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Encountres with Cosmic Guardians




Encountres with Extraterrestrials


p. 114 the nature of flying saucers

"Spain's Pedro Quinones insists that UFOs are ... devices

fashioned from

{divinely mobilized through imaginal organization of}

the ideas of the witness,

{i.e., praeternatural "thought-forms" instilled by piety}

operating on an esoteric plane

{functioning on a supernatural plane-of-existence}

to guide us into the higher level of understanding" (Quinones, 1979).

Quinones, 1979 = Pedro Quinones : Los OVNIs y el fin del mundo. Ramo`n Plana, Barcelona.



Encountres with Martians


p. 116 in Switzerland

"The case of Catherine Elise Mu[:]ller (1861-1929), better known by her pseudonym of 'He'le`ne Smith', ... was subjected to prolonged study by ... The'odore Flournoy [1899]. ... Flournoy learnt that, when He'le`ne's younger sister died, their mother had a mysterious vision of an angel. ... When family friends, knowing of her psychic powers, introduced her to spiritism, she took to it readily, and ... her earliest controls were ...

Victor Hugo and

{a famous advocate of spiritism}


{a famous advocate of occultism}

Flournoy, 1899 = The'odore Flournoy : Des Indes a` la Plane`te Mars. Atar, Geneva.

p. 118 in U.S. of A.

[recorded in Hyslop, 1908] "communicators were her [Mrs Smead's] three deceased children, and her husband's brother, likewise no longer living. ... her daughter Maude ... replied ... . ... her [Maude's] brother reported that Maude and their uncle had gone to Mars, while another sister spoke of Jupiter as 'the babies' heaven' to which those who die in infancy are taken".

Hyslop, 1908 = James H. Hyslop : Psychical Research and the Resurrection. Fisher Unwin, London.

p. 120 in France

[recorded in de Rochas, 1924] "she [Mireille] seemed to be rising through space, which she told him was brightly luminous, and peopled with 'phantoms'. ... In subsequent sessions she revealed that she had paid further visits to Mars and other planets ... . Then one day ..., she seemed to be taken over by Victor ... . He told de Rochas that he had nearly 'lost' Mireille, owing to

the electric fields she had to penetrate in order reach Mars."

{" large areas of magnetic materials on Mars indicates that the planet once had a magnetic field" ("ChGM").} {"Mars is now seen as a planet ... once surrounded by a global magnetic field" ("MGVAP").}

de Rochas, 1924 = Albert de Rochas : Les vies successives. Leymarie, Paris.

"ChGM" = "Characterize the Geology of Mars". http://mars.nasa.gov/programmissions/science/goal3/

"MGVAP" = "Mars : Geologically Very Active Planet". http://directory.distributeyourarticles.com/5c59cbda2af5/mars_geologically_very_active_planet



Contact Encountres


pp. 124-7 the epic of Eugenio Siragusa

p. 124

"the case began on ... the day of Siragusa's 33rd birthday. He was then living in the Sicilian coastal town Catania, married".

[translated from del Pozo (quoting Siragusa) :] "Suddenly I saw, suspended in the sky and moving at a very great speed, a luminous disk ... . ... .

p. 125

... a luminous ray ... was directed at me by the unknown object and penetrated my whole being. At once an unspeakable happiness filled me".

"This ... was because he was now in continuous telepathic contact with the ETs :

[Siragusa, quoted from del Pozo :] This voice began to instruct me in geology and cosmogony. ... It formed in my mind visions ... of my previous lives."

p. 126

His praevious lives were as :

Barath (on Atlantis)

Hermes Tris-megistos

Ioannes ho Eu-angelistes

Giordano Bruno


Grigori Rasputin.

[translated from del Pozo :] "I suddenly felt I had to go up on Mount Etna {Aetna}. ...

{was this a telepathic urge received from the spirit of Empedokles?}

p. 127

One of the ETs directed a ray of green light towards me from an object in his hand; at once I felt a strange sensation of calm sensation of calm and serenity."

"The message, which embodied a plan to achieve world peace by means of nuclear disarmament, was duly dispatched to all the world leaders. ...

