Legends of the Star Ancestors







Breaking the Stone

Desiree Fitzgibbon



Tribal Ink & Link

Luis E. Mejia




Daniel M. Salter



The Geneticists

Ana Brito



High Strangeness

James Lujan



Guardians of the Gate

Colleen Kelly



Twin Hearts

RA-ja & Moi-RA



Painting in the Dreamtime




A Gathering of Nations

<abdul Latif




Naoko Hitomi



Journey of the Ancestors

Nancy Red Star



3. (pp. 28-38) "Breaking the Stone" [Tasmania]

p. 28 association with the colors


its association




earth, circle





pp. 32, 35 tracks, lines

p. 32

"The Dreaming Tracks are energy lines that go around the Earth. ... The Dreaming Tracks are different from the traditional song line maps of the Spirit Ancestors’ journeys, which represent the creative journeys of the Star Ancestors and the sacred sites where they arose "

p. 35

"Flinders Island ix the "Island of the Moon Bird," and a sacred place on a song line."

pp. 34-5 stones; trees; waters

p. 34

"I receive teaching through the stones and often hold them in my hands at night when I am seeking clarity. ... I get sensations and imagery, often relating to events that happened in the place where I am at the time. ...

p. 35

I always honor a tree as my ancestor. ...

The keeper of the waters is the Rainbow Serpent".


4. (pp. 40-54) "Tribal Ink and Link"

pp. 45-6 in Yucatan & in Bolivia

p. 45

"The Mayan word for extraterrestrial is "Moxul." "

At "Chiche`n Itza`... the Ball Court ... allows one to hear cosmic sound."

p. 46

"in Bolivia ay Lake Titicaca ... there is a subterranean city. This city is where the true White Brotherhood resides – the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays which they call the Illuminated Ones. At Lake Titicaca, there exists an underground city, a fifth-dimensional city where the Golden Disk of Muru is. ... There is a book called The Secret of the Andes by Brother Philip, which contains the encoded memory of lost worlds and the coming of the Space Masters."

pp. 47-8 triangle in Brazil

p. 47

"Outside Sa[~]o Paulo, ... there is a mystical triangle. This triangle consists of three thown – Tre`s Corac,o~es,

p. 48

Varginha, and Sa~o Tomes de las Letras. ... There are amazing slab stone rock formations, underneath which there is a UFO base. There are extraordinary numbers of petroglyphs surrounded by waterfalls. People within this mystical triangle of three cities are in contact with spacecraft. The ships appear and it is considered very commonplace to see them clearly."

pp. 48-9 stone skull (boulder); women in Chile & in Argentina

p. 48

"A 6,000-pound skull came from the Atacama desert in Chile at the Valley of the Moon. ... The whole area looks exactly like the moon. {similarly to the "Craters of the Moon" region in southeastern Idaho} This is where the Earth Keepers are. ...

Near La Serena, in Chile, ... with the UFO phenomena ... the whole valley lights up."

p. 49

"In Co`rdoba, Argentina, there is another fifth dimensional city. There are faces carved into the stones covering this city. ... a woman there ... writes Egyptian hieroglyphics backwards. ... . ... she experienced leaving her body. She would literally float out of the window."

p. 49 grid in South America

In South America there is a grid pattern of energy waves, which forms a pyramid. ... When you are on the equator you are vibrating at a completely different frequency."

p. 51 five world-ages {these 5 are the Sahajiya world-ages}






{the 5th yuga is :

"diamond age (samgam yuga)" ("BK" 2.d)

"Diamond yuga" ("Ch")

Kala-anga Yuga ("YAE")}

"BK" = "Brahma Kumaris" http://www.cesnur.org/testi/bryn/br_kranenborg.htm

"Ch" = http://www.arcane-archive.org/religion/hinduism/yoga/tantra/neo-tantra/chakras-1.php

"YAE" = http://www.shvoong.com/humanities/391799-yuga-age-earth/

pp. 51-3 reading books about the Kogi, followed by astral projection into their praesence in northern Colombia; Peru`

p. 51

"I began to have dreams about the Kogi. ... I began search for a book by Alan Herrera called In the Heart of the World. Instead, I found another book called Elder Brother Speaks. ...

p. 52

I fell deeply asleep. The next thing I knew I was out of the body – all the way to the Sierra Nevada ... as if the Kogi pulled me. I remember very clearly leaving my body ... and then landing in this beautiful mountain range with the Kogi. ...

I learned there are two more lost cities in that mountain range. There is also a stone map, which is eight feet tall. The stone has encoded geometric patterns on its surface. This stone appears in the BBC film In the Heart of the World."

p. 53

"I will continue to perform ceremonies with the crystals to rejuvenate the places of our past, to awaken the Apu, which is the Quechua word for "Spirits of the Mountains.""


