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D. G. Tumminia

xix to xlii


Hagiography & Text in the Aitherios Soc.

M. Rothstein

3 to 24


Odyssey of Sister Thedra

J. Clark

25 to 41


Galactic Messenger!

D. G. Tumminia

42 to 58


Praesumed Imminent

Sentes & Palmer

59 to 79


Dreamtime of the Saucer People

D. G. Tumminia

80 to 96


Alien Abduction & Religious Contexts

S. R. Scribner

138 to 152


Close Encountres of the French

P. Lagrange

153 to 190


Consciousness, Culture, & UFOs

J. Vallee

193 to 209


Aliens from the Cosmos

A. E. Kubiak

210 to 216


Confoederacy of Fact & Faith

A. Cross

249 to 263


UFO Abduction Support Groups

Ch. D. Bader

291 to 305



Some Known Contactee Religions

pp. 309 to 312


Some Types of Aliens

pp. 313 to 315

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M. Rothstein

assistant prof, U of Copenhagen


J. Clark



D. G. Tumminia

Calif State U at Sacramento


B Sentes

Dawson College in Montreal


S. Palmer

tenured prof, Dawson College


S. R. Scribner

doctoral research


P. Lagrange

Ecole des Mines in Paris


J. Vallee



A. E. Kubiak

authoress in Poland


A. Cross

Metropolitan State U in St Paul


Ch. D. Bader

assistant prof, Baylor U

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D. G. Tumminia

xix to xlii

pp. xxiv-xxv space-alien-contactee groups

p. xxiv

"The Adamski Foundation, which was established around the work of the world's most renowned UFO mystic, George Adamski (1891-1965)".

p. xxiv-xxv

"Society for the Greater Community Way of Knowledge in Boulder, Colorado, ... promotes the messages of Marshal Vian Summers (2001) who states that the extraterrestrials serve as allies of humanity."

p. xxv

"Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America (AFSCA) ... convincing the public that aliens offered the wisdom that could solve planetary woes. ... AFSCA ran space-age candidates Gabriel Green for president and Daniel Fry for vice-president."

"National Investigations Committee on UFOs (NICUFO)" : "UFO lecturer Frank E. Stranges started NICUFO in 1967, giving it a board of directoers composed mostly of contactees".

Summers 2001 = Marshal Vian Summers : The Allies of Humanity : an urgent message about the extraterrestrial presence in the world today. Boulder : Soc for the Greater Community Way of Knowledge.

p. xxv UFO cults

"The group called Mark-Age, started by Charles Boyd Gentzel (Mark) and Pauline Sharp (Nada-Yolanda), teaches that UFOs have always guided Eath's development. Mark-Agers anticipated the return of Christ (Sananda)".

"the Universariun Foundation created by Zelrun and Daisy Karsleigh maintained clairvoyant contacts with Sri Souda, Lord Michael, Koot Hoomi".

p. xxviii prae-20th-century science-fiction

"David Stupple [1994] ... noted that American colonists presumed that beings inhabited other planets. ...

Science-fiction writer H. G. Wells published War of the Worlds in 1896".

Stupple 1994 = David Stupple : "Historical Links between the Occult and Flying Saucers". J OF UFO STUDIES 5:93-108.

p. xxviii prae-1935 contacts with otherworldly beings from other planets [Melton 1995]

"Robert S. Ellwood (1983) traced the antecedent religious beliefs in extraterrestrials back to ... Emmanuel Swedenborg's ideas about divine communication with moon-men and other planetary spirits".

{Planetary spirits were already known to Neo-Platonic philosophers, and likewise to such mediaeval <arabic philosophers (such as >ibn Sina) as made use of the writings by the Neo-Platonic philosophers.}

Prae-1935 contactees talked otherworldly beings from other planets (Melton 1995).


Thomas Blot describes his conversation with a Martian in his home in 1891.

In a work published in 1930, Willard M. Magoon recounts how he was taken by an invisible force to Mars, where he saw the beautiful landscape and was introduced to Martian technology.

In accounts published in 1935, Guy Ballard explains how he ... journeyed to meet twelve Venutian Masters at Royal Teton Mountain".

