Passport to the Cosmos, 13-14





p. 263 acceptance

"When abductees face the ... unknown quality of the abductions experiences directly, ... their relationship with the beings changes, sometimes dramatcally. ... They may simply acknowledge ... and accept what is happening to them, sometimes with the help of a [praeternatural] facilitator."

pp. 264-6 antient relationship with these alien deities of love-&-peace

p. 264

"the abductees ... come to an awareness that their relationship with the [praeternatural] beings is an ancient one.

[I.] feels ... "I was with them before I was here [in this world]. ... I've had a relationship with them for ... thousands of lifetimes. ... the information that I tap into when I fall asleep is just information that I already knew on that other level [of praevious livetimes].""

p. 265

"the experiencers ... come to realize that the [praeternatural] beings have played a teaching, mentoring, guiding, ... guardian

p. 266

role for them in ... other lifetimes.

We even once called them gods, [I.] believes, but our estrangement from them has led us to call them "aliens." Through time {of past lives}, she says, some of them ... have tried to teach us how to love each other and about peace. ... I'm in a partnership with them. They give me the feeling of powerfulness. They teach me things spiritually.

They teach me how to defend myself."

{against the class-enemy and against the infidel capitalist government}

p. 268 erotic & transcendental connections

[K. :] "Several years ago I had a case where the [praeternatural] beings were reported to stage sexual intercourse between [abducted] humans on the {space}ship and to watch intently, sometimes to the embarrassment of the participating couple. ...

From all of this ..., powerful and sometimes transcendent connections form between human beings and the alien visitors ... . For the abductees the relationships ... serve a ... cosmic love that takes them beyond their {material} bodies. For the [praeternatural] beings the contact seems to fulfill ...

the experience of physicality itself."

{not actually! The bodies of the "abductees" (wherewith those abductees perform the sexual intercourse staged within the immaterial spaceship) are themselves immaterial (perhaps aitheric or astral), so no strict so-called "physicality" is involved.}

pp. 268-9 erotic-comical qualities of relationships

p. 268

"On occasion the relationship may have a touching, even comic quality.

[K.] told us ... She recalls that she "tumbled" out of her body, and as she did so, she virtually fell "on top of the little gray guy in his natural out-of-body state." ...

p. 269

On several occasions experiencers have described intensely erotic experiences with the [praeternatural] beings, which can also seem a bit comical when described.

One night [I.] went to bed feeling particularly sexual ... . "in the middle of the night, I woke up, and ... someone was having sex with me ... . ... So who am I having sex with?" she wondered. After "that initial shock," she felt "really good." ... [I.] said ... "there was this intense feeling all through me, and then peacefulness, and I felt loved. It was different from having sex with a human being, physical sex. It was ... spiritual sex.""

p. 270 the enhanced sensation in orgasm during sexual intercourse with a praetenatural spouse

"Whitley Strieber spoke ... of experiences ... . "The sexual part of my relationship [with praeternaturals of opposite gendre] has been ... very rich ... . ..." There is a specific alien female with whom he feels mated. ... In normal coitus, he said, orgasm can be "a very colorful moment, but in this the power of the moment starts at the beginning and extends through the whole thing, and at the end I black out. ... It's very, very powerful.""

{I is no wonder, therefore, that the 1997 Barbara Brennan School of Healing thesis about sexual relations with extra-terrestrials (supra p. 138) was named Communion after Whitley Strieber's book Communion (Beech Tree Bks, 1987).}

pp. 271-3 sexual experiences of an Earthling man with a Hybrid woman aboard a spaceship

p. 271

[according to J. (a NY male psychotherapist who had experienced sleep-paralysis, supra p. 49)] "One hybrid, for example, had an arm that looked ... human, while the other arm appeared "alien"; another had an alien face on one side {of the face} and a ... human face on the other. ... .

p. 272

... [J.] was able to share ... sexual encounters with his hybrid partner. ... Then in the room they made love on a ... hard slab ... . ...

p. 273

"... It feels like this wonderful bonding, lovemaking. ..." ... He realized that he had been paired with and taught to love a desirable female, ... like many other couples he observed on the {space}ship ... . ... He, in turn, is meant to bring back to Earth "extraterrestrial energy and feeling ... .""

p. 274 the on-board-the-spacecraft body of A.

