Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy, II

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Chapter : "The Dynamics of __"





Planetary Frequency






Human Brain







Planetary Frequency


pp. 54-5, 57, 60 quoted from :- Jacques P. Drabier : The Frequency Barrier.

p. 54

"One of the reasons the extraterrestrials and their monitoring spacecraft have visited us consistently has been for the purpose of determining a solution to the frequency barrier. ...

p. 55

If humanity had not had to live within the frequency barrier ..., they would have the same ... mental capabilities as their ancestral relatives from outer space ... . ... The frequency barrier has been partly produced by the earth's inharmonious vibration ... . Certain key stata layers ... constituting the physical structure of the planet, have been misaligned, causing the planet to vibrate unnaturally. ...

The people of this planet have not always been mentally restricted by the requency barrier. For at a time in the very distant past the inhabitants of this planet had the full use of their mental faculties."

{This is an allusion to the psychic powers of the praevious "Root-Races" (according to the Theosophical Society, apparently derived from Agama-s and/or Pan~ca-ratra-s).}

p. 57

The writer (J.P.D.) is claiming that the "Neanderthal Man" praeceded in time the "Java Man".

{The writer JPD hath reversed the actual sequence. Actually, "Java Man" praeceded "Neanderthal Man" by some quarter of a million years.}

"The Egyptian, as well as the Greek, Aztec, Incan, Mayan, Babylonian, and Assyrian civilizations were all built over fault lines of the earth, where they developed and flourished because of the ...vibrations ... in these faults, assisting the minds of the people living over them. ...

{(Such geological fault-lines are manifested by earthquakes.) Some of these civilizations did indeed promote worship of earthquake-deities, such as Poseidon for the Hellenes, and Cabrakan for the Kic^e Maya.}

p. 60

"Interestigly enough, the people who visited us from space took precautions against the frequency barrier by setting their craft into a vibrating resonance ... . This vibrating ... simply duplicated in a precise manner the ... vibrations produced by the fault lines. If they had not taken this precaution they would have been affected by the frequency barrier as man had been."

pp. 62-5 statement by Soltec, Commander of the Space Monitoring craft, the "Phoenix"

p. 62

"I am Soltec, representing the Brothers of Light ... . As astrophysicist and continuous science monitor for our Council, I do attest to" that when

p. 63

"souls were placed and seeded upon the planet",

p. 64

"The work of the thousands of fleets of volunteer craft circling the globe ... prevented any intervention on our part because of the policies set by the Intergalactic Council on Non-Intervention."

p. 65

"The counteracting rays now shining ... have once again brought mankind an opportunity for spiritual quest and the awakening of his inherent spiritual powers not possible when the frequency barrier was affecting men's minds. ... Work for disarmament and strive for Peace on Earth".

p. 69 disclosure of the true religion

statement by "our beloved Jesus-Sananda"

{This would indicate that any mention of "Jesus" in this book (and in other books published by the Guardian Action Publications) is actual a disguise for Sananda (who is really quite a different god from Jesus, and is one of the Kumara brethren).}





pp. 73-5 a statement about metempsychosis, by "Monka, of the Great Cosmic Tribunal"

p. 73

"Mind is eternal. It is that ...

p. 74

which returns again and again, the uniqueness of ... Soul, which clothes itself with many different physical brains ... as manifested ... of the Universal Creator. ... Man must realize ... the tie of his own being to the Omniverse ... through the flow of Mind ... of Universal Thought that comes to one in embodiment. Here we find the eternal flow of all wisdom, all understanding, without limitation ... to be ... claimed for rightful use. This is the avenue of inspiration, the threshold of genius, and the total source of all inventiveness and creativity. ...

p. 75

The purpose, the direction, the mission will all flow in revelation to that soul ..., to clear the path for the inspirational flow. With Divine integration of body and soul, through spirit ... -- it is then and only then ... functioning ... in the universal body of the cosmos."

pp. 75 , 77-81 communication with extraterrestrials by way of radio, of televison, and of telepathy , of dreaming, and of daydreaming -- according to Flying Saucers International of Yucca Valley, CA

p. 75

"In the early [nineteen-]sixties, Gabriel Green, Editor of U.F.O. International Magazine, carried an outstanding series of articles containing the experiences and transmissions received by BOB RENAUD, through an electronics set-up of various forms of equipment in his basement. Bob spoke with the same group of Space Friends over a long period of time in a two-way conversation by radio means, and viewed them inside their craft on his specially adapted T.V. screen. A lengthy quote from this material is presented here ... .

