding the multi-verse

p. 87

"Schild wonders if the UFOs and the "aliens" how somehow discovered a way to master the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum

{Yea, the cosmic purveyors of cosmic-telepathy-based universal goverment could control "the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum energy field"; so that their control of subtle universal energy-fields on a macro-scale would harmonize with such "quantum fluctuations" on a micro-scale. [written Apr 25 2014]}

p. 88

energy field in order to transport themselves ... . Perhaps, he speculates, they have found a way of "introducing ..." a principle that would enable them "to organize mass and energy in our own dimensions ... ."

All of these discoveries, together with the for him incontrovertible evidence of the reality of psychic phenomena, has led him to ... "some larger spirit or energies," ... that enables people to communicate telepathically ... at great distances."

p. 306, n. 4:3

"In remarks prepared for the Multidisciplinary Study Group Conference on Anomalous Experiences, Rudolph Schild ... suggests ... to ask whether we may be discovering "the workings of some higher intelligence or purpose within the multi-verse, guiding events in our 4-D universe"".

pp. 88-9 the cosmic creative power/source is cosmic love inhaerent in supernatural intelligence

p. 88

"As adventurous scientists have done since Wilhelm Reich's experiments with "orgone" energy (Reich 1949, 1951),

{Said "adventure" (advocated by such Reichians) is in erotic love-making, indicating erotism (/eROT-/ cognate with Skt. /RATi/) as actual source-field of all other force-fields.}

it may be possible to measure the effects of the "larger universal spirit or energies" that Schild posited.

{This "orgone" erotic behaviour is intended by its advocates not merely to be meaured, but to be practicably employed in enhancing other force-fields -- for (supra p. 86), "these energies seem to build on themselves, creating more energy. ... "It boosts you.""}

But this may not bring us much closer to understanding their nature or origins.

{In the case of the orgone erotic force-field, its nature-and-origin is believed (in Vajra-yana and in Kaula metaphysics) to derive from the Kama-loka worlds named for Kama-deva the husband of Rati; which force can (according to venerable tradition) be stored and accumulated (at sacred sites, in fetish-implements and in bodies) through Tantrik caerimony-techniques (both Vama-acara and Daks.ina-acara).}

... the energies (perhaps in view of the physical connotation of the word, something like "creative power" or "source" would be better)

associated with the abduction phenomena seem to contain the possibility of ... spiritual transformation, and ... these changes seem to be related to the ... emotional intensity of the experiences."

{Such "emotional intensity of the experiences" would be typified in being (supra p. 79, quoting N.) "terrorized and raped." Tantrik techniques (such as those performed by D.akini-s at Kaula temples) are involved in generating the raga ('emotion') which can thereupon act in Svapna ('Dream') to achieve Siddhi ('Success') in results through means of assistance from entities stationed in the Kama-loka-s. [written Apr 26 2014]}

p. 89

"The experiences of light in abduction encounters may be linked to powerful feelings of love. ...

For [M., a "science writer" (supra p. 51)] the core cosmic energy is virtually identical {scil., with universal, rather than with too-restrictive personal, traits} to love. "It's been my feeling ...," he said to Roberta Colasanti and me, "that physical love, erotic love, the energy of work, the energy of creativity, ... the spaceships, use this energy. ... This energy phenomenon is the love phenomenon, is the life energy, is the cosmic energy. ...""

Reich 1949 = Wilhelm Reich : Ether, God, and Devil.

Reich 1951= Wilhelm Reich : Cosmic Superimposition. Rangeley (MD) : Wilhelm Reich Found.


John E. Mack : Passport to the Cosmos : Human Transformation and Alien Encounters. Crown Publ, NY, 1999.