Ellwood 1983 = Robert S. Ellwood : "The American Theosophical Synthesis". In :- Howard Kerr & Charles L. Crow (edd.) : The Occult in America. Urbana : U of IL Pr. pp. 111-34.

Melton 1995 = J. Gordon Melton : "The Contactees : a Survey". In :- The Gods Have Landed. pp. 1-13.

Blot 1891 = Thomas Blot : The Man from Mars. San Francisco : Bacon.

Magoon 1930 = Vodisa Greenwood Magoon : Willard M. Magoon : psychic and healer. Newport (VT).

Ballard 1935a = Guy Warren Ballard : The Magic Presence. Chicago : St Germain Pr.

Ballard 1935b = Guy Warren Ballard : Unveiled Mysteries. Chicago : St Germain Pr.



Hagiography and Text in the Aitherios Society

Mikael Rothstein

3 to 24

p. 5, fn. 5 George King (1919-1997) the founder of the Aitherios Society

"His Eminence Sir George King ... was born in Shropshire ... ; his mother a practicing spiritual healer. ... In 1954, he ... received the command 'Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of the Interplanetary Parliament.' Sir George has since channeled numerous messages, especially from a Cosmic Master from Venus, known as Aetherius".

pp. 10-11 how the book The Twelve Blessings was transmitted from deities to mortals

p. 10

"One text, The Twelve Blessings, contains a note saying, ... that in a spacecraft, George King's mother ... being mentally instructed to bring the book ..., the spaceship enters a "Mother Craft" where ... Master Jesus exclaims : ...

Oh Supreme Master of all Creation ...

We bring to Thee ... our beloved brother of Earth -- George,

The one Whom Thou didst choose to be a Leader

Among men of Earth, in this their New Age."

p. 11

"After praising George King, Jesus places the book in a box, ... beautiful music filling the room. ... After a few moments of "cosmic music," Jesus turns to say :

Blessed is he ... reading this Book ... .

But exalted is he, even among Angels,

Who reading this Book, doth ... follow its precepts."

p. 16 his 3 functions

"The Aetherius Society understands and describes King in three distinct functions :

(1) he is the especially chosen Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel who receives and communicates concise and decisive information from the Spiritual Masters;

(2) he is the self-made expert of all sorts of metaphysical techniques and thus glorious ...; and

(3) he is a great human being {maha-sattva} ..., a great humanitarian, a self-sacrificing and trustworthy man."

p. 18 on national television

"King's 1959 appearance on British television (BBC, May 21, 1959)" : "King demonstrated "a Yogic Samadhic trance so that a Cosmic Master from another Planet could actually speak to Britain!""

pp. 14, 22 Charles Abrahamson

p. 14, fn. 15

"Charles Abrahamson was interviewed by Mel Richards in the magazine Encounters in 1996. ... A small book by King and Lawrence (1996) was issued in that occasion."

p. 22

[quoted from King & Lawrence 1996] "Charles Abrahamson of the Aetherius Society in London commented :

We don't think there is anyone else who has for over 42 years has been in contact on a weekly basis without a break."

{Some other contactees (such as Tuella) have remained in contact with the flying saucers on, an even daily basis, for many years.}

King & Lawrence 1996 = George King & Richard Lawrence : Contact with the Gods from Space. Los Angeles : Aetherius Soc.

pp. 22-3 non-Aitherios saints revered in the Aitherios Society

p. 22, fn. 24

"on the home page of the Aetherius Society (, a woman tells how she miraculously overcame severe illness by mentally contacting healers on Venus. Her inspiration was Adamski's book, which is explicitly mentioned."

p. 23

"The researcher David Stupple (1984) observed a direct theological link between the mahatmas of Theosophy and the Space Brothers of contactees like King."

Stupple 1984 = David Stupple : "Mahatmas and Space Brothers". J OF AMERICAN CULTURE 7, no. 1-2:131-9.



