Alien Worlds, 3



Galactic Messenger!

Diana G. Tumminia

42 to 58

p. 43 Universal Industrial Church of the New World Comforter {Comforter = Paraclete} : its political-party, website, and television-show

"UICNWC stands apart from other contactee religions ... with the creation of its own political party ... . This stance may sound a bit reminiscent of Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America (AFSCA) space-age candidates Gabriel Green and Daniel Fry, who were part of the world of early UFO conventions that Michael Allen attended."

"The public may know UICNWC by another name, the One World Family Commune. ... the commune bases itself on the teachings of Allen Michael, formerly Allen Ward Noonan ... . ... . ... the group maintains a Web site (Galactica ...) and a public-access television show, Galactic Messenger."

pp. 44-7 Allen Michael

p. 44

biography of Allen Michael : "Born in Britt, Iowa, in 1916, ... he married a woman named Marian, with whom he had a son. ... Extraterrestrials contacted Allen Michael in April 1947 when he resided in Long Beach, California. ... When he was thirty-one years old and working as a sign painter, he received a spiritual contact with ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

Describing this, Michael says,

A shaft of ultraviolet {must mean 'violet' -- ultraviolet is not visible} light entwined with gold threads enveloped me and I ... was taken up into a great room inside a space ship. ... I was connected with the Galactic Logos ... . A beautiful, yet powerful voice like thunder ... spoke to me. The voice was ... coming out of a brilliant beam of silver and golden light and it was projected out to either side and above and below me. ... The powerful words that came booming out to me were as follows : "My Son, will you be the savior of the world?" (Michael 1982, 445)

Michael ... traveled psychically out of his body into another level of existence to a mother ship of the Galactic Command Space Complex. Later in 1947, he channeled information called "The New Covenant Bill of Rights," which ... reads as follows :

Let each of us share all the world ... .

p. 45

Let each of us give according to the extent of our abilities ... .

Let each of us be judged only by our conscience in God, and let no people judge their fellow beings, but rather take judgement of their own thought ... .

Let ... people be willingly led by wisdom ... . ...

Let the government seat be only the ... inventory of the people's products.

Let all things be done unto edification ... . ...

Michael's marriage to his first wife broke up shortly after his cosmic initiation in 1947. He continued ... to travel to all the early

p. 46

UFO conventions at Giant Rock, California, and various other locations, where he encountered George Van Tassell, George Adamski, Gabriel Green, and other prominent speakers who professed the coming of the flying saucers. ...

In July 1954, after hearing a voice telling him to ..., he drove to Giant Rock ... to meet up with otherworldly beings. He camped out overnight ... . Allen Michael describes his ... contact with Space Beings :

... I saw flashes of light move across the sky. ... I ... fell asleep. In a dream, I was in the flying saucer with those I had been with before . ... . ... the round spaceship materialized about 6 feet off the ground 75 feet away. ... An opening in the ship and a platform shot out. Three beings floated out on it. From left to right, as I faced them, were Favelron {RaNrulf FAUUEL in Herefordshire? ("FF")}, Celeste {of Napoli, Italy? ("CF")} and Jameston {in Pembrokeshire? ("JP"; "M")}. ...

The extraterrestrials threw him kisses as they sped off in a flash of light.

This close encounter was "really" a holographic projection from the "Mothership." ... The differences in dimensional energies made it impossible for the extraterrestrials to meet physically with their chosen one, Allen Michael.

{Because the flying saucer started out in a dream, it is evident that it is actually an ectoplasmic extrusion from the dream-world, and no "holographic projection" at all.} {If any "differences in dimensional energies" they are the differences between the dimensionality of the dream-world and that the waking-world.}

After encountering the extraterrestrials, Michael ... started a ... communal experiment in Long Beach. He operated an art studio and coffeehouse called the House of Meditation until 1967. ... Michael says he followed the voice of the God force ... as he started to write down all the channeled messages coming through him from the "God Mind." In 1967, telepathic guidance led him to San Francisco to set up ... the One World Family Commune. About 1969, Allen married again to a commune member, Dian (...

p. 47

they both remain in the commune ...). When the group moved to Berkeley, ... Allen Michael ... was taken out of his body to a mother spaceship. Twelve other souls were taken with him to the planet Altamira, where they were given assignments as Cosmic Masters. The extraterrestrials assigned Allen to Archangel Michael, hence his name change."

