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Antient & Mediaeval

Wonders in the Sky 


Alien Chronicles

1-5. "UFOlogy"; "Events"; "Creation"; Praehistoric"; "Religious Art"

6-8. "Historical Accounts"; "Artefacts"; "Photography"





Passport to the Cosmos

Cap. 1. "Abduction : the Next Generation".

Capp. 2-3. "How do We Study This?"; "How Is It Real?".

Cap. 4. "Light, Energy, Vibration".

Capp. 5-6. "Protecting the Earth"; "Hybrid "Project"".

Capp. 7-8. "Shamans, Symbols, and Archeytpes"; "Bernardo Peixoto".

Capp. 9-10. "Sequoyah Trueblood"; "Vusamazulu Mutwa".

Capp. 11-12. "Trauma and Transformation"; "Returning to Source".

Capp. 13-14. "Relationships with Aliens"; "The Emerging Picture".


Soul Samples 

Pt. 0. "Prologue".

Pt. I. "Personal Analysis of UFOEs".

Pt. II. "Personal Analysis of POLs".

Pt. III. "Some Studies of POLs and UFOEs".

Pt. IV.I-II. "Model Chapter"; "Some Speculations".

Pt. IV.III. "Some Implications".

Pt. V : "Epilogue & Appendices".


Alien Dawn 

1A. "Too Many Solutions?" (A)

1B. "Too Many Solutions?" (B)

2. "Crop Circles".

3. "How to Get People Confused".

4A. "Labyrinthine Pilgrimage" (A).

4B. "Labyrinthine Pilgrimage" (B).

4C. "Labyrinthine Pilgrimage" (C).

5A. "Goblins from Hyperspace" (A).

5B. "Goblins from Hyperspace" (B).

6A. "4th Dimension" (A).

6B. "4th Dimension" (B).

7. "Not Again!"

8A. "High Strangeness" (A).

8B. "High Strangeness" (B).

9A. "Alien Powers" (A).

9B. "Alien Powers" (B).

10A. "The Way Outside" (A).

10B. "The Way Outside" (B).

10C. "The Way Outside" (C).

10D. "The Way Outside" (D).


Alien Worlds 

0-2. "Introduction"; Aitherios Society"; "Sister Thedra".

3. "Galactic Messenger!"

4-5. "Praesumed Immanent"; "Dreamtime of the Saucer People".

8-11. "Alien Abduction"; "Close Encountres of the French"; "Culture"; "Cosmos".

14 & 17 & App. A-B. "Faith"; "Support"; "Contactee Religions"; "Types of Aliens".


Visitors from Hidden Realms 

1-2. "Revelations from an entranced Dove"; "Lessons of the Star Elders".

3. "Into the Light -- and Beyond!".

4-6. "A Parallel Universe"; "The Ultimate Truth"; "Getting Past the Tricksters".


Gods, Spirits, Cosmic Guardians, 4-8

4. "Contact" & "Abduction".

5. "Process" & "Catalysts".

6-8. "Context" & "Models"; "Understanding" & "Event"; "Reality".


Praepare for the Landings!

1-5. "1st & Cosmic Experiences"; "Cabal"; "Atlantean"; "Crystal-Power".

6-8. "Volunteers"; "Barack Obama"; "Steps Leading Up".

9. "World-Evacuation".


Secret Influence of the Moon

3. "Origin Unknown".

4. "The Mystery Deepeneth".

5. "Our Relationship with the Moon".

6. "The Moon-Matrix".

7. "Food for the Moon".



Authors of the Impossible


Alien Agenda


Life with a Cosmic Clearance


UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message


Contacts with the Gods from Space 


Extraordinary Encounters 


Field Guide to Extraterrestrials


Overview of Extraterrestrial Races





Star Ancestors


Legends of the Star Ancestors



Special Topics


Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy

Pt I. "Desire".

Pt. II. "Determination".

Pt. III. "Discipline".


Source Field Investigations vortices for levitation

4-7. "Great Cycles"; "Lucid Dream"; "Prophecies"; "Great Pyramid".

12-14. "Gravity"; "Teleportation"; "Levity".

15-17. "Geometry"; "Gateway"; "Vortex Phainomena".

18-20. "Galactic Clock"; "Golden Age"; "Disclosure".


Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist

I.1-5. "The Others"; "Beginning"; "Larger Consciousness"; "Proof".

I.6-8. "Out There"; "Different Ways"; "The Nature of Reality".

I.9-13. "Legacy"; "Slept"; "Hidden Chambres"; "Contact"; "Implications".

II-III. "Teachings of the Spiritual Elders"; "Tablet Rhymes".



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