Passport to the Cosmos, 2-3



How Do We Study?


p. 23 conference on flying saucers in 1997

""In the fall of 1997, a distinguished scientific panel, chaired by Peter A. Sturrock of Stanford University, ... studying the UFO phenomenon ... concluded that the number of intriguing and inexplicable observations is sufficient to warrant careful research ... (Sturrock et al. 1998, pp. 183, 184). The report was welcomed by the UFO community".

Sturrock et al. 1998 = Peter A. Sturrock et al. : "Proceedings of a Workshop Held at the Pocantico Conference Center, Tarrytown, NY, Sept 29-Oct 4, 1997". J OF SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION 12.2:179-229.

pp. 24-5 all knowledge is subjective

p. 24

"I shared ... a quote from Einstein that "all knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it." ...

Quite a few decades ago, philosopher Alfred North Whitehead noted that all knowledge that human beings gain grows out of a complex "interplay of subject with object," of knower and known, and that "subject and object are relative terms" (Whitehead 1933, pp. 177, 176). ...

p. 25

As Ludwig Wittgenstein said ... in the early 1930s, experiences themselves "seem to those who have had them, for instance to me, to have in some sense an intrinsic, absolute value" (Wittgenstein 1965, p. 10), and "cannot be captured by factual language because their value lies beyond the world of facts" (Monk 1990, p. 338). ...

Wilber has noted that ... positivistic {actually, materialistic} science has always been "spooked" by inner reality ("interiors"), ... by experiences themselves ... (Wilber 1998, p. 151)."

Whitehead 1933 = Alfred North Whitehead : Adventures of Ideas. NY : Macmillan.

Wittgenstein 1965 = Ludwig Wittgenstein : "A Lecture on Ethics". PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW 74:3-12.

Monk 1990 = Ray Monk : Ludwig Wittgenstein. NY : Penguin.

Wilber 1998 = Ken Wilber : The Marriage of Sense and Soul : Integrating Science and Religion. NY : Random House.

pp. 27-8 subtle (immaterial) bodies are abducted by subtle, otherworldly aliens who elude

into daimonic realities which bridge the gap between spirit and matter

p. 27

"it is not the physical but the astral, ethereal, or subtle body that has traveled, but ...

people are truly being taken up into spacecraft in the sky by alien beings ... .

... the alien beings themselves are so subtle ... that they cover their footprints ..., given the power ... redolent of a kind of tricksterism that mocks our technology and the literalness of minds ... . ... Finally, ... we are dealing with a class of phenomena, Patrick Harpur's "daimonic realities" (Harpur 1994), that by their very nature elude efforts to ... pin them down.

p. 28

UFOs and phenomena related to them are, for Harpur, the ultimate "daimonic realities." The physical evidence, though quite real, "is ... just enough to convince those people who want to believe in their literal reality -- just too little to win over the unbeliever" (Harpur 1994, p. 148). In Harpur's view ... "all ... which is not quite material but is able to act as a mechanism ... to bridge the age-old gap between spirit and matter, between the invisible and the visible," have ...

"a point of discontinuity

{This alleged "discontinuity " is merely a feature shared with all transfer-points, of whatever nature.}

at which the spiritual ceases to be spiritual and becomes material and vice versa" (p. 154)."

{A prime example would be the point in time at which one's immaterial will to move one's body is materially actualized in one's moving one's body. But even at this point, one's immaterial will is as much existent as before; so that, therefore, to write that "the spiritual ceases to be spiritual" is very grossly misleading (and probably is deliberately intended to be misleading by P. H.).}

Harpur 1994 = Patrick Harpur : Daimonic Reality : Understanding Otherworld Encounters. NY : Penguin Bks.

pp. 28-9 the author (J.E.M.)'s participation in a conference on extra-terrestrial abduction at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; witnessing of praternatural raccoon-divinities by a Nobel-Prize winner

p. 28

"Toward the end of a conference on the abduction phenomenon at MIT in June 1992, ... I asked Philip Morrison, a distiguished MIT physicist whom I had known slightly from my anti-nuclear-weapons-activist days, why ... the

p. 29

S[earch for]E[xtra-]T[errestrial]I[ntelligence program] was

not using some form of altered state of consciousness {trance} ... to discover and communicate with extraterrestrial beings. After all consciousness {telepathic trance} may not be limited by the constraints of space/time that plague the search for extraterrestrial intelligence."