"on the {space}ship, ... she was "completely" in the form of a {space-}alien woman with"droopy" ... skin that is looser than human skin ... . ... [A.] ... had

bones ... "... more like cartilage."

{thus like unto those of a shark?}

[A.] ... had ... only four fingers,

{thus like unto those of a coaita monkey?}

which seemed longer than humans'. Her head was large, with no hair, "really little" ears, a mouth like a slit, and a flat nose. The eyes were huge, and she noted that the space between them seemed a little bigger than ours. ... Her ... genitals ... {were} smaller."

pp. 274-5 A.'s sexual relations with an extra-terrestrial alien male aboard the spacecraft

p. 274

"[A.] ... was "set up" to have sex[ual intercourse] wih her mate, who, she believed, had been her partner in several lifetimes. ...

p. 275

this time he was naked and in human form ... . ... they held each other standing up, and some sort of "very subtle" vibration began all over their bodies. Then he had an erection, "and his body moved into mine," [A.] said. ...

Although pleasurable sensations may have begun in the genital area,

{Usually, humans begin the sexual activities (and thus the erotic sensations) not with the genitalia, but by kissing the sexual partner's face; then kissing the hands, feet, nipples, navel, etc.}

they spread throughout her body ..., as the vibration brought about

a feeling of merging.


It seemed to [A.] as if "you expand everything, and it goes into the universe, like enlightenment. ... It was a total expansion.""

pp. 276, 285 flight (in the mental body?) by A. out of a spaceship, down to Earth

p. 276

"[A.] relived ... an experience of flying out of a {space}ship with a woman ... . Some sort of cord seemed to link her to a blue light that came down from the {space}ship. ...

{If the she were already in the mental body, then "blue light" might be a causal body projected out the mental body, with the "sort of cord" supplying the connection.}

On the {space}ship she seemed to have been in alien form but was surprised to find that she changed to human form as she flew out of it. ... In the blue light, [A.] could see the Earth and then a road coming up to meet her. She ... found herself on a beach of what she took to be one of the Hawaiian {Sandwich} islands, the same one that she had envisioned

exploding (see page 100)."

{via volcanic eruption}

p. 285

"Some of the narratives -- like [A.]'s flight to Hawaii, for example, are just too preposterous from the standpoint of this {the material} reality."

{This description is not praeposterous -- not even for the material world. Projections of the subtle (astral, mental, causal) bodies have by verified by parapsychologists; and the "cord" that "seemed to link" is well-known for such projections.}

{I have myself traveled seemingly bodilessly into outer space (perhaps a thousand miles above the earth), having a good view of familiar terrain from that altitude. (Perhaps being embodied as a "light" may be experienced as bodilessness.)}

pp. 279, 284 descriptions of the body of extra-terrestrials

p. 279

"the gray aliens' eyes ... are usually described by experiencers ... as large and black, oblong or almond-shaped, slanted or "wrap-around,"

and without pupils. ...

{If the entirety of each eye be black, then the whole of each eye may be a pupil (in which case the description as "without pupils" would be quite false).}

Often experiencers see some sort of membrane that may cover a portion of the eyes.

{Plinius wrote, "Fennel has a wonderful property to mundify our sight and take away the film that overcasts and dims our eyes." ("FH")}

Usually, but not always, experiencers do not see the eyes close or blink."

p. 284

"[J.] described his forehead as protruding and "knotted,"

{Similarly, the future-praedicting face of Huwawa is depicted as windingly ridged ("CMDH"), at "the seventh mountain range" which "flashes like lightning" ("G&HVA", "G&HVB") : similar to "Lightning Tlaloc" whose face is likewise windingly ridged ("MMTl", p. 48).}

and his head as having no hair or detectible ears. The tiny mouth seemed to her to be smiling."

