Alien Worlds, 4-5



Praesumed Imminent

Bryan Sentes & Susan Palmer

59 to 79

p. 65 Rae:l's French litterary praedescessors

"The year 1968 is a watershed for the ... publication of ... Jean Sendy's quasi-[qabbalistic] La lune : Cle' de la Bible. This book, along with Sendy's two others, all published in Frech before 1970, essay an ancient-astronaut reading of Genesis and the Bible at points identical to Rae:l's.

Similar views are expressed in Jacques Bergier's Extraterrestrial Visitations from Prehistoric Times to the Present and Serge Hutin's Alien Races and Fantastic Civilizations, both published in French in 1970."

pp. 65-7 the Message imparted to Rae:l by the extraterrestrial occupant of a flying saucer

p. 65

"In his first book, The Book Which Tells the Truth, published in French in 1974, Vorilhon tells how ["on December 13, 1973, in the Clermont-Ferrand region of France"] he witnessed a flying saucer land and then met its small, greenish, humanoid occupant, who identified himself as one of the Elohim of Genesis ... . [fn. 4 : "Rae:l's first book in translation is the first half of Claude Vorilhon's The Message Given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials ... . The Book Which Tells the Truth is also part of The True Face of God."] ...

p. 66

The Message given to Vorilhon comprises not only ... ancient-astronaut interpretation of the Bible, but also a set of "New Commandments." With this prescriptive portion of the Message, Vorilhon received his

new, charismatic name, Rae:l,

{Ra>el is the Abyssinian name of the angel of the alphabetic letter "R".}

meaning Light, Light of God,

{from Kemetic divine name /R</ 'sun-god'}

Ambassador of the Elohim, and messenger (Vorilhon 1986b, 105-6). Rae:l is told to promote world government by "the most intelligent," a system called geniocracy (109). This one-world government also includes the institution of a single, worldwide currency {cf. the "euro"} and an international, artificial language (113). In addition ..., the Elohim's prescribed economic reforms include an economic system they call "Humanitarianism," based primarily upon the abolition of inheritance (111)."

p. 67

"implementation of the Message began with the founding of MADECH (Mouvement pour Accueil des Elohim Createurs de l'Humanite') in 1974 and the publication of Rae:l's first book".

Vorilhon 1986b = Claude Vorilhon : The Message Given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials. Tokyo : AOM Corp.

p. 67 Rae:l's 2nd close encountre : a visit to the extraterrestrials' home planet

"Rae:l's second ... close encounter, on October 7, 1975, is recounted in his next book, published in French the same year, Les extra-terrestres m'ont emmene' sur leur plane`te (Extraterrestrials Took Me to Their Planet). ... this book recounts a twenty-four-hour visit to a parasidal planet ... .

His Elohim teacher now identifies himself as Yahweh, "president of the council of eternals." ...

{In contrast (and rather in contradiction) to Rae:l's assertion, YHWH is distinguished from the sons of the >lohi^m (and, by implication, is distinguished from the >lohi^m) in the Book of >iyob 1:6. [YHWH is considered -- by the praesent-day literary critiques in the "Documentary Hypothesis" of "J" vs. "E" canons -- to be god of the state of Yhudah, whereas the >lohi^m are considered to be gods of the state of Yis`ra>el.]}

Later, back on Earth, Rae:l is telepathically given supplementary commandments and sixteen "Keys"that highlight and expand the original message."

p. 68 Rae:l's 3rd book

"In 1979, Rae:l published Accueillir les extra-terrestres, later translated and published in English as Let's Welcome Our Fathers from Space ..., wherein his charismatic claims are intensified. It is revealed to him that Eloha Yahweh is his father and Jesus his half-brother; he is the "last of forty prophets" being born in "the Age of Apocalypse"".

p. 70 metaphysics

"Cosmologically, any supernatural realm where a First Cause, for life or the cosmos, might reside is excluded by positing an infinite regression of causes in answer to

{[Our solution to this logical conundrum (written Sept 30th Sun 2012) :] Infinite regression of causes can be excluded simply by assuming that causality is circular (cyclic), just as all physical processes must likewise proceed in a circular (cyclic) manner. [If supposed infinite regression were a valid argument against metaphysics, it would likewise be a valid argument against physics.]}

the question, "Why is there something rather than nothing?" ...

