Alien Dawn, 8B


p. 226 hieroglyphic writing of insectoid entities

"Linda Porter ... in High Strangeness ... by recurrent images of

huge 'grasshoppers' and moving inside a light beam,

{A laser-type light-beam would naturally emanate from light echoing within a gem-cylindre : cf. the echoing of sound within a hollow flute. "The locust ma`hu is known as the Humpbacked Flute Player" (BH, p. 38).}

... began to return ... inside the grey corridor of some kind of craft, ...

seeing a mantis-type being about eight feet tall. ...

{Preying-mantis deities are common to !Khoi (Bushfolk of the Kalahari) religions.}

On another occasion, she recalled being taken to some kind of undersea base near Santa Barbara where, above bright[ly]-coloured doors, there was writing that looked like Arabic or hieroglyphics {-- which, or both, of the twain, unrecognizable conjunct <arabi script, or disjunct hieroglyphic depictions of easily-recognized objects?} --

these two modes of writing are not at all similar}."

{I have viewed both, decades ago, on quite different sorts of visionary occasions (each of the two types being seen only while awake -- whereas in dreams I have seen only easily-read writing, always in English).}

"she woke to find a hole in the middle of her bedroom floor, and grey, shadowy beings climbing out of it.

{Cf. various AmerIndian myths of emergence from underground via the hole Sipapu (Hopi) = S^ibalba (Maya).}

She also recalled being lowered down a shaft of light at such a speed

she was terrified that she would die as she hit the ground;

{The only occasion (hitherto, decades ago) when I expected to die (in a dream) was when the flying ae:roplane which I was aboard (in the dream) appeared to be about to fall from the sky [-- but I awoke instead].}

but she slowed suddenly when about four feet from the ground."

BH = Frank Waters : Book of the Hopi. Viking Penguin, 1963.

pp. 226-7 transferred to another body; vibrationally-distinct "dimensions"

p. 226

"Linda Porter ... in High Strangeness ... had an out-of-body experience. ... Later, on board a craft, she saw a middle-aged man who was close to death, and watched his soul lifted out of its body and moved to another identical {but more youthful?} body, which then came to life; she was told ... that the ETs are amused by the human obsession with funerals. ... Then Linda Porter went through the same process -- her soul was lifted out and placed in another body ... . She was afterwards shown her former body, and

an alien scientist

{"he performs a kind of "psychic surgery" with his astral body on his patient's astral body. ... "I have done operations myself where I have removed the heart of a person, like a heart transplant ... ." It's almost identical to physical surgery ... except that it's taking place in the spiritual dimension." (AAShO, p. 157)}

p. 227

held her heart in his hand.

The instrument he used to cut out the heart was a small silver-colored tube with a blue light on the end, which used vibrations to cut the flesh without causing damage to cells."

"The language of the ETs, according to Linda Porter, is much more precise and compact than ours, and consists of 'symbols that create emotions'. These appear as three-dimensional holographic sculptures. ...

'... There are countless different worlds/dimensions occupying the same space without being aware of one another, because of having their own individual octaves.'"

{These are usually (by the Theosophical Society and other occult organizations), and more appropriately, designated "vibrational sub-planes", rather than "dimensions".}

AAShO = Rak Razam : Aya Awakenings : a Shamanic Odyssey. North Atlantic Bks, Berkeley (CA), 2013. {"Psychic surgery", involving manipulation of astral counterparts of internal organs, is often performed by indigenous shamans.}

p. 228 mysterious happenings enroute from Pennsylvania to New Jersey

Female driver "slumped over the steering wheel without causing the car to swerve. ... They submitted to hypnosis, and ... remembered a large room of humanoid bodies in glass containers. ... . Somehow, [she] was transferred from her own body into that of a tall hunanoid female ... . In her new body she had sex with a male humanoid".

p. 228 bodies being constructed on board a flying-saucer

"At a UFO conference ..., Linda Howe gave a lecture on the different types of entity she had encountered in her interviews with abductees -- praying {preying} mantis, lizard, Bigfoot, Blond Hairs, Greys, and so on -- and was startled by the number of people present

who also claimed to have encountered one or another.

