Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy, I

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Inspired Enthousiasm












p. 3 "... if any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God."

p. 3 tune in

"Since all is mind, man has but to tune in to any particular mind ... . ... As we tune in to the God-Mind through our own Godhead, all things which we seek can be revealed, as needed and divinely permitted. ... "Everything necessary to the solution of any problem is in the Universal Mind.""

{Universal Mind is known to Neo-Platonic philosophy and to Yoga-acara dars`ana. It is the [Para-]Brahman of the Veda-anta dars`ana. It is recognized in Renaissance movements, but is rejected by all forms of Christianity as a "doctrine of devils".}

p. 4 Self as manifestation of universal energy

"You are one of the manifestations of the energy of creation -- Life -- identical to all other creation. You are the universe. As we ... resolve the enigma of Cosmic Forces, we simultaneously add to ... the Reality of ourselves."

{This is orthodox Veda-anta, but is rejected by all Christendom.}

pp. 4-5 Cosmic Intelligence in uinversal telepathy

p. 4

[statement by Great Master George Adamski :] "There is only one true universal langnage -- ... Cosmic Intelligene ... . ... So ... mental telepathy IS the great universal language. ... Telepathy is ... inherent

p. 5

within all forms of life ... . ... We must admit a universal mediumj to thought transmission. Mind permeates all space and substance."

p. 6 extrusion of thought from the Universal Mind

"The Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omni-universal Force propels out from within the vortex of its Source ... . ... In the active propulsion of this force, ... outreach of tensor-projected thought ... invades the realm of creation from the Universal Mind ... . Thus, thoughts are -- or do become -- things!"

pp. 8-12 messages (sent from <as^tar) concerning telepathy

p. 8

"We have taught those who thus "hear" us ... that humankind is perfectly proficient of pure telepathy on the highest level of clarity and perception. ... The telepathic thread of experiencing soundless words within your mind is ... lucid and fluent ... . ...

p. 9

So, likewise, do those with whom we are linked ... telepathically, with a vibrational form of recognition of the validity of the identification given. ...

p. 10

Therefore, still the body, quiet the mind, and think on us, and we will respond to those who do in love turn thought toward us of the Intergalactic Space Confederation. ...

p. 11

Those who are attuned to Universal Forces will experience their own deliverance through cosmic assistance from the flow of interdimensional communication. ...

p. 12

This is the call that now comes, and may the Eartheans answer quickly and willingly and set in motion this quest for full spiritual participation in the cosmic language of the universe."

pp. 12-3 "In an incredible book, STAR WARDS, compiled [p. 13] by spiritual messenger Richard Miller, Monka, our beloved protector of Earth, speaks of men and women who have come to us from the stars".



Inspired Enthousiasm


p. 18 believing is seeing

"declare energetically, "When I believe it, I will SEE it!""

p. 18 the Progeny of God

"For were not all the 'sons of God' rejoicing with Him at the hour of other creations?

{According to the To^rah (in B-Re>s^it 6:2-5), the Sons of God were the source of "wickedness" on Earth, through their miscegenation with the daughters of men.}

The call of the universe is for a soul to know itself!"

{The Christian soul is to know that "all have sinned", including its own nature's being sinful.}

{In rejoicing in the source of all wickedness; and in the delighting in the sinful nature of the soul -- the authoress is defying every variety of Christianity.}

p. 21 talking to pagan plant-spirits

"I found that I could talk to the oak trees

{Oak-trees are sanctified by Druids (but never by Christians).}

and the strawberry plants. ...

{Strawberry-plants are considered sacred by Amerindian tribes (non-Christian, of course) in New England and New Brunswick, but never by Christians.}

I felt at one with the ant".

{Pueblo Indian tribes regard emmets as sacred.}

p. 21 antennae

"I found that my whole body was a receiving set ...

and the very hairs on my head were antennae".

