Passport to the Cosmos

[The author (J.E.M.) "is a professor ... at Harvard" (blurb on rear cover of book).]

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The Next Generation


p. 5 the author's modification of his "world-view" (metaphysics)

"A[n] ... explanation ... -- ... one that did not include ... another intelligence ... entering the experiencers' lives ... from outside -- was not consistent with my diagnostic assessment of what these clients [abductees of the flying saucers] were presenting. I was then faced with ... modifying my worldview to include ... entities, beings ... reaching my clients from another realm. ... It seemed to me to be more logical, and intellectually more honest, to modify my cosmology".

p. 6, fn. ** P.E.E.R.

"the Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER) in affiliation with the Cambridge ... Department of Psychiatry convened a multidisciplinary group to study anomalous phenomena. The first meeting of this group took place at Harvard University ... April ... 1999. At the meeting distinguished colleagues ... discussed fruitfully the ... alien abduction phenomena and other anomalies."

pp. 5 & 7-8 crossing over between planes-of-existence

p. 5

"that beings, spirits ... could "cross over" from the unseen or "other" world into our material reality ... seems to be regarded as a regular occurrence in many if not most indigenous cultures".

p. 7

""legends ... that a long time ago a flying saucer landed in the Amazon basin" ... showed ... a crossing over from the unseen or spirit realms into the material world".

p. 8

"life, beings, energy ... emanating from an unseen reality and

manifesting materially ...

{can (though not necessarily in and of themselves material) be seen with material eyen, and viewed on material radar-screens, etc. }

seems to be what is occurring in the case of alien abduction phenomena."

{When the immaterial beings, spirits, or flying saucers cross over into the material plane, they may appear as if material, and be mistaken for material objects.}

p. 303, n. 1:1 levels reailty

"Alberto Villoldo identifies four levels of "greater reality" :

1. "physical ... reality"

{the material plane-of-existence}

2. "symbolic reality"

{description in terms of words, icons, or other symbols}

3. "mythical reality"

{proverbial similes cited from events in traditional mythologies}

4. "energetic or "spiritual" reality"

{experiences undergone while in any of one's subtle (also known as "energetic") immaterial bodies}

{## 1 & 4 are sensorially experiential; ## 2 & 3 are verbally linguistic.}

p. 9 manifestations of the immaterial available to be witnessed through means of the material

"not ... that alien abductions are ... physical ..., although there may be physical manifestation."

{To be material would imply to be susceptible of being manipulated and controlled by material means; but to be subtle (immaterial) would imply being able to control the material world without in any way be susceptible to anything in or of the material world.}

"I have come to regard the alien abduction phenomenon as one among a number of occurrences currently confronting human conscious, like near-death and out-of-body experiences (Ring 1984, Ring and Valarino 1998 ...), strange animal mutilations, the complex crop formations {crop-circles} that appear mysteriously in a few seconds in fields of rape and other grains ..., and spontaneous shamanic experiences, which might be described as crossover phenomena (events of various sorts that appear to be manifest in the material world but seem not to be of it). These phenomena seem to ... [be] giving us "glimpses ... of other realities" (Howe 1993 and 1998)."

Ring 1984 = Kenneth Ring : Heading Toward Omega : In Search of the Meaning of the Near-Death Experience. NY : Plenum Insight.

Ring & Valarino 1998 = Kenneth Ring & Evelyn Valarino : Lessons from the Light : What We Can Learn From the Near-Death Experience. NY : Plenum Insight.

Howe 1993 = Linda Moulton Howe : Glimpses of Other Realities. Vol. 1. Huntington Valley (PA) : LMH Productions.

Howe 1998 = Linda Moulton Howe : Glimpses of Other Realities. Vol. 2. New Orleans : Paper Chase Pr.

pp. 10-11 evidence divinely arranged for benefit of believers only

p. 10

"It is as if the agent or intelligence at work here were parodying, mocking ... the investigators, providing just enough physical evidence to win over those who are prepared to believe in the phenomenon

but not enough to convince the skeptic. ...

