Alien Dawn, 9A



Alien Powers?


pp. 237-8 how Robert Monroe achieved projection of the astral body

p. 237

"in the spring of 1958, ... as he lay on the couch on aSunday afternoon, 'a beam or ray [of light] seemed to come out of the sky to the north at about a 30

p. 238

degree angle from the horizon'. He described it as 'like being struck by a warm light. ...' He began to 'vibrate', and

became paralyzed.

{cf. so-called "sleep-paralysis"}

With a great effort he forced himself to sit up. 'It was like pushing against invisible bonds.' ...

A few weeks later, he found himself floating against the bedroom ceiling, with his body below in bed. Terrified ..., he ... re-entered it.

When the 'vibrations' came again, he imagined leaving his body, and found himself floating in midair. ... Again, he was able to re-enter his body.

Next time, he tried leaving by simply willing, and again it worked.

A powerful sexual urge made him feel ashamed, and he returned to his body."

{Was this "sexual urge" simply an intention invisibly to approach nude women, or whatever?}

p. 238 two praevious experiencers of astral projection (and authors of books thereon), prior to Robert Monroe

"His [Sylvan Muldoon's] book The Phenomenon of Astral Projection (1951) surveys dozens of examples taken from the enormous literature of OBEs.

Oliver Fox learned to 'astral project' through 'lucid dreaming' -- becoming aware that he was dreaming ..., and then controlling the dream."

pp. 238-9 visits in the astral body to simulacra of persons who afterwards recall no such visit

p. 238

"He paid an astral visit to Andrija Puharich ... and found him writing in his study. Puharich broke off his work and spoke to him;

he later confirmed that Monroe's

{This would indicate the visit to have been performed in a subplane of the material plane -- such subplanes appearing to be virtually mutually identical.}

p. 239

description of his study was accurate,

but he had no recollection of the visit, or the conversation that Monroe remembered. ...

{This would indicate that the simulacrum was not A.P. himself, but was instead one of A.P.'s spirit-guides who was authorized to assume the guise of A.P.}

This is interesting. Does it mean that Monroe's astral being {i.e., his astral body} was communicating with Puharich's, without the latter's knowledge."

{Not, how-be-it, that R.M. was communicating with A.P.'s astral body (inasmuch as astral bodies may not retain, when not in use by such person, the shape of a person who may occupy such astral body while at a different time projected) : thus, therefore, the visit must have been to a spirit-guide.}

p. 239 immaterial subtle "Locales" (those beyond "Locale I" being subplanes of the Astral Plane) visited by Robert Monroe while projected in the astral body

"Monroe did not enjoy astral projection in 'this world' (which he calls Locale I). ...

{So-called "Locale I" would include not only that subplane of the material plane which is witnessed while awake, but also the subplanes of the material plane with may be visited while projected. This subplanes can better be appretiated (enjoyed) when their interrelations are expounded by pertinent spirit-guides.}

But he felt at home in a realm which he calls Locale II, a nonmaterial world which is the natural environment of the astral body, and to which we move after death. ...

He says that Locale II 'seems to interpenetrate our physical world', and that the best explanation for it is ... vibrations '... all operating at different frequencies, one of which is this physical {viz., material} world. ...

{Physical vibrations are significant in the material universe : so that a model for other planes-of-existence based in vibration would be a convenient materialistic model; but more realistically, the planes-of-existence are better differentiated in a more aisthetic style, especially in terms of sourcing of ethics and of ethical sentiment.}

It is also, he says, a timeless world, 'where past and present exist coterminously with "now".'

{More accurately, it is so-constructed as to appear (illusorily) "timeless" : a quasi-atemporal world.}

Perhaps the best way to understand this is to think of a novel. It has 'time', yet when you have finished it, you can turn back fifty pages and travel back to earlier events. ...

{The universe based in reruns of virtual experience (committed to graphic records) is conventionally known as the "Akas`ik Record".}

The area of Locale II nearest our physical reality is peopled with 'emotionally driven' beings who have never learnt any kind of self-discipline ... .