{cf. the hairs on the heads of the Gorgon goddesses?}





p. 25 quotation from the spirit "Cosmic Master Aljanon" ['maddened by the Jnun (Genies)'] {indicating that the authoress is in accord with pagan <arabi religion, something no Christian could consent to -- it is the condition known to Christians as "possessed by devils" or as "possessed by the Devil".}

p. 26 necessity of praeparation of one's spirit and of one's soul for prospective telepathy

"The Invisible Teachers ... tell us that we need to ... "stimulate the spirit to respond with great wonder." We need to unstopper what Raynor Johnson called the Inner Splendor, to let it rise ... .

The preparation of your soul is by far of greater importance than your mental preparation. ... Our own soul yearning emanations ... unites with heavenly forces to encourage a mutual exhange between heaven and earth."

p. 27 the 3 kinds of telepathy

"there are three kinds of telepathy :

that transferring from solar plexus to solar plexus;

that which is directly sent and received mind to mind; and

that which is the resonating energy from soul to soul.

In a communication from a being called Latrob to Jacques Drabier, this was explained :

"Solar plexus communication between ordinary and emotional people is governed by desire and primarily centered in the animal and astral bodies.

Mind to mind telepathy is void of all emotional conditions ..., but passive in nature. (Concern over whether or not you will succeed can block your energy energy sent out to where it will act as a boomerang and return to the sender). At the same time, a receiver who is too intense ... tend to block the incoming flow. ...

The highest form of telepathy is from soul to soul. It is only possible where an integrated personality has the ability to focus in the soul consciousness. ...""

pp. 27-8 willingness; conserve energy; give away benefits

p. 27

"The least desire on the part of any recipient will flood forth an ocean of willingness from higher dimensions to respond".

p. 28

"Also, our energy and power must be conserved, renewed".

"Our Source is inexhaustible, sympathetic and understanding, unstinted in the giving of all that is good for us ..., but only provided we desire to give it way after we get it."


p. 29 profound teachings of George Adamski

"Universal Force has two fields of action -- attraction and repulsion ... . ...

{This is Stoic philosophy.}

Thought is ... sent out ... like a radiating spark of light exrtending with equal force in all directions."

pp. 30-2 the nature of telepathy, according to Master Kuthumi

p. 30

"Telepathy is a impersonal, universal principle. ...

p. 31

One must realize that telepathic ability is always present -- even in the animal kingdom! ... It is always safe for any soul to attune to the highest level of contact when alone, as long as they ... have attained to a spirit of discernment ... . ...

p. 32

So here, again, there must be first an attunement with the Source of all Creation and the God Presence within, to assure quality in the contact. Quality is, of course, discerned by examining content." "A group setting would therefore be a safer background for one who is untutored in spiritual concepts."





pp. 35-7 absorption; dedication; flexibility; praeparation; unity

p. 35

"uppermost ... is the ability to accept, understand and absorb that which is given. ... Truth lived and absorbed into the earth life becomes the armor of achievement on this physical plane.

All cosmic telepathic endeavor should be entered into in the attitude of dedication to service of humanity. ...

p. 36

The maintenance of an attitude of desire and flexibility is adequate for a beginner to receive a response, the desire being for truth ... .

Our beautiful Heavenly Forces spend long periods of time and much energy in preparation of a soul for ultimate telepathic contact. ...

For we must go still farther into the center of Being until

p. 37

we feel enwrapped by that consciousness of unity with the Creator."

pp. 37-9 pattern of procedure in the deities' assistance

p. 37

"(1) First, we lead the soul through its ... initial beginnings of telepathic exercise.

(2) Then we satisfy its many personal questions ... .

(3) Then we withdraw ... to allow the soul to turn its attention to

p. 38

mental preparation ... .

(4) Then, we seek to concentrate attention upon ... broader use of contact.

(5) Ultimately ..., we then approach the soul once more with the divine purpose.

The purpose of all higher contact is always to call upon mortals to consider the fact of spirit survival and to intelligently prepare for it ...; and finally, to experience a deeper understanding ... of the universal planes of existence. This is always the message, and when it is totally absorbed by the human contact, then they are ready to teach others."