{[Our solution to this logical conundrum (written Sept 30th Sun 2012) :] There must somethingness for the same reason as there must be nothingness. In order to define nothingness, the same procedure must be used as is thereby aequally available to define somethingness : therefore in order for nothingness to be definably thinkable/conceivable (and thus existent), somethingness must be aequally thinkable/conceivable (and thus existent). [This is assuming that thinkability must imply existence in mental plane-of-existence, which can thereupon lower itself -- via action of the causal plane-of-existence -- to become manifestly inhaerent in a thus-generated physical plane-of-existence.]}

Likewise, the material (i.e., atomic) order extends into the infinitely small and large. The atom is depicted as a microcosmic solar system; the solar system, a macrocosmic atom, and so on."

[Our method of reducing to absurdity this argumentation (written Sept 30th Sun 2012) :]{Rae:l's positing an infinite regression here is not only implausible, but is actually in contradiction to his rejecting, on principle, an infinite regression in the matter of causality. And whereas causality can evade infinite regression simply by assuming a cicularity (cyclic nature), it is not so clear that there is any means of evading infinite regression in this Rae:lian mode of macrocosm-microcosm scale-sizing.}

p. 78 mercy towards animals, and towards plants

[quoted from Vorilhon 1986a, p. 244 :] "Never make animals suffer. ... . ... you must avoid animals suffering as you must prevent human beings from suffering. ...

Plants, too, are alive and suffer in the same way as you do. So do not cause plants to suffer."

Vorilhon 1986a = Claude Vorilhon : Let's Welcome Our Fathers from Space. Tokyo : AOM Corp.



In the Dreamtime of the Saucer People

Diana G. Tumminia

80 to 96

pp. 88-9 founderess & founder of the Unarius Academy of Science

p. 88

"Holding the second-highest status, next to Uriel the Archangel, Antares claimed he had been reincarnated from

Satan, Tyrantus, Kaa (the space traveler), Ta-Nu of Lemuria ... .

Antares ... told ... how Uriel realized who he really was ... . When Uriel awoke from a nap one day, she reported what she had dreamed. She told Antares that he was indeed the Fallen Angel, Satan, who had come to her ... through the study of Unarius. ... Antares recalled the incident ..., saying that he knew what Uriel said was true, because he felt {the cakra Man.ipura of} his solar plexus spin with recognition."

p. 89, Fig. 5.2

"Uriel (Ruth Norman), the Archangel of the Unarius Academy of Science, ... led Unarius until her death in 1993, and Antares took over the position until her passed away in 1999."

pp. 85-7 the authoress (D.B.T.)'s reception by the Unarius Academy of Science

p. 85

"Antares welcomed me by giving me a local membership list with phone numbers. ...

p. 86

Initially some students befriended me out of ... their concern for my spiritual welfare. One student, Nina, gave me a free place to stay after I started to commute from Los Angeles. ...

I would soon learn that the Space Brothers {and Sisters} had sent me there to discover my past."

pp. 87-8 interpretation of news; a prophecy

p. 87

"At the university, my colleagues met the national news with skepticism, disgust, anger and derision. Their skepticism usually followed charges of fraud ... or international conspiracy. But at Unarius, [the male official librarian] embraced the same news as evidence that the promises of the Space Brothers were ... to bring about world peace and metaphysical change."

{Although the political news was usually so unpleasant in its direct content as to be met appropriately with "disgust, anger and derision", nevertheless it indirectly pointed to some eventual future improvement which could be credited to assistance to humanity from the divine worlds.}

p. 88

"Unarians waited for the realization of their long-held prophecy,

the arrival of a spaceship from the planet Muon

{alluding to the sea-voyage "eastward ... in his canoe" (HM, p. 321) of the ancestor of "a Mu race living on bananas" (HM, p. 322)}

followed by thirty-three other starships of the Interplanetary Confederation."

{The names of these 33 are listed at "N33CP".} {These may furthermore refer to the vimana-s of the deva-s (who are counted as 33 in the Veda).}

HM = Martha Beckwith : Hawaiian Mythology. Yale U Pr, 1940.