"FH" = "Fennel History" quoting The Shakespeare Garden, by Esther Singleton, (pp 234-235) (1922).

"CMDH" = "Clay mask of the demon Huwawa".

"G&HVA" = "Gilgamesh and Huwawa, version A"

"G&HVB" = "Gilgamesh and Huwawa, version B "

"MMTl" = "Mask as Metaphor : Tlaloc". chapter in :- Roberta H.Markman & Peter T. Markman : Masks of the Spirit : Image and Metaphor in Mesoamerica. Berkeley : U of CA Pr, 1989.





p. 288 variety of transcendental manifestations

"The alien abduction phenomenon is one among a number of manifestations -- including near-death experiences, intricate crop formations, apparitions of many kinds, unexplained powers of healing (... Cooperstein 1996), and parapsychology (Jahne and Dunne 1987; Radin 1997) -- that are forcing us to appreciate that cosmic realities exist beyond the three-dimensional universe that has bounded our earthly existence. There seem to be as many names for these domains as there are methods of approaching them : the "implicate order," the "invisible world," ... or "daimonic reality" are a few of them. ... Whatever words we may use to describe this realm or realms, it appears ... that we exist in a multidimensional cosmos or multiverse, within which space and time appear to be constructs of the mind that order {rendre orderly} ... the ... vibration in which we are immersed."

Cooperstein 1996 = A. Allen Cooperstein : : "Consciousness and Cognition in Alternative Healers". SUBTLE ENERGIES & ENERGY MEDICINE 7.3:185-237.

Jahne & Dunne 1987 = Robert G. Jahne & Brenda J. Dunne : Margins of Reality. San Diego : Harcourt Brace & Co.

Radin 1997 = Dean Radin : The Conscious Universe. NY : Harper Collins.

pp. 288-9 praeternatural denizens of transcendental worlds

p. 288

"penetrating this multidimensional universe or multiverse seems to require the full range of powers that human consciousness may possess, including intuition, contemplation, ... revealed by this opening of consciousness, ... filled with beings, ... spirits, intelligences, gods ... that through the millennia have been intimately involved with human existence."

p. 289

"that we live in a multidimensional universe populated by life-forms that

are less densely embodied

{are less dense in terms of inertial mass, but are more tightly integrated in terms of internal cohaesion}

than we are, or perhaps not embodied at all,

{Unembodied "life-forms" would be, basicly, the abstract principles of life.}

is not new to Eastern religious traditions [n]or to most {any ("not new to any")} of the indigenous peoples of the world.

But it is a not cosmos that is familiar or accepted as existing by the scientific

scientific culture

{materialistic pseudo-"culture", not really "scientific" : materialism being mere a pseudo-"science"}

of Western society,

{of capitalist-stooge treacherous deceitfulness}

which has ... constructed a universe in which ... the seen and unseen realms, have been kept largely separate ... (Tarnas 1991)."

{Capitalist-stooge deceitfulness hath kept the "unseen" divine realm unmentioned in order to keep concealed the otherwise-all-too-evident divine disapproval of capitalist greed and of capitalist destructiveness.}

Tarnas 1991 = Richard Tarnas : Passion of the Western Mind. NY : Ballantine.

pp. 289-90 "when I shall cross the bar" (barrier = bar)

p. 289

"this alien abduction phenomenon ... appears to belong to that class of phenomena that do not respect the epistemological and ontological walls that we {the materialistic class-enemy, and not any hypothetical "we"} have erected between the unseen realms of the cosmos and ourselves. The aliens,

whatever or whomever they may be,

{largely denizens of the mind-made (scil., by bodiless supernatural intelligences) immaterial "mental" (manasik) plane-of-existence}

cross this barrier with ease and apparent insouciance. ...

p. 290

But the abduction {by flying saucers} story appears to be especially well suited for breaking down these walls by virtue of ... the energetic intensity that seems to accompany it, and its capacity, through its vivid ae[:]ropace and biotechnical elements, to "speak ..." the "language" of ... technology. ...