5. (pp. 56-68) "Truth"

pp. 56, 66 A.C.I.O.; Cosmic Clearance

p. 56

"A classified document from the Director of Special Projects for the Alien Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) to all members of the Labyrinth group – a secret cosmic group of humans and aliens – indicates that the Wingmakers – a civilization of advanced consciousness that comprehends the universal systems that govern existence ... – strategically placed seven time capsules on this planet ... . The first of these was an optical disk containing twenty-three segments in the form of petroglyphs and hieroglyphic symbols. According to the ACIO, the artifacts embedded within this optical disk ... represent well over eight thousand pages of text that predict the future of the human race approximately 750 years from now."

p. 66

"I also had what was called Cosmic Clearance which ... deals with aliens."

p. 63 fou-fighters

"Through two particular trance mediums, the Thule Society had made contact with an advanced civilization from Aldebaran ... in the constellation ... Orion. ... the communications with Aldebaran evolved into advanced technology such as the illuminated balls of light known as the Fou Fighters or Flying Tortoise [fliegende Schildkröte] -- ... that displayed all the characteristics of a UFO."

pp. 67-8 Andromedans & Galactic Foederation

p. 67

"The Andromedans told ... that in their world there is no such thing as money. ...

p. 68

There is already a Galactic Federation, the UMO-Lyran-Pleiadian-Andromedaan-Sirian Confederation, guiding us."


6. (pp. 70-80) "The Geneticists" [Cuba]

p. 76 contacts with alien entities

"something woke me from sleep one night. At the foot of my bed I saw a being. It had no features – no eyes. ... The being ... had a muted golden aura around it. I was ... paralyzed – as I watched. ... I felt it put one hand in my chest on my heart and the other hand on my throat. It seemed to be tuning my chakras."

"I saw a female – a Grey. ... She was standing behind me as I lay in bed one night. I felt her put her hand in my skull, in my brain, and felt her pulling something out. ... to me what she pulled out looked like thirteen individual coils."


7. (pp. 82-94) "High Strangeness"

p. 88 government-imposed secrecy about UFOs

Jim Marrs "is the author of Alien Agenda and Crossfire, the J.F.K. story ... . ... President Kennedy wanted to make some of this UFO information available to the public – this was his intention. In Rule by Secrecy Jim Marrs investigates ... the suspicious ways in which they conceal the UFO truth".

pp. 89, 92 communications with extraterrestrials via computers & via radio

p. 89

"Norma Milanovich ... wrote a book, We, The Arcturians, in which she claims to be in contact, via a computer, with extraterrestrials whom she calls elevated masters."


"Paul Bennewitz, UFO investigator, ... claims that, while working on electronic instruments, he received transmissions from an alien collective via a radio-video link to the underground extraterrestrial base at Dulce."

p. 92

"One day Bennewitz called up Valdez and said that he was receiving transmissions from aliens via his computer. Valdez claims that be went over to Bennewitz’s house and actually saw on the computer screen a reptilian-like creature with what looked like a Roman helmet. Things got progressively weirder from there ... ."

pp. 93-4 miraculous powers of Amerindians

p. 93

"one of the Amazon tribes. He said that the tribe’s people communicated with him telepathically and that they were able to move through ... space without having to walk. ...

p. 94

The telepathic abilities of South American Indians is definitely something to be explored."


8. (pp. 96-106) "Guardians of the Gate"

pp. 104-5 Edgar Cayce; "Return of the Ghost"

p. 104

"I came across a book by Gina Cerminara called Many Lives, Many Loves. It was about the psychic Edgar Cayce ... . ...


Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I would see a luminous figure. ... It seemed like a man; his

p. 105

hand would come out, and there would be an incredibly high-pitched sound. Then this figure would appear and come forward and touch me."

p. 105 a vision in Choco Canyon

"one evening at sunset I went down into a large kiva at Casa Rinconada, in Choco Canyon ... . As I sat there, in my inner world I began to see a blue female humingbird. There were lines of women, like a procession of a medicine society. They seemed very old."


9. (pp. 108-22) "Twin Hearts"

p. 117-9 autobiography of a Philippine woman (Moi-RA)

p. 117

"My soul came from Venus, the planet of love. ... I permitted myself to be born on this planet. The Chohan of the Planetary Council said, "There’s an emergency on this planet. How many of you would like to help?" I ... said, "I will." I permitted myself to be born in the Philippines because the 7,700 islands of the Philippines are the tips of the mountains of Lemuria. The energy of the Lemurians affects the people of the Philippines; that’s why there are many healers there. ...

p. 118

My spirit guides often came in dreams. For instance, a dream that I had before I gave birth said I would have a baby girl, which I did. In another dream, I was taken out of this world to Hades, the land of the dead. ...

p. 119

I remember the teachings from Lemuria. In Lemuria there were tall crystals on both sides of the streets, and everybody received all the energy from those crystals. ... The extraterrestrials, beings from other planets, are working very closely with Lemurian energy."

pp. 119-20 Star-Soul Attunement

p. 119

"The first course that we offer at the Aquarian Mission is called Star Soul Attunement. Star Soul Attunement is attuning the soul of the "star-being-ness" of origin. We make a slit in the aura of people so that they can look out. Like a chrysalis, the aura opens up, and the butterfly soul comes out. ... Illness first comes from outside the body and then becomes a sickness of thinking and feeling. Only after that does the physical body experience illness because whatever is

p. 120

thought out in the etheric automatically happens in the physical. ...

