Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist, 6-8



Who Is Out There?

43 to 53

p. 43 energy-form divinities

"There are ... those ... beyond the need for a material container. The latter are more like pure energy, an intelligent light that can assume a humanoid shape if it so chooses."

pp. 43-4 praedisposing circumstances favorable to contact with divine spirits

p. 43

"what determines whether a person has contact experiences" : "I believe it is based on several factors : your overall receptivity, your expectations, sometimes just being in a certain place at the right time if they happen to be in the area ... .

p. 44

Some entities have been tracking certain bloodlines almost since the beginning of life on this planet, If you happen to have been born to one of those bodies, you will have visitors who monitor you."

{Actually, they have been tracking membres of certain soul-families; but because membres of those soul-families (whose natural place of rendezvous is on transcendental planes-of-existence) are generally incarnate into the material plane as mortal membres of only certain particular mortal families, therefore the divine tracking of such mortal families is a natural result.}

p. 44 divine spirits' disdeignt against mortal perpetrators : of war, of intolerance, etc.

"many of the beings have tremendous love for us and feel much the same way a parent does for a child, but not all look upon us that way.

Some view us disdainfully because of our frequent disregard for each other ... . Our violent, warring tendencies cause them concern. ... They know we ... possess tremendous intolerance for our own species. ...

{All instances of the words "us", "our", and "we" in this peroration, ought to read instead "capitalist stooges and dupes of the capitalist stooges".}

Most other entities have our best interests at heart, but will create manipulative situations that help us evolve."

p. 45 divine diversity, both of humanoids and of non-humanoids {cf. the classification of space-aliens 4 ways (FGE, p. 14), as humanoid, animalian, robotic, and exotic -- each type having sub-types (listed in FGE, pp. 15-6)}

"The beings who have bodies often resemble humans to some degree ... . ... The ones I have encountered are usually bipedal, standing upright like we do. Hands and feet can differ. ... There can be great variation to the skin.

... . ... there are creatures with appearances that resemble reptiles, insects, cats, and birds. But then there are ... hybrids of man and machine and those with features like nothing on Earth. ...

There are also self-aware life forms that simultaneously share a mutual existence in a body while having an independent life."

FGE = Patrick Huyghe : The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials. Avon Bks, NY, 1996.

p. 45 [semi-]divine societies of extraterrestrials

"They are often cohesive planet-wide civilizations, rather than many competing countries with independent agendas. ... Most have advanced societies that work together harmoniously".

pp. 46-7 humanoid divinities based on specific stellar systems : Pleiadians & Arcturians

p. 46

"The Pleiadians appear to have been around us for ... many thousands of years. ... They can be very loving ...; they are responsible for many events designed to move humans forward in their personal growth. ... The Pleiadians are very active right now ... they are ... pushing us to evolve into a higher manifestation of ourselves."

p. 47

"Arcturians ... are extremely spiritually evolved ... . ... I know that they are somehow privy to hidden, precise information about how our evolution is scheduled to happen. ... They are ... ahead of us in understanding the universe, life, reality ... . When they join me to channel knowledge, I feel intellectually brilliant and can see answers to almost anything in the universe. They are a particularly good source of information about scientific topics like quantum physics, universal conditions and space travel."

pp. 48-9 divinities described according to bodily appearance : Reptilians & Greys

p. 48

"Reptilian species ... almost always wear a uniform. ... At one time, reptilian representatives conveyed that they were the Verdean society. ... This has left me ... with the Verdant creatures."

p. 49

"what people call Grays ... often regard me with friendliness and treat me well. ... Their bodies are delicate and almost a translucent pasty white with a pale blue gray tinge. They have classic large, dark, almond shaped eyes that extend over much of the top of their face. ... They have a strong group consciousness, as their minds are somehow linked. ... Their thoughts bear little resemblance to ours and ... [they] are ... highly intelligent beings whose thinking processes are ordered differently. ... I have been treated with increasing friendliness over the years by these beings, like a colleague."

pp. 51-2 divinities identified according to the dimensionality of their habitat

p. 51

The Brown Humanoids "are golden brown. Their eyes are light blue and they have no hair. They said they live between our dimensions and observe us constantly. They showed me how they exist within the consecutive folds that look like waves of space doubled over and bent back on itself."