On the other hand, it has become increasingly clear to me that the phenomenon itself represents a kind of return of {and of philosophically-minded humans to}

the repressed {by oppressive aftermaths of the Black Death} that

{scil., systems of metaphysics which praevailed in, e.g., Europe, prior to the vogue of such ungodly crass materialisms as Aristotelianism and Thomas-Aquinism}

is "designed" (I use quotation marks to warn against purpose to ... linear thinking that is sometimes characteristic of the human mind)

{Any single line of evaluation would be inadequate for designing an adequate teleology, which would needs depend on relative weighing of all pertinent possible outcomes.} {It is sometimes characteristic of [inadequate] human reasoning to rely on only a single line of reasoning, ignoring all other possibilities.}

to break down this separation."

p. 291 events involving "subtle, astral, or energetic bodies" of experiencers

"the more deeply I have explored this phenomenon ..., the less certain I have become about when the abductees ... are communicating ...

events they experienced as utterly real ... that happened to their subtle, astral, or energetic bodies, which may be the actual locus of self (see chapter 4)."

{All "alien abduction" (and the like) events evidently occur in a peculiar variety of intercombined dream-and-materiality composite-world (characteristic likewise of astral projection), where (more so in "alien abduction" scenarios than in canonical astral projection) the subtle body occupied by one's self is virtually indistinguishable from one's material body.}

{In astral projection, which is subtler than "alien abduction", the fact that one is not is one's material body is highly evident; however, this is hardly, if at all, evident during "alien abduction", just as it is not conspicuous in ordinary dreams.}

p. 291 mystery of the overarching principle of intelligence in cosmos

"Finally, I cannot avoid the fact that not much sense can be made of any of this ... without positing

an ultimate or overarching creative principle or intelligence in the cosmos

{Such principle or intelligence must surely function through means of universe-wide hierarchies of telepathic intercommunication amongst committees of supernatural entities.}

that is doing its work through this and related phenomena that break into our material reality from unseen realms {i.e., from subtler planes-of-existence}."

pp. 291-2 author (J.E.M.) own praeferred brand of metaphysics : allegation of "beginning" "out of nothing", etc.

p. 291

"From some primal beginning -- ...

{According to the traditional philosophies of India, the universe hath always existed, beginninglessly; the Chinese philosophies tend to regard a primaeval combined Heaven-and-Earth as beginningless; and seemingly all primitive tribes have similar beliefs.}

p. 292

a mysterious creation all out of nothing ... --

{The wild notion of any originating out of nothingness is utterly absurd. It is denied by, not only by all the traditional philosophies of Hellas (with primaeval Khaos) and India (with primordial S`abda-brahman) and China (with prae-existent "Former Heaven") and Yis`ra>el (primaeval Tohu-wa-Bohu), but also even by every primitive tribe in the world.}

everything we now know of as this universe came almost instantaneously into being."

{of course not! No traditional philosophy nor tribe any in world, nor in any world, would ever make such a ridiculous allegation.}

{It would appear that the author (J.E.M.) hath adopted the wild absurdities of materialist (self-styled "scientific") cosmologists without realizing that these are, and always have been, repudiated by, and refuted by, every occultist and by every traditionalist on this planet.}

p. 294 separation of matter from spirit

"Some contemporary theologians like Thomas Berry have come to understand the endless harm that has been created by the separation of matter and spirit that has been contained in much Christian teaching. ... (Berry 1990)"

{This separation did not exist in any Christian theology before the 14th century, when the Catholic Church adopted Aristotelianism, a rabid materialism which hath indeed done "endless harm" (including by spawning the fanatically materialistic "Protestant" denominations).}

Berry 1990 = Thomas Berry : The Dream of the Earth. San Francisco : Sierra Club Bks.

p. 295 flying saucers are a display of cosmic notice that modern technology hath come under surveillance by cosmic intelligences

"Evidently what we have been doing to the Earth

{restate this as : "Evidently what capitalist governments have been plotting to do to the Earth (namely, destroy the planet with atomic bombs)"}

has not gone "unnoticed" at a higher, cosmic, or cosmic/regional level. Some sort of odd intervention seems to be occurring here.