The Odyssey of Sister Thedra

Jerome Clark

25 to 41

pp. 25-6 the Kareeta

p. 25

"the evening of October 9, 1946, ... the Kareeta -- a long, bullet-shaped structure with large wings that looked as if they belonged to a giant bat -- flew over San Diego. ... Visible for an hour and a half ..., it periodically swept a searchlight along the ground."

p. 26

Spirit-medium Mark Probert would assert (Wilkins 1954, p. 45) :

"The strange machine is called the Kareeta. ... ... The machine is powered by people possessing a very advanced knowledge ... . ... The people are nonaggressive and have been trying to contact the earth for many years. They have very light bodies. They ... would be willing to meet a committee of scientists at an isolated spot, or on a mountain top."

Wilkins 1954 = Harold T. Wilkins : Flying Saucers on the Attack. NY : Citadel Pr.

pp. 26-7 van Tassel; Adamski; Williamson; Bethurum

p. 26

"in January 1952, ... George W. Van Tassel initiated a series of public gatherings in the high desert country of Southern California. Van Tassel channeled elaborate messages from starship ("ventla") commanders (Van Tassel 1952), soon introducing the first metaphysical superstar of the flying-saucer age, Ashtar, "commander quadra sector, patrol section Schare, all projections, all waves" -- an extraterrestrial and interdimensional being who even today communes with ... mediums and automatic writers." (vide :- Tuella)

"On November 20, 1952, George Adamski entered ... his .. meeting with Orthon, a golden-haired Venutian, near Desert Center, California" (Adamski 1955).

p. 27

"contactees soon recounted rides in flying saucers ... to neighboring planets." (e.g., Nelson 1956)

"anthropologist George Hunt Williamson" : "a Martian named Nah-9 psychically warned him that ... conspiring .. evil earthlings ... wreak havoc (Williamson and Bailey 1954)."

"Truman Bethurum ... with ... friendly space people ... met ... on night in July 1952 ... in the Nevada desert. ... They guided him to a nearby flying saucer and its captain[ess], "a gorgeous woman ..." (Bethurum 1954). ... Her name, she told him, was Aura Rhanes. She and the crew of the "scow" (spaceship) hailed from planet Clarion,

a world never visible to us because it is always on the other side of the moon".

{Although no natural material satellite could have an orbit keeping it on the far side of the moon, some artificial vehicle (such as a "mother ship") could be flown so as to maintaining such a position. This would dispose of the objection raised by Isabel L. Davis (infra, on p. 28) about its not being ever visible to lunar probes -- and cloaking devices capable of concealing spacecraft are also known.}

van Tassel 1952 = George W. van Tassel : I Rode a Flying Saucer! Los Angeles : New Age Publ.

Tuella = Tuella (pseudonym of Thelma B. Terrell) : Ashtar : a tribute. Guardian Action Publ.

Adamski 1955 = George Adamski : Inside the Space Ships. NY : Abelard-Schuman.

Nelson 1956 = Buck Nelson : My Trip to Mars, the Moon, and Venus. Mountain View (MO).

Williamson & Bailey 1954 = George Hunt Williamson & Alfred C. Bailey : The Saucers Speak! : a documentary report of interstellar communiation by radiotelegraphy. Los Angeles : New Age Publ.

Bethurum 1954 = Truman Bethurum : Aboard a Flying Saucer. Los Angeles : DeVorss & Co.

pp. 27-8 Convention at Giant Rock

p. 27

"On April 4, 1954, the first major contactee gathering, the Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, brought together several thousand space communicants ...

p. 28

to Van Tassel's residence at Giant Rock ..., between Lucerne Valley and Twenty-Nine Palms, California ... . The Giant Rock Meetings, which were held every year until 1977, provided a forum in which contactees could exchange information and ideas."

pp. 28-41 Dorothy Martin & the Laugheads

p. 28

"Dorothy Martin ... became active in Dianetics, later called Scientology. She turned to the works of Guy Warren Ballard, who as Godfre' Ray King created the I AM movement ... the first religious group to make extraterrestrial contacts a

p. 29

central tenet. (... Ballard reported meeting with twelve Venutians -- "Lords of the Flame." ...) Martin also read Oahspe, a massive text channeled by John Ballou Newbrough and first published in 1882. Oahspe depicts a complex, richly populated spiritual cosmos whose inhabitants included guardian angels known as "ashars" who sail the universe in ethereal ... ships. One day in 1952 or early 1953, Mrs. Martin awoke in her home in Oak Park, Illinois ..., and she started writing a message from her deceased father. ...