On a later occasion, they made up ... by taking him on a flight ... to visit Black Moon, their artificially floating base near the moon. On the moon itself he saw, in suspended animation, the bodies of six million ETs currently on mission on Earth. ...

This failure to change the course of world history does not seem to have discouraged the ETs, who ... were for several years to persist in employing Siragusa's aid in this ... course of action."

{The divine world would not expect to change a planet on the material plane so very swiftly and abruptly. Instead, the divine plan would be to send repeated warnings (which are legally required notices, in the divine law-system) through a long sequence of chosen earthly repraesentives, until the repeated ignoring of such legal notices can result in automatic forfeiture of rights of earthly governments to dominate the planet, according to the established law-system of the divine world.}

del Pozo = Victorino del Pozo : Siragusa, mensajero de los extraterrestres. EDAF, Madrid, 1977; and, Victorino del Pozo : Siragusa, el anunciador. Barath, Madrid, 1979.

pp. 130-1 the epic of Pierre Monnet (Monnet, 1978)

p. 130

Nigh Orange in southeastern France at night, "He ... at ... the quarry ... saw a domed disk ... hovering over the ground, giving off a blue-white light which lit up the surroundings. ...

p. 131

His 'third contact' took the form of a 'telepathic journey' {i.e., voyage where a tour-guide was instructing him remotely via telepathy} traveling alone in one of their spacecraft, in the course of which he was given a visionary tour of space ... . Apart from these 'outward' experiences, Monnet received telepathic message from 1956 onwards."

Monnet, 1978 = Pierre Monnet : Les extra-terrestres m'ont dit. Lefebvre, Paris.

pp. 132-4 George Adamski

p. 132

"George Adamski was born in Poland ... . ... From 1930 he was based at Laguna Beach, California, where ... he was the leading figure in the 'Royal Order of Tibet' ... . ... Adamski ... had begun his contactee career with the fiction work Pioneers of Space [1949]. His supporters have argued ... that he first told his experiences in fiction form,

on the grounds that nobody would believe him. ...

{Furthermore, there was peril of being immured in an insane asylum, if one were to assert one's experiences as veritable fact.}

During the 1940s Adamski set up some kind of self-supporting commune at Valley Center, and in 1944 ... on Mt Palomar, ... a friend Alice Wells built the Palomar Gardens Cafe'. ... . ... he told ... that he had seen a saucer himself in 1946, and in August 1947 he had seen 184 of them in a single mass sighting ... . ...

p. 133

The FBI began keeping files on him ..., noting his adverse comments on the U.S. Government ... . ...

{This was rather odd of the Truman administration to do, seeing that all other political parties than the one currently in office tend to criticize its policies; and indeed in political campaigns for primary elections, rivals for nominations within the same party may even criticize policies.}

Shortly after being left on his own, he was joined by an ET. This was Orthon, a Venutian ... .

Adamski and Orthon talked ..., first by signs and then by telepathy, succeeding in exchanging a considerable amount of information. ...

{This "Orthon" may be the Ortho-polis, said (Pausanias 2:5:8; cf. 2:11:2) to be son of king Plemnaios [/plemne/ 'wheel's nave', 'nave' being in Skt. /nabhi/, likely cognate with <ibri^ (Strong's 5030) /nabi>/ 'prophet']. Where it is said of his siblings that "None ... had survived birth : as soon as they gave their first cry they died" (DCM, s.v. "Orthopolis"), this is to hint that whoever of extraterrestrials had praeviously attempted to communicate aloud with earthlings had died (or failed) in the attempt, which is why Orthon instead employed gestures and telepathy.}

Orthon ... left behind a message in the form of symbolic marks of a shoeprint in the sand.

{Huang Di order "Juyong and Cangjie to create writing" (HChM, p. 143) in imitation of "footprints of birds and beasts" (HChM, p. 72). Huang Di rode to heaven, but left in his empty coffin his shoon (HChM, p. 144).}

Fortunately, one of Adamski's companions had had the foresight to bring with him some plaster so that a cast could be made of the print. ...

