Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy, III

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p. 132 types of divine instructors to a human cosmic-telepathist

"the Archangel ranks ... may, at vastly isolated times, pop in to keep you inspired, but do expect ... to have some very wise and beautifulteachers from the less prominent levels of Hierarchical structure. As you advance, newer teachers will replace your basic training instructors, who will know exactly when you are ready to be introduced to a higher level of approach.

Do not become a name dropper in the etheric sense. In your early beginnings if too much importance is attached to names, you will overlook content

and even invite imposters."

{I have encountred, at a meeting of an devil-summoning group, a claim by a participant to have summoned a spirit which gave as its name that of a very high-ranking devil; but it such case the name claimed by the spirit is likely to have been an imposture.}

p. 133 the authoress's supernatural instructors

"For a very long period, ... Herodotus was one of my prominent teachers. ... Eventually his work with me was finished, and he turned me over to another."

"It was Jesus himself who introduced me to Kuthumi and Hilarion".

{Because this "Jesus" is a code-name for Hindu god Sananda, and because Kuthumi is another Hindu mythic character; therefore "HiLARion" is likely to be a deformed name for some god from India : a possible candidate could be the Vajra-yana god HeLA-vajRa (alius dictus "He-vajra").}

pp. 134-6 habitual maintenance of punctual appointments for telepathy (regular hours for prayer)

p. 134

"Do realize that there is every possibility that you are here on a voluntary assignment to the planet. The daily appointments always at the same time builds an enforcement of protection around you made up of those Beings assigned to your life stream for instruction and protection. ... For the beginner and student, haphazard and impromptu contacts can sometimes

p. 135

let in the ... uninvited. ... Further, ... your teachers will tell you that every moment spent with them, something productive is happening, for much interaction takes places ... on spiritual levels. ...

"Athena has said, "Keep the appointments ... . It is important for us to know that you have appeared, whether transmission has been accomplished or not. ... There is a mystical reason for this.""

"Continuing with Kuthumi's words, he also cautions : "Punctuality and the keeping of appointed times is an important discipline. ... This ... expands its blessings into all areas of life. ...

p. 136

Self discipline leads the disciple into deeper and deeper initiation after initiation along the pathway of Mystery. Nevertheless, as you come into new embodiments, all of the former attainments must be brought through, pulled through".

p. 136 breath-control for telepathy

"There are disciplines of breath followed by many ... . ... A teacher once told me ... : "... The vibrating sideways motion will have begun and you will know that communication may be begun." Many prefer to combine this excercise with the sounding of the holy OHM while exhaling the breath."

p. 138 powerful jolts

"When transmissions are extremely intensified, ... Powerful jolts of resonating power passing through the body can build up until dizziness and nausea will be present. ...

My own contacts are most intensified in the week prior to the full moon".

pp. 139-40 loose clothing

p. 139

"Let the body be loosely clothed. ... Well, ... ladies ... off with the girdles and on with the mu-mus. ..

p. 140

Fellows, unbutton the shirt neck, remove your belt and shoes".

p. 141 <arpi^->el

":let us now hear ... from ORPHIEL, of the 12th sphere of manifestation, speaking from the Celstial region of the Great Centran Sun".

{This name is from that of (in the Book of Rut) the heroine <arpah ('mane', Strong's 6204).}

p. 142 advice about telepathic prayer, spoken by <arpi^->el

"Universal Mind ... is already totally familiar with every detail that concerns your embodiment and service. You need not talk incessantly of these things to Higher Consciousness."

p. 143 characteristic sensations during cosmic telepathy

"There may be an electronic sound in the ear, or one may hear a noise like a rushing wind ... . There may be a weaving of the body, or a feeling of the body floating above its chair or couch. ... The presence of a spacecraft may produce an electronic sound in you head ... .

For a considerable time I would hear a clickety-click in my right ear when communication was desired -- a kind of calling or alerting signal. ... For a period of time, in my own meditations, whenever a message was about to be given, side to side weaving vibrations increased, combined with a deepening purple color; then both would gradually decline as the message ended. As they receded, this would be followed by an increase once more".

pp. 144-5 how the deities themselves explained to the authoress the reason for the side-to-side swayings of her body during cosmic telepathy; those deities' explanation of aura-colors

p. 144

"We are increasing your mental faculty to adjust to our presence in your [aura]. Our vibrational penetration creates the increase in body vibrations. A side-to-side effect indicates we are present and very close ... . Do not resist this action, for it is involved in our approach to you. When the vibration is circular of motion, it indicates that we need a few more moments for accustomedness and are not quite ready. Just wait for the side-to-side motion, which indicates readiness. ... A downward pull or motion indicates that we are ready for the typing to begin. A lifting up pull or backward motion indicates that the communication is coming to a close."

p. 145

"The coming of higher Beings to blend with a human aura will always produce beautiful colors. ...

