Alien Worlds, 14 & 17 & App. A-B



A Confoederacy of Fact and Faith

Anne Cross

249 to 263

p. 250 allegation that deities are readily and easily destructible

"Many ufologists believe that in 1947 the U.S. government seized remnants of an alien spacecraft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico ... (von Da:niken 1971; Blumrich 1974; Corso and Birnes 1997)."

{The Roswell hoax was a fabrication concocted by an agency of the U.S. government (probably the incipient C.I.A.) to promote atheistic blasphemy by false alleging that the aeternal deities who manifest on this planet in the guise of occupants of flying saucers are readily and easily destructible. Those who maliciously spread this shameful hoax are of the same ilk as those who spread the malignant hoax known as "Christianity", which quite similarly is deceitfully staking the false claim that Almighty God is most easily tortured to death by the pettiest of government-officials.} {Von Da:niken, Blumrich, Corso and Birnes are all either dupes, or capitalist-stooge liars, or both simultaneously. Only a deluded Christian could believe such absurdities.}

p. 251 science & religion (according to attendees at "UFO research conferences")

"One said simply, "Science is a religion."

Just as emphatically another attendee said, "Religion is a science."

Many said that the separation between science and religion is artificial and misleading, constituting a false dichotomy that serves some people's interests as the expense of truth."

{Actually, materialistic science is incomplete and grossly misleading (because it cannot even begin to describe God, nor even the soul); while the Christian religion is a slanderous mendacity, and is no science at all.}

p. 255 false allegations by von Da:niken

"Erich von Da:niken claimed that myths represent a misidentification of alien astronauts as gods and angels."

{These "alien astronauts" indeed are (despite von Da:niken) "gods and angels." Surely those deities will condignly punish (postmortem) whomever is so blasphemous as to agree with this monstrous slander of them by Erich von Da:niken and his ilk.}

[a declaration by von Da:niken :] "I was educated as a Christian and a Catholic. ... I never lost God. (von Da:niken 1998)"

"Only a Christian infidel could spout the profanities so glibly alleged by Erich von Da:niken : membres of any other religion would deem them hideous blasphemies against God.}

p. 256 a Roswell-style exercise in futility

"Navajo prayer ritual at the reputed 1947 UFO crash site.

{The Navaho religion is a vicious system for promoting the murder of peaceable Hopis.} {This sort of ritual is as futile as worshipping at the site of the True Cross (Golgotha), whereat any worship would be divinely punished by a God who is profoundly insulted at the allegation that God was killed.}

Many now recognize Roswell as sacred ground.

{If the deities were really killed there, then it would properly be an accursed site.}

Pilgrims mark the landscape with crosses

{The Christian cross is another sacrilegious blasphemy against God.}

and American flags".

{The U.S. flag is the symbol of treacherous mass-murder, of genocide and worse.}

p. 256 religious rituals are devised for the worshipping of flying-saucers

"There are organizations (e.g., the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) that conduct group meditation rituals designed to attract UFOs, drawing loosely on Eastern religious traditions as well as on alien communication principles uncovered through their brands of research. At these research rites, potential UFO "contactees" sit in a circle, meditating according to the leader's instructions. On cue, they mentally "pulse" colors into the sky, which the leader simultaneously "releases," using a giant flashlight and colored transparencies. ... . ... the songs underscore the depth of UFO devotion. They include the compositions of abductees {rapturees} who sing about their experiences, and a wide variety of synthesizer artists who create "mood music" inspired by the reported sounds of UFOs."

p. 257 psychically investigating Sasquatch

"Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis, for ... his book, The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection (1998b), ... included ... telepathy, time travel, and intuition. ... His empirical methods include guarding mystical portals for time traveling beings, interviewing metaphysical creatures, and communicating telepathically with Sasquatch."

Lapseritis 1998b = Jack "Kewaunee" Lapseritis : The Psychic Sasquatch and Their UFO Connection. Newberg (OR) : Blue Water Publ.

p. 258 instance of a flying-saucer-abductee research-project

"The Fund for UFO Research's (FUFOR) Web site posted this call for researchers and subjects :

The UFO Research Coalition (composed of the Center for UFO Studies, the Fund for UFO Research, and the Mutual UFO Network) is searching for abductees with ongoing abduction experiences to participate in a research project. ...

