Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist






Authoress's Notes

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Why I Came Foreward

xiii to xviii

Contents of Part I : The Journey





Meeting the Others : How Channeling Came About

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In the Beginning : the Earliest Contacts

6 to 12


We Are Part of a Larger Consciousness

13 to 19


Proof Beyond a Doubt

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Messages of Encouragement

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Who Is Out There?

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Different Species, Different Ways

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The Nature of Reality

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Our Genetic Legacy

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Thou Sleptest at Night?

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Hidden Chambres

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Contact Unveiled

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Implications for Mankind

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[Messages from supernatural divine spirit-voices are italicized.]

Capp. 0.1-I.5.



Authoress's Notes

ix to x

pp. ix-x authoress's notes

p. ix

signs of activation of "higher consciousness" :

"chills or a shiver up your spine ("shaman shivers")"

"flutters over your skin"

"high pitched tones"

"tingling of the extremities"

"flashes of light, blurring, spots"

"temporary disorientation"

p. x

"Channeled messages" : "Many sentences started with "for" or "and," and most of these expression have been removed."

{These sorts of sentences are of a Biblical diction.}



Why I Came Foreward

xiii to xviii

pp. xiv-xvi extraterrestrial communication

p. xiv

"messages from unseen sources, visits from extraterrestrial beings and knowledge from spiritual entities ... I have experienced."

p. xv

"I have had significant face-to-face extraterrestrial contact throughout my life. ... These space travelers have taught me about many secrets of the universe ... . ... I have seen their androids ... and even transfer of souls into clones. ...

Now I have come forward as one of many who will help our planet prepare for intergalactic communication ... . I have been told that ...

p. xvi

other intelligent life forms ... are preparing us for an unveiling of the truth about who we really are."

p. xvii recommended writers

"Gary Zukav, Joan Borysenko, Judith Orloff, and Olga Kharitidi ... wrote of other forms of consciousness and psychic situations."



Meeting the Others : How Channeling Came About

2 to 5

p. 2 authoress's antecedents

"There were visits from otherworldly entities,

rapping on the walls, and

visions of events from different times since I was a small child."

pp. 3-4 first messages from otherworldly entities

p. 3

"We are beings of pure light. We can manifest ourselves in different forms ... ."

"We are a band, a troop of beings ... . ...

p. 4

One being would see us a group of brethren working together, where another higher being would see us as ... with many aspects that can come together or go apart, as needed, to do the work."

{This sort of aequivocation is featured in many traditional religions : Astika, Aztec, etc. etc.}



In the Beginning : the Earliest Contacts

6 to 12

pp. 7-8 early divine visitations to the authoress

p. 7

"Each night they came. ... time was spent ... drifting between consciousness and slumber ... controlled by ... the flashing colored lights flying about the room. ... Unbeknownst to me, these ... colored lights were ... left behind from my "guardians" ... . ...

Some of my visitors acted as teachers ... . Certain entities supervised my recall of different lives, while other ones guided me as I learned to travel through dimensions. There was a group of beings that ...

p. 8

arranged for me to learn about life in different universes with diverse space races. ... I noticed a definite hierarchy in the galactic world; it seems to be headed by very spiritual entities who lack physical bodies. They are pure energy and can manifest in any shape. They often assume a human appearance when making contact because we are most comfortable with entities who look like us. ... They have a consciousness that is simultaneously active in many realms of reality."

p. 8 space-travel

"to travel in a multi-dimensional time-space continuum. The key is ... not to think of oneself as a separate personality, disconnected from universal awareness. When I remembered I was an eternal being who was part of ... "all that is," I became part of an infinite cosmic consciousness teeming with knowledge. I instantly had any information I required. ...

Most extraterrestrials are aware controlled thought is the passkey to universal globe-trotting and use this process as one of the ways to propel through space. With some species, their pilot's consciousness is tied to the alien ship's technology, like a living computer. When the navigator thinks of where to go, the ship manifests there".

pp. 10-1 being taught by extraterrestrials [in dreams]

p. 10

"I was often tested before I was allowed to return to my home on Earth. The King would quiz me about the lessons I had undergone ... . Often he ... would laugh at me ... . Now I know they found it amusing when I asked simple questions. Each time it was over, I suddenly {would awaken and} found myself back in my bedroom. ... This is a common method to embed knowledge in our minds. ... They can put a person in a hypnotic state and instruct him about something for later release, back on Earth. ...

p. 11

At some pivotal time, more information is recalled, and eventually what was taught will be released."

p. 11 knowledge [acquired in dreams] of human evolution -- this information being delivered only after acknowledgement of the real existence of the dream-deities

"Not only was I ... being prepared to learn about alien contact with Earth, we were scheduled to discover proof that off-planetary beings were responsible for our ... evolution. I was to be one of a contingency [contingent] of people who would come forward to help deliver new revelations about our birth {evolution} on this planet. ...