Perfect faith and trust will usually produce blue;

the purple indicates a deeper state of relaxation".

pp. 146-7, concerning her praedilection in flowers

p. 146

[entries from authoress's notebook of routine telepathic interviews with deities :] "They they asked me to select a favorite flower. That was easy and quick, since a yellow rosebud is my favorite of them all. {the state-flower "yellow rose of Texas"} ... Then I was instructed ... as a yellow-ray soul. ...

p. 147

I visualized a yellow rosebud as I had been told to. ... Then the Teacher spoke : 'This tittle bud will be your symbol of our presence with you ..., a symbol of our relationship and our work together."

p. 148

"The symbol (yellow rosebud) was used with me because it possessed the mental imprint of the Teacher to be communicated with. For me it established a firm tuning-in frequency".

pp. 148-50 the use, in telepathy, of symbols & of pourtraits of divinities

p. 148

"a symbol was drawn through my hand which I later ... learned was the Symbol of the Solar Cross, an equal armed cross enclosed in a circle."

{The cross within a circle is a common symbol of Amerindian religion, in use thoroughout much of North America.}

[a statement "from the Beloved Korton, thrrough spiritual messenger Richard Miller (in STAR WARDS ...)" :] "A symbol allows the fixing of one's telepathic attention on the thoughts of the telepathic communicant."

p. 149

"Many of us have pictures or paintings of the Higher Masters and Beings, and members of the Space Confederation. These pictures ... do assist to fix our telepathic attention on the

p. 150

thoughts of that particular selected communicant. I often use this method when a certain appointment is in process or a call is being made. The picture serves as a ... tool, in my contact with that individual."





pp. 153-4 the 5 steps in approaching cosmic telepathy

p. 153

"Proper attunement is ... to wholesome and productive cosmic telepathy ... in five specific steps. As an aid ... let the fingers of your left hand ... guide ... each ... step in the process ... . ... The five steps are :

p. 154


2. INVOKE THE LIGHT (Protection)

3. VISUALIZATION AND RESONANCE (Raising the energy level)

4. SPECIFIC CALL AND INVITATION (Requests, needs, questions)


(All these are performed with the left hand raised and facing palm-outwards, with fingers bent down to the palm, except for such fingers as be designated as to be raised.)

pp. 154-5 (1A : thumb) relaxation

p. 154

"Beginning with the thumb [of the left hand], touch your [left] thumb with the other [right] hand and say aloud, "Be still and KNOW!" ... .

... visualize yourself falling through space gently, and softly landing ... . ... .

{The aequivalent visualization in past-life-regression hypnosis (as, by Dolores Cannon) is descending on a cloud from the sky onto the ground.}

p. 155

.. speak to each portion of the body, telling it to relax, beginning with the feet and coming all the way up to the scalp, literally telling each portion to relax; even the face muscles, and the tightness of the scalp covering, all of the many neck muscles."

pp. 155-6 (1B) affirmation

p. 155

"one could give three breaths using the OHM vibration. In some manner at this point, you are going to remind yourself of your inner divinity, your God image ... . You may acknowledge "I Am That I Am" and repoeat it until you know that you are ... . ... Or use the ... affirmation given by Ashtar in PROJECT : WORLD EVACUATION on page 183, which affirms as follows :

p. 156

"I AM ... a Guardian of the Light!

I AM ... Love in Action here!

Cooperating with the Ashtar Command.

I AM dedicated to ...

*Interplanetary Fellowship

*and Universal Peace"".


pp. 156-7 the use of quartz-crystals in telepathy

p. 156

"there are thousands of ... children of Light who are now turning to the assistance of quartz crystals in their attunement. This is a valid and worthwhile supplement to attunement which is now being encouraged by the higher realms for our day. ... I was taught by Hilarion how to use the crystal. ...

p. 157

"When in the process of attuning to receive cosmic telepathy, hold your crustal to your forehead just above and between the physical eyes, directly in front pf the pituitary gland. ...

When desiring to send or transmit your message, hold the crystal on top of the head above the crown chakra, directly over the pineal gland, just over the "third eye," for a higher degree of thought-force."