The ultraconscious is the sixth sense, and the vehicle for parapsychic functions, such as telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc. The ... unifying level, is ... the level at which all matter in the Universe is in rapport with the combined All-Mind ... .

p. 77

This level is the one in which every existent thing is united with every other. All minds are one, and the ... All-Mind controls the Universe to the limits possible. ... . ... the ultraconscious ... is controlled directly by both the conscious and the All-Mind ... . .. .

... telepathy ... is mind-to-mind resonance. The mind ... frequency ... can be turned on or off at will by the individual. It is on this frequency that telepathy occurs. When the mind is ... generating this frequency ..., it is receptive to messages from throughout the Universe. It can select from

p. 78

any of these at will, shutting out all others. ... This rapport can be established between any number of minds ... . Usually, no one keeps his mind open to calls, and so a form of mental paging is used to gain the desired party's attention. ... The people who have developed their telepathic abilities can change the phasing of their transceptor frequency at will, which is usually necessary, since the impulses are almost never synchronized to the extent required."

p. 79

[dreams are (in some cases?) messages telepathically transmitted from a scout-ship :] "The instrument used to produce Somnivision, the Omnifrequency Psychprint Unit, is designed to register ... via a probe beam, which is trained on the mind from a unit in a small, three-foot diameter scout ship. Whenever Somnivision is to be undertaken, a beam is sent down from a scout hovering low over the home of the person to be impressed, and a relay is begun through it to the mind. ... ... Depending on ... this beam, we can cause ... the 'dream' ... .

p. 80

The reason we do this during sleeping hours is that ... we choose a time when both the conscious and the subconscious can be by-passed. Sleep is that time.

{Actually, the conscious mind is highly active during dreaming, and cannot then be by-passed; but it can be by-passed during dreamless sleep. The subconscious can be somewhat by-passed during dreaming, although more completely during dreamless sleep.}

p. 81

[daydreams (reveries) are likewise transmissions :] In certain instances, we use infraception, which imprints on a level of consciousness just below the conscious. This you call 'daydreaming.'"

pp. 81, 83 Universal Mind; higher self & Higher Mind

p. 81

"Universal Mind, or the mental continuum, interpenetrates all dimensions, and therefore, knows no limitation to hinder the flow of thought."

p. 83

"telepathy is communication between your higher self and the higher self of another living being. ... . Keep ever before you the fact that your Mind is a spiritual part of you outside of your physical form and therefore, outside of your brain. ... As your ability to work with Higher Mind develops, your eager Mind ... will lead you into the higher thought emanations from great Teachers in the outer Universe. They anxiously await the flight of your ... Soulself -- into their dimensions of great Truth".



Human Brain


pp. 87-8 Spirit

p. 87

"There are four primary forces in the Universe ... . ... One is sometimes called Spirit ... . It is present in our personal vibration ... . ...

p. 88

Spirit is an expression of mental enegy, and mental energy is associated with ... Universal Mind."

p. 89 brain is less than mind

"Brain is less than mind, and so ... the adage, "Mind over matter.""

p. 91 pineal gland

"In describing the symbol of the Knights of the Solar Cross, George Hunt Williamson explained that there was an eye on the shield because ... a highly developed pineal gland, a third eye, ... gives ... outstanding telepathic abilities."

"Cosmic Master Aljanon, a representative of both the Brotherhood and the Confederation, has given us ... : "... Positive action flows through the pineal doorway, while negative action flows through the pituitary doorway, both reacting in unison".





pp. 105, 111 tensor coil; tensor centres

p. 105

"The term "tensor" was ... used by Wilber B. Smith in 1951 ... who received the term through telepathic communication with our Space Friends. It was used as another name for the caduceus coil".

p. 111

"The tensor centers actually are several, all interconnected ... with their interaction under divine impetus ..., inciting tensor awakenings."

pp. 105-6 total awarenss, according to "Commander Hatonn, of our galaxy"

p. 105

" 'All is mind' is given as the first of the seven great principles. ...

p. 106

Therefore, this quest is not merely ... to master cosmic telepathy. Telepathy is but an arm of a greater ... total awareness. It is to find a total attunement with the Infinite One from the soul level to Being, responding and vibrating with Universal Mind and the Creator."

pp. 107, 109 cerebrum & ultraconsciousness

p. 107

"The cerebrum houses your sleeping giant of genius, your imprisoned glory and splendor, your cosmic egg of infinite intelligence and wisdom, your personal guru ... . ... It is here that thoughts from Universal Mind are nested through an

p. 109

inductive process ... . ... Ultimately, through continual applicatioo of spiritual principles, development as a Light Being willl bring forth this beautiful coordination. ... It is the ultraconsciousness, the medium for all extrasensory phenomena. It is the connecting link with all heavenly beings and the rest of all parapsychic abilities. ... So it is that, the quality of our projected frequency will resonate into the highest heavens only to rest when it is blended with that vibration to which it is attuned."