{There would be no particular point in "convincing" the "skeptic", who in most cases is so deluded a materialist as to become convinced, if of anything, of the very erroneous delusion that flying saucers (and their pilots's bodies) are material objects.}

It is as if the phenomenon were inviting us to change our ways, to expand our consciousness and ways of learning, to use ... methodologies more appropriate to its own complex, subtle, and perhaps ultimately unknowable nature."

p. 11

"In the case of the alien abduction phenomena -- and ... of all "daimonic realities" -- the source is unseen. The encounters penetrate into the material world, but these manifestations are elusive".

pp. 11-12 Contact : reverence and awe for the divine world

p. 11

"I am reminded of the dilemma facing the astronomer[ess] ... in the film Contact upon her return from her "flight" into space. ... In ... hours ..., Ellie passes through vortices of spectacular power and beauty, opening into cosmic vistas of such transcendent glory that she is overwhelmed with awe and reverence ... .

p. 12

She lands on a luminescent seashore, where the fabric of divine nature seems virtually palpable. In this spirit-world made real, Ellie meets her long-dead father. ...

Her little spaceship's videotape shows ... "its"... tending to corroborate Ellie's story, while opening a new mystery ... of transcendent power ..., ... shattering, her secular worldview."

p. 13 deliberately unanwerable quaestions are divinely propounded

"part of the power of the abduction experiences to bring about personal change derives from the essentially unanswerable nature of the questions the encounters pose. ...

For the native peoples I have interviewed, including many who are close-encounter experiencers themselves, the universe is filled with ... {nonmaterial-bodied} entities of various sorts, and some of them have the capacity to show up on the material plane."

pp. 14-16 engendring "hybrids"

p. 14

"A person of virtually any age ... is in bed at home, in a car, or out of doors, ... disturbed by a bright light, a humming sound, strange vibrations or paralysis, the close-up sighting of an odd {space}craft, or the appearance of one or more humanoids ... . ... the experiencers describe being taken, usually against their will,

to be floated through walls, doors, or windows

{This is an indication of being in at least the astral body (and certainly not in the material body).}

into a curved enclosure that appears to contain computerlike and other technical equipment. ... In one or another room, the experiencers undergo a variety of medical ... examinations and procedures ... . A central feature of the experience appears to be a complex sexual/reproductive "project" that ... may result in the apparent creation {engendrement, not "creation"} of hybrid beings, toward whom the experiencers, especially young women, feel a poignant ... relationship. ...

p. 15

To the abductees themselves, as well as to some investigators, these hybrids exist quite ... literally. The experiences may be altogether real ..., but the hydrid offspring may not exist in material reality {but, instead, in some non-material (subtle) reality} ... . Although the beings may communicate to the experiencers that the hybrid creatures are to be the future inheritors of the Earth after we {a few capitalist ploutokrat multibillionaire war-mongers, not "we" the working-class folk} have completed our {not "our", but ploutokrat-planned, ploutokrat-promoted, and ploutokrat-engineered} destruction of its ... advanced life-forms,

this does not mean that they exist in a ... physical {read "material"} sense, however certain the experiencers may be that they do. ...

{A person who, while projecting in the astral body, visiteth an astral-plance world, this visit may feel as real as living in a material body in the waking world. But the same is true of any dream.}

Sometimes the experiencers ... even report healings of a vast variety of minor and sometimes major conditions (Dennett 1996). ...

{This is aequivalent to, or identical with, the experience of self-healing by a traditional shaman in a dream.}

On other occasions the experiencers report ... that their psyche has been transformed, primarily in the sense that they have become more humanely tolerant and intuitively connected with others and the Earth itself. ...

The probes [which] abductees experience appear to be correlated with

nosebleeds, and

{a frequent experience of shamans}

the examinations with skin lesions (sometimes, as in the case of multiple abductions {i.e., of multiple persons at the same place and same time}, in symmetrical patterns on more than one experiencer at the same time). ...

p. 16

The fact that the abduction experiences are accompanied by physical manifestations should not necessarily lead to the conclusion that the phenomenon itself exists entirely in the material world. In fact ..., this penetration into the material world may be ... a kind of small iceberg-tip of a phenomenon of great depth, breadth, and meaning that extends far beyond the literal, physical realm."

Dennett 1996 = Preston Dennett : UFO Healings. Mill Spring (NC) : Wild Flower Pr.

p. 16 lessons communicated by extraterrestrial aliens to human abductees while abducted

"The communication occurs through telepathic transmission, by images shown on televisionlike monitors ... .