World fame came to Adamski ... when in 1953 English publisher Waveney Girvan offered to include his account as an appendix to some historical UFO material by occultist Desmond Leslie. ... In subsequent books [1956; 1961] he described further meetings ...

p. 134

as well as journeys in their spacecraft. In 1953, ... he visited Mars and Saturn. ... His claim to have been chosen by the ETs made a particularly strong appeal to the Germans, the Swiss and the Danes. ... .

... his friend Alice Wells ... at the time of his death wrote :

[quoted from Barker 1966 :] ... he was a member of the Interplanetary Council. This is a group of men of high Cosmic Consciousness Awareness that evaluate the conditions of our {solar} system and keep their representatives informed of the changes."

"Laura Mundo reported [Barker 1966], '... they saw

a silver aura

{the "silver organization" (D&A-L, p. 7) of the spiritual body}

around his head denoting very high involvement ...'.

Desmond Leslie believed [Barker 1966] Adamski was reincarnated from another planet ... in order to instruct our ignorant planet."

Adamski, 1949 = George Adamski : Pioneers of Space. California.

DCM = Pierre Grimal (transl. by Maxwell-Hyslop) : The Dictionary of Classical Mythology. Blackwell Publ, Oxford, 1986.

HChM = Lihui Yang & Deming An : Handbook of Chinese Mythology. ABC-Clio, Santa Barbara (CA), 2005.

Adamski, 1956 = George Adamski : Inside the Space Ships. Arco/Spearman, London.

Adamski, 1961 = George Adamski : Flying Saucers Farewell. Abelard-Schumann, London.

Barker 1966 = Gray Barker (ed.) : The Book of Adamski. Saucerian, Clarksburg (VA).

D&A-L = Andrew Jackson Davis : Death and the After-Life. Rochester, NY, 1911. http://www.spiritwritings.com/DeathAfterlifeDavis.pdf

pp. 136-7 the epic of Orfeo Angelucci

p. 136

In Los Angeles, "he had his first contact with ET entities, in May 1952. ... Two entities now appeared from the globes, 'a man and a woman ...'. Once telepathic communication had been established, Orfeo learned that three Earthpeople had been chosen as their first contacts -- one in Rome, one in India, and himself the first. ...

p. 137

In January 1953 Angelucci had a further and even stranger experience. ... For Angelucci himself, it was quite simply that he spent a week away from Earth with his ET contacts. On returning to Earth he found himself back at work, tools in his hands. ... Workmates and family alike had noticed nothing unusual about his behaviour. As he learnt later, this was because one of the cosmic Brothers had controlled his body while

{This circumstance of one's body being possessed by a deity while one is absent from it undertaking different afterwards-remembred activities, is an occasional experience of an especially adept Siberian shaman.}

he was visiting Lucifer.

{Favorable associations with Lucifer are typical of Freemasonic and of Theosophical accounts.}

Indeed, his visit was really a return, for this planet, located between Mars and Jupiter, had formerly been his home. ...

{This is similar to accounts of planet Maldek, likewise situated in an orbit between that of Mars and that of Jupiter.}

So what Angelucci was taken to see was ... life on Lucifer ... -- the food and drink are marvellous, the furnishings are of crystal, colours are soft and shifting pastel shades, ... the grass, trees and flowers ... 'sparkle with living colours that ... glow with a light of their own', the fantastically beautiful buildings are constructed of 'a kind of crystal-plastic substance that quivered with continuously colour hues', and all is accompnaied by 'waves of soft exquisite music'. As for the inhabitants, all without exception are 'statuesque ...', ... with long golden hair, large expressive blue eyes".

pp. 139-41 George King

p. 139

[quoted from King, 1961] "'Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of the Interplanetary Parliament.' That was the simple and precise command I received ... one Saturday morning in May 1954. ... .

... King himself had been a student of occultism for ten years before his cosmic summons ... .

[quoted from King] On the following Sunday evening I was somewhat startled by the entrance of ... my visitor who, I discovered later from his method of exit, had obviously walked straight through the {closed, solid} door. I recognised him instantly as an Indian swami of world renown. ... I had often read about feats performed by Masters of the East, who could project themselves for thousands of miles in a flash ... . But this was the first time I had ever witnessed such a feat performed by someone whom I knew to be very much alive. ...