{The answer is that this capitalist-state-funded program is a mere farce, having no intention actually to communicate with any extraterrestrial intelligence (every which extraterrestrial intelligence would quite definitely communicate, via telepathy, a strong disapproval of capitalism). Instead, the capitalist-intended purpose of the program is simply to trick the general public into imagining that, because no extraterrestrials will ever be found by SETI's thoroughly materialistic method, that therefore no intelligent extraterrestrials exist (and that, furthermore, capitalist is not in egregious defiance of any legitimate socialist-communalist government of the universe).}

"It {actual communication from extraterrestrials} ... causes ... Nobel Prize-winner Kary Mullis ... his own encounter with "glowing raccoons"".

{The probable meaning of this communication from extraterrestrials is an advisement from them that they regard as comparable to the doings of raccoons (who are notorious thieves of food from humans), the noticeably similar doings of capitalists (who steal from the working-class the greater part of the produce of the workers' labor-power); the luminosity (of said raccoons) being indicative that this similitude is highly notorious (proven by Karl Marx et al). [written April 11th 2014]}

{I have likewise seen on various occasions (directly beside me) a spectral animal, namely a rat -- the meaning of this praeternatural communication to me from the flying saucers (a small one of which appeared in the same trailer whereinto I saw the rat, in B., GA -- both in the early 1980s) being that (just as rats desert, via tethering-rope, a docked ship which is about to sink as soon as it again will sail the high seas) it high time to desert capitalism (which is about to collapse as soon as the working-class on this planet be adequately apprised of the fact that the entire armed force of intelligent beings throughout the universe is sharply hostile to capitalism). [written April 11th 2014]}

p. 31 method for investigating eyewitness accounts

"Generally, we look for people who ... have had anomalous experiences, as suggested by ... contact during waking hours with an unexplained "presence" (... angel, ghost, spirit guide ...), or with a nonhuman entity, and/or a close encounter with a UFO ... . ...

There are occasions when we decide, after meeting with an individual, that ... it is not in the individual's best interest to pursue further investigations at that time.

{It would usually not be deemed in the witness's best interest "at that time" if the witness's employer were likely to fire the witness on account of publication of such testimony.}

In 1996 we received funding to work with cases where there was more than one witness to a particular abduction experience [Colasanti & Mack 1996], so we are currently guided by this requirement."

Colasanti & Mack 1996 = Roberta Colasanti & John E. Mack : Comparative Narratives of Reports of Multiply Witnessed Anomalous Exp[eriences Commonly Called "Alien Abduction". Cambridge (MA) : Program for Extraordinary Experience Research.

p. 34 affirmation of traditional myths, legends, and experiences

"In the first place, medicine men and women ... are usually meeting with me precisely becaus they ... have had experiences of the sort that I am investigating. In addition they are usually pleased with what I am doing, for my work seen as affirming tribal myths, legends, and experiences. It is and example of a "white man" {who is a university-professor, at that} crediting matters that are sacred for them, that have been known in their cultures for centuries."

p. 37 reaction by "cultural elites"

"Zimmermann has called UFOs "ultraterrestrial agents of cultural deconstruction" (Zimmermann 1997, p. 247).

I suspect that dire warnings of societal collapse, should the alien reality be officially confirmed, reflect more the conscious ... fear on the part of cultural elites that the perquisites that the status quo provides {to themselves, personally and quite financially} will be severely challenged

{Such "cultural elites" are, basically, the capitalist-ploutokrat trillionaire familiies which control all the major governments on this planet; along with their stooge-hirelings.}

than any actual danger of social disorder. For the general public ... appears quite ready to accept the reality of an alien presence, if they do not already know ... ."

Zimmermann 1997 = Michael E. Zimmermann : "The Alien Abduction Phenomenon : Forbidden Knowledge of Hidden Events". PHILOSOPHY TODAY (Summer 1997), pp. 235-54.

pp. 38-41 other realities, which have slightly different laws of physics, have been entred by abductees of the flying saucers

p. 38

"Different abductees ... tried to explain to me, when I have seemed incredulous about one or another aspect ..., that "there are slightly different physical laws there.""

{The "laws" of physics operant in the dream-world (where most or all the experiences of the "abductees" occurred) are likely to vary slightly from those in operation in the waking-world. Where several person were "abducted" by a flying-saucer together, they are likely to have been experiencing a mutually shared dream.}

p. 39

[a speculation, due to Michio Kaku (Hyperspace), that so-called "dark matter" in the galaxy may consist of a region of praeternatural existence, peopled by supernaturals : an "invisible order with its own population and ways of behaving" that may not even "need physical underpinnings" (Smith 1992, p. 276).]

p. 40

"All the ways of knowing considered ... -- ... meditative, intuitive, contemplative ..., and nonsensory -- may ... lead us to dimensions of

p. 41

reality with which we may not be familiar. These are the realms of being that abductees describe in in their journeys."

