Alien Worlds, 8-11



Alien Abduction Narratives and Religious Contexts

Scott R. Scribner

138 to 152

pp. 138-9 increase in accounts of abductions of mortals by supernaturals

p. 138

"For millennia, reports about humans being kidnapped by supernatural beings have appeared in many cultures (... Sagan 1997). ...

p. 139

Although reports of abductions by those beings have occurred throughout recorded history, modern researchers agree that attention to abduction reports has dramatically increased since 1966 (... Thompson 1991)".

Sagan 1997 = Carl Sagan : The Demon-Haunted World. NY : Ballantine Bks.

Thompson 1991 = Keith Thompson : Angels and Aliens : UFOs. NY : Fawcett Columbine.

pp. 139-40 paticular instances of alien-abduction narratives (AANs)

p. 139

"John Fuller's Interrupted Journey brought the abduction story of Betty and Barney Hill to millions of Americans in 1966 when Look magazine carried excerpts from the new book. ... Under hypnois, Betty Hill drew the so-called Star Map, which located the home world of her abductors".

p. 140

"Another prominent example of an alien abduction narrative is contained in Raymond Fowler's book The Andreasson Affair, published in 1979. ... Under hypnosis, Betty Andreasson said that ... several strange beings floated into the house through the walls and took Betty on a very unusual journey. Betty's journey included travel to a distant planet where she saw beautiful cities. She describes being transported great distances through tubes of liquid. Her captors introduced her to a huge Phoenix-like bird."

p. 141 different natures of alien-abduction narratives

"The tone of some AANs is transcendental (Strieber 1987),

while others are sexual (... Jacobs 1999)".

Strieber 1987 = Whitley Strieber : Communion. NY :Morrow.

Jacobs 1999 = David M. Jacobs : The Threat : Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda. NY : Fireside (Simon & Schuster).

p. 141 sleep-paralysis

"David J. Hufford [Hufford 2005] identifies ... the experience to the ... phenomenon of sleep paralysis (SP).

He also takes to task

modern science,

medicine, and


for mischaracterizing such "real" experiences as


psychopathology, and

heresy, respectively.

In each case, he says, there is an incorrect assumption of preexisting


delusion, or

unorthodox belief.

Hufford benefits from having experienced the SP phenomenon firsthand, as I have.

{so have I}

However, his insightful analysis nonetheless implies a future materialistic solution to the problem of weird experiences".

{There is actually no "materialistic solution" to sleep-paralysis, inasmuch the sleep-paralysis is occasioned by a divine visitation by deities from the dream-world, who accompany the mortal out from the dreaming-world into the waking-world, during that process temporarily paralyzing the mortal being accompanied.}

Hufford 2005 = David J. Hufford : "Sleep Paralysis as Spiritual Experience". TRANSCULTURAL PSYCHIATRY 42, no. 1:11-45.

p. 142 origin of anomalous experience vis-a`-vis interpretation of it

"Whatever the origin of the experience (SP, trance, other altered states, suggestion, hypnosis, group worldview, or other interactive combination of several elements),

{In every one of these cases, the origin of the experience is the advent of some deity/angel, whatever may have been the means whereby that deity/angel was summoned.}

we must focus on the ways the experience is interpreted."

{Actually, because the experience may have been grossly misinterpreted, these ways are not always all that relevant.}

pp. 144-6 in traditional religions

p. 144-5

"Billy Graham (1994) ... sees UFOs and alien visitors as God's angels."

p. 145

"AANs share similar narrative status with revealed religions (Hetherington 1993)."

p. 146

"I saw a light brighter than the sun come down from heaven" (Acts of the Apostles 26:13, as translated in the Jerusalem Bible)."

Graham 1994 = Billy Graham : Angels : God's Secret Agents. Dallas : Word.