[the swami :] You are only one of many called upon to prepare yourself for the coming conflict between the materialistic scientist ...

p. 140

and the occult scientist ... . ... We can help you ... .

Bearing such good news, King gave his first lecture at London's Caxton Hall in 1956, and founded the Aetherius Society the following year with ET guidance, notably from a Martian named 'Mars Sector Six', a Chinese saint named Goo-Ling ... . ... In 1959 King was directed to move to Hollywood, California. ...

In addition he has been summoned by Cosmic Intelligence to attend conferences on board their spacecraft, and has witnessed the formal transition to a higher state of an Earthly adept ... . [King, 1963] ...

In 1958 his mother, Mary King,

was awakened in the middle of the night

{a dream of "false awakening"}

in her Devon cottage. Going to the window she saw a flying saucer and four figures whom she knew at once were higher beings from another planet. ...

p. 141

[George King's mother, quoted from King & King, 1958 :] I asked him to come in and as he did so my living room was filled with the perfume of a thousand flowers. I knew ... here was another Great One from Outer Space ... .

Though it had been snowing, her visitor left no tracks".

King, 1961 = George King : You Are Responsible. Aetherius Soc, London.

King, 1963 = George King : The Nine Freedoms. Aetherius Soc, Los Angeles.

King & King, 1958 = George King with Mary King : Cosmic Voice. Aetherius Soc, London & Los Angeles.

p. 143 the epic of Howard Menger

"He was taught the music of Saturn while visiting there, with the result that when he returned to Earth, ... he was able to amaze his friends by playing them his space music. Indeed, he now learned that he was in fact of Saturnian origin, having been a teacher there. [Menger, 1959]

Moreover, during that earlier lifetime, while on a visit to Mars, he had met and fallen intensely and overpoweringly in love with a Venutian girl ... Now ... too ... on an mission, and what's more, living in his own state of New Jersey." (Menger, 1968)

Menger, 1959 = Howard Menger : From Outer Space to You. Saucerian.

Menger, 1968 = Connie Menger : Song of Saturn. Saucerian, Clarkburg.

p. 148 the epic of Buck Nelson

"In his account, privately published in Missouri in 1956 and simply entitled My Trip to Mars, the Moon and Saturn, he explained ... 1954 ... in April he was taken on a trip to space. He was even permitted to bring his little dog along ... . Together they visited

Mars, which is very colourful;

the Moon, where they had a meal in the ruler's house in a crater;

Venus, where the cars have no wheels or fenders".

p. 149 the epic of Dino Kraspedon (in Brazil)

"He had long scholarly conversations with entities from Io and Ganymede, satellites of Jupiter. Kraspedon ... was well educated, and able to pose questions in Hebrew, Latin and Greek ... . [Kraspedon, 1959] ...

In 1965 he revealed his true identity, Aladino Felix, and predicted ... the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King ... [Burge, 1979].

In 1968 he himself was arrested as a terrorist, and ...

{Knowing too much about the future (through being told by the flying saucers) can result in one's being unjustly suspected of causing the events after they have afterwards occurred. Brazil was a military dictatorship at that time.}

after his arrest he stated 'My friends from space will come here and free me and avenge my arrest. ...'" (Keel, 1970)

Kraspedon, 1959 = Dino Kraspedon (translated from the Portuguese) : My Contact with Flying Saucers. Spearman, London. http://energy21.freeservers.com/fs1.htm (2nd edn, with title changed to My Contact with UFOs)

Burge, 1979 = Weldon Burge : The UFO Cults. Pamphlet Publ, Cincinnati.