{To hold a quartz-crystal in one's hand while endeavouring to telepathize will indicate to such dvinities as may be watching invisibly that one would like to engage in radiolike communication, because quartz crystals are used in radio-communications (as those divinities will be well-aware) -- then they will either activate the communication or else inform whichever other deities are in charge of this task.}

pp. 158-9 (2nd : thumb & index finger of left hand raised) invoke , for protection, a divine pyramid, ring, or sphaire to surround one's self

p. 158

"Any form of dark emanation cannot face the LIGHT and will flee from it when IT IS INVOKED ... . ... Mischievous, malignant, harmful spirits, incarnate or discarnate, cannot abide the LIGHT. When it is INVOKED FOR THEIR REMOVAL, they vanish. ... State that you will not receive the words of any being who does not serve the Golden White LIGHT ... .

Then ... build your form of protection.

Some like to construct a great tube of LIGHT which reaches upward ... .

Others visualize a great milk bottle shaped cone of LIGHT in which they sit,

while some construct a PYRAMID OF LIGHT.

A great many meditators construct a circle of LIGHT around them, a ring-shaped pass-not of impenetrable protection.

Personally, I prefer to constuct a sphere of Light in which I position myself. It covers me above, beneath, to the right, to the left, before, and behind ... . It is a veritable solid ball of pure Golden-White LIGHT, and ... absolute protection. When you

p. 159

have adequately enfold yourself in ... an armour of Divine Love ... you know your are sheltered and protected from negativity in any form."

{In rituals generating a protective praeternal kavaca ('coat-of-mail'), such coat-of-mail is emplaced by dharan.i-s ('magic-spells').}

pp. 159-60 (3rd : thumb & index & middle fingers of left hand raised) directing the divine light down one's spine; resonating one's vortex

p. 159

"Consciously direct the LIGHT down the spine,

{Only in Kriya-Yoga is a downward current in the spine generated (in other Yoga-s, an upward current).}

stopping at each chakra to flood that chakra with Golden Light -- the throat chakra, the heart chakra, down the spine to the solar plexus, then the lower chakras. ... Your crystal may be employed here also, touching the area of the chakras as the Golden Light enfolds each one."

p. 160

"Now to resonate your vortex ... . Start from the feet area and visualize a swirling stream of energy until it rises higher and hbigher; until this circular winding of white energy -- in tornado-like fashion -- flows into the legs, the thighs, whirling ... all around you. ... See it whirling around your middle, your chest cavity, your shoulders, neck and head. Now you are a swirling vortex of golden LIGHT, a scintillating mass of ... energy.

Now, very slowly, let it unwind back down to yur feet.

This has been a deliberate act of ... raising you ... to a high level of divine energy and creating a strong vortex for communication. You have awakened the sleeping dynamics of your higher consciousness, without which, you are nothing. ... Now you are ready to give your call to higher planes on your authority as an embodied son or daughter of God, which compels the answer!"

pp. 161-2 (4th : thumb & index & middle & ring fingers of left hand raised) call and invocation to the categories of divine entities

p. 161

"Remember that all things which come to you pass through or are permitted entrance into your human forcefield by your own ... Higher God-self.

Cosmic Teacher Aljanon has given us this call to be used :

"I, as a son/daughter of the New Age awakening now upon the earth, command forth ... my Mighty I AM PRESENCE ... into my human into my human mind and perform the work of reuniting me to its God-Recveiver. Come into me now ..., and raise me back to my Source. Bring forth God energies necessary for me ... this day in all that I see, speak, and do. ... In the Name of God I AM THAT I AM ..., I invoke the presence and help of

heaven's invisible army, the Angels,

the Light Bearers of the Universe, t

he Brotherhood of Light,

our Space Friends of other worlds,

the Avatars, the Masters, the Teachers, the Healers, and all of those who

p. 162

who work within my own lifestream to guide, to teach, to protect;

to receive the love I now send them and to assist me in my endeavor ..., now and at this very moment."

p. 162 visualization for calling any specific divine entity

"In calling a specific Being, it helps ... to visualize that one in their own setting or environment, as you look upon a painting or picture of that one. Form a large tube or tunnel and picture the other person as appearing at the other end of it while you remain at this end."

pp. 162-3 (5th : thumb & index & middle & ring & little fingers of left hand all raised)

p. 162

"listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat, nd relate it to the rhythm of the univerese."

p. 163

"In my earlier sessions with my spiritual teachers, one ... would produce sounds which I was to identify. I identified

the first one as the sound of snapping fingers;

the second one was the sound of clapping hands;

the next sound reminded me of wind swishing by;

then he said he would do one of the three, which I then identified.

