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pp. 24-7 on board a spaceship ("Satellite") from Mars

p. 24

"I entered the shield of invisibility surrounding the Vessel. ... Then a thin greenish ray, hollow inside, formed a magnetic tunnel through the protective force shield, through which I entered the Satellite. "The Operations Room ... a purple glow filled the large semi-circular room. ... The three great prismatic crystals beneath the window transmitted the energy into

p. 25

a large, egg-shaped crystal in the middle of the semi-circular floor. This crystal seemed to glow ... as did the multi-shaped one which floated around it like miniature Planets ... . In turn, the vibrations produced, by the reaction ... upon the other crystal formation, ... projected into the series of transmitting crystals ... every life-stream on Earth who needed and used this Spiritual Energy. A wonderful perfume filled the air ... . ...

The Martian picked up my thoughts and smilingly answered, ‘Control of mind, my friend, brings as one of its inevitable results the control of matter.’ ... . ... the Martian led the way across the Operations Room towards an aperture in the opposite wall between two banks of dials and rows of different coloured push-buttons. We entered a short tunnel ... . This was illuminated by concealed lighting which threw a diffused but shadowless pink glow upon the walls and floor. The pink glow exerted a steadying influence upon by auric bodies and became absorbed into them ... .

p. 26

I could feel a gently stimulating warm tingle ... . ... The tunnel ended abruptly and I was led into a long, low, oblong-shaped room. Upon the wall were what appeared to me to be maps and charts of Constellations and Galaxies. Many symbols unknown to me appeared here and there ... . Each Sun radiated its own particular colour changes, as did the cluster of Planets which surrounded that Sun. ... Why, they are three-dimensional, I thought. ‘... these charts are at least seven dimensional,’ telepathed the Martian. ‘...

p. 27

Will, Mind, Motion, Time, Length, Breadth and Height. The Divine Will imposes those conditions upon mind ... ... There are even "sub" states, such as feeling ... ...’ "

pp. 32-5 types of UFOs

p. 32

"Two of the most commonly sighted UFO’s have consistently been

the cigar-shaped object (Mother-Ship) and

the so-called "Flying Saucer" (Scout Patrol Vessel)."

p. 33


These are shaped like cigars, fairly blunt at both ends.

They vary in size from 1,000 yards to 5,000 miles in length.

The small one carry seven to nine Scout Patrol Vessels;

the large ones up to Scout Patrol Vessels.

The very large ones make deep Space probes ... into Galaxies beyond. ...

The Carrier Vessels are made of organic metal which is susceptible to a concentration of thought waves emanated by their operators. This substance is thought to be self-reproducing. They are protected by a force field which is intensified in direct relation to the velocity of the craft. ... This force field reflects and refracts light and causes a fuzzy effect on photographic plates."

p. 34


There are four major types of this kind of craft ... .

Some of the large Flying Saucers carry a crew of five

and others a crew of four.

The most commonly used vessel carries a crew of two ... . It has a diameter of 35 ft. 6 inches.

The remote controlled vessels, for certain kinds of freighter usage, seem to be more bell-shaped, having a small flange at the bottom. ...

The system of control of the natural fields of magnetic energy enables the operators of Scout Patrol Vessels to use the energy potential of existing gravitational fields ... . ...

p. 35

Some vessels from the Interplanetary Parliament can be dematerialized at will by the operators and the vibratory octave of their existence so changed as to become invisible to our eyesight."

pp. 47-8 foo-fighters; ghost rockets

p. 47

"There were, in fact, many sightings during the war from both allied and axis pilots who reported seeing ... "foo-fighters." These often performed controlled flight patterns around their planes ... . They were, in fact, UFO’s.


In 1946, just after the war, there were many sightings in Europe, especially Scandinavia, where there were mass sightings of silent "ghost rockets," which were never satisfactorily explained either."

p. 48

"there were waves of sightings over France and Italy in 1954."

pp. 48, 50-1 how George King was divinely chosen

p. 48

Early in 1954, George King heard a voice saying : "Prepare yourself. You are to become the Voice of Interplanetary Parliament."

p. 50

"A man walked through my locked door ... . He was dressed in spotless white robes, which seemed to gleam in the green meditative light I was using."

p. 51

That apparition said : "few ... are ready to tune in to those emanations now being sent to the Earth, and become servants of the Cosmic Masters. You are one ... called upon to prepare yourself for


the conflict between the materialistic scientist ... and the occult ‘scientist,’ who has arrived at his conclusions through the recognition ... of Truth.’"