p. 111 further words received by Bob Renaud from his Space Friends

"In line with telepathy and clairaudience, ... The All-Mind is brought in. Since it encompasses all, it is aware of everything that happens everywhere in the Universe. If a conscious mind should therefore wish to see at a distance, it need only work through the ultraconscious, requesting a view of the scene. On other occasions, the All-Mind may elect to provide this view unasked ... . For prescience, the All-Mind may project an image of what could very well occur if a certain pattern of events were to continue uninterrupted."

pp. 114-7 a dictation received from goddess Athene, in joint-command with <As^tar of Starship 10 of this hemisphaire

p. 114

"The mind is a vacuum that attracts unto itself that which surrounds it in terms of ... impulses. It then manipulates these impulses until they are born as Thought. Through ... processes this then becomes idea, then action. We monitor this process on screens that are designed for this purpose. ... Our monitoring equipment is a revelator in the same manner that the human aura reveals information without using words.

As telepathic communication is in processes a beam from one of our ships ... beams into and blends with the human aura surrounding the individual. The ... impulses of the one who sends are captured within ... the [aura] surrounding the receiver and the thought-idea is filtered to the tensor center ... . The receiver then converts the thought-idea into words, yet ... often in the case of one well-practiced in this activity, distinct words will be received for transcription.

A tensor beam is directed toward a group, a location, or an individual who is directly in line with a ship of whatever size that is directly overhead.In many cases our

p. 115

great leaders will be sending their communication from another point, which is then relayed to a smaller ship in the area of the communicant from which the beam is used. There is always present in the area of our earth representatives, a fleet member who stands by in cooperative service with our embodied one, ever monitoring, ever guarding, ever guiding and relaying the guidance of others to the one who serves with us. You are never alone. ... You are 'hearing,' rather, receiving each distinct word that I am relaying to you. ... We prefer the direct sending of the verbal message when clear reception makes this possible. ...

p. 116

The Great Masters who overshadow their chelas with their own forcefield are not using a tensor beam in the sense that it is used by the Confederation members. The Beloved Brotherhood will often project their Being near the physical form of their student and directly filter their thoughts into the waiting mind of the chela, blending the two forcefields. ... Words will appear to march across the mental screen ... . ... One must not attempt to discern where the message is leading or to discern its destination. Intellect and reasoning will sever the telepathic thread. ... Until the transcription is completed, human reasoning must give way to SOUL FORCE in quiet passivity. ...

Humanity has now progressed in its technical awareness that provides a frame of understanding the position of the Space Armada in

p. 117

the divine scheme of things. ... The deeper your scientific community penetrates into research ..., the greater will be the falling away of inhibiting concepts ... . Cosmic Telepathy is a reality, proven again and again through many cultures and civilizations and it is the driving force in the present renaissance of understanding and awakening that must come to humanity".

pp. 117-8 the tensor signal-beam, as explicated by Richard Woodmaster

p. 117

"The tensor beam is comprised of a three-phase ... carrier wave, projected in a cone-shaped field of radiation, tuned to the

p. 118

precise frequency of the individual who is to receive the signal.

These three components are : a core surrounded by the two concentric tubular layers ... .

{The tubular nad.i-s are likewise stated to comprise 3 concentric components, namely the 3 gun.a-s.}

The central core is a phase standing columnar wave of radiation two inches in diameter which, when projected, acts on ... the receiving person. The inner tubular layer controls the immediate environment and extends four inches beyond [the central core]. The outer tubular layer contains a return circuit, which picks up the emanations from the minds of anyone in close proximity to the receiving person, returning their thoughts upon this carrier to monitors onboard hovering spacecraft. These monitors (Somnivision, Synthascan, etc.) detect, amplify and display these wave components upon screens for studying and recording.

Our thought is what activates the tensor beam equipment. ... When the receiving body is in resonance with the carrier wave, a small but adequate portion of the audio signal will be genearated ... in or near the auditory center of the brain. ... The watching, listening and communicating equipment is combined by the use of sending this very sensitive ... beam through a projector lens. This beam is a penetrating ray of light which can go through objects and matter, so that all can be seen indoors as

p. 119

well as out, but tuning out roofs and walls, so to speak. ... The tensor beam ... wave is emitted in a certain direction by a beam transmitter. Any thought energy or object in the path of the wave will reflect a portion of it back toward the transmitter. ... In principle, the tensor beam is a multi-purposed beam, utilized for influence of those to whom it is projected".

pp. 119-20 sensations felt by a human receiver of the tensor signal-beam

p. 119

"Some persons experience various characteristics when the tensor beam is placed upon them.