"N33CP" = "names of 33 confederation member planets"

pp. 84-7, 88-90 specific past lives of an Unarius membre, & of the authoress (D.G.T.)

p. 84

Unarius "group ... members discussed the minutiae of their lives in the context of spiritual psychotherapy during weekly class sessions. Their therapy consisted of ... receiving past-life readings."

p. 85

"I "really" belonged there, because I was "triggering" a memory of past-life interactions, and such memories could also surface in dreams. ...

p. 86

Seventy-year-old Thomas, who held a master's degree in music, served as musical director and official librarian. ... Thomas believed he had reincarnated once as a librarian on the continent of Atlantis and then again had served in the fabled Alexandrian Library. ... His memories of his childhood included ... a significant dream about outer space in which two spiral galaxies rotated in opposite directions. ...

p. 87

Thomas had studied theology at the Swedenborg seminary, which at that time was located across the street from Harvard University."

p. 89

"In one of my first encounters with Antares, he told me how the students had lived many lifetimes before inhabiting their bodies here on Earth. In some of those lives, they had studied at "learning centers" on other planets and dimensions. Now they studied here at Unarius, once again absorbing the celestial science. Antares and the students intimated

that I had been sent in this same manner, even though I did not consciously know it. ... The more time I spent at Unarius, the more past lives would be attributed to me. ...

p. 90

Antares told me I had been a scribe on the planet Orion millions of years ago; then ..., he added that I had also been a spy there. The other students verified ... . ... By being labeled as a spy, I had been given an insider status".

"I attended an Interplanetary Confederation Day celebration. The parade leader asked me to carry the banner of the planet Valneza.

Later Nina remarked, "... You have a past life in Valneza, the planet of nature worshippers ... .""

{Valneza : "The people woshipped Polarity Dera as a kind of earth goddess. They feared technology because of their past with Orion." (WhPNF, p. 259)} {/Valneza/ is a Portuguese name.}

WhPNF = Diana G. Tumminia : When Prophecy Never Fails: myth and reality in a flying-saucer group. Oxford U Pr, 2005.

pp. 88, 90-2 validity of sleep & of dreams

p. 88

In Unarius "classes, a few students sometimes fell asleep. This was an accepted practice, because it was believed that students were attuning themselves to the elevated frequencies of the [Space] Brothers {and Sisters} and that they might awaken with higher knowledge from a dream".

"Unarians cited the warlike nature of the Earth world as the reason the spaceships did not land and why they would continue to remain invisible. In one class I attended, the lecturer explained that the Space Brothers would contact students in their dreams with instructions about what role they would play when a physical landing did take place."

p. 90

"Unarians discuss dreams as part of

p. 91

the fact-finding process of the Science. Dreams hold great portent because members believe they travel out of their bodies while they sleep to visit other dimensions. ... They say they can receive enlightened messages from their teachers as they sleep, as well as resolve problems from past and present lives. Sharing the contents of dreams, both in everyday conversation and in formal testimonials, facilitates the use of this documentary method of obtaining knowledge through the Science. Dream analysis offers a tangible way to use the Science. In the Unarian way of seeing things, dreams provide real contact with the Space Brothers. ...

Dreams often initiated major mythical revelations in the group. For example, what Unarians call the Great Lemurian Cycle was initiated by the student Crystal's dreams (Unarius Students and Norman 1976). During this cycle, students gave testimonials about their past lives on the planet Lemuria, where

they were controlled by electronic surveillance, and they lived horrible lives as robot-like zombies."

{One planet of robots is Vixall. There, "the scientists created robots called "electrodes." ... Unfortunately, the electrodes started to feed upon the subconscious energy of the people." (WhPNF, p. 259)}

p. 92

"For Unarians, dreams supply real connections with spaceships, especially those belonging to the Space Brothers. ... In addition to psychic and clairvoyant sightings, dreams opened the channels for ... real contacts with the ships."

p. 90, fn. 3

"Many peoples embrace the reality of dreams. ...

{An instance of a book on the anthropology of dreams is WDB.}

p. 91, fn. 3

Different cultures and groups ascribe different realities to dreams."

Unarius Students & Norman 1976 = Unarius Students & Ruth Norman : Lemuria Rising. El Cajon (CA) : Unarius Edu Foundation.