A part of the project, a monitoring device is installed for a four- to six-month period in the home. ...

{Any such use of material monitoring-device would be quite futile, inasmuch as all such "abductions" occur only in dreams. This "research project" is most likely a very crude attempt by materialists to supposedly "debunk" supernatural dreaming-events. (The dreams themselves would have to monitored in order to obtain any meaningful results.)}

If you are an investigator or abductee and are interested in the project, please contact the project's principal investigator."

p. 258 widespread realization that materialistic methods are inappropriate and generally inappliable to spiritual (praeternatural) science

"Ufologists frequently complain that conventional science has become a set of vested interests, no longer concerned with the truth, and separated from its original quest for real knowledge and human meaning. Science is, they say, caught up in outmoded ... understandings that make no room for the evidence that alien-curious ufologists present. Many ufologists argue that the mainstream scientific worldview is composed of a set of myths and outdated paradigms. ... (e.g., ... Pye 1998)

UFO researcher Jacques Vallee (1965) would have liked to consult scientists, he writes, but "unfortunately, communication between scienstists still follows medieval patterns and any attempt on my part to bring the subject into the open would have resulted in misunderstanding.""

Pye 1998 = Lloyd Pye : Everything You Know Is Wrong. Maderia (FL) : Adamu Pr.

Vallee 1965 = Jacques Vallee : Anatomy of a Phenomenon : UFOs in Space -- a Scientific Appraisal. NY : Ballantine Bks.

p. 259 various absurdities whereto professors of the physical sciences are forced (against the own conscience and will) to assent (by the rigors of sheer ethical necessity)

"Some ufological scholarship aims to overturn scientific staples, for example

the big bang theory,

{The "Big Bang" hypothesis requireth the gross violation of every conservation-principle known to physics. It was invented in order to keep capitalists occupied with the contemplation of "getting a bang out of" their own greed-maddened imagination, so that thus occupied, they would neglect to destroy this planet with explosive wars.}

the theory of evolution (natural selection), and

{This "theory" is generally propounded in the form of "Social Darwinism", intended thus to occupy the attention of capitalists with the intent of slaughtering their business-competitors (viz., fellow-capitalists), that they would neglect to promote the ferocious "class-warfare" which they would otherwise be mercilessly bringing to bear against the entire working-class.}

the theory of relativity,

{The theory of relativity, with its rates of time varying in different places, would enforce the sending of messages to an earlier time-level (i.e., backwards in time) within continuous-connected space, a feature resultant in massive logical self-contradiction, and in defiance of every principle of physics. Scientists fabricated this absurdity in order to keep capitalists occupied with the tempting notion of the feasibility of making profits backwards in time, an imaginary scheme calculated to gratify the greed of even the most profit-hungry capitalist.}

in favor of highly unconventional explanations of the universe, human origins, and the space-time continuum."

p. 259 superior species

"mainstream scientists and conventional religions reject and ignore ... the existence of more evolved extraterrestrial beings. ...

Just to admit that there are superior species shatters one's view of the world. You have to change everything and too many people ... like the comfort of the old way of thinking. They're clinging to the old reality -- ... And that reality is just not true."

{The only people so arrogant as to deny that anyone or anything in the universe may possibly be superior to them, are atheistical ploutokrats (who very much dominate capitalist society).}

pp. 260-2 perpetuating of untruths by conventional science

p. 260

"Many ufologists are critical of the conventional scientific community, sometimes charging them with spreading and perpetuating untruths or being stuck in old paradigms. This stance is not unique to ufology, and criticisms of society abound even within the academy."

p. 261

Flying-saucer-symposium "attendees ... felt that religion and science were in direct opposition ("Oil and water" ...; "Match made in hell!")".

p. 262

"Eileen Barker (1981) describes the rise of science itself as a new religion, with scientists reigning as "the new priesthood.""