{Such are among the praeternatural entities encountred in worlds visited during dreamings.}

they were covered in a gold-colored dust ...,

{Powdred gold is mentioned in traditional accounts of the doings of legendary Bodish occultists.}

and they seemed to be in the process of being constructed."

pp. 228-30 Sparks's learning of a space-aliens' alphabet

p. 228

"an abductee named Jim Sparks ... has described his own experiences in a book called Star People, Outsiders

p. 229

-- Us or Them? (1996) Sparks describes how he is usually 'taken' at about 3.30 in the morning ; he experiences a 'whirling' sensation

in the pit of his stomach,

{man.i-pura cakra?}

which expands to his head; he blacks out, and finds himself on board a craft. There he is ... forced to learn the alien alphabet. ... The alien symbols are ... designed ... in three dimensions. It took seven years ... for him to learn these symbols."

pp. 229-30 Sparks's witnessing of his own praevious incarnations

p. 229

"he was shown a holographic scene that seemed to be of World War Two {epoch}. He saw German and Italian officers

conspiring in some kind of coup,

{praesumably, on behalf of a coup intended to overthrow the ploutokrat-capitalist government in Germany and in Italy, and to establish in their steads social democracies}

and recognized himself as one of the Italians.

{When this coup actually occurred in July 1944, the rebelling military generals seized control of Austria, Germany, and France.}

(Sparks is Italian.) ...

{/Sparks/ is also the name of a town in Washoe county, Nevada.}

Next, he was shown a scene that seemed to be in the late nineteenth ... century : there was a horse-drawn buggy in front of a factory building, and he recognized himself in the buggy, wearing a black suit and top hat; he sensed that he was the factory owner.

Then he saw ... the fifteenth or sixteenth century : a man and a woman were in a field overlooking the sea, farming a crop; the man reminded him of himself.

After this, there was a medieval inn, with men and women around a crude wooden

p. 230

table ... . Again, one of the men reminded Sparks of himself.

In the next scene he saw the Roman senate, and he saw himself listening to the others speak in some important debate ... .

When asked how far they had followed his family line,

{In aequating his own incarnations with his own biologic lineage, it would appear that he was always reborn in the same family : which is also the understanding of Africans and of many AmerIndians.}

he was shown a scene of the African savanna, with ... apelike creatures."

{Various attempts (always rebuffed royalties of England and by plutokrats of the United States, acting through figureheads Churchill, Roosevelt, et al.) were made to obtain assistance from the governments of England and of the United States in order to arrange an overthrow of the government of Germany : in Oct 1939 by Josef Mueller, in Nov 1941 by Louis P. Lochner, in Feb 1942 by Ulrich von Hassell, in April 1942 by Wallenberg, and in May 1942 by the German Evangelical Church (BAR). "The allies didn't ... help the resistance" (FFSGR, Chapter 7), but nevetheless after having agreed in August 1943 that "war criminals will be brought to justice by an international court" (FFSGR, Chapter 5), then in July 1944 Hans Bernd Gizevius, Peter Yorck count von Wartenburg, Fritz von der Schulenburg, and count Helldorf successfully led a group of generals (Ludwig Beck, Claus Schenk, count von Stauffenberg, von Haze, and Stulpnagel) to effect a revolt of the armed forces of (respectively) Austria, southern Germany, northern Germany, and France (FFSGR, Chapter 9); but even then the governments of England and of the United States refused to accept even the unconditional surrender of Germany, thus obliging the revolted generals simply to hand back the government of Germany to its former owners (ploutokrats of course, repraesented by figurehead Hitler et al.). This entire sequence of events is quite a display of what a grand farce that so-called "World War" really was : it was in reality nothing by a big play-act being orchestrated by (as usual) international ploutokrats (including those in actual control of England and of the United States) for their own typically bloodthirsty entertainment.}

BAR = Ladislas Farago : Burn After Reading : the Espionage History of World War II. Naval Institute Pr, Annapolis, 1961.

FFSGR = Danny Orbach : The Fight for Freedom : the Story of the German Resistance to Hitler.

p. 230 being pressed with a rod {of power?}

"In another scene {dream?} described Jim Spark's book, he found himself in a huge hangar {for flying saucers?}, in which a man and woman were inside two transparent containers. ... an alien touched the woman

with a metal rod". {so as to denote fulfillment of a divine ordinanance}

{cf. "with a rod of iron ... of Almighty God" (Apokalupsis of Ioannes 19:15)}

Apokalupsis of Ioannes 19:15

p. 230 official Foederal governmental levels of secrecy

"Sparks also explained that ... there were three levels of {secrecy in} American government.

{Actually, there are, officially, 4 such levels.}

The first was the normal US government;

{"normal" = non-secret, publicly-disclosed}

the second was the level that covers up secrets

{ordinary "secret" classification}

like the recovery of the Roswell craft;

{The Roswell case, however, was actually a "disinformation" set-up, the U.S. Army Intelligence