{Robert Monroe himself evidently lacked the self-discipline to refrain from reading literature (low novels and the like) emphazing crude emotions -- which must have been why he himself encountred a realm seemingly populated by such entities (though actually by divine actors merely acting out the crude emotions whereof he had read so much).}

Immediately beyond our physical world there is an area that Monroe calls 'the Band H Noise'. This is a hub[b]ub ... of 'disorganized, cacophonous ...' ... emotions.

{Again this would be encountred only by such persons as himself, who evidently read too much literature (many low novels) "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".}

There is also an area that Monroe calls 'the Belief System Territory'."

{The capitalist-materialist world is more beset with hypocrisy than with belief -- though Monroe may not quite have realized this.}

{Monroe never discussed modern-day materialism's hypocrisy and its ill-effects for mortals in the spiritual realms -- like most (if not all) of his literary sources, he was essentially in denial (certainly in refusal to mention, let alone to discuss) the harsh effects of materialism's denial of all spiritual and ethical values, concommitant with materialism's denial of the inhaerence of purpose and of meaning in the natural universe.}

p. 240 sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, while both are projected in the astral body

"Monroe notes that sex[ual intercourse] can take place in the astral plane, but that

it {viz., orgasm, when in a subtle plane-of-existence} is a kind of sexual 'shock' that occurs when two entities [of opposite gendre] come close."

{Whenever, while astrally traveling, a man and a woman happen to come close enough to notice each other, they always immediately proceed to sexual intercourse with resultant orgasms for both. [But is this not in the experience of Robert Bruce, rather than of Robert Monroe?]}

And he makes the interesting observation that the human sexual act is only a feeble attempt to duplicate another intimate form of communion that occurs beyond the {material} body."

{Because the bases of erotic and sexual affairs are stationed in transcendental realms of aisthetic ethics, therefore essentially erotic-sexual communion is amplified when occurring in subtle-bodies beyond the material plane.}

{In order to be conducted with due respect in the material waking-world, erotic-sexual activity needfully must be conducted as a worship-service : with appropriate ritual acknowledgement paid to higher subtle planes-of-existence, including in such service the various known features of such higher planes, such as the angelic/ecclesiastic chanting, altar-incensing, iridescent-gate transitions, etc. (One type of result is commonly called a "Black Mass", imputed (by mainline-denominational Christians) to devil-worship.)}

p. 240 differences in temperament between the 2 hemisphaires of the cerebrum

"The left hemisphere of our brain deals with logic, language and practical matters; it has the temperament of a scientist, and is known as the dominant hemisphere because it is more assertive than the other half.

The right deals with intuitions and feelings, and recognition of patterns; it has the ... temperament of an artist."

pp. 241-2 Robert Monroe : Ultimate Journey; Louris castle

p. 241

"Ultimate Journey is certainly the strangest ... of Monroe's books. ... A long chapter is devoted to Monroe's work in helping spirits who did not realise they were dead ... . ...

Monroe explored his own past incarnations, discovering that in the twelfth century he had been an architect ... . When his son visited Louris Castle ..., Monroe was amazed to see that

the octagonal tower of the Monroe Institute (which he had

{Octagonal towers are characteristic of Hellenic Orthodox ecclesiastic aedifices.}

p. 242

designed) was virtually identical to the castle tower. He inquired about the name of the architect of Louris, and discovered that it was Robert Munro."

{Hellenic Orthodox octagonal towers may be derived from ante-Muslim <arabian octagonal towers; whereas Slavic (Russian) Orthodox bulbous towers are derived from <abbasid bulbous towers (perhaps derived in turn from from bulbous domes in Taoist religious architecture).}

pp. 242-5 David Morehouse

p. 242

"In a book called Psychic Warrior (1997), ... David Morehouse describes how he was trained to use remote viewing ... . In the spring of 1987, ... He found himself in a kind of mist, standing in a circle of white-robed figures, one of whom told him ... 'Pursue peace.' ...

That night, he had an out-of-the-body experience. He found himself rising towards the moon and seeing the Earth spread out below him, before he descended and re-entered his body.