I had to completely acknowledge that they [the dream-deities (dream-beings)] were real before I would accept {or even receive} any information they had for me ... . ... I encountered many visits from all types of beings, was taught lessons on places not of this Earth, experienced first-hand manifestations of objects ... ."



We Are Part of a Larger Consciousness

13 to 19

p. 13 multifarious simultaneous streams of consciousness

"When I entered adolescence, it was important to the Others that I understood each of us is just one part of a multidimensional consciousness that chooses to experience life in many ways. They wanted to help me understand that ... In addition to our Earthly experiences, we incarnate in physical, non-human bodies on other worlds and simultaneously exist in parallel dimensions and different universes. Beyond this, there are realms of consciousness that we are connected to but ... cannot fully fathom what the experience is like. All these other existences happen simultaneously but within their own place in space ... .

In later years, I was shown how to access these other aspects of ourselves."

pp. 14-6 witnessing one's own praevious incarnations, as well as those of other persons

p. 14

"During my earliest teen years, they whisked me away to experience my other incarnations.

Sometimes I watched as if I were viewing a movie".

{This sort of movie is a showing of a cinematic version of the Akas`ik Record.}

p. 15

"These beings had me watch [my] many lifetimes. ... Soon, I could see these lifetimes [of mine] at will, without being escorted by visitors ... .

Eventually, I discovered I had the ability to see the lives of other people, too. I knew each continent and time,

including civilizations of Earth for which we no longer have records or knowledge. These places held technology

{These civilizations may well have been (and remain) located on some other planets and/or planes-of-existence.}

p. 16

advanced far beyond anything we know. There were times when aliens walked openly among us and humans were of a different genus."

p. 16 involuntary catatonic paralysis of the authoress

"I heard voices and saw partial images while I was fully awake ... . ... The visitors ... arrived in the broad daylight of late afternoon rather than night or pre-dawn. ... These episodes began when I felt a buzzing sensation in my head,

followed by rigid immobility. ... I could not move until the controlling force left.

{This variety of catalepsy is allied to "sleep-paralysis".}

While paralyzed, a voice, often female, would talk to me."

pp. 17-8 projection of the astral body by the authoress

p. 17

"It was at this time that I was taught to astral travel. ... As I lay down to sleep one night, two robed beings with faces obscured by hoods

suddenly appeared and unexpectedly pulled on my feet. ...

{It is quite common for an astral projection to commence with pulling out, by praeternatural deities, of one's astral body from its material-body envelope.}

Without warning, I felt a whoosh and found myself hurtling through space, traveling through a place called the astral plane. ... I saw beings seemingly unaware of me or their surroundings, as well as color and shapes looming around. There was a head dangling from a disconnected body ... . ... I returned amazed."

"After repeated times of being pulled from my body, I wanted proof that these incidents really did happen. I picked up a wrench lying in the grass as I passed through a yard when out of my body. I carried it around, determined I would bring it back to prove what had happened. ... As I began to translate back into my body, I felt my fingers spread apart.

The gadget fell ... as I passed through the veils that part our worlds. I was frustrated that I did not have the personal power to transmute it back here.

{The wrench evidently at that instant returned automatically to its praevious location amid the grass of the yard.}

p. 18

Years later, they showed me that things can be manifested into our physical reality, if one has both the know-how and power."

p. 18 another instance of involuntary catatonic paralysis of the authoress

"Suddenly there was the feeling that happens moments before the impact of a visit.

I was paralyzed by forces beyond my control as a team of beings appeared while I lay motionless.

{a case of sleep-paralysis}

They were veiled by the cloak of another dimension, and the leader was a male figure who intentionally showed himself. His head was that of a bird, like that of a hawk, and he wore a headdress of some sort. I was measured with instruments not of this world that I can best describe as the language of color. When done, they left quickly, releasing the power that held me immobile.

I now realize that he resembled the Egyptian god Horus."



Proof Beyond a Doubt

20 to 28

pp. 20-2 the waking-world is proven illusory; aithereal divine teachers prove themselves genuine

p. 20

"They worked hard to prove that reality {viz., the waking-world} was no more than an illusory concept to help us live within a dreamlike setting."

p. 21

"the ethereal teachers, came often to advise me and to provide guidance. ...

p. 22

They were also determined to ... prove they were as genuine as anything else in my life."

p. 23 noisy poltergeists; convulsive spasms

"My home was getting noisier as they [caused that] the walls snapped, crackled and popped with communication from beings trying to get my attention. ...

I was being pulled at and grabbed while in bed. There were times when my limbs would go flying in a manner similar to the spasms".

pp. 24, 26 a device for traveling into other dimensions; encountres with entities from another dimension

p. 24

"When the correct combination of oscillating frequencies is achieved, a scene is generated that is entered for travel to different dimensions and time periods."

p. 26

"Taken aboard what appeared to be a ship, I met beings who were high-level teachers."