Scenes of apocalyptic destruction

{intended to indicate the eventual result if capitalism be not prae-emptively abolished}

may be juxtaposed with images of beauty

{intended to indicate the vast benefits to be reaped through establishing communism}

so exquisite that it seems ... as if a cosmic teacher were trying to reach the experiencers in the depths of their soul.

{In the depths of our soul resideth a yearning longing to reach cosmic, universal communalism.}

The information conveyed can cover ... spiritual truths; and knowledge of healing, art, science, technology, and ecology. The experiencers ... with this knowledge ... feel that it is of profound, even sacred, meaning and importance, and that they are privileged to be receiving it".

pp. 17-18 spiritual transfiguration of abductees through the abduction experience

p. 17

"the {extraterrestrial} abduction phenomenon might variously be defined as "consciousness expanding,"[intellectual-]growth engendering," or "spiritual."

One of the most intense debates in this field occurs around the question of whether these changes in the psyche of the experiencers ... is even the result of alien trickery or deception."

{This can be correlated with the debate as to whether exposure to the working-class of capitalist-contrived trickery and capitalist-undertaken deception, be consonant with sound public ethics. The capitalists are the only true "aliens", for they have alienated the workers from ownership of the means-of-production.}

p. 18

"abduction experiencers describe openings [to transcendence] and and connections to what they variously describe as the other world, Divine Light, Home, Source ... .

Whitley Strieber had been on a path of transformation through the Gurdjieff Foundation before he became aware of his encounters with the "visitors," as he calls them."

p. 18 being transformed by the otherworldly Visitors : being transfigured by unworldly Visitations

"The ... expansion of psychic or intuitive abilities, a heightened reverence for nature with a feeling of having a life-preserving mission,

the collapse of space/time perception,

{This is true only in the sense that, because is it possible to communicate (telepathically) with supernatural entities inhabiting distantial divine worlds, mere distance in space is no longer a hindrance; and that because the plans of such immortal beings are already (and have always been, unchangeably) perfect, mere distance in time is no hindrance either. (There is no implication that either actual space or actual time, in and of themselves, are regarded any differently.)}

a sense of entering other dimensions of reality or universes,

{with the implication, of course, that such "other ... universes" are (though denied to be so by dogmatic materialists) aequivalent to the "other planes-of-existence known" to occultists and to age-old shamanic and other traditional religious systems}

the conviction of possessing a dual human/alien identity,

{This conviction (though ridiculed by materialists) is common to all mystics, and is implied by every religion.}

a feeling of connection with all of creation ... -- all

are such frequent features of the abduction process that ... they are ... basic elements of the process."

{Such features are likewise basic to the being-raptured-into-Heaven, the being-carried-off-into-Fairyland, (and the like,) experiences.}

pp. 18-20 emissaries from the Divine, of unearthly love

p. 18

"when abductees ... experience the {otherworldly} beings themselves, ... over time they may {and will (unless deluded by materialism)} come to see them as odd spirit guides, closer to the ultimate creative principle or Source than [are] humans, even as emissaries from the Divine."

p. 19

"over time the relationships seems to evolve ... . A deep familiarity and sense of meaningful connection develops between the {human} experiencer and ... the {unearthly} beings, which can reach heights of love so profound as to be felt to be incompatible with earthly love. ...

p. 20

When they {the unworldly entities} do participate directly in sexual acts with humans, ... for the human beings involved, the experience can range ... beyond what is known to them in earthly love (see chapter 13)."

pp. 21-2 organization of this book

p. 21

"The chapters in part I are concerned with how we might look at a phenomenon that seems to violate ... materialism ... .

Chapter 2 ... takes up ... what ways of knowing might be most useful for a phenomenon that seems to exist both in the material and in the invisible worlds. ...

Chapter 3 ... looks at the problem of reality itself ... .

Chapter 4 ... examines the extraordinary, intense energetic elements that accompany the phenomenon and what they may tell us about ... reality ...

Part II looks at the implications of the abduction phenomenon for the fate of ... our life ... . ...

In part III, I consider the deep ... structures of ... meaning ... of the abduction phenomenon for experiencers ... . ...

p. 22

Part IV is about the further meaning and power of the encounters for the experiencers and their implications ... in relations to the spiritual elements ... in this evolutionary process."


John E. Mack : Passport to the Cosmos : Human Transformation and Alien Encounters. Crown Publ, NY, 1999.