"Multidimensional beings are different than the extraterrestrials, often the situations are more spiritual. ... They often appear in human form because they know we are most comfortable with a familiar presence. ... The higher multidimensional experience is more like undergoing a profound spiritual

p. 52

event. They are bathed in powerful love that is sensed by us. They have no need of technology because they are far beyond it. These beings are gentle and at the same time, profound jokesters who love us but ... often use puns and riddles. They are here to teach us. Many of the ones people refer to as ascended masters are actually high multidimensionals assuming the form of an ancient, timeless teacher. They used to appear before me as humans, but they now say I have gained enough understanding where it is no longer necessary. Instead, they look like a wave pattern of energy".

"I call the ones at the top Overlords because of the respect they command and the influence they carry. There is one ... I have met ... called Melchizedek.

{This name "Melchizedek" (correctly, /Melki^-s.edeq/) is used as the name (title, actually) of many overlords in the Urantia Book.}

"Suddenly, I saw his image. I was then directed to pick up a pen and wrote {by "automatic writing"} "Melchizedek" followed by another name. He telepathed that the first name was his, and the second was my spiritual name."



Different Species, Different Ways

54 to 63

pp. 54-6 how extraterrestrial telepathize with humans in words

p. 54

"To transmit to us through speech, ET's first enter our minds to assess the way our patterns of thinking organize themselves into senetences ... . ... Although most other life forms do not rely on spoken words to communicate, they generally use it when working with us because that is what we are accustomed to.

Some beings, when borrowing a human body to speak (such as in channeling), sound like a foreigner who uses ... odd choices of words. ... However, this problem usually diminishes with practice".

p. 55

"Some beings are capable of going within our minds and replicating the exact voice patterns of people we know. They can be absolute masters at voice mimicry. This serves a purpose -- ... We may be more apt to listen to [a familiar voice] ..., rather than heed an unfamiliar being. ... Often, they want to contact us and will use whatever way works. Most [extraterrestrial] beings know humans get spooked by ... confronting alien life forms. They don't want to scare us."

{Thus, the usual suppositions in se`ances (as conducted in France and in the United States, or even in traditional southern India) that the actual souls of dead consanguine relatives are being communicated is based on a fallacy. Nevertheless, the divine entities who instigate such voice-mimicry may not only have intimate knowledge of the past life of the dead person whose voice is being mimicked, but also may have knowledge of where that soul went to after death (viz., became redincarnate) and thus can communicate such details -- this much is praesupposed in traditional Taoist-style se`ances.}

p. 56

"In many ways, we are like their pets who are benevolent recipients of their guided thoughts. So ... they can get through telepathically and perfectly replicate the sound of [a familiar] voice to guide you".

p. 55 indications of the commencement of an exterrestrial-contact-session

"Generally, encounters are preceded by an alteration in perception and a vibrating noise that is more felt than heard.

{This sensation of vibration is the most characteristic symptom of the beginning of a projection of the astral body.}

I experience it primarily in my head but also my heart region and my stomach.

{These 3 regions are known in Taoist occult physiology as the 3 "Fields of Cinnabar".}

Then I enter into a hazy type of consciousness with modes of communication beyond what I am accustomed to.

Notice of a visit generally happens only moments before impact,

though there can be times when they can be sensed even hours before contact happens. Generally, in these situations, they subtly let you know they are there and wait until you are ready for them."

p. 56 strange sound-effects

"When coming through the veils of sleep, you may catch {remember?} a voice teaching you. With practice, you can learn to capture the information and bring it back. The information will often be amazing. It may be related to current events or to spiritually oriented guidance."

"There are also beings that make clicking and popping sounds ... . ... One time I thought, "How do you do that?" They telepathed back that they compress and shoot air".

p. 57 "fugue-states"

"The particular hypnotic conditions they use are called fugue states. This happens when they want us to return to normal wakefulness and forget what happened but retain the information unconsciously. Apparently we have what they call hidden files in our mind ... . These "files" are brought up, or activated, when they interact with us. We then enter a fugue state and are programmed ... . When they are done, the files are brought down and stashed somewhere in our mind once more. We forget about what has happened until we are once again activated. ...

They have demonstrated this fugue state for me.

One night I was directed to my balcony.

{Shamanic abilities are acquired in some Amerindian groups (as, in California) while the aspirant is camped atop a cliff.}

Suddenly, I entered two simultaneous states of consciousness. One half of my mind was fully aware, the other half entered into a semi-conscious, ... robotic state. ... It was also very effective and enabled me to understand in a way that exceeded any description I could have encountered.