We are not, apparently, being permitted to continue on our destructive ways without some kind of "feedback" (Schlemmer 1993)."

{restate this as : "Capitalist governments are not being permitted to continue on their potentially destructive ways (of massacring the world's population in order to entertain the jaded appetites of a few trillionaire ploutokrat families)"}

Schlemmer 1993 = Phyllis Schlemmer : The Only Planet of Choice : Essential Briefings from Deep Space. Oakland : Gateway Bks.

{The author J.E.M. is apparently quite oblivious of the potential danger in thousands of atomic bombs mounted on guided missiles; instead he is apparently quibbling trivialities about insignificant "industrial pollution"; but the flying saucers themselves are more realistic (as is explained in detail in the book UFOs and Nukes, by Robert Hastings).}

p. 295 types of extra-terrestrial aliens

"The little gray ones with the big eyes are reliable for what is needed ... . They are especially good at shape-shifting, disguising themselves as animal forms when this is useful. The grays have been interacting with humans and affecting their cultures and identities ... for thousands of years. ...

Other beings are more luminous or transcendent.

Some, like the reptilian ones, really play rough."

p. 296 not "godlike"?

"Although the aliens are not gods -- their behavior is sometimes anything but godlike --

{The behaviour alluded to is merely satirical, ironically ridiculing humans in a sort of pantomime. For example, carrying out medical procedure on abductees is meant to ridicule those abductees' excessive faith in the imagined sincerity of greed-motivated medical doctors. (Satirical irony may well be "godlike", especially if it be successful in curing the "abductees" of misplaced faith in the motivations of the medical profession.) [written May 23 2014]}

abductees consistently report that the beings seem closer to Godhead than we are".

pp. 297-8 psychic abilities derive from bodily vibrations

p. 297

"abductees often realize that they have encountered

intense vibratory energies, still held in the body, that have also profoundly affected their consciousness. ...

{The praeternatural entity causing the vibration retaineth as yet an affinity for the mortal experiencer's body-and-mind.}

For this awakening, the heightened awareness that grows out of the ego-shattering impact of the encounters, carries with it ... certain interrrelated psychospiritual changes ... . First, they have access to ...

nonordinary states of consciousness ... . ...

{imbued within their soul by the esoteric machinations of a praeternatural entity}

p. 298

Second[ly], as a result of this deeping and expansion of their ... spiritual powers (abductees will often also speak of and manifest

particular psychic abilities)

{being performed, on their behalf, by their spirit-guides}

they may undergo a profound connection or reconnection with the Divine ... . ...

Third[ly], they experience a ... sense of loving connection with all living beings ..., which can at times take on mystical proportions. ...

Fourth[ly], abductees experience a renewed sense of the sacred ... . Some, like [C.D.], see divine light, like an aura, surrounding each living being."

p. 300 things which are allegedly to be accepted

"We cannot nostagically turn back the clock

{This can be, and often is, done by individuals : if they be so foolish as to wish to be redincarnated into cruder and less evolved circumstances, thereafter they may find themselves in such circumstances in another life.}

to a time before industrialization, ... the building of instruments of mass destruction, ... and the Internet."

{It is quite absurd of the author to regard beneficial inventions (industrialization and the Internet) as being in the same category as harmful inventions (weapons of mass destruction). What would actually be useful would be to figure how to employ useful inventions (such as the Internet) to help eliminate harmful ones (such as atomic bombs) : this could be easily enough accomplished with some supernatural assistance (such as, from flying saucers).}


John E. Mack : Passport to the Cosmos : Human Transformation and Alien Encounters. Crown Publ, NY, 1999.