UFOs disarm US & British nuclear-bomb guided-missiles


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My brother,who is retired from the USAF, and had a top secret security clearance,was a flight engineer for over 20 years,and is the most conservative person I know, has seen all kinds of weird stuff during his more than 20,000 hours of flight time...the problem is that if they reported anything they were discredited and they had to have psych exams,and they would lose their security clearance...so they never reported any of the incidents...but he has seen some very questionable things....scary things....”


The amazing, all encompassing UFO files that the UK released was essentially a British version of the Project Blue Book, which amounted to "we are tired of people filing freedom of information requests on all our UFO reports, so here's over a thousand that are completely uninteresting. Now leave us alone." They did not release a single report with any meat on it, and all that trumped up b.s. about english disclosure turned out to be a huge disappointment.”



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Contact has been speculated for quite some time, e.g. the 1976 documentary "UFOs : it has begun" talks about a UFO landing at Holloman AFB and its occupants meeting with base personnel.

The claim was repeated in 1988 at the "UFO Cover-Up? Live!" broadcast, which included a segment with Robert Emenegger (who produced the "UFOs it has begun" 1976 documentary) and Paul Shartle. ...

You can watch those 2 and about 30 more UFO documentaries at http://bit.ly/ufodocs

article "UFOs and atomic/nuclear plants" (with weblinks to various on-line official U.S. government memoranda) by Antonio Huneeus :


2010 UFO Conference in D.C. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-496408

This is not the first Press Conference there was another in 2001 with over 500 credible wits.

see http://www.disclosureproject.org/media.shtml for video of that NPC conference

Government officials go on record” to support reality of UFO sightings http://ufosontherecord.com