{Actually the conflict is not among sciences, but rather between capitalist-promoted materialism and anticapitalist spirituality.}

pp. 52-54 Master Aetherius and the Aetherius Society

p. 52

"Yoga was practiced very diligently – until I was able ... to tune into the mental relay being radiated from the great Master Aetherius. ... Th Master Aetherius a is a very advanced Master from Venus whose pseudonym "Aetherius a" literally means "one who travels through the ethers of Space.""

p. 53

"Sir George King ... was born on January 23rd, 1919, and was psychic as a child. ... .. ... he founded The Aetherius Society in 1955 in London, England. In 1959 he went to the United States of America, and settled there ... .

p. 54

The Society was incorporated as a non-profit ... corporation on November 22nd, 1960. ... In 1980, Sir George was knighted by the Orders of Saint George and Saint John, which come from the Imperial House of Byzantium in exile. ... the recognized descendant of the Byzantine Emperors, ... Paleologo, ... right to bestow titles has been legally recognized in the courts of Italy ... and France".

p. 65 why the UFOs have not landed to display themselves more prominently

"They will land when enough people are ready to cooperate with them. They cooperate absolutely with the Divine Law, which governs all Creation. They are simply not allowed by this Law to intervene beyond a certain point; to demonstrate their powers and even their existence beyond a certain point."

pp. 68, 70-3 planet Maldek & the Interplanetary Confoederation

p. 68

"18 million years ago, ... mankind left the Planet ... Maldek, and came to this Earth. Already a civilized race inhabited this Earth, known as Adamic man, who were willing to assist ... . ...

p. 70

The millions of life-streams who inhabited Maldek ... could not reincarnate upon Jupiter, because ... the inhabitants had reached such a high state of Spiritual culture that the Planet was used as a reception centre for the Interplanetary Confederation, which actually had its seat upon Saturn. Jupiter ... could well accommodate the thousands of representatives coming from different worlds within and even outside the Solar System, to the seat of learning – Saturn.

The could not be reincarnated upon Uranus or Venus

p. 71

because both these people had reached such a light state of culture ... .

Mercury was already operating as the major communications centre for the Solar System.

Mars was already inhabited by an advanced race who were the engineers and builders in the Solar System.

The Earth was approached. The Cosmic Hierarchy first made an appeal to the Earth as an Intelligence, to see if She would agree to ... the people from Maldek be allowed to reincarnate. The Earth ... took merciful compassion ... and agreed to their reincarnation upon Her back ... . The Cosmic Hierarchy then approached the true inhabitants of Earth, ... Adamic man. ...

p. 72

The Earth gave of its abundance and the Lemurian civilization flourished. ... The Lemurians established a liaison between themselves and the Planets Venus and Mars. But, alas, ... Lemuria was split into two different camps ... . ... But this time those people who were ready were actually evacuated ... by vehicles from other Planets which landed upon Earth in order to perform this evacuation. ...

Again, ... after thousands of years, another semblance of culture came into being and ... the civilization of Atlantis flourished upon Earth. Again, Space travel was established. ...

p. 73

There was a great mental battle on Atlantis ... . ... One side made a weapon called ‘Indra’s dart,’ which was the atomic bomb, and the other side invented a controllable atomic ray called ... the ‘Brahma weapon’ ... . Now the Martians, who had been in close liaison with the White Magicians on Atlantis, ... landed five large Spacecraft upon Earth called, ‘Cities of Shan.’ "

{Martians = Martta-an.d.a = Andaman I.s;

Shan = S^an states of Burma}

p. 78 telepathy with Interplanetary Communicators

"The Interplanetary Communicators are able to transmit their thoughts upon a magnetic beam which acts as a carrier wave. This beam or carrier wave can be directed by their applied mental pressures with almost uncanny accuracy toward any human being ... . ...

Aetherius ... has transmitted from Shamballa {S`ambhala}, existing in etheric substance, to Earth, existing in material substance. At other times, Mars Sector 6 has transmitted from a ... vehicle describing an orbit around the world ..., to myself in the Caxton Hall, London."

pp. 79-80 varieties of trance

p. 79

"The negative type of trance is generally brought about by negating the thought process so that the ‘sensitive’ is open to be ‘controlled’ by another intelligence."


"The positive trance condition ... is actually brought about by the medium himself in order to tune in to a specific mental radiation. ...

p. 80

The Yogic trance condition is employed by me in order to tune into and receive the mental mental stimuli directed by the Interplanetary Communicators. I have learned how to raise the psychic current (Kundalini) from the lower centres and lodge it in a certain higher chakra in order to activate that centre to such a degree that prolonged concentration upon the actual carrier beam which conveys the thought transmission is possible. ...