"Roused from sleep in the early dawn hours, I heard two male voices talking ... as doctors from a different dimension".

p. 26 crystalline brain of a divinity

"this entity's brain was comprised of crystalline cylinders.

{cf. the Desana "hexagonal rock crystal, just outside the brain" ("B&MDSh").} {cf. the Kubeo "crystal that ate up his brains" ("UIS").}

Suddenly, these differently pigmented sections began to emit rays of colorful light that circled each sector. When I asked what it was, they said to was the pattern they expressed when love was emitted."

"B&MDSh" = Reichel-Dolmatoff, G. "Brain and Mind in Desana Shamanism." JOURNAL OF LATIN AMERICAN LORE, 7:1 (1981).

"UIS" = Alfred Metraux : "Using Invisible Substances", article 28 of :- Jeremy Narby & Francis Huxley (edd.) : Shamans through Time (28).



Messages of Encouragement

29 to 42

pp. 30-1 a female spirit-medium

p. 30

"I had heard an older woman speak who professed to be a medium. The characteristics of her voice changed as an entity

p. 31

... spoke through her. ... I asked about this.

... [That entity] was one who traveled the planes ... . ... we come from a different area and have different knowledge, purpose, and capabilities."

p. 31 divine spirits profess to have been with one's self alway

"we will be with you always.

{"Lo! I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." (Matthaios 28:20)}

We have always been with you ... . ... We are always there and we speak to you in your mind. We are like a collective unconscious. {A collective of deities.} ... there is more than one of us that is working with you. ... For ..., we have been there since you have come down to Earth. Different ones have come to work with you. .. For ..., we can give you much that the humans {mortals} cannot. ... We have always guided you and will continue to do so ... ."

p. 32 divine spirits declare the authoress's mission in this life

"there are others who fall under our domain ... . You are going to go retrieve the others by serving as a catalyst for their awakening. ... We will guide you through this ... . ... the sharing of information is going to spark others ... to begin their journeys on the path ... of higher learning for which they may now petition."

p. 33 in 1994, authoress is ordered to record messages

"The practice of recording and writing is beneficial to you, do not stop. In fact, continue to practice and partake of this more. Have directed dreams this evening, for we will have you take back the messages that you need to keep."

p. 35 divine spirits praise electronic communication among mortals

"methods of communication. ... your people shall use interactive methods such as the computer, the television, the telephone ... . With these changes shall come a revolutionary alteration in lifestyle. ... . ... it is an acceleration for humanity that is occurring at this time."

pp. 38-9 divine spirits describe the nature of time, and of timelines, relative to themselves

p. 38

"there will be something ... that will have a bearing on what you know as the future; we know it all as one. No past, no present, no linear time. All simultaneous, all multiple pathways with ... results that occur at once, that shape and evolve beings to the highest level possible."

p. 39

"Timelines that we have ... are updated, they're changed, they're shortened, they're varied, they're flexible".

p. 40 divine spirits advocate humans' giving thanks for divine guidance

"a great day upon your Earth ... is a day when most of the people gather together in a harmonious environment to give thanks. ... You may wish to focus in ... in a manner to be used most constructively for a higher purpose, for a higher good. ... concentrate beforehand for you will receive divine guidance in this area to help you focus it in a place where there is need."

p. 40 divine spirits suggest allowing energy to flow up one's spine

"think carefully about [, within the body,] the location ... [which is] affiliated with the base of the spine through which energy must flow. An ... alignment is ... in the flow of energy that goes up through the spine and into the rest of your body."

{This may be in reference to Kun.d.alini yoga.}

fn. 15 : "They were telling me that I was impeding energy that should have been allowed to travel freely through my spinal column."

pp. 41-2 a dream about a book having color-coded text; and about a divine spiritual teacher

p. 41

"In a vivid dream in September of 1994, I was in a bookstore and was given an old, rare book which was color coded in five ways. The colored sections were drab, muted hues of saffron yellow, olive green, grey blue, dull orange, and pale red. A sacred document ..., the colors orresponded to certain types of lessons within those pages. ...

Right after, I was taken to an Eastern Indian Master, who had dark, wild hair and brown skin. His eyes were ... a cross between insanity and enlightenment. They were so brilliant with light I could not see any pupils. Oddly, there was a smell of incense in the air. Other students were present, ... I heard them say "Lord Maitreya.""

p. 42

"these spiritual teachers ... When they appeared as humanoid, their features were odd, with broad faces with modestly slanted almond eyes. They were often bald and resembled an old Tibetan monk in a white robe. {white-clad dKar-brgyud religious order} Sometimes a gold sash was present."


Marcia Schafer : Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist. Cosmic Destiny Pr, Phoenix (AZ), 1999.