Barker 1981 = Eileen Barker : "Science as Theology : the Theological Functioning of Western Science". In :- A. R. Peacocke (ed.) : The Sciences and Theology in the Twentieth Century. London : Oriel Pr. pp. 262-8.



UFO Abduction Support Groups

Christopher D. Bader

291 to 305

pp. 293-4 Villas-Boas

p. 293

"The first modern abduction was that of Antonio Villas-Boas (Spencer 1991) ... .

p. 294

... The small humanoids brought him aboard their ship, where he had [sexual] intercourse with a humanlike woman who barked during the interaction (Thompson 1991)."

p. 294, fn. 1

"According to Denzler (2001, 51), an article about the Villas-Boas case ran in the March 1965 issue of the Flying Saucer Review before the celebrated book on the Hills hit the [news]stands."

Spencer 1991 = John Spencer : The UFO Encyclopedia. London : Headline Bk Publ.

Denzler 2001 = Brenda Denzler : The Lure of the Edge. Berkeley : U of CA Pr.

pp. 295-6 The UFO Contact Center International

p. 295

"Aileen Bringle formed the UFOCCI in 1981 after learning of ... experienced ... abductees. A certified hypnotist, ... she could

help them recover memories erased by aliens. ...

{Evidently the only reason why "aliens" (deities/angels) would erase memories of experiences with them is so that the "abductees" (rapturees) would be able to experience the social contact with similar "abductees" by undergoing the memory-recovering program involved with such a social-contact-availing group as the UFOCCI.}

The UFOCCI (UFO Contact Center International) was started with the purpose of helping people to examine their ... being abducted {i.e., raptured} ... and taken aboard ... flying disks, commonly called UFO's {i.e., angelic vehicles}. The first UFOCCI center opened in Federal Way, a suburb of Seattle, Washington, but soon expanded to sixty-five affiliate centers around the United States and into Canada. ... . ... Bringle produced the Missing Link, a magazine that contained tips on recovering memories, personal accounts of UFO abductions {i.e., heavenly raptures} and contacts {i.e., angelic visitations} ... .

p. 296

... The typical UFOCCI meeting involved a combination of UFO-related discussion and the sharing of abduction {i.e., rapture} and contact {i.e., angelic visitation} experiences. ... Meetings opened with an overview of recent UFO-related news provided by the group's founder. ... As one person recounted his or her latest abduction {i.e., rapture}, others would join in, sharing similarities, debating differences, and arguing as to the supposed motivation {i.e., heavenly commission} of the aliens {i.e., deities/angels}. ... Any member who felt he or she had experienced "missing time" (a block of time for which the abductee {i.e., rapturee} cannot account) could contact the founder[ess] for hypnotic-regression therapy. Through hypnotic regression, the founder[ess] ... is able to bring to the surface memories that have been erased by the aliens {i.e., deities/angels}. UFOCCI members have recovered memories of ... positive {i.e., blessed} ... experiences with aliens {i.e., deities/angels} through their therapy sessions. Thus, within the ... 1996 meeting one member ... told of an invitation to board a spacecraft for a tour of the universe."

"the boundaries ... between the Greys and the Pleiadians were often unclear in the UFOCCI. Several members reported encounters with both types ..., and narratives often included ... Bigfoot, ghosts, and past lives."

pp. 296-7 an instance of a testimonial delivered at a UFOCCI meeting

p. 296

"at a meeting on June 23, 1990, a UFOCCI member ... discussed his recovered memories, which included ... flying an airplane ... .

p. 297

The instrument panel contained the date 1933 {an Unarius-style allusion to the 33 spacecraft from 33 planets? (supra p. 88)} ... . ... a large flying saucer appeared alongside, moving close enough for him to observe several "small, grey-skinned creatures" through its windows. ... Hovering above, [he] found himself viewing his own body and the wreckage. Moments later, his "spirit" was pulled onboard the flying saucer, which then docked with "an enormous mothership." Aboard the ship, [he] noticed Grey aliens and "Nordics" working in concert. His skin had become "very white," and he was then wearing a "silvery jumpsuit." Two aliens, one humanlike and the other a Grey, led [him] into a small room and seated him in a large recliner whereupon a screen descended from the ceiling and displayed images of his life in brief flashes. From there [he] was shuttled to another flying saucer that "flew past the moon and landed on a blue-green planet." They then led him into another room filled with {living} bodies contained in glass coffins. The aliens placed him in one. [His] last recovered memory is that of being a baby in a crib with a Grey alien floating above him.


