True signification of /IFO/ (‘Identified Flying Object’) -- as intended on this website

"a UFO .. identified to be a flying

saucer would ... cease to be a UFO" (

To us contactees, so-called "UFOs" are actually "IFOs", for their (the UFOs’/IFO’s) identities are well-known – their flight-crew-members identify themselves by own personal names (as well as indicating the name of the craft itself) during telepathic communications with us.

For this reason we contactees praefer to the refer to the starcraft of the Visitors as IFOs. These are starcraft essentially the only true IFOs. (What are usually called "IFOs" by non-contactees are commonly nameless, and therefore identity-lacking, minor meteorologic/atmosphairic features, such as meteors, clouds etc. Because such minor objects lack names, and therefore lack identities, it is absurd to label them "IFOs".)


The starcraft of the Visitors are commonly designated as "Identified Flying Objects" in the literature of the <as^tar Command :-

"Ashtar" saith (via Dr Ki) : "I don't like to call them UFO's. I like to call them IFO's. In my capacity, they are identified flying objects."

"The craft you of Earth refer to as UFO’s, are really IFO’s (Identified Flying Objects)" by the author of the book Prepare for the Landings! (This is also quoted at )

"I began seeing "IFO's" (my term for UFO's- Identified Flying Objects)".


(Incidentally, the more correct form – in <arabi^ instead of in <ibri^ -- of the word /<as^tar/ is /<attar/.)