Smith 1992 = Huston Smith : "Post Modernism's Impact on the Study of Religion". In :- Huston Smith (ed. by Darrol Bryant) : Essays on World Religions. NY : Paragon House. pp. 262-79.

pp. 42-52 biographies of informants for this book's contents -- including under rubrics both pseudonyms (asterisked) and authentic names (non-asterisked)



Is it "Real", and How?


p. 54 visitation while witness is surrounded by a divine light

"[S.] ... remembered "floating down my stairs from my bedroom in a blue light, a beautiful blue light. I felt I was with a person who[m] I'd known forever. ... The next thing I saw was him [he] standing on the hill outside my kitchen door.""

pp. 55-6 ontological shock : the collapse of a worldview

p. 55

"ontological shock ... many abductees go through at the moment when they can no longer deny that what they have undergone is ... real. ...

p. 56

[G.], a fifty-year old physician, who does not ... doubt the reality of his experiences, knows the terror that can be associated with the breakdown of a worldview."

pp. 55 & 46 allegedly "challenged"?

p. 55

"Years and years have passed since losing the day

in Italy.

{The name /Italia/ (< */Wi-t[.]al-/) is related to Skt /Vi-t[.]al/ (<ibri^ / 'dew (scil., of the Resurrection)', imply perhaps that the 7 T[.]ala netherworlds are the headquarters of the deities (known in Africa, China, Viet-nam, etc.) of deity-mediumship.}

My concept of life and reality had been challenged by the experienced".

p. 46

"in Rome ... [C.] and her roommate both experienced {simultaneously?} thirty-six hours of missing time.

{When I underwent (decades ago in B., GA) this type of experience (as I just as had just noticed without telling her, the woman who was with me said that I the moment before the sun had been rising, and now it was setting), this did not "shock" nor "challenge" me, for I had often read of African (whether in Africa itself, or in Haiti or in Bahi`a) spirit-media who are in oblivious trance for hours at a time; so I immediately assumed that I and she had been simultaneously occupied by African deities (simultaneous occupation of two or more deity-media being commonplace in traditional African deity-mediumship). The only person who would be "shocked" or "challenged" would be some complete ignoramus completely ignorant of the abundant traditional literature on this matter.}

... [C.] vividly recalled being taken being taken by nonhuman entities into an enclosed and unfamiliar place ... . Her roommate confirmed that they had both experienced thirty-six hours of missing time, yet she

did not have any abduction-oriented memories associated with their missing time."

{In order to recover such memories, it would be necessary to be hypnotized by a battery of ritual-occult hypnotists invoking caerimonially (with appropriate sacred music and hymns, in most cases) the mighty deities responsible for this transcendental experience.}

pp. 56-7 the 3 types of dreams

p. 56

"[A.] told me, "I am in another place. ...

p. 57

It's not like a dream."

[C.] ... distinguishes three types of dreams --

ordinary {non-lucid} dreams,

shamanic or spirit-guided dreams, and

"type three" dreams, which are ... "hyperreal.""

{The main distinction between these 2 types of dreaming (both of which are lucid, and both of which tend to commence at the site where the dreamer fell asleep) is that the shamanic start after the dreamer hath been already asleep for a while in a non-lucid dream, while the hyperreal are entred into directly from the waking state.}

pp. 57-8 imaginal Visitors from a separate reality

p. 57

"The sheer ... variety of apparent UFO "visitors" leads ... to suggest that something "psychical, mythical, or imaginal" is going on. UFO encounters ... are strange hybrids of mind and matter. They seem to come from both outside and "our inside" and therefore belong, like ... fairies, demons or "other creatures of an elemental, discarnate or excarnate nature," to a "third zone of being" that does not conform to the inside/outside duality ... . ...

p. 58

Abductees usually know that, although their experiences are as real as the world experienced in ... ordinary consciousness, they are occurring in ... "a completely different reality." ... "Abduction experiences show you can separate consciousness from the body. ..." Abductees frequently speak of being taken into another ... plane of reality with different properties."

pp. 59 & 305 "the other reality" subsumeth [viz., and therefore controlleth] the material plane : when assisted by that other reality, we are "living outside of time"

p. 59

"from the viewpoint of the other reality ..., the material world is subsumed.

[E. :] "Linear time/space is contained within the greater perspective, but not vice versa ... -- ...

[C. :] three dimensional reality is included within it.""

p. 305, n. 3:1

"At a lecture at Wellesley College in ... 1998, mathematician Patrick Morton spoke ... .