Hetherington 1993 = Norris S. Hetherington (ed.) : Cosmology : historical, literary, philosophical, religious ... perspectives. NY : Garland.

pp. 147-8 the advent of Gods upon the Earth {/andantio/ is (as an Italian term in music) 'a moderately slow tempo'. Perhaps, howbeit, there may be an allusion to ANDilANTobI, Madagascar.}

p. 147

"The anthology The Gods Have Landed (Lewis 1995) characterized the UFO ... as ... concerned with .... its view of history".

p. 148

[space-alien Andantio, chanelled through Betty Andreasson, being quaestioned by hypnotist Fred :]

"Fred : I still would like to have you come directly to communicate with us telepathically now. Won't you please do that?

Betty A. : Would the vessel tell the maker what it prefers to have in it? (Fowler, 1979, 159)"

"Isaiah 45:9 (Jerusalem Bible) : "Woe to him that strives with his Maker! An earthen vessel that strives with him who made it from the earth! Does the clay say to the potter, 'What are you making?' Or 'am I not the work of your hands?'""

Lewis 1995 = James R. Lewis : The Gods Have Landed : New Religions from Other Worlds. Albany : State U of NY Pr.



Close Encountres of the French Kind

Pierre Lagrange

153 to 190

p. 164 Dewilde

"On Octorber 10, 1954, Marius Dewilde from Quadrouble saw a flying saucer land and observed two little men marching toward him. A ray of light, which came from the saucer, paralyzed him."

pp. 166, 181 Jimmy Guieu

p. 166

"Jimmy Guieu (1926-2000) ... became an Ouranos investigator ... for the southeast of France, and was quickly promoted to the rank of chief of the Investigating Service of the Commission. ... In 1954, he published Les soucoupes volantes vienent d'un autre monde (Flying Saucers Come from Another World). ... Two years later, Guieu authored a second book, Black-Out sur les soucoupes volantes (Black-out on the Flying Saucers)".

p. 181

"Jimmy Guieu ... In the late [nineteen-]seventies ...founded a new group, the IMSA (World Institute for Advanced Studies). ... In April 1980, he published a book coauthored by Fontaine and his two friends".

p. 168 Aime' Michel

"By 1958, when Michel published Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery (Myste'rieux objets ce'lestes) first in the United States and then in France, he had evolved in his thinking about the landings. ... Michel discovered that when placed on a map, flying-saucer sightings had a tendency to generate straight lines for cases of three or more sightings."

Michel 1958 = Aime' Michel : Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery. NY : Criterion.

pp. 171, 187 Adamski's Royal Order of Tibet

p. 171

"Adamski served as former guru of a Royal Order of Tibet who channeled information from eastern Ascended Masters in the 1930s, or the leader of an Advanced Thinkers Club that had

published his inspired science-fiction novels in the late 1940s."

{This is similar to the circumstances of Ron Hubbard, who authored several books published as science-fiction novels prior to his becoming acclaimed as a flying-saucer contactee.}

p. 187

"In their book on George Adamski, Swiss follower Lou Zinsstag and Timothy Good (1983) revealed how Adamski had reprocessed (in the context of his Venutian contacts) messages he had used decades before in another context, those of the Royal Order of Tibet. Adamski had simply changed the words "Royal Order of Tibet" to the words "Space Brothers.""

Zinsstag & Good 1983 = Lou Zinsstag &Timothy Good : George Adamski : the untold story. Kent (UK) : Ceti Publ.

pp. 173-6 Pierre Monnet

p. 173

"Pierre Monnet founded GREPO, Group de Recherche et d'Etude du Phe'nome`ne Ovni (Group for the Research and Study of UFO Phenomenon). Monnet ... was a contactee. It was only when a Belgian ufologist named Roger Lorthioir, a member of the Fe'de'ration Belge d'Ufologie (FBU), rediscovered the letter ... that ... investigators from the FBU met Monnet ..., and they accompanied him to the place of contact. Their report then appeared in Ouranos ... (1974)."

"While on a bicycle ride one night in July 1951 in the little town of Courthezon, Monnet

was suddenly teleported five kilometers to the entrance of of a large, deep rock quarry.

{This is similar to sonambulism, which is a case of the sleep-walker's body being temporarily possessed by a deity, who walketh it to the destination. In Pierre Monnet's case the possessing-deity apparently bicycled his body to the destination.}

As if under hypnosis, Monnet entered the area, where he saw a light some sixty meters ahead. A metallic craft radiated light, and as Monnet drew closer, background noise disappeared. He then realized that along one side of the craft stood four humanlike beings who then initiated a telepathic discussion.