Michael 1982 = Allen Michael : God Ultimate Unlimited Mind Speaks. Stockton (CA) : Star Mast Productions.

"FF" = "Favel Family"

"CF" = "Celeste Family" "

"JP" = "Jameston {in Pembrokeshire"

"M" = "Manorbeer"

pp. 47-9 doctrines of the UIChNWC

p. 47

"The key beliefs of the One World Family Commune focus upon


... Uni-Communism,

the Hegelian dialectic (Thesis, Anti-Thesis, and Synthesis), and

extraterrestrial assistance that will bring about the salvation of planet Earth.

The One Worlders ... advocate

total disarmament,

elimination of economic exploitation, and

the promotion of leisure and creativity ... .

They practice a natural food philosophy ("eliminating meat ...") ... .

They recognize that certain prophets and teachers have channeled higher knowledge from the God Mind, like Edgar Cayce, Mary Baker Eddy, and Nicola Tesla".

"The group reveres extraterrestrials called the Galactic Elohim of Galactica, an advanced spiritual civilization in perfect attunement with the twelfth-density consciousness of the Universal Mind.

Allen Michael writes, "Altamedia and Altamira are the first two of the twenty-four Galactic Worlds in close orbit around the Great Central Sun,

{Their are 24 naks.atra asterisms along the sun's ecliptic.} {The "Great Central Sun" is a doctrine of Andrew Jackson Davis.}

and include the headquarters of the Galactic Elohim ..." (2001, 87).

The Galactic name for Earth is Placentia ['pleasingness'] ... .

{Placentia (modern Piacenza) on the right bank of the Padus (modern Po) River had been occupied by the Keltic Ananes or Anamari.} {As a California-based organization, however, the UIChNWC may intend the Placentia which is a southeastern suburb of Los Angeles.}

The creation project here ... began six million years ago ... . The Galactic creators cloned plant life and animals from God Mind Imagination, a part of the higher spiritual intelligence of the Supreme Being."

p. 48

"The New Jerusalem Mothership will orbit Earth, sending out many shuttles to pick up people and take them on board the Autonomous New World Government headquarters, with all flights being scheduled through the Internet. ... Cars will be obsolete as people travel in "crash-proof" spaceships (Michael 2001, 319)."

"One Worlders envision their Space Beings as divine, as opposed to ... the Greys ... . ...

p. 49

The proverbial Greys fly ships, reside underground in extinct volcanoes, and intercept aircraft {warplanes} that are "bent on murder." ... According to Michael, Greys have the power ... to sting those who do not have the mark of God ... (CIA and the armies they control)" (2001, 207)."

Michael 2001 = Allen Michael : The New World Bible.

pp. 49-53 practices & ideology of the UIChNWC

p. 49

"Allen Michael defines his role as that of the Galactic Messenger (A Space Being representing Galactic Space Command) and that of the New World Comforter (explaining Spirit God's Master Plan to people of Earth)."

p. 50

"In the New Age that ETI initiates, souls will return to the "normal Universe," and people will express their loving and sharing natures."

p. 51

"Michael assigns many of the world's problems to ... conspiracies that extend to the International Monetary Fund, the Federal Reserve, the CIA ..., and general destructive tendencies toward "... usury" (capitalistic economic exploitation ...) ... . ...

The Everlasting Gospel (Michael 2001, 299) acknowledges John Coleman for his book, Conspiracy Hierarchy : The Story of the Committee of 300, that in part refers to a contrived drug war against mind-expanding substances. The book explicates the ... network of connections between an international elite, economic commissions ..., which parallels ... Michael's references to ... conspiracies.

On ...war ..., One Worlders take an antiwar stance, and they believe that

large triangular spaceships

{This was the type sighted by Dennis Kucinich.}

levitate young people on board so that they will learn to be conscientious objectors. ...

p. 52

Michael's books frequently comment on world affairs {of world-capitalism}, like the NAFTA treaty and the dealings of the World Trade Organization (WTO), as manifestations of the negative force. His philosophy rails against capitalism. He advocates that

people bring about a worldwide work stoppage

{a General Strike, likewise advocated by the W.I.I.U./I.W.W.}

to change the world economic system.

