Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, 9-13



Our Genetic Legacy

72 to 81

p. 72 Sitchin is recommended by extraterrestrials

"The Others ... claim that man was a genetically manipulated experiment ... . Originally created by an oversight species ..., ... twelve different alien races were used to create our unique genetic template. They directed me to the work of ... Zecharia Sitchin. ... Mr. Sitchin has ... documented his observations in a series of books called the Earth Chronicles."

p. 76 possible systems of 2, of 12, and of 20 components

"man is about to evolve from a two strand

{Zaratustrian dualism}

to a twelve strand ... model. ...

{Hellenic : e.g., 12 cities of Ionia, 12 demoi of Attike}

The Others have told me they are working on a twenty strand ... model".

{cf. Maya 20 day-signs}

p. 77 timing of events, as planned by extraterrestrials

"According to my teachers, we are tied to a cosmic clock, based in another galaxy, that has gone off."

p. 77 the 2 parallel worlds {waking-world vs. dream-world -- these 2 parallel worlds have always co-existed, always with the same difference between them as the authoress is superfluously ascribing to a hypothetical future!}

"will split into two parallel worlds. ... Consciousness will be experienced in a new way : our social order will be different and many of the existing governing processes will be abandoned in favor of new governanance.

{There is very little "new" about this : different social orders (different from capitalism) have always existed existed in antique non-ruling-class-dominated tribal societies.}

The people who stay in the former vibration will be reprogrammed ... . There will be hazy, confused memories and they may on occasion realize things are different, but will quickly adapt to the norm like a person with amnesia."

{This "former vibration" may be the dream-universe, which is very much characterized by "hazy, confused memories" and wherein the dreamer, though on occasion realizing that "things are different" from in the waking-universe, yet nevertheless will most usually "adapt to the norm" of the dream-universe.}

pp. 78, 80 the 12 extraterrestrial races

p. 78

"the aliens claim ... we are a life form based on a genetic template derived from ... twelve extraterrestrial races."

Zecharia Sitchin : The Twelfth Planet. New York : Stein & Day, 1976.

p. 80

"According to them, the traces of the twelve races from which we are derived ... are based on the predominance ... of the space races".

p. 79 Sumerian knowledge of Cymatics?

"The ancient Sumerian tablets read that the gods "breathed life into clay" to create man. According to the Others, this phrase refers to a process that used sonic stimulation. Certain sounds are able to propel matter to move into specific patterns. They used the equivalent ... to produce a harmonic effect that stimulated the different genetic materials to merge in a cohesive medium."

fn. 18 : "The study of Cymatics, pioneered by Dr. Hans Jenny, shows how certain frequency sounds cause specific patterns to appear in matter. Substances will organize themselves into particular designs each time a certain tone is emitted."



Thou Sleptest at Night?

82 to 87

p. 83 portals in energy-web of hypnagogic/hypnopompic transition

"we send out an ... energy web as we begin to fall into sleep states. Our consciousness then follows this grid.

{Such a web/grid is fundamental to Bodish processes of trance-visualization.}

We may stay on it, or, once we reach a certain point, access portals that are sites that send us to the equivalent of the spaces between the lines.

{According to Robert Bruce, Astral Dynamics, the portals themselves are located nigh unto the junctures (crossing-points) of the lines.}

While out in other realms, we send ... back to our body ... a stream of thoughts that make up an invisible cord ... . This line is like a cable of energy we use to transmit back to ... the physical unit."

{This may be silvern cord (of the astral body) and/or golden cord (of the mental body).}

pp. 83-4 in another reality : the code-bearing grid witnessed in the divine world

p. 83

"When you retain consciousness [while] passing through the different stages of sleep consciousness, you can actually feel the changes as you go from one level to another. As you travel further away from our reality, it takes more powerful concentration to stay connected here. {viz., to stay lucidly connected with the fact that one is in a different reality (universe) from the waking-universe} ... With control, we become artful navigators who can summon information to help us ... . Remaining conscious [lucid, whilst dreaming] and actively bringing back information [from the divine dream-universe] for our practical use requires training. The messages brought back from other places have different qualities to them dependent on where they are from."

"One time, they showed me a three dimensional grid that, when observed up close, was made of letters and symbols. ...

p. 84

Through skill, I was able to replicate the scene and replay it ... . It was then that I saw this grid was a pattern used for creation in our lives, and I was being taught how to read it. It had essence codes interwoven into the design, which function ... to ... guide processes that convert thought into three dimensional activity. The coded symbols passing through the pattern horizontally, diagonally [i.e., forewards and backwards?], vertically, and multidimensionally [i.e., multidirectionally] would eventually translate into events that will take place during our lives here."

p. 84 techniques of control while visiting in other planes-of-existence

"Ways to master control and stay conscious while in these other planes include the use of breathing patterns, color light, vibrational toning of sounds and conscious intentioning. The last factor involves specific messages to your higher self [oversoul] to program what happens to you.