Monet wrote to several UFO authors ..., and decided to establish a UFO group known as the GREPO in March 1975. ["Editorial," a special issue of VAUCLUSE UFOLOGIE, no. 8 (May 1978).] ... From Monnet's point of view, and as he explained later to members of the group,

he started GREPO ... because he wanted, above all to have an-

{This tactic of founding a flying-saucer study-group in order to facilitate further communications with the flying saucers' pilots could have become successful only if one or more other membres of such study-group had themselves already likewise experienced comparable praeternatural communications and were capable and willing to transmit such an empowerment to the founder. Success at regaining this miraculous power could better be acquired through contact with established practitioners of the mystic arts (spirit-mediumship, spiritual healing, and that ilk).}

p. 174

other meeting with the aliens. He wanted to renew the contact intiated in 1951 ("Contact," 11).

In 1978, Monnet finally published a book on his contact experience under the title, Les extraterrestres m'ont dit (The extraterrestrials told me)."

p. 175

"After detailing the story of Monnet's contact and what happened afterward, in particular his numerous ... telepathic communications, the GREPO investigators ... took note of the striking similarities between the content of Monnet's story and details from

the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, released the year of his contact, 1951. They did this for a good reason : Pierre Monnet had repeatedly told them that he had seen the movie in 1951 ... ("Contact", 43)."

{Very likely, the deities in the contact-experience involved had approved that movie and Monnet's faith in the movie; and therefore they appeared to him in order to demonstrate their approbation of his devotion and loyalty to the movie's theme.}

p. 176

[Monet denounced (in VAUCLUSE UFOLOGIE, no. 17, March 1980) GREPO's lack of trust in his supernatural diclosures.] {All issues of VAUCLUSE UFOLOGIE were apparently entirely written by Pierre Monnet.}

"Contact" = a special issue of VAUCLUSE UFOLOGIE (no. [1]2, 1979).

pp. 176-8 Jean Migue`res

p. 176

"Born in 1940 in Algiers, Migue`res achieved fame after the publication of his first book in 1977, J'ai e'te' le cobaye des extra-terrestres (I was the guinea pig of the extraterrestrials). ...

p. 177

In the second part of the book, Jean Migue`res transcribes the extraterrestrial messages he received while ... in the hospital in 1970. ... While hospitalized, ... his wife ... brought him Guy Tarade's Soucoupes volantes et civilisations d'outre espace (Flying saucers and outer-space civilizations). ... Guy Tarade asked Jean Migue`res to invite his alien friend to fly a saucer above Nice between January 15 and 31, 1971. Migue`res sent a telepathic message to the extraterrestrials and waited. Then, on February 20, 1971, Migue`res was ... to receive a letter from Tarade explaining that he had seen a UFO. In 1973, Jean Migue`res became a member of Tarade's CEREIC (Centre d'Etude et de Researches d'Elements inconnus de la Civilisation, or the Center for the Study and Research of Unknown Elements of Civilisation), and he was promoted to the rank of vice president two years later. ... He began speaking in public and met Alain Lefeuvre, a reporter from L'Espoir Hebdo, who wrote a paper on him ... . ... . ... Jean Migue`res reveals that in 1975 he had received telepathic messages from his alien friends regarding an artificial planet they had in orbit between Venus and Earth."

p. 178

"In his second book, Le cobaye des extra-terrestres face aux scientifiques (The extraterrestrials' guinea pig faces the scientists), Migue`res describes what happened to him after the publication of his initial book. ... He then moves to revelations about his extraterrestrial contact that he refrained from publishing in his first book, in particular the transcript of an interview (remembered under hypnosis) ... of an alien called Stro^b. He also describes his experiences with representatives of the Conspiracy of Silence, the so-called Men in Black, a government intelligence agency, and a private UFO group that was acting under sinister orders to suppress information. From the first to the second book, Migue`res moves his emphasis ... to an accusation of a government and scientific cover-up."