The group also seeks to abolish the penal system and replace it with a health-care system that "loves and lifts all people" regardless of their circumstances.

The groups seeks to end all wars and provide a true education connected with service, creativity, and extraterrestrial guidance. ... When the "New World" brings about a total-sharing economy, money will be obsolete.

One Worlders espouse a belief in reincarnation and karma, two factors that produce lessons for souls on this planet of healing (Earth). Karma equates to the great cosmic law of cause and effect, while reincarnation allows souls to take successive lifetimes ... .

During their transmigrations, souls inhabit bodies of different genders, races, and social classes. One can be born a white king, but reincarnate as a black slave girl. For that matter, one could be born as a black queen, but reincarnate as a white slave boy. ...

{This would be contrary to the usual description of one's incarnating always in the same gendre -- which is the standard belief throughout West Africa, and is likewise Platonic (as, in Platon : Politeia, where males all choose to future lives as males again).} {A commoner would not like to have to live the disdeigntful life of a snobbish noble or ploutokrat --and therefore would refuse such a life, even if it were offered in the between-lives praesentation (by deities) of choices for one's prospective future life.}

Characteristically, they explain history and economics as karmic arrangements. ...

p. 53

For example, blacks under apartheid were formerly oppressors in past lives; through the karmic wheel of justice, they received what they meted out in previous existences."

{Because no sub-Saharan Africans have ever actually enslaved anyone (it being quite out-of-character for them), and indeed they would not even force domesticated draught-animals (such as oxen or horses) to pull ploughs or do any other work (such as carry burdens); therefore is is really absurd (and even malicious) to accuse African (or Papuan or Australian-aboriginal, for that matter) Negroids of ever having enslaved anyone, even in praevious lifetimes. It would seem by far more reasonable that the karmic cause that produced the effect of being enslaved was not any sin of commission, but rather some minor sin of omission (such as neglecting to learn about the religions of other tribes).}

pp. 53-4 slogans & literary references held in common with saecular socialist movements

p. 53, Fig. 3.2

"Workers of the World Unite."

{This is taken from a slogan of the W.I.I.U./I.W.W.}

p. 54

"Michael ... justifies the communalist approach with biblical verses (Acts 4:32-35)

{This scriptural passage is commonly cited by various koinobitic religious and saecular organizations promoting communalism/socialism.}

and with channeled messages from the God Mind via Galactica. According to these verses and cosmic communique's, followers ... are to hold all things in common and distribute them according to each person's need."

pp. 54-6 successive headquarters of the One-World-Family Commune

p. 54

"Allen Michael moved to Haight-Ashbury [district of San Francisco] in the spring of 1967 before the Summer of Love began. He opened up a vegetarian health food restaurant called the Here and Now, where he attracted followers ... .

In 1969, the FBI "busted" Allen Michael ... for marijuana. Michael sold ... a "lid," ... which

p. 55

led to his arrest ... . Michael spent six months in Vacaville prison".

"In 1969, the restaurant moved to ... Marin County, where the restaurant's name changed to The Mustard Seed. ... Hippies, of course, were welcomed by Allen Michael, who held the view that ETI beamed New Age vibrations to the hippie generation. ... Michael ... indicates that the government waged an unjust war on drugs and psychedelics ... opening the doors of perception. ... . ... 1970 ... they moved to Berkeley ... . Once each week, Allen Michael channeled messages at an evening of flower children and bohemian seekers. ... In 1973, Michael published the first in his series of The Everlasting Gospel books ..., with the help of the newly formed Starmast Productions, the media arm of the church. ...

In 1975, the One World Family Commune moved to Stockton, California, where they rented a mansion and some other housing for the forty people left over from Berkeley. ... "We were all vegetarian and ... we practiced Tantra Yoga ... in a shared group ... ." During the Stockton era (1975-87), they published three additional volumes of the Everlasting Gospel

p. 56

series :

ETI Space Beings Intercept Earthlings,

UFO ETI World Master Plan, and

Ultimate Unlimited Mind-Speaks.