Then he gave me a sound which would be a spiritual symbol in the form of sound which would identify their presence to me."

p. 163 the 43 bells

"Students in the mystery schools of the Orient have 43 bells to identify. In another room, their teacher strikes one of the bells and the student can tell the teacher which bell is ringing because he has become attuned to the frequency of that bell."

{"there are forty- three bells in the chime. The compass of the Carillon is four octaves, semi-tones running from the second octave up to the bass but not through the bass ; or to speak technically, the bass octave is diatonic and the others referred to, chromatic." (L&TJT, p. 331.)} {In Munich at the "neo-gothic town hall (Rathaus) ... the famous Glockenspiel ... chimes ring out with forty-three bells" ("MCG"). Built over the grave of St. Servatius, at the St. Servaas basilica at Maastricht "The bell tower houses a carillon of 43 bells and is known world wide." ("SChB") "The carillon of Middelburg, Holland, consists of forty-three bells, made in the eighteenth century." (BThH p. 208)}

L&TJT =Charles George Deuther : The life and times of the Rt. Rev. John Timon. Buffalo (N. Y.), 1870.


"MCG" = "Munich City Guide" http://www.farebuzz.com/destinations/munich-city-guide.aspx

"SChB" = "St Servatius... The church of the bells" http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/p/m/1f7e6c/

BThH = Satis N. Coleman : Bells : Their History. Rand McNally, 1928. http://www24.us.archive.org/stream/bellstheirhistor00cole/bellstheirhistor00cole_djvu.txt

p. 163 cricket-chirp

"For a considerable time I received a sound in one ear which ... was not physical but one of the calling cards of my Heavenly Friends. It was similar to the sound of a loud cricket in the right ear."

p. 167 do memorize the 5 finger-steps!

"Then memorize the five finger steps. ... But learn them, so that you can easily reconstruct them with your eyes closed."





p. 171 "If any speak, let them speak as the oracles of God" (1st Epistle of Petros 4:11).

pp. 174-5 discernment of spirits

p. 174

"GO WITHIN to ... your God Self, and seek guidance. ...

p. 175

Any communicant may be challenged to affirm whether or not he ... will acknowledge to be within the Light of God."

p. 176 straying into dogmatic platitudes & verbosity

[declaration by a divine teacher :] Not "all have ... learned how to ... evaluate their envisioned facts. ... Much too often they are filled with ... a tendency to dogmatic statements and derogatory platitudes."

"I have learned that also, that verbosity is not necessarily the criterion of eternal veritiews. Some telepathic comments may be too heavenly flowery to be of any earthly use."

pp. 178-9 inadvertent distortions of telepathic messages from divine entities

p. 178

"The Masters do not send forth error, but truth is often distorted and clouded by the messenger. Whenever there is the slightest inclination to race ahead in thought ..., CLOUDING MAY RESULT. ...

p. 179

The words come clear to the dedicated initiate ... . Never assume that you know what is being said or about to be said ...! Let the comment be completed without passing judgement."

pp. 182-3 praeoccupation with heavenly communication

p. 182

"the Arcana Workshops circulated a letter-article by Marguirite Rompage ... . ... She writes that as a person becomes preoccupied with heavenly contact as a possibility for themselves, the inner thought life and wish-life light up and become very important. ...

p. 183

It can transform the life of lonely people into constant adventure. ... ... Those who are timid and inexperienced in social contact, enjoy spiritual communication ... . Those who long only for psychic experience ... of mystery ... find talking with invisible beings ... presents great satisfaction. ... .

... she explains that ... the Teacher will be a way into the community of souls, the Inner Community. There will be no self-referencesto that extent, but the ideads used and expressed will appeal irresistibly to every soul".





p. 192 conscience of one's Oversoul

"When a man feels a storng spiritual undertow of conscience ... or ideals, he should respond to these positive emotions, for these are the voice of the Oversoul ... . ...

(It is impossible to lose your soul,

{This direct contradiction of the words of Iesous Khristos in the Euangelion, is a sure indication that the authoress is in no sense Christian.}

for you ARE your soul.)"

{Carl G. Jung, howbeit, distinguish between each person and that person's "soul" (intending by the term "soul" one's 'guardian-angel').}


Tuella : The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy. Guardian Action Publ, Durango (CO), 1983.

Sponsored bythe Ashtar Command, Tuella, speakeress for the Intergalactic Space Confoederation, is authoress also of Project World Evacuation and of World Messages for the Coming Decade, and is Guardian-Action editrix of UNIVERSAL NETWORK newsletter.