"Migue`res published his third book, 1996 : La Re've'lation, in 1987. ... The book is entirely dedicated to the transcript of his message from the aliens."

p. 182 Jacques Vallee

"Jacques Vallee (1979) published Masters of Deception in which he claimed that ... government agents engaged in a deceptive program ... for ufology ... . ... Vallee's theory ... he reiterated in a later book called Revelations (1991)."

Vallee 1979 = Jacques Vallee : Masters of Deception. Berkeley : And/Or Pr.

Vallee 1991 = Jacques Vallee : Revelations : Alien Contact. NY : Ballantine Bks.



Consciousness, Culture, and UFOs

Jacques Vallee

193 to 209

pp. 197-8 Jungian "archetypes" {universally-extended (omnipraesent) deity-groupings}

p. 197

"Carl Jung (1959) ... spoke of UFOs as an archetype : a preverbal, even preexperiential, primal "force" that operates at a primordial level of being, and underlies manifestations of both psychic images

p. 198

and physical shapes."

"If UFOs are a manifestation of archetypes, that means that the phenomenon is much more anomalous (within the standard Newtonian mechanistic paradigm) than any theory of extraterrestrial aliens in spacecraft would suggest.

{The phainomenon ("flying shields" sighted in the sky being often mentioned in Hellenic literature) was already quite anomalous with the standard Aristotelian paradigm, which was also quite incapable of accomodating projection of the subtle body (reported by Apouleios), or near-death experience (reported in the Politeia by Platon).}

Not only the UFO phenomenon, but the universe itself, would be much more complex and intellectually challenging than our science has heretofore indicated.

{The actual complexity amounteth to : (1) a system of three non-material planes-of-existence (astral, mental, physical), and (2) the several aitheric webs (protecting, enclosing, and/or giving rise to the non-material planes-of-existence.}

It could even be that the nonphysical UFO archetypes could manifest physically."

Jung 1959 = Carl G. Jung : Flying Saucers. London : Routledge & Kegan Paul.

p. 199 signification of the Renaissance of the Occident {Apart from his drastic postdating antiquity of the cultural factors involved, Thompson is basically correct about the fragility of current Occidental culture.}

[quoted from Thompson 1980, p. 78] "To see technology in proper scale, we need cosmic consciousness. ...

The humanistic movement that began with the Renaissance has reached its limit, and at that limit

{The Renaissance was never a humanistic, but a mystic-occult, movement of mystics/occultists against materialism : a movement which neither hath, nor can reach, any limit.

Western culture has broken apart as mechanism and mysticism move in opposite directions along the circumference of human civilization."

The mechanistic materialism of Aristotelianism and the mystic transcendentalism of Platonism already moved apart in the 4th century before the Christian era. This opposition is already at the the very centre of Occidental culture, and not merely "along the circumference of human civilization".}

Thompson 1980 = William Irwin Thompson : Evil and Social Order. NY : Harper & Row.

p. 201 incapability (in a materialistic universe) of divine entities for assuming any possible bodily shape, ad libitem

"why should extraterrestrials appear so humanlike? Defenders of the ET thesis must resort to ad hoc speculations, such as "They take human form for our benefit.""

{Why should the mighty deities who praesent themselves as "extraterrestrials" wish to confound those mortal humans to whom they manifest themselves by appearing as anything utterly unfamiliar? Why ought not these great deities, who though in their nature bodiless intelligences, praesent their semblance in some familiar guise? These transcendent deities themselves, during telepathic communications, thoroughly explain all of these facts, so that no "ad hoc speculations" whatsoever are required.}

{The author J.V. is, however, not intending (by this rather convoluted statement) to promote the notion that divine entities are incapable of assuming a wide variety of bodily shapes at will, but rather merely suggesting that the ability to do so would imply that they are universal deities ("archetypes") and not bodily confined to any specific locality. J.V. may have failed to notice, however, that in asserting that "extraterrestrials" "take human form for our benefit", any promulgators of such doctrine are implying that such "extraterrestrials" by shape-shifting their own bodies are displaying that their powers to transcend the limitations of material mortality, and are thus at the very least indestructible immortals -- such that by inter-coo:peration on a sufficient scale, they may well function in the status of universalistic deity-groupings, viz. J.V.'s own understanding of the nature of Jungian "Archetypes".]

p. 202 obtuse unbelief on the part of an atheistic hypnotist

"he decided not to hypnotize a leading aerospace engineer who presented a delusion of traveling throughout the galaxy in another reality. ... The engineer eventually recovered his sanity".