WDB = Sarvananda Bluestone : The World Dream Book. Destiny Bks, Rochester (VT), 2002.

pp. 92-3 instances of specific dreams by Unarius membres

p. 92

"That night she dreamed that a large spacecraft landed, which took her and her boyfriend aboard. ... "We are in another dimension.""

p. 93

"the printer at the Center ... dozed off only to experience a "memory" of a past life when he rode a spacecraft over Atlantis. ... a glowing scientist appeared, beckoning for him to follow. They ascended stairs made of light beams. Then this caring scientist instructed him in the principles of "high-energy physics."

[He] warned me, however, "It's a waste of time chasing flying saucers {in the waking world}. Let them come to you {in dreams}.""

pp. 93, 95 instances of anthropologists' being converted to the viewpoint of the people whom they are studying ("going native") {All these instances are (so it may be seen) results of revelations sent from deities in the divine worlds. Associating with mortals already in communication with those deities will open for one's self a divine channel for such divine revelations.}

p. 93

"In her fieldwork on Spiritualism, Burke Forrest (1986) ... began to see spirits. ...

"Joseph Damrell (1977) reported a surprising, nonordinary shift of perception during meditation while studying Vedanta. ...

Tanya Luhrmann (1989) stated that she entered the witches' worldview ..., and that as a participant she felt the power of the witches' circle.

... Evans-Pritchard (1937) saw witches travel at night in the form of lights on the horizon."

p. 95

"my research partner, Dr. Kirkpatrick, ... said he dreamed that a giant flying saucer the size of the lake landed on the water. Aliens that he could not describe pressed him into joining a plan to introduce a new technology here on Earth. This technology consisted of inventing a biological equivalent of such objects as cars, houses, and computers, which materialized by accessing the correct genetic code."

Forrest 1986 = Burke Forrest : "Apprentice-Participation". URBAN LIFE 14, no. 4:431-53.

Damrell 1977 = Joseph Damrell : Seeking Spiritual Meaning : the World of Vedanta. Beverly Hills (CA) : Sage Publ.

Luhrmann 1989 = Tanya Luhrmann : Persuasions of the Witch's Craft. Cambridge (MA) : Harvard U Pr.

Evans-Pritchard 1937 = E. E. Evans-Pritchard : Witchcraft, Oracles, and Magic among the Azande. Oxford : Clarendon Pr.

pp. 85, 93-4 authoress (D.G.T.)'s developing of sympathy for the Unarius point of view

p. 85

"As I visited them repeatedly from 1989 to 2002, I became more empathetic toward their struggle to rid themselves and the universe of all perceived imperfections."

p. 93

"In my lengthy fieldwork, I learned to think like Unarians -- and to dream like them. ...

p. 94

I was deeply asleep ... . ... I was at San Diego Airport. Everything was dark as I looked out into the night sky to see the stars animately twinkle in the deep blackness. On the horizon, I heard a sound ... that made ... my body vibrate to its rhythm. In the distance a cluster of [ostensible] stars started to move as they were a formation of airplanes. As they flew toward me, they formed the image of a woman. Under the pressure of their sound, I staggered back and fell on the ground. Excitement ... gripped my mind ... as I thought, "The saucers -- there are the saucers." The ships moved closer, but their presence was overwhelming me with their size, luminosity, and vibratory sound. As they landed, I was dwarfed ... in a forest of light and sound. A mountainous spaceship opened its doors to reveal its denizen. A red-haired man ... emerged in white brocade ... suit that sported a gold medallion. He beckoned me aboard. The ramp he extended consisted of sound waves. ... With each step up the ramp, my [bodily] structure seemed to transform, which was represented outwardly by different changed in clothing. By the time I made it to the top, I was dressed in a purple and gold sari that periodically sparkled with golden light beams. There ..., I threw out my arms to be embraced. The Space Brother enfolded me in his arms. ... In turn, as a monarch might escort a consort on a royal tour, the Space Brother showed me the many chambers in the ship. In a room with a bronze floor engraved with a map of Earth, the Brother explained to me the karmic destiny of my planet. We rode on hovering metallic plates to different sections of this great map, which as he detailed its significance would act out his words in a holographic display. From this vantage point, I saw civilizations rise only to fall, and radio waves sent from the pyramids of Egypt to the pyramids of Atlantis."


Diana G. Tumminia (editrix) : Alien Worlds : ... religious dimensions of Extraterrestrial contact. Syracuse U Pr, 2007.