These altered states can be lighter hypnotic or deeper trance patterns. Often, they take us out [from a dream] when we are in the midst of sleep. ... Generally, it's pretty important information if they bring you back. It's advisable to immediately make a record of whatever you can recall."

p. 58 spontaneous activation of memory-implants & its significance

"You can have your memory activated by an encounter with someone, a whiff of fragrance, or a ... weather condition like a storm. ... This technique acts like a time capsule liberated only when our consciousness acknowledges we ... can handle the recall. ... extraterrestrials ... using methods like this ... work ... in this method that is effective."

pp. 58-9 shared consciousness : extraterrestrials' sensing through a [possessed] human's bodily sense-organs & emotions

p. 58

"Our encounters can be collectively perceived by other entities in a most unique manner. They attach themselves to our mind by co-[in]habiting our bodies without our knowing this is happening. They then learn through our eyes while we remain unaware that we have a hitchhiker. They are like a silent spectator who feels our responses to situations. At one level, they are gathering data about our social processes, but they are also picking up human emotional patterning. ...

{In the more standard traditional understanding of the nature of spirit-possession (as, in West African theologies), the possessing-spirits are the very deities who are responsible for "our social processes" and "human emotional patterning"; and because they are the producers and maintainers of such processes and patternings, it would be superfluous to consider them as "gathering data" to "learn" about the existence of such processes and patternings amongst humans. If they do any "transmitting information" it would be simply to confirm that humans are continuing to uphold the social/religious principles which they, the deities, have established.}

p. 59

The foreign entity is often a representative from an alien civilization who has been studying you. ... Certain experiences are quite unfamiliar to them in their particular existences. ... If they share your consciousness, they can feel and learn as you do. ... Because people are unaware this can and does happen, they ... continue on normally, unaware they are transmitting information to civilizations. ...

When I experience this, it feels like someone else is looking our through my eyes and I become aware of their impressions and thought patterns ... .

Once, I felt my hands raise in the air until they were before my eyes. I watched as they were rotated and studied."

{Involuntary automatic bodily movements, most commonly of the hands, are known in Yoga as "kriya-s".}

{This capability to sense a possessing-deity's seeing through one's own eyen is, perhaps, extraordianary.}

pp. 59-60 extraterrestrials' use of their own praeternatural technology to communicate with humans

p. 59

"They may have us view an event on a simulated screen as if it were a movie or watch a three dimensional hologram {spectre} unfold in the air. Other times you may be seated in front of what appears to be a television and watch their version of {a television show, a praeternatural one}. Some will even suspend documents with written information on [during one's abduction-like visit thereinto] their [flying-saucer space-]ship's walls ... . The images can be reviewed as if you were reading a book. The writing may be remembered as just odd symbols or read like a language.

There are alien visitors who, while in their ships, will lock onto your consciousness.

You can feel this quite plainly. ...

{It is likewise extraordinary to feel this.}

They will track us ... .

p. 60

You can feel it when they find you. ... Often, they will make contact in the late light or early morning hours."

pp. 60-1 a demonstration by extraterrestrials of their mechanical control of the mobile walls of their spacecraft

p. 60

"I was in a [space-]ship and suddenly everything began to change and become distorted. The walls moved in and out, while ... utterances were heard in the air. This demonstration was to show me ... the walls' movement and the miscellaneous sounds ..., ...

p. 61

while they were finding the right frequency to transmit."

{This would indicate that the spaceship's interior chambres had to be varied in size in order to produce the right tone-pitches, much as might be the case in certain musical instruments.}

pp. 61-2 manipulations of appearances of situations by extraterrestrials

p. 61

"They are capable of creating circumstances ... such as an image of the Virgin Mary or a bleeding stigmata to convince you ... . They are able to create situations that match any religious convictions you may have."

{Because of this, any such "miraculous" visions witnessed by mortals cannot be accepted as valid evidence of divine approval of Christian (or any other) religious eikonology.}

p. 62

"Some creatures can change their image completely by manipulating our perceptions of what we thought we saw."

p. 62 cloaked devices are used by extraterrestrials for purposes of concealment

"They reside in a variation of time and space that is very close to here.

They can see us at all times and also hear our thoughts.