Those who have higher spiritual accomplishment {i.e., are in communion with higher deities} don't need these training aids".

pp. 84-5 divine messages, received in trance or spoken while undertaking spirit-mediumship

p. 84

"Generally, cryptic [records of] messages are just enough to trigger memories of what happened. I discovered if, while in an altered state, I record notes on a small tape recorder kept under my pillow, I am able to bypass a lot of the veils of forgetfulness that descend quickly in the morning."

"Sometimes ... I actually hear myself speaking of the most interesting subjects. ...

{This would refer to hearing a spirit speak with its voice out of one's own mouth while one is undertaking spirit-mediumship?}

p. 85

Topics often refer to things I have never heard of ... .

Often, I ... later found that the information has actual merit. ... There have been discourses about Aesculapius ...; Tehuti {DH.WTJ} ... (... Thoth); and Maat {ML<t}".

p. 86 access to spiritual power within the interior of mt. Shasta

"On a plane flight over Mount Shasta, I went into an altered state and saw the mountain reveal what they said was its guiding energy force. ... In this case, it resembled the shape of a bird rising into flight.

... It was a powerful symbol that could provide access to wisdom lying within the heart of that mountain."

{/Tepe-yollotl/ 'Mountain-Heart' (often personified as a god) in Aztec.}



Hidden Chambres

88 to 99

p. 88 serendipitous meet-ups, lecture-attending, and divine demonstration of ritual objects' use

"odd, yet related, situations came about to connect ... incidents together.

They had me go through a setting in another state of reality with people whom I actually met in real life soon afterwards.

Then they sent me to an event to trigger my recall about teachings of initiation rites from a long time ago [praevious lifetime]. ...

Soon after that, I received a profound visit from high-level beings [divinities] who used ancient mystical technology to make a change in my life."

p. 90 toning for entry into initiatory chambres

"The otherworldly visitors had been teaching me to reach a certain harmonic sequence that they claimed, when initiated in the right spot with the presence of certain people, would grant entrance to chambers within the sacred sites of Egypt. ... it was directed by emotion radiated from the heart center, which in turn controlled the harmonics emitted by the voice -- just like the [space-]ships that were driven by tones."

p. 91 rods & staves

"staffs and rods ... were used to ... the vibratory essence of a person ... to redirect their spiritual or physical health. These tools could reduce ... in the ethers as just a symbolic code."

{I on one occasion (our trailer at B., GA) witnessed a swarm of diminutive (inch-tall), white, wobbly (with indistinct bodily detail) divinities whom were mostly holding rods (which I thought were to measure withal).}

p. 92 initiatory chambre of horrors

"the famed chamber where ancient initiation rites were administered ... was a place that required knowing one's inner and true self. ... Whatever was held with the most horror and dread was brought forth and faced in full reality. ... Many initiates only made it to this first phase; thus they wrongly carried memories into other lives that these tests were based on solely controlling fear. ... .

... once in that chambre, a portion of one's essence never leaves. ... a part of us becomes connected to a timeless vault in the universe that is, in some ways, beyond anything we can ever fathom. This crypt is a permanent anchor that can be re-accessed if you retain your mystical knowledge and powers between lives. An initiate can reclaim this time in other lives and return to this source. ... If we become awake and self-aware during any of our lifetimes, we can return to this state of consciousness and access the links we established during our initiation trials. ... This capability remains ... available only to the most experienced time travelers."

{The term /time traveler"/, as used here, may be defined a rememberer of past lives, or of intervals betwixt lives.}

pp. 93-4 divine-directed bodily movements

p. 93 "suddenly I was told [by the voice of an extraterrestrial what to do] ... . I began following motions that were sent to me and stretched my body in the suggested directions. These seemingly innocuous movements actually ... enables information to be transmitted by other beings as it is used like ... antennae to send messages. ... As my forelimbs went up and down,

it appeared as if many arms were coming from the sun. ... The sun was the head, with hands rotating around it".

p. 94 "the book's reference to Aton {LTWN} described it just as they had shown me : human hands coming from a sun. ...

".. represented as a solar disk with rays ending in human hands.""

pp. 94-5 co-ordinates of [structures/constructs of standpoints for viewing] reality

p. 94 "You have been shown ... certain manifestations to understand concepts of communication within the time your coordinates reside. ... The sun was the symbol ... chosen because it is one within which your coordinates of reality are most familiar and enmeshed."

p. 94

"The reference to "your coordinates reside" addresses a

p. 95

concept called coordinates of reality. ... To find someone in the cosmos, you can use the coordinates of reality".

{Besides the banal "latitudes and longitudes readings", one's co-ordinates of reality may well be (depending on the cultural context) social customs, attitudes towards the arts, diction of speech, etc. etc.

pp. 97-8 projection by the authoress {The "primordial energy" and "energy figures" would typify a projection on a level well-above the astral plane. Is this a projection of the causal-body?}

p. 97

"I recognized the concentric waves of energy that rang around me, the deafening sound ... as I was returned to nothing but primordial energy then reprogrammed at every level . ...