Yet I could not have spoken out the words of the Master ... without employing a deep trance condition."

pp. 84-5 instance of a telepathic communication confirmed

p. 84

"In 1978, the highly respected magazine "New Scientist" in Britain, admitted that they had been "scooped by a UFO," regarding the Russian atomic accident of 1958. They had published information ... in 1976, concerning this hitherto secret atomic accident in the Urals district of Russia, which had taken place 18 years earlier... . However, what they did not

p. 85

know at the time was that The Aetherius Society’s journal, "Cosmic Voice," Issue no. 16, June/July 1958, had published information from an Interplanetary Intelligence, announcing details of this accident ..., which were very close to the report ... 18 years later."

pp. 90-93 the 9 Freedoms

p. 90

"The Nine Freedoms. This brilliant treatise of true New Age philosophy was delivered by Mars Sector 6 through His Eminence Sir George King, between February 12th and March 15th, 1961."

p. 91

"The Freedoms are as follows :





Cosmic Consciousness,


Interplanetary Existence,

Saturnian Existence and

Solar Existence."


"to break the bonds of conditioning which people from all cultures fall into ... takes bravery. ... It is only because of a conditioned acceptance that most people follow the religious or philosophical path, usually halfheartedly, into which they were born. It takes bravery to examine Truth wherever you find it and make your judgement accordingly".

{That conditioning is enforced by the capitalist class; bravery is to resist capitalism.}


"consider ... a universal love for all peoples, and indeed all life, even so-called inanimate objects ... . This

{Only capitalism is hostile to universal love, which can be effective cultivated only by abolishing capitalism.}

p. 92

type of universal, impersonal love ... is something which can, and should, be cultivated."


"Service ... is serving others, whether or not they are people he or she knows ... . ... There is an urgency at this time, ...when ... we must get on and serve in Spiritual ways."


"Enlightenment ... is achieved by ... Spiritual mastery over their lower self."


"Cosmic Consciousness ... is a state of complete oneness ... with ... all life throughout the Universe."


"Ascension is the state of freedom from rebirth." {This is commonly termed "moks.a".}

p. 93

" "Interplanetary Existence." At this stage the advanced soul is able to go to another Planet in the Solar System ... . These interplanetary races are living on higher frequencies of vibration than those around our Earth, and therefore, they cannot be necessarily be seen or detected by Space probes".


"Saturnians are the highest and most advanced race in this Solar System. They are revered by all other planetary races, with the sole exception of this Earth. ... Saturnians are very Holy Beings and have immense Spiritual power at Their disposal, which They use throughout this Solar System and beyond for the betterment of all life.


There is even life on the Sun, referred to as "Solar Existence." ...

{for an account of life in the Sun, vide, e.g., CU, bk. 1, p p. 518-29}


We are all virtually solidified sunlight ... through this Sacred Orb, directed by the Lords {and Ladies} Who, at a very high frequency of vibration, reside there."

CU, bk. 1 = Dolores Cannon : The Convoluted Universe. Book 1. Ozark Mountain Publ, Huntsville (Arkansas), 2001.

pp. 101-4 on board the spaceship "Satellite # 3"; new version of "Satellite # 3"

p. 101

"the Controllers of Satellite No. 3 have to wait for actions to be performed by beings before They, in turn, can act. ...

Sir George has had the rare honour, on more than one occasion, of actually visiting Satellite No. 3, and witnessing the complex computerized technology which performs these amazing feats of miraculous Service. He achieved this through the advanced Yogic feat of conscious astral projection. This state is often referred to as an "out of body experience," ... performed under full control at will. These are his words after a visit to the Third Satellite" :

"I was in a huge room. housing a tremendous amount of beautifully

p. 102

designed apparatus. ... The atmosphere was filled with ... reaction upon my etheric body ... a clearing effect upon my mind. In the middle of the ceiling, covering about a quarter of its huge domed surface, there was a large circular window ... which ... allowed the free passage of ... magnetic rays coming from other Planetary Bodies, which latter shone against the purple background of Space .... The huge crystal window ... changed colour from a soft rose pink, to a pulsating violet ... . Beneath the huge window stood three crystal prisms which broke up the Solar spectrum into its primary colours. This huge crystal

p. 103

structure seemed to be about 25 to 30 feet high, shaped like a giant egg. ... it floated in space, being neither fastened to the domed ceiling nor to the metal floor of the Spacecraft. Slowly revolving around this great egg-shaped crystal were numerous other multi-shaped crystalline formations. They moved in slow procession from the top to the bottom in an elliptical orbit. They passed between the tip of the ovoid and the great domed roof of the Spacecraft to continue their travel down the side of it, passing between the bright metal floor and the bottom of this giant egg. The great ovoid glowed ..., the resultant energy seemed ... a kind of liquid capable of being guided through the transmitting mechanism. The latter was made of a type of metal ..., in the shape of a large matrix. The matrix was formed of intricate lines of metal which ran in very finely cut channels intersecting each other at exactly 90 degree angles. In fact, I was later informed ... that the whole matrix had to be built in Space ... .

p. 104

From this matrix the conditioned energies were radiated to any destination on Earth."