{Thus, they can generally see and hear our praying to them.}

Often, if you pay attention, they will communicate with you.

They are in a slightly parallel existence

{Said "parallel existence" may be the dream-universe.}

that is like being separated by the skin of a balloon.

It's similar to a one-way mirror and we are on the blind end. It is here that beings cloak themselves and walk around us.

{The mirror wherein the deities in the Antarabhava world view mortals is the mirror of Dharma. Such deities are often invisibly praesent here.}

They can slip into our realm on a frequency that enables them to be invisible to us.

{Features of other planes-of-existence are often said by occultists to occupy other vibrational frequencies.}

Our time space location is actually a coordinate that can be keyed into the cosmos.

It is a lengthy numerical formula."

{More accurately, it is an algebraic expression in group-theory, involving numeric co-efficients. (I once heard a divine voice recounting that expression.)}



The Nature of Reality

64 to 71

pp. 65-6 different realities

p. 65

"Other realities are very distinct ... under different guidelines ... that might seem bizarre in this world".

p. 66

"Each domain has its own set of rules that makes sense to its inhabitants but can be ... nonsensical to an outsider. ... If we momentarily step outside our viewpoint, we can more readily grasp other dimensions and the life forms anchored to each one."

"Cloaking between dimensions is commonplace and dematerializing is a mundane act."

p. 68 a vanished planet {Maldek??}

"They tried ... guiding me to a place in the cosmos where there was a noticeable void. A planet with a flourishing civilization was once located there, but it was now gone.

A recording of a voice played over and over again ... .

{Over several days' duration [decades ago], I used to hear a praeternatural recording of a voice played over and over again; and shortly afterwards, I found that someone else (a Mennonite woman, Sh.D.) was then beginning to experience the same effect.}

I could perceive a halo imprint in the ethers that revealed what had happened. It read like a record, only it was fading."

p. 69 temporary invisibility of one's arm

"The Others had me undergo their version of a field experiment ... . Unaware that anything unordinary was about to happen, I approached my home thermostat and watched my hand and part of my arm disappear as I reached up to change the temperature setting."

{Once [decades ago, in our apartment in a VA suburb of W.DC], an apparitional goddess (who had taken the shape of the Mennonite woman) caused one of my arms (when she had touched it) to become invisible temporarily) -- while it was invisible I could feel its praesence with my other hand, however.}

pp. 69-70 mortals are extensions -- thought-projections -- of deities {Such deities are, perhaps, (in Zaratustrian terms) the fravas^i-s (guardian-angels) of mortals.}

p. 69

"The Others say that we are actually extensions of very highly evolved streams of self-aware life. These beings are conscious, active and appear as a wave formation. They are living light, the caretakers of creation ... . I have been told that our existence here is an illusion, like an animation, projected onto the landscape of this planet, directed by these higher beings. We are their thought projections that enable them to experience emotion and life in a physical body through our experiences."

p. 70

"These archetypal beings are connected to us through an awareness of our sum total existence. This link between [them and] us is called an oversoul. ... This advanced aspect helps direct all our incarnated lives. Our multiple existences are coordinated by this oversoul who provides unseen guidance. ... Spiritually we are linked ranges of consciousness that can flow back and forth to each other while remaining organized by the oversoul."

pp. 70-1 all the world is [a stage, a theatre,] a cinema (movie)

p. 70

"In an attempt to convey the convincing illusion of our reality, my teachers compare our existence to movie films.

They say our sojourn here is like [that of a cinema-character who is being watched by] the movie goer [spectator] ... . ...

{The movie-spectators would be analogous with the "Others" (deities) who observe the cinema-like activities of mortal incarnations.}

p. 71

The Others showed me that the oversoul is to us as the actress is to the character. The oversoul is the master {or mistress} coordinator of all the lives, while the actress is the link for the many parts she has played. ...

The character is a celluloid imprint on a film, brought to "life" by a light shone through a projector. ...

{cf. the simile in the Platonic "myth of the cave", wherein a shadow is projected. Was this "myth" imparted to Platon by his (or Sokrates's) hearing divine voices telling it to him?}

Like the actress's connection to the character, the Oversoul is part of us. It "looks out" in an oversight capacity ... of our other lives. ... Unseen and unrcognized, the oversoul guides each incarnated life and offers beneficial direction."


Marcia Schafer : Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist. Cosmic Destiny Pr, Phoenix (AZ), 1999.