[quoted :] When we commit ourselves to being creative ..., we are helped by divine agencies, which are simultaneously a larger part of ourselves. ... Plato called this greater being our daimon ..., which seems to exist prior to the living out of our lives."

p. 61 * animal-spirits appearing as humans

"African shaman Malidoma Some' described in a workshop ... that there were spirits of animals from other dimensions he could identify, but others without his capability saw them as humans".

{Such "spirits of animals from other dimensions" would be those which, in Nahuatl occult perception, are the "tonal" of each person.}

pp. 60-2 higher rate of vibration is transmitted by flying saucers into abductee's body in order, by thusly jarring it, so to break one loose from the material into the subtle world

p. 60

K. "speaks of ... a "finer, higher vibration" that allow her to be "shown something" she would not otherwise perceive."

p. 61

K. : "they have to alter your vibration in order to get a solid object to pass through another solid object, literally. ... You go through the window{pane}, or wall -- they prefer the window. So ... you ... feel ... you're ... vibrating ... to get you through all the different levels of time and space and ... you ... actually manifest in this other dimension."

{explanation : Such "solid objects" are composed astral substance (or ectoplasm, extruded into the waking-world from dream-worlds). Such aitheric dream-extrusions would naturally be of a different vibrational character from waking-world materials, in that immaterial mind-substance is doing the vibrating.}

p. 62

K. : "You don't use language when you're in this other experience. You use color, and you have vibration"".

p. 62 through tunnels/tubes into other worlds

"Ron Bryan at Texas A&M is one of the few physicists who has discussed consciousness as a vehicle of interdimensional transport. He conceives ... it might be quite easy for consciousness to "drift over" through a kind of tunnel ... into "another universe in higher dimensional space-time" where it could encounter "the light" and "other consciousnesses" ... .

Many abductees speak of "tunnels" or "tubes" filled with light ..., through which the beings bring them from one place or dimension to another (see chapters 4 and 7)."

p. 63 transgalactic travel by flying saucers using thought-activated technology

"Jim says, "... I have been taken from my home via this 'field' to their ship. Also by the same method I have been transported to different points on the earth's surface" and "across one end of the galaxy to the other." "They call themselves 'star people,'" Jim says. ...

"With proper technology, ... thought-activated technology," the aliens' ability to "command their machines with thought, ...

{"The aliens use thought-activated technology, and their machines are at least partially biological and can interact with us as if they were alive." (JSK, p. 196)}

in other dimensions, ... barriers of space and time mean nothing."

JSK = Jim Sparks : The Keepers. Wild Flower Pr (an imprint of Granite Publ), Columbus (NC), 2008.

pp. 65, 305 the "3rd zone"

p. 65

"Those of us who work with abductees may ourselves be drawn toward an awareness of unseen realms ..., ... which ... can create a dilemma for a mind that would stay in the duality of internal/external, for the phenomenon appears to be both, or now one then the other.

Philosopher Michael Grosso calls this reality a "third zone," neither strictly inside nor outside the mind that knows it".

{"These beings ... originate from "outside" our personal world but also from "inside" our collective mental life {Carl Jung's "collective consciousness"}. They would be creatures of a third zone of being that fuses objective and subjective realms ... . Some scholars have called this third fused mode of being the Mundus Imaginalis." (E3WN, p. 204)}

p. 305, n. 3:4

"philosopher Michael Zimmerman's study of the abduction phenomenon led him to posit a third "soul realm," an "intermediary dimension between the spirit and material realms." (Travis 1998, p. 21)

E3WN = Michael Grosso : Experiencing the Next World Now. Simon & Schuster, NY, 2004.

Travis 1998 = Mary Ann Travis : "The Z Files". TULANIAN (1998 Summer), pp. 16-23.

p. 66 distinguished from dreams?

"Abduction experiences themselves ... can be distinguished clinically from dreams ... by both the abductees and those who work with them.}

{Such "abduction experiences" can be distinguished from commonplace sorts of dreams by the fact that they usually commence with the human experiencer lying in bed in the same place as the material body is located. But is also also characteristic of the so-called "dream of false awakening", of which it may be a sub-type. [The author, J.E.M., would appear not to have been familiar with the literature concerning "dreams of false awakening".] The most usual "dream of false awakening" commenceth only after a long praeliminary ordinary dream; whereas the "abduction experience" is itself the commencement of a sleep-experience.}


John E. Mack : Passport to the Cosmos : Human Transformation and Alien Encounters. Crown Publ, NY, 1999.