"it was announced that in 1989, Satellite No. 3 would be replaced by another vehicle ... . This new craft is 12,000 feet in length, as opposed to 7,920 feet in length which the former vessel had been."

p. 105 miracles

"Miracles are not performed by God for man, but by man for God."

p. 108 Operation Prayer Power

"is currently being performed in ... Barnsley, England ... .

Operation Prayer Power pilgrimages are also regularly held at Holdstone Down in North Devon".

p. 120 Initiation of Earth; annual Day of Prayer

"the New Age started to dawn ... July 8th, 1964. The ... important event ... took place on this day, namely, The Primary Initiation of the Earth."

"All Members of The Aetherius Society devote themselves to a day of Prayer on July 8th every year ... . ... This is ... therefore, for Society members, the most important in the calendar."

p. 122 the 19 Holy Mountains of Operation Starlight


its location

Holdstone Down


Brown Willy


Ben Hope

highlands of Scotland


Grampian, Scotland

The Old Man of Coniston



Powys, Wales

Carnedd Llywelyn

Gwynedd, Wales



Yes Tor


Mt. Baldy


Mt. Tallac


Mt. Adams

New Hampshire

Castle Peak


Mt. Kosciusko

New South Wales

Mt. Ramshead

" " "

Mt. Wakefield

South Island of New Zealand

Mt. Kilimanjaro


Mt. Madrigerfluh


Le Nid d’Aigle


{With the 19 Holy Mountains, cf. the 19 named months (of 19 days each) in Bahai.}

pp. 122-3 souvenir-stones from the 19 Holy Mountains

p. 122

"The Aetherius Society manufactures Holy Shapes containing stones from these mountains so that members can potentize their Spiritual exercises and Yoga practices at home.

p. 123

Three of the Temples of The Aetherius Society have large, specially manufactured Holy Crosses, each containing all 19 of these Holy Stones."

p. 124 Operation Bluewater

"In Operation Bluewater, the Cosmic Masters radiated Cosmic Energies through radionic apparatus which was taken by boat over a psychic centre located nearly 2,000 feet beneath the sea in the San Pedro Channel." ("off Newport Beach on the California coats.")

p. 125 Operation Sunbeam

"Gods from Space. Advanced Masters from other worlds, sometimes using energies contained in the Holy Mountains, and even from other Planets, are able to direct this energy though equipment devised by Sir George, so that it is channeled at certain specific times into psychic centres of Earth."

p. 142 the coming of the Martian to the Rock of Ages

"One of Nostradamus’s most specific quatrains was no. 10.72. It reads as follows :"

"In the year 1999 in the seventh month, a great and terrible Lord will come from the sky, reviving the great King of the Mongols – before and after his coming Mars will reign happily."

"Situated in the ethers above the Gobi Desert, which is in Mongolia, is a heavenly abode known ... as Shamballa {S`ambhala}.The "King" of this etheric location is known as the Kumara {Kumara} of Shamballa {S`ambhala} and He is responsible for the higher Spiritual realms of this Earth. He has had to stand back through the centuries from intervening in the affairs of this physical world, due to the Karma of mankind. When the next Master comes ... His Spiritual influence, and with it the power of the Masters of Earth, will be revived throughout the Earth. The influence of Mars, particularly through Satellite No. 3 which is controlled by Mars Sector 6, will be predominant around Earth before and after that time."

p. 143 attire of the One who is to come

"during the charging of the Holy Mountain Brown Willy in Cornwall, as part of Operation Starlight, Sir George received a declaration from a Lord of Karma. ...

"There will shortly come Another among you. ... This One will be attired in a single garment of the type now known to you. His shoes will be soft-topped, yet not made of the skin of animals. ... His magic will be ... greater than the combined materialistic might".

"The "single garment of the type now known to you" is the spacesuit so commonly described by those who have had close encounters with extraterrestrial Beings. These are seamless, one-piece suits which are often described as silver in colour."

George King & Richard Lawrence : Contacts with the Gods from Space. The Aetherius Soc, Hollywood, 1996.