Inspired by extraterrestrial intelligence, Allen Michael had ... his world economic plan. In 1980, while in Stockton, the One Worlders helped him with his presidential campaign when he ran as a candidate for his own Utopian Synthesis Party. ... He campaigned for a worldwide work stoppage {general strike} ... . Furthermore, he advocated the 30/30 Plan, ... people ... working thirty days and ... having leisure for thirty days ... . ...

In 1991, the group moved to Santa Rosa, where they now ... produce their own television show ... . In the 1990s they published the Little Book volumes (Michael 1994), which are additional channeled messages ... . The legacy ... still shows in the church philosophy of "make love, not war." ... Even now, the commune practices a free love sensibility in the sense that no one pairs off. Members do not ... form monogamous unions. ... In this regard, the group ... tends to lean ... toward a nonmongamous, heterosexual tantric yoga practice."

Michael 1994 = Allen Michael : Spirit God's Seven Churches : Revelations Revealed. Santa Rosa (CA) : Star Mast Productions.

pp. 56-7 the cosmic plan is for one's aitheric-double

p. 56

"One World Family Commune's Web site indicates that members view themselves as space beings, assistants in a cosmic plan for the redemption of souls so that they may return to the "Normal Universe.""

p. 57

"We consider ourselves space beings in as much as we believe we have an etheric eternal double in space (in the New Jerusalem Mothership), and that the double comes to us in spurts to be one with us, if we let it. ... We believe we are volunteers from the space command who let higher beings ... enter into us as consciousness."

{The view of one's self as an incarnate space-being serving as volunteer on Earth during the current incarnation is a standard outlook of praesent-day spacefolk-contactees organizations generally (the Ashtar Command, for example). Reference to "New Jerusalem" (historically of Montanist provenience) is also standard in praesent-day spacefolk-contactees organizations (such the "Children of God / Family of Love").}

p. 57 household chores

"We all espouse {profess} to love and to be of service to all people as one people, and

to each other as we take turns cooking and shopping

{In a practical sense, this way of doing things is not uniformly very workable, for very often the person writing a shopping-list to give to someone else to use in doing the shopping, will forget to include some items which would be remembred by the writer of that list if the writer were to go in person to the store and see the items on the store-shelves.}

and doing chores, and serving one another".

pp. 57-8 non-recruitment of new membership

p. 57

"The average age of adult commune members is 64.5 years. Most of the children of members have left".

p. 58

"they are not a group that someone could easily join."

{Perhaps their inability to recruit members is a result of their strictly confining their traditional literary religious references to the Christian Bible (mostly, in fact, the Revelation of St. John the Divine). Now-a-days, in the praesent-day occult radical hippie world, Christian literature is no longerso praedominatingly in vogue; instead, the religious literatures more in vogue are the Qabbalah, the Tantra-s (both Cina-cara and Vajra-yana), and the Taoist texts of internal-alchemy. Because spaceships are conspicuously absent in Christian literature, but very much praesent in <arabian literature, in Bharatiya literature (as vimana-s), in Chinese literature, and in Amerindian literatures, it will seem somewhat inappropriate for a spacecraft-contactee organization to seek to specialize in Christian literature.} {The UIChNWC website (being mainly as glorification of the Revelation of St. John the Divine), will attract only persons interested in the featured events advocated in that Revelation (namely, a gruesome destruction of the world, and accompanying massacre of all living beings) -- so that (brought in by the website) the persons applying to their commune will largely be of the same type as usually seek to become military officers (i.e., those who relish committing whole massacres of women and children, dropping burning napalm on defenseless civilians, etc.); but such types of persons on arrival at the commune will find themselves brusquely rebuffed when declaring their eagerness to participate in such massacres. For this reason, the UIChNWC is entirely incapable of recruiting any further members, and is virtually sure to die out in the not-so-distant future.}


Diana G. Tumminia (editrix) : Alien Worlds : ... religious dimensions of Extraterrestrial contact. Syracuse U Pr, 2007.