Keel, 1970 = John A. Keel : UFOs : Operation Trojan Horse. Souvenir, London.

p. 150 the epic of Woodrow Derenberger

"Woodrow Derenberger ..., driving ... in West Virginia ... in 1966, was halted by a spaceship blocking his road. From the spaceship an entity emerged, ... Indrid Cold, who was visiting Earth on behalf of the Guiding Council of the Inter-Galactic Circle, who are concerned that Earth in the only {in this galaxy} inhabited world that is not a member of the Circle. Cold took Derenberger on more than one space journey, and ... he reports a greater amount of nudity ... on Venus and Lanulos". (Derenberger & Hubbard, 1971)

Derenberger & Hubbard, 1971 = Woodrow Derenberger as told to H. W. Hubbard : Visitors from Lanulos. Vantage, NY.

pp. 151-2 Elizabeth Klarer (in South Africa)

p. 151

"In 1937, ... she had a strange sighting while flying with her husband. They reported ... '... this was an alien ship from the far reaches of outer space'.

p. 152

... . ... after the war, ... she had a further sighting of a UFO over her Natal home, and eventually met its occupants ... from Meton, a planet in Alpha Centauri ... ." (Klarer, 1977)

Klarer, 1977 = Elizabeth Klarer : Jenseits der Lichtmauer. Ventla, Wiesbaden. (transl. as : Beyond the Light Barrier. Timmins, Cape Town, 1980.)



Abduction Encountres


p. 154 Villas-Boas

"in 1957, ... a Brazilian farmer, Antonio Villas-Boas, ... had been taken on board a spacecraftand confronted with a beautiful spacewoman, with whom

he was, more or less reluctantly, compelled to have sexual intercourse."

{When he told of the event afterwards, he would have been expected to claim to have been reluctant and to have been compelled -- in order not to be recognized (by the government) as praeferring (being loyal to) the extraterrestrials over and above the government of the country (Brazil) wherein he resided.}

p. 155 Barney & Betty Hill

In 1961, in New Hampshire

[Betty, quoted from Fuller 1966] "a bright object in the sky which seemed to be moving rapidly ... Suddenly ... reversed it flight path and appeared to be flying in a very erratic pattern. ... As it approached our car, we stopped ... . As it hovered in the air in front of us, it appeared to be pancake in shape, ringed with windows in the front throughout which we could see bright blue-white lights."

Fuller 1966 = John G. Fuller = The Interrupted Journey. Dial, NY.

{The " wings ... and red lights on the wing tips" mentioned by her husband were apparently a joke of his (not actually seen -- probably he saw nothing) : she said he was "laughing" about this. Actual flying saucers never do have any wings.}

pp. 163-5 the Betty Andreasson abduction encountre (Fowler, 1979 & 1982)

p. 163

"at home in south Ashburnham, Massachusetts, ... the house lights failed and

a reddish glow was seen outside the house. Her father ... saw some creatures 'like Hallowe'en freaks ... . It was funny the way they jumped one after another -- just like grasshoppers. ...'

[myth of Keres of Acoma -- AIM&L, p. 99] "the locust, ... Stepping out into the light, ... saw".

Betty, but none of the others, saw the entities enter the house, passing through the door without opening it. ... .

[Hopi myth -- VW, p. 71] Locust emerged into this world without being seen by "the other beings".

... in 1977, ... hypnosis would yield results. ... Betty now revealed that she had been persuaded to leave the house ... , and to accompany the entities to their spaceship ... . In this she seems to have been taken to a larger ship, where she was subjected to ... physical tests. ... After the tests she was taken via a tunnel

to another world, seemingly underground, but with vistas and views of cities."

{"through endless voids ... soon we set foot in a world ... with ... its cities" (MTSW, p. 60)

p. 164

In 1950, "she was treated to some visionary experiences ... . She was told 'This is for you to remember so mankind will understand. You shall enter the Great Door and see the glory of the One.' ...

p. 165

Thus at one point Quazgaa, her guide, asks her to look over at the spaceship, and he has made the bottom like glass so that she can see right through it."

Fowler = Raymond Fowler : The Andreasson Affair. Prentice-Hall, 1979; and, Raymond Fowler : The Andreasson Affair Phase Two. Prentice-Hall, 1982.

AIM&L = Richards Erdoes & Alfonso Ortiz : American Indian Myths and Legends. Pantheon Bks, NY, 1984.

VW = Margot Edmonds & Ella E. Clark : Voices of the Winds : Native American Legends. Facts On File, NY & Oxford, 1989.