For Charles and Lillian Laughead ... it started in Egypt ... 1946 to 1949. During that time, Mrs. Laughead fell victim to recurrent nightmares ... . Looking for a cure, they turned to esoteric literature and read many of the same books Martin was scrutinizing. ... .

p. 30

... in early January 1953, Dr. Laughead met Adamski ... . Adamski told him that the Venutian [Orthon] had left ... a distinct set of mysterious symbols. [Williamson 1957] ... Intrigued, Mrs. Laughead devoted the next five months to an effort to decipher the symbols. ... . ... another source of inspiration for Dr. Laughead came in the form of an automatic-writing delivered by a ministerial student.

The message, according to Laughead, "was from the Elder Brother

{'Elder Brother' is a common name of a deity (emerging from a netherworld stratum) in various Pueblo-Indian mythologies. (vide, e.g. :- OUBC)}

who later identified himself as being Jesus the Christ and also Sananda. ..."

{Sananda is, according to the Puran.a-s, a god who, although very old, seemeth young. This resembleth the 'Earth-born' deities who, in the Platonic Dialogues, grow ever-younger so that in old age they are in appearance as young children. These Platonic 'Earth-born' deities emerge from underground (as doth the Pueblo 'Elder Brother'), specifically from tombs (as risen corpses -- thus vaguely reminiscent of the resurrection of "Jesus the Christ").}

For her part, Martin ... found her way to an entity who called himself the Elder Brother, and then to other beings she would call the Guardians. One, who introduced himself in April 1954 as Sananda, now a resident of the utopian planet Clarion, was no less than Jesus in his earlier, earthly incarnation. ... her Clarion existed ... in an etheric realm. A companion planet, Cerus ... , housed other space beings who ... acted on their promise to teach her cosmic wisdom. ...

p. 31

She also ... in Chicago ... spoke with John Otto, a nationally known UFO enthusiast and lecturer. ... The Laughheads met Otto in March 1954, when the latter attended a George Adamski lecture sponsored by the contactee-oriented Detroit Flying Saucer Club. ... The Laugheads and Dorothy Martin met for the first time in June ... . ...

Gray Barker of Clarksburg, West Virginia, ...

p. 32

in September 1953 ... started his own small-circulation bulletin, The Saucerian, which covered ... saucerdom's most outlandish aspects. ...

p. 33

N. Meade Layne had written, "The aeroforms [flying saucers] are thought-constructs, mind constructs. As such, they are, in effect, the vehicle of the actual entity who creates them" (Barker 1953).

{Thus, the deities who may be piloting them are riding high on their own conceits.}

... Martin subscribed to Round Robin, the bulletin of Layne's Borderland Sciences Research Associates.

The messages from Sananda and other Guardians ... took prophetic tone. Spaceships would land and make contact with earthlings ... . Selected people would be flown to other planets, along with space people who had been on secret Earth assignment. ... Sananda ... also delivered these ... words :

p. 34

The Earthlings will awaken to the great casting {of destiny} ... . ... You shall tell the world that this is to be, for such is given {by fate}. ...

... The great tilting of the land of the U.S. to the East will throw up mountains along the Central States, along the Great New Sea, along North and South -- to the South {viz., adjoining the Gulf of Mexico?}. The new mountain range shall be called the Argone Range {any relationship with the place-name of Argonne in France?}, which will signify that the ones which have been there are gone".

{These may be geologically-based praedictions of events to occur over the next sequence of some tens of millions of years.}

p. 35

[published in an Oklahoma newspaper on September 17, 1954 :] "Gladys White Eagle, a Cheyenne woman, ... to have seen a UFO land with a roaring sound on the north bank of the Canadian River a month or so earlier. A tall, thin man with a long beard stepped outside. Speaking in "twisted words" and with ... cackle, he ... asked her to return to the same spot on September 17."

p. 36

"In [Chicago] Laughead led a church-related Quest group. He also had ties to the Detroit saucer community, dominated by contactees and mystics, including medium Rose Phillips, whose spirit guide ... had his own cosmic sources ... . [fn. 12 : "An account of Detroit's saucer scene can be found in contactee Laura Mundo's Flying Saucer Up-Day! [Inkster (MI), n.d. (ca. 1975).]"]

p. 37

Soon everybody was busy ripping the metal out of his or her clothes -- the space people had warned that metal could not safely be worn aboard a saucer ... . ...