Suddenly, I was outside my body ... . Walking into the bedroom, I bent down

p. 98

toward the energy figures ... . Stroking them, they became odd clumps of energy and dispersed. Other energy forms appeared ... .

Suddenly this state of being dispersed as I was brought back to my body in full consciousness. They snapped the wall to let me know it was them, just as they had done when we began.

I had just received a visit from the High Order."

{So, it is "the High Order" of divinities that is responsible for arranging such instances of projection out of the material body?}



Contact Unveiled

100 to 105

p. 100 the celebrated "Phoenix Lights"

"The date was March 13, 1997, and hundreds of people reported seeing strange lights over Phoenix, Arizona. Some ... just watched as they hovered over the city and blinked on and off. ... Several of the pictures revealed something that some say was three miles long and V-shaped. ...

Ironically, the night it occurred I was coming back from a UFO lecture held at Sedona. I had never been to a UFO lecture before".

pp. 100-4 aftermath of the Phoenix Lights : authoress's being recruited by extraterrestrials to promote their plan for earthlings

p. 100

"On March 19, I went to bed ... . ... Around 1 a.m., I felt myself dragged from a dream into full consciousness ...; I recognized the sound and sensation of a visit. ...

{This is apparently a dream of false-awakening.}

p. 101

As I was waking, I knew I was having visitors ... . ... There were many of them in my room. Some were by the bed on both sides, others were out on my balcony. One seemed to be coming through the wall ... . ...

They had recently started to wake me instead of taking me out from a sleeping state ... . ...

{The authoress had started to experience dreams of false-awakening concurrently with the arrival of extraterrestrials into those dreams.}

I recall being present at a meeting with hundreds of other humans. ... . ... we were all lined up in several rows ... . We were told we were being tested to see how well we could recall specific training we had been given over our lifetimes to work with their technology.Each of us had a partner and we were assigned to activate a small three-seater space craft. My associate was a young African male ... . I recognized him from prior dreams; we were always on what seemed to be an airship. ...

They then showed me a life review. They revealed all the visits and interactions I had this lifetime. ...

p. 102

They said it was "time," and I was being brought into "full activation," in accordance with schedule ... . They showed an extensive review of all my training since I came to Earth. Oddly, as I watched the scenes play out ..., ... I was ... a person remembering, filling in holes [in information] that had previously been covered up. I saw my teachings of consciousness, science, space, time, inner nature, other dimensional cultures ... . I was grateful ... to have received such an extensive education. ... My higher self [oversoul] was concerned with the evolution of all [intelligent?] species, not just earth's human version. ...

After this review, ... the next set of information was ... no less significant. I was given very specific information that I was directed to ... recall when I returned [into the waking world]. They explained the acceleration of a recent rash of UFO findings. They said they were preparing humans to accept that they, meaning other intelligent life forms, were definitely here. Although many people already were believers ..., many more were not. ...

p. 103

Therefore, a strategy was chosen to gradually increase the number of sightings and encounters over time. They showed me that the next phase was planned as a coordinated event, with several non-human [extraterrestrial] species participating. I saw a scene during the day ... what showed airships filling the sky across key points over the world. It was a simultaneous display held to irrefutably demonstrate their presence ... . They said my visit that evening and others like it (such as the Phoenix lights) were in preparation for this coming event; they were slowly accelerating evidence of their involvement with our planet. They emphasized this plan was tentative and might change ... . They do not want to come forward until they are "invited." ...

They proceeded to tell me about a "triune setting," which was something that was about to occur. It was a triangular shaped portal that was ... affiliated with three events on earth. The first corner of the setting ... was aligned with this opening that they said happened ever so rarely ... . The second tip of the portal was anchored to ... pictures of what I thought was the Middle East ... . ...

p. 104

The third setting of the portal was tied to what they said was the impending discovery of previously hidden documents that would reveal our true history and destiny. They said it would change our lives ... .

I was telepathed a picture of the Sphinx and pyramids in Egypt, so I suspected ... the opening of reputed hidden chambers said {by Edgar Cayce} to exist in those dwellings."

{This would have been figurative : to indicate future "discovery of previously hidden documents" by referring to an antient civilization wherefrom many papyri have been found.}



Implications for Mankind

106 to 108

pp. 106-7 lessons

p. 106

"Whoever, whatever these beings are, they have been teaching me about .. the mysteries of the universe. I have been instructed in inter-dimensional travel ..., intergalactic cultural variation and the power of consciousness to create self-awareness. ... Twelve extraterrestrial life species contributed ... to create our bodies. ... Over time, with their oversight, we underwent evolutionary processes ... . ...

p. 107

Pulsing radiation from sources within our galaxy [cf. "another galaxy" (p. 77)] has acted as a trigger to help set off a cosmic time clock".


Marcia Schafer : Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist. Cosmic Destiny Pr, Phoenix (AZ), 1999.