MTSW = Caroline D. Larsen : My Travels in the Spirit World. Rutland (VT), 1927. http://www.spiritwritings.com/TravelsSpiritWorldLarson.pdf

pp. 165-6 extraterrestial-abduction scenarios

p. 165

"Jean Giraud and his GABRIEL group, seeking a theory which would provide a global explanation for the UFO phenomenon, proposed a scenario wherein beings from another world, discovering that the human race

(which they may have even brought into existence)

{perhaps by being Otherworldlies of the sort of deities who arrange the evolution of species}

show ... signs of intelligence, and being unable to make direct contact because they are

so totally different from us,

{The only beings who are "so totally different from us" are the aeternal personified incarnations of cosmic principles, i.e., the mightiest of immortal deities.}

despatch humanoid robots (= ETs)

{Please do note that even "humanoid robots", if constituted of immaterial (aithereal) substance, can likewise be indestructible and sempiternal.}

to monitor our

p. 166

development. The abduction phenomenon would fit such a hypothesis" (Giraud 1978).

"The experiment consisted of hypnotizing ... subjects ... suggest to them ... a UFO-abduction situation. ... But ... the subjects ... create an elaborate, detailed and dramatic story -- which ... in ... the details they supplied, were striking similar to ... [those] of the 'true' abductees. There ... the central finding ...

can hardly be ascribed to crytomnesia {read : "cryptamnesia"} -- though one or two subjects might be drawing on hidden memories of abduction ... they had forgotten ..., it is asking too much to suggest this could be true of an entire batch."

{Actually, it could very easily be attributed to kryptamnesia; for it is entirely probably that each and every living person hath, on various occasions during subsequently-unremembred dreaming within the praeternatural dream-world, been raptured ("abducted") in divine chariots by angels, with the permission, and at the command, of the divine heavenly council. [written June 5th 2014]}

Giraud, 1978 = Jean Giraud (ed.) : Les soucoupes volants -- le grand refus. Moutet, Re'gusse.

p. 167 deductions based on memories of extraterrestrial-abductions recovered through hypnosis

"Aphrodite Clamar, says

[quoted from Hopkins 1981 :] '... all of the subjects do believe that something strange and unknown did occur' -- but ...

the witches ... were so sure they had attended a sabbat".

{The witches who were so sure of this had indeed projected the subtle body from out of the material body (which is an automatic event for whomever hath ingested the henbane and/or wolfbane partaken by the witches for this purpose) and had thus in the astral body traveled to the sabbat.}

"the same bizarre details ... convinced investigator Budd Hopkins that the abductions are ... literal fact :

[quoted from Hopkins 1981 :] ... They ["the ETs"] are already here ... it is true : extraterrestrials have been observing us in our innocence for many years."

Hopkins, 1981 : Budd Hopkins : Missing Time. Marek, NY.



Encountres with Cosmic Guardians


p. 172 IFOs are angelic

[quoted from Graham 1975] "UFOs could very well be a part of God's angelic host who preside over the physical affairs of Universal Creation ... . UFOs are astonishingly angel-like in ... their reported appearances."

Graham, 1975 = Billy Graham : Angels, God's Secret Agents. Guideposts Associates, NY.

p. 173 superiority of extraterrestrials

[quoted from Rowe, 1958] "I, as many others of this planet Earth, have met, associated with, benefited by and enjoyed the presence of these highly superior beings from other worlds whose development is inconceivable to people of Earth. We have found them to be shining examples of what we of Earth should be, what we can be, and shall become".

Rowe, 1958 = Kelvin Rowe : A Call at Dawn. Undertanding, El Monte (CA).

p. 174 meeting extraterrestrials from another galaxy

"in the 1960s, ... in the Ardennes ... the narrator had gone out ... only to find an ET spacecraft parked ... . The voice that came to them from inside it told them ... :

[transl. from Ligeron 1981 :] We are not the first extraterrestrials to come from a distant galaxy to visit you. Beings like us are among you in all parts of your planet ... with a view to eventually establishing scientific contacts."

Ligeron, 1981 = Jean Michel Ligeron : OVNI en Ardennes. Charleville, privately printed.


Hilary Evans : Gods, Spirits, Cosmic Guardians : a Comparative Study of the Encounter Experience. Aquarian Pr, Wellingborough (Northamptonshire), 1987.