{From the bodies of attendees of Great Plains Amerindian caerimonies, "All metal jewelry is also removed, so that the spirits may find everyone approachable." (WSM, p. 161)}

p. 38

Martin and the others spent the day rehearsing the passwords and rituals that would enable them to board the spaceship when it arrived. ... the escape from Earth would begin precisely at midnight, when a spaceman would knock at the door. He would be greeted with these words : "What is your question?" ...

p. 39

Martin also claimed that earthquakes ... validated her prophecy."

{This may refer to the earthquakes which are expected to terminate the Aztec world-age Ollintonatiuh.}

"the Laugheads acted on instructions channeled through the Detroit medium Rose Phillips. ... .

... the police warned the Martins to shut down the meetings. They intimated that ... Mrs. Martin would face psychiatric examination and possible institutionalization. Early in January 1955, Dorothy Martin slipped out of town. Under an alias, she

p. 40

flew to Arizona. ... Both Truman Bethurum and George Hunt Williamson lived in Arizona. ... Through Williamson's channelings, the Laugheads and Martin, who by then at Sananda's urging thought of herself as "Sister Thedra," learned of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. According to an extraterrestrial named Aramu-Muru :

The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays ... is in close association with Master Koot Hoomi Lah Singh at Shigatse, Tibet, and with the master teacher of the Great White Brotherhood at Mt. Shasta, California. ... (Norkin 1957, 115-16)

In another session, on February 19, 1956, the planetary spirit of Venus, Sanat Kumara, who ordinarily communicated with Martin but this time spoke through Williamson (aka "Brother Philip"), assured Martin ... :

... I have witnessed ... in the plane {aitheric?} which is just above that of physical expression upon the earth, and that means that if it descends one more plane, it shall find reality. And that ... shall find its reality, for it is in the plane ready to descend into form and motion upon the earth. (Norkin 1957, 90)

Guided by such ..., Martin, Williamson, and others moved ... to establish the Prior of All Saints in the remote northern Peruvian town of Moyobamba, while the Laugheads kept the North American faithful abreast ...

p. 41

from Hemet, California. From Peru, a bulletin reported day-to-day activities, and a transcript of channeled or automatically written messages ... accompanied each report. ...

By the summer of 1957, however, nearly all of the spiritual pilgrims were back in the United States. Williamson went off elsewhere in Peru, and only Dorothy Martin, whom Sanada directed to stay behind, remained in Moyobamba. ...

Martin was surprised to receive instructions to return to the United States in 1961. She moved to Southern California was was there for nearly a year before heading to ... Mount Shasta, long an attraction [fn. 15 : "See, for example, Frank (1998)."] to America's mystically minded. Occult legend held that a colony of Lemurians lived inside or under the mountain. The Lemurians maintained contacts with extraterrestrials who regularly arrived in UFOs. Sananda and Sanat Kumara directed Martin to establish the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara. ... she took up residence in the Shasta area and worked with a small but devoted group of followers who carefully recorded and circulated the messages she received daily.

By 1988, the space people dictated yet another move, to Sedona, Arizona, the New Age center of North America. It was here on June 13, 1992, that Sister Thedra's long, strange trip ended. Just before her death, Sananda told her of his plans for her in the next world."

Williamson 1957 = George Hunt Williamson : Other Tongues -- Other Flesh. Amherst (WI) : Amherst Pr.

OUBC = David H. Kelley : Our Elder Brother Coyote. Ph.D. diss, Harvard U.

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Diana G. Tumminia (editrix) : Alien Worlds : ... religious dimensions of Extraterrestrial contact. Syracuse U Pr, 2007.