He ... reincarnated ... into his current body for some ... "higher purpose.""

{such "higher purpose" being evidently to disclose to living mortals details of the metempsychotic process occurring between lives}



Some Known Contactee Religions

pp. 309 to 312

pp. 309-11 contactee religions


religion's name

description of religion


"Cassiopaean Experiment"

""therapy" group guided by Laura Knight Jadczyk and Arkadiusz Jadczyk. They contact "lizzies" -- reptilian hyperdimensional consciousness. It operates the Quantum Future School, last based in France after moving from Florida."

"Fiat Lux"

"Uriella (Erika Bertschinger Eike), who serves as trance medium ...,


leads this German community of believers. The group believes ... extraterrestrials will evacuate the faithful on mother ships, and a new paradise called Amora will manifest on our planet. Founded in 1980".

"New Ground Crew at Mount Shasta"

"This group's members channel Adama, spiritual leader of the Lemurian city Telos, which exists underneath Mount Shasta."

"Nibiruan Council"

"headed by "crystal-clear" channel Kelaila Starr (Joscelyn Kelley) in Kansas City, Missouri. The "walk-in" Jelaila contacts a ninth-dimensional cat race and guide called Devin. ... The planet Nibiru (which is also Zecharia Sitchin's twelfth planet in the solar system) trained her as a galactic messenger ... for starseed followers".



"Former Mormon elder Claude Rex Nowell started the group in Salt Lake City, Utah, after contact with the Summa extraterrestrials. It advocates mummification, sexual ecstasy, and meditation."

"United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors"

"Black messiah Dwight "Malachi Z" York, supposedly from the planet Rizq, heads this ... . Its fusion of black nationalism with interplanetary theology and origin myths form the content of its teachings. ... York predicted a spaceship would come to pick up his followers."


"Universarium Foundation"

"In 1958, Zelrun and Daisy Karsleigh established this group in Portland. Oregon. The foundation ... has a sanctuary in Tucson, Arizona."



Some Types of Aliens

pp. 313 to 315

pp. 313-5 types and their descriptions : Hellenic-alphabet-letter names






"Shy; short with pointed ears and big eyes; playful demeanor."


"come from Venus and are Space Brothers {and Sisters}."


"with pointed chins, thick lips, and dark complexion ...; rude ... and secretive."



"Sasquatch, the Himalayan yeti (abominable snowman), or Big Foot."


"Monsterlike creatures; for example, alien dogs."



"Those who come from the Zeta Reticuli system, neighboring Orion".

p. 314 types and their descriptions : with Latin-alphabet-letter subtypes



Humanoid A

"half-breed offspring" of those "abducted by Greys".

Humanoid B

"progenitors of humans from the Pleiades".

Humanoid C

"From Sirius; highly spiritual and want to be helpful."

Grey A

"Orange .. . ... four and a half feet tall with wrap-around eyes".

Grey B

"Tall with large noses; from Orion".

Grey C


pp. 313-5 types and their descriptions : other than alphabet-letter names/subtypes






"Mentioned by Edgar Cayce. ... Work with ascended masters called the Brotherhood of All; travel in spaceships powered by crystals; short and greenish with large almond eyes."


"from the planet Clarion, a utopian world that is free of war."



"bat-winged, glowing red eyes, sometimes headless."



"Their ships and bodies cross the dimensional void by using energy fields. Can appear halographically {holographically} or telepathically."


Diana G. Tumminia (editrix) : Alien Worlds : ... religious dimensions of Extraterrestrial contact. Syracuse U Pr, 2007.