"1. CURIOSITY -- Lesser teachers hold the attention of the student at any cost -- any method -- ... as the student learns to listen.

2. CONVICTION --Through seeking much ... information, ... discernment takes over, while keeping pace with new revelation.

3. CONCENTRATION -- Messages begin to depart from the personal level and approach the

p. 39

character level, becoming more spiritual, more dependable, from higher sources.

4. CONSECRATION -- At this point, soul memory is triggered, fear is dispelled, ... as messages enter greater depth of truth and wisdom.

5. COMMISSION -- ... The Hierarchical Sponsoring Master is revealed or identified. {This is the shaman's personal divine spirit-guide.}

6. COMMITMENT -- Here a sense of mission, even ... an awareness of its nature, flows into the soul". {In shamanism, the main mission is usually that of guiding souls of the dead.}

pp. 39-40 sweet hour of prayer

p. 39

"the spiritual things are vital issues of life, and it is within these ... we labor for

p. 40

mankind. The performance ... is sanctified and uplifted ... by one hour spent in cosmic telepathic exercise with the Etheric Worlds. "

p. 41 usefulness of love for telepathic contacts, according to Andromeda Rex

"Love is the strongest element in the universe and the highest possible vibration on your planet. It shines on our monitoring board like diamonds across a dark sky. Love builds a road ... along which our communications can travel ... . Thus, as you lift your loving thoughts higher to us, you enable us to return ... along that same energetic pathway to you."

pp.42-3 sayings of <as^tar


"Be worthy of contact by the etheric forces by being apart from the ... pursuits of the world. To be IN the world but not OF the world should be your goat. Meditate upon perfection -- upon that which you would change

from evil to good,

from sickness to health, and



ignorance to understanding.

Concentrate upon being ... of ... real service ... to the Space People".

pp. 44-5 the relationship between Spiritual-Teachers & Space-Siblings vis-a`-vis messengers of Light

p. 44

"The relationship of the student of Light and his Spiritual Teachers is a very intimate one ... . On the wings of thought their words come as quickly as thought can fly ... .

The Space Brothers are here in both physical and etheric form. They are here to supplement, and not to replace, our own God Consciousness, ... our own communion with ... our Spiritual Teachers. They can do many things with their equipment to awken and stimulate certain spiritual centers ... . ... They are in tune with our personal Teachers ... . They can glance down on a whole city and determine the spiritual aspiration of each person, as well as their physical ability to endure any conditioning of the energy forces which might be desired for certain individuals.

Their monitoring fills every moment. Other persons who compose the immediate surroundings of a child of Light are also included in their monitoring, since everything that touches a

p. 45

channel also touches the mission of that channel. ... It is their objective to police the environment of their representative ... . For the messenger must have freedom to express and to demonstrate in the assigned mission for the Divine Program for the planet. Not only has this permission been given by the messenger in the original commitment, but most often was given even before embodiment. Thus it is the continuing commitment that we do give the Spiritual Overseers of our lives full and complete permission to march through our entire being ... daily ... in our lives."

p. 45 onset of telepathic communication

"In the meditation period there are various manifestations that would indicate the onset of telepathic communication. Perhaps ... there may be a swaying feeling upon the upper torso, or the fingers may feel a tingling. The reflexes may produce lesser or greater jerky motion".

p. 46 temporary impediments to cosmic channeling

"concentration on the highest level ... is the secret of all meaningful communication. ... A cosmic channel must have an environment that is joyful, with a relaxed state of mind in daily living, for consciousness to be raised to the place where impressions of universal value will flow naturally. Transmissions can become clouded ... by ... even electrical atmospheric conditions -- ... storms. For some reason ..., when the moon is in its ... dark side, the telepathic thread does not flow as smoothly as it does during the nine ... days before full moon."


Tuella : The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy. Guardian Action Publ, Durango (CO), 1983.