They tell of nausea, a feeling of of tight band or pressure around the head, abdominal cramps at the solar plexus area.

{These are usual symptoms of "shamanic sickness" (experienced by a person while becoming a shaman).}

Others have mentioned a quickening of the heart chakra, a trembling, or a swaying or shaking of the body. ...

{These may be experienced by shaman during a performance, or by a spirit-medium while becoming spirit-possessed.}

Depending on the individual's vibration rate, some experience heat, some cold.

{These are experienced during nad.i-activations in hat.ha yoga, with cold for id.a, and heat for pingala.

There may be a tingling ..., or extreme excitement, or perhaps "goose bumps" or sweating.

{These may be experienced, e.g., just before astrally-projecting.}

In any case, physical effects are simply the results of a frequency adjustment, ... and very temporary. Anyone in close physical proximity to the receiver of a

p. 120

tensor beam, holding hands, or near their vibrational forcefield, may actually pick up the same physical effects. ...

In my own experiences, when the normal beam is accelerated to a higher frequency than is normally used, for whaterver reason, the physical form vibrates ... and resonates so forcibly

there is a resonating tone in the head area."

{I once was hearing a tone issuing out of the head of a woman-inmate of an insane asylum (wherein I was also committed, for a MD suburb of DC).}

pp. 120-1 KORton {named for Cortona in Etruria?} of KOR

p. 120

"Commander KORTON ... is Director of Space Communications for our Solar System and Commander of Starship Rainbow. The main communications center, which is his responsibility, is called KOR and is located upon the planet Mars. ... Not more than a dozen or so persons are needed to efficiently operate KOR's ...

{This "Starship" would be the vahana ('vehicle') of KaRTTikeya, the god of planet Mars. The said vahana is a peafowl-deity, having iridescent plumage.}

p. 121

center. This great relay station channels 7000 messages simultaneously from one destination to another. Every message we receive from a higher being or send to celestial realms goes through station KOR, relayed instantaneously as well as recorded and filed."

"I personally, on many occasions when I desire to reach a certain personage, will contact KOR and Commander Korton direct and ask him to "patch me through" quickly to so-and-so if the emergency is an urgent one."

{Would this communications-centre be involved with translations amongst languages? Ability to cope with speakers of "various languages" (M, p. 477) is brought about, in Cymry myth, by tasting (M, p. 472) the contents of a witch Caridwen's caldron [cf. the caldron edged with "pearls" (Preiddeu Annwm 16) which are iridescent]; and the Latin word for 'caldron', /CORTiNa/, may be cognate with the Etruscan city-name /CORTONa/.}

M = Charlotte Guest (translatrix) : The Mabinogion. London : Bernard Quaritch, 1877. http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/celt/mab/mab32.htm

Preiddeu Annwm = http://www.lib.rochester.edu/camelot/annwn.htm

pp. 122-3 telepathic ability vs. spirit-mediumship, as informed concerning by "Sector Commander Andromeda Rex"

p. 122

"Your telepathic ability ... is discovered, as a natural function ... which has had accustomed use in other lifetimes. Therefore, it flows freely in this one [this lifetime] because of past usage. ... In the case of our spiritual messengers and representatives, we have found telepathy to be a great improvement over the trance type of transmission. In that nature of communication, the participant is unaware of that which is trasferred through him. ...

p. 123

Therefore, we have chosen to institute telepathic communication on a broad scale, not only as the communication method in our worlds, but also ... on earth. There are hundreds of persons now in the process of entering into a telepathic experience through ... contacts with us. These are being activated quickly to be useful to the Commands in that hour of dire emergency".

pp. 124-5 the mechanism for telepathy, according to Commander Anton, "Master of Energy and Geometrics"

p. 124

"The action of mind steps up ... living energy in a direct pulsation ... . When a powerful thought injection is received from outer space through the ... resonating field of the individual and enters into the thinking process ..., action has has been initiated by another mind to the mind which now receives it. It is as ... dependable in the directives of mind to mind contact as ... is ... our craft ... . ... . ... the resonating sector ... where all invisible perception takes place ..., through ... the power of thought is propelled forward ... to be transformed into ideas, words or pictures ... . ...

p. 125

When piercing the distance of space to send a message, a call, a name of a certain one, the process is reversed ... as ... its missile of thought ... through the resonating forcefield ... into Universal Mind surrounding it. From there it is immediately registered ..., ever moving forward until it rests in the proper frequency of the being to whom it is directed ... .

It is preferable to know whom you are addressing and specifically calling, than to eject a general call; for definiteness of call brings definiteness of response. ... The use of definite appointments with busy individuals is a very wise procedure."


Tuella : The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy. Guardian Action Publ, Durango (CO), 1983.