Consistent and Systematic Interference by Extra-terrestrial Space-Aliens with National Military Forces on Planet Earth (Such interference is always part and parcel of a legal process of notification directed toward the respective governments, summoning each and every such government, under poinalty of intergalactic law, to appear in person or by way of attorney, before the proprely-constituted intergalactic court of appropriate jurisdiction.)

[In each of the subsequent there is a reference to the forcible shut-down by space-aliens of the Strategic Air Command headquarters located at Cheyenne, Wyoming, during October 23 2010 through October 26 2010.]

[Adscitious to the Strategic-Air-Command (SAC) in Warren Air-Force-Base at Cheyenne in WYoming,

there are command-headquarters at :

North-American-Aerospace-Defense-Command (NORAD), United-States-Strategic-Command, U.S.-Air-Force-Space-Command and United-States-Northern-Command (USNORTHCOM) headquarters in Peterson Air-Force-Base at Colorado Springs, COlorado ; and

Air-Force Global-Strike-Command (AFGSC) in Barksdale Air-Force-Base at Shreveport in LouisiAna. ]

(Such sites may likewise be worthy of being shut-down by extra-terrestrial space-alien flying-craft.)

[Cheyenne-Mountain Complex in COlorado (nigh the NORAD headquarters) is similar to Weather-Mountain Complex in VirginiA.] (These may be subsidiary targets.)