He was now working for army intelligence, and, when he told a

p. 243

doctor about the experience, ... The doctor handed him a folder ... labelled 'Remote Viewing'. someone was instructed to identify a 'target' and describe it. ... Morehouse now found himself assigned to a top-secret operation whose purpose was to use 'astral projection' and remote viewing ... . ...

As far bck as 1972, the American psychic Ingo Swann had taken part in remote viewing experiments, and later, with the scientists Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ (who also studied Uri Geller), had scored some remarkable results under test conditions at Stanford University. And ... the [U.S.] military ... began a programme for remote viewing in 1974.

Morehouse became part of a group who were being taught 'astral projection' aimed at particular targets. ... And he was trained to find his way to a given 'target' through a set of coordinates. Morehouse ... explains that the coordinates are randomly {viz., ad libitem -- symbolically devised in accord with a system invented by the first remote viewer} assigned by a remote viewer to a target he has already 'visited', and that these coordinates can then serve as to guide

any remote viewer

{anyone in the same programme, or otherwise linked together}

to the same target -- the theory, he explains, is based on

Jung's notion of the collective unconscious

{Jung's so-called "collective unconscious" is, however, a fake substitute for his actual experience, which consisted of consorting with deities in his own dreams (as described in his Red Book).}

In other words, once these numbers have been assigned, they become a part of the 'psychic ether', much as the letters assigned to a website on the Internet will enable anyone to access the site.

{Given, how-be-it, the actuality that Jung's actual experience was with no such nebulous "psychic ether", but rather with deities in control of dream-realms; therefore, any such access is entirely under the control of such deities, who may be permitting access only in order to gain clandestine control of the inner workings of the earthly military-intelligence services, in praeparation for betraying them (inasmuch as capitalist governments may be regarded as insolent rebels) abruptly to the intergalactic communist government, based in the Great Attractor. [written Febr 2016]}

The parallel ... suggests that the 'psychic universe' -- Monroe's Locale II -- should be ... kind of abstract cyberspace rather than as having some 'real' location in space and in time.

{This allegation is quite meaningless and superfluous, given the fact that every so-called "cyberspace" hath a very definite location in space (namely, on the array of computers wherein such information is effectively stored) and in time (namely, the time-duration wherein such information is being kept thus stored).}

In his first remote-viewing exercise, Morehouse was sent to the Civil War Museum, although he was not told where he was going. He found he could rise above the building simply by imagining it, and then swoop down through the roof. He described the museum accurately ... .

p. 244

As he returned, he felt his 'phantom body' fall through a tunnel of light. ...

{Although while engaged in the main part of the exercise (the remote-viewing) he apparently did not sense being in any body, yet nevertheless he sensed being in a "phantom body" while returning.}

But, interestingly, ... he noted : 'It was at times like these that I learned that everything has a spirit. ...' After remote-viewing the Ark of the Covenant, he was told ... that it was part of a 'dimensional opening', the entrance to another dimension. ... In another alien world, he saw crowds of people in a black amphitheatre, paying respect to some kind of lawgiver ... . ...

Eventually, he decided to 'go public' ... .

p. 245

Eventually he resigned from the army, wrote his book, and became a panel member of the Gorbachev Foundation."

p. 245 miraculous nature of flying saucers; shamans' miraculous abduction of wild beasts

"the entities behind the UFO phenomenon did not appear to share our limitations in space and time. Vallee pointed out that they seem to behave like creatures out of folklore {more specifically, out of fae:ry-lore}, ... that we seemed to be dealing with beings whose powers were far greater than our own. Their ability to manipulate human beings, to take over our lives, control our minds and monitor our thoughts, seemed designed ... . ...

In fact, shamans all over the world have always taken such powers for granted. In From Atlantis to the Sphinx, I quoted Sir Arthur Grimble's story of how, when he was Commissioner of the Gilbert Islands, he witnessed 'the calling of the porpoises'. The shaman fell a sleep in his hut, then sent his 'dream body' to invite porposes ...; a few hours later, hundreds of porpoises proceeded to swim ashore ... . Clearly, the hypnotic power excercised by the shaman over the porpoises is not unlike that exercised by the alien abductors".


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