{Of course, the "traveling throughout the galaxy in another reality"was more real than mere material existence, but had to be eventually dissemblingly denied by the ae:rospace engineer (who praetended to have "recovered") in order to accomodate the hypnotist's materialistic delusion.}

p. 203 piscine-scented supernatural entities

"Dr. Mack eloquently described an interview he recorded ... with a South African shaman who experienced missing time, an encounter with various beings of the classic alien description, and a ... sexual episode when he was raped by a woman whose flesh felt like that of a cadaver {chilling?}. He emerged near his village,

covered with ash, and

{bhasma (ash remains of burnt-offerings to deities) often utilized to coat the body by Pas`upata religious practitioners}

stinking of rotten fish. ...

In an earlier work (Vallee 1994), I have quoted at length from medieval scholars how demons, who often smelled of rotten fish, could animate dead bodies to perform sexual intercourse with humans and steal their seed."

Vallee 1994 = Jacques Vallee : Passport to Magonia. Chicago : Contemporary Bks.

pp. 204-5 a woman's dream of god Anubis; and her son's dream in confirmation of the same

p. 204

[autobiographical account of "a dream" by a woman nigh Los Angeles :] "I found myself lying on a table. My clothes were gone and my legs were slung over the arms of a man, or so I thought until I looked at his face and saw that it was not human. There stood a being that had the head of a dog with long pointed ears, a long muzzle, reddish brown fur on the face and neck ... . His ... sexual organ had reddish stripes as well as his lower abdomen."

p. 205

[account of dreaming some years later by that same woman's son :] "He said the dream was always the same, he would be walking into this pyramid and when he got inside this guy Anubis would step out from behind this wall and start talking to him. ... . ... he said the thing had dark reddish brown fur on his face, and the skin was peach color".

{In Kemetic myth, god JNPW (Anubis) had a wife who attempted to entice god BLTL (the brother of JNPW) to sexual relations with her.}

p. 205 a vision by Black Elk

[quoted from Neihardt 1932 :] "there were two men who were coming from the clouds, head first like arrows slanting down ... . Each carried a long spear, and from the points of these a jagged lighting flashed."

p. 208 Facius Cardan

"According to the seven Sylphs who visited Facius Cardan in August 1491, the beings on the other side of reality feel that "we are monsters to them." They believe that they cannot bring us anything of advantage, "except apparitions ... and then knowledge.""



Aliens from the Cosmos

Anna E. Kubiak

210 to 216

p. 211 angels, gods

"many contactees prefer to think of extraterrestrials as angels, gods, higher-dimensional creators, and ultraterrestrial beings (... Partridge 2003)."

Partridge 2003 = Christopher Partridge (ed.) : UFO Religions. London : Routledge.

p. 215 paranormality of communication with extraterrestrials

"A Polish scientist from the Universtiy of Otago, New Zealand, wrote a monograph on how to communicate with aliens. He commented that some skillful methods of connecting with extraterrestrial visitors are telepathy, reiki, chi, orgone, meditation and yoga.

{apparently referring to Jan Pajak (PTh; MEU)}

... Erich Goode (2000) places flying saucers and extraterrestrial contact beliefs squarely in the subcultures of paranormal beliefs".

{here, "paranormal" = goodwill, beauty, splendor, hope, optimism -- versus "normal" = distrust, squalor, dismay, dispair.}

PTh = Pyramid of Thoughts

MEU = Meaning of Evidence on UFOs

Goode 2000 = Erich Goode : Paranormal Beliefs. Prospect Heights (IL), Waveland Pr.


Diana G. Tumminia (editrix) : Alien Worlds : ... religious dimensions of Extraterrestrial contact. Syracuse U Pr, 2007.