As soon as I see the patient’s face, when we meet for the first time, I can see everything I need to know ... . This is my "soul reading.""


10. (pp. 124-32) "Painting in the Dreamtime" [north coast of New South Wales] {by a British woman apparently caerimonially adopted into Australian aboriginal tribes}

pp. 130-1 song-lines; Sirius

p. 130

"What we call "song lines" ... are grid lines that connect along Earth and then go into the Universe. The song lines connect to places that are most full of energy – energy points. In Australia there is a song line at La Rue which goes out to the Blue Mountains. ... the song lines are connected to the Star People. We believe that we are always on the journey with the song lines. ...

p. 131

I reckon the Aborigines come from Sirius."


11. (pp. 134-48) "A Gathering of Nations"

pp. 143-5 [alleged] inscribed disks at Baya Kara-Ula

p. 143

"In 1938, in caves in the mountains of Baya Kara-Ula, on the border between China and Tibet, ... archaeologists found petroglyphs of the rising sun, the moon, unidentifiable stars, and the earth[,] all joined together by lines of ... dots. ... Along with the skeletons, the archaeologists found a large round

p. 144

stone disk. It had a hole in its center and was carved with a long spiral groove of written letters. ... Dr. Tsum Umi Nui of China broke the code and started to uravel the "talking" grooves. In 1965, more stone disks were found in the same caves – 716 of them. They told the story of a mission by the inhabitants of another planet ... . These alien beings ... had crashed ... . {These would seem to be a hoax perpetrated by a government, similar to, but earlier that, the hoax at Roswell. In both cases the governments’ purpose will have been to discredit "extraterrestrial" (immortal deities, actually) as helpless mortals, so as to dissuade the general public from praying to such "extraterrestrials" to rescue the public from abusive governments.} ... Legends of that area

p. 145

speak of small yellow-faced men who came from the clouds long ago. These men had huge heads and tiny bodies." {Not an authentic legend, this is likewise surely a fabrication by the government.}


12. (pp. 150-61) "Sunbow" [by a woman of the Foundation for Planetary Healing in Tokyo]

pp. 158-9 praeternatural aberrations of sun & of moon

p. 158

"The color around the sun would change and it would look less brilliant than normal. It would look as though it had a lid on it – no more bright that the moon – and I could see it really well. ... Suddenly it would start circling and dancing, and I would see a second sun come out from behind it. The second sun would also dance, a sun dance. Then suddenly the colors would come; the sun would turn pink and then green. It would

p. 159

give a flash ..., and then I would see UFOs dancing around. ... Just as Fatima [, in Portugal,] ... offered their prophecies, the sun danced ... . I called Junichi Yaoi – a very well-known director of most of the programs on UFOs ... – to tell him".

p. 159 moon’s mothership & soiled diapers

"I saw a Mothership fly along that rainbow, around the moon. The ship was the shape of a cigar. ...

{Hina "leaps to the moon from a place called Wanaikulani." (HM, 242) /WANA/ is ‘spike’ (HD), a spike being elongated (rather like a cigar);

I was washing my child’s diapers when I finally understood the meaning behind this message."

/<IKU<iku/ is ‘stench’. "Hina’s ... children’s excrement has to be carried ... and Hina wearies of ... the disposal of the excrement."}

HM = Martha Beckwith : Hawaiian Mythology. Yale U Pr, 1940.

HD = Pukui & Elbert : Hawaiian Dictionary.


13. (pp. 164-72) "Journey of the Ancestors"

p. 167 editrix’s name

"My name is Red Star. People will tell you that a red star is not a star at all {some stars, howbeit, are red, notably the main one of the trinary Ant[i]-Ares},

but a planet {namely, Ares}."

p. 167 cosmic-travel dreams

"But again and again, for many years, I would leave my body in bed and travel the cosmos ... . At the end of the dream there was white, a seamless eternity of white." {White is considered (in Bodish literature) as one category of dreamless sleep.}

p. 168 UFOs

"As I was drifting into a closed-eye meditation, in the distance I saw a figure walking toward me. ... With each step he took, one hand came forward and opened, and blue morning glory flowers fell from them to the ground. {Is this the spirit of lysergic-acid?} ... I opened my eyes and ... saw ... lights from spacecraft that were moving and dancing in the sky."

"In the distance there were two lights, two craft with beacons transmitting back and forth to each other. Out of nowhere, a third craft emerged, coming toward me with no lights. It passed right over me, just a hundred feet from my head, so that its underside was visible. As it passed overhead I felt a humming, a vibratory frequency with no sound."

p. 171 encountre with praeternatural entities

"The night before I left Woodstock for Roswell, I had a visit. Around half past five in the morning, I woke up to see three figures standing at the foot of my bed. They were tall, very luminous beings with arms that were crossed over their chest and lotus flowers for hands. {Are they the spirits of the psychedelically-active component of the blue waterlily?} These hands emitted light, transmitting it directly into my body. I could not move. {sleep-paralysis : during it supernatural entities are commonly viewed} Then came a message : "... We will see you in Hopiland.""


Nancy Red Star : Legends of the Star Ancestors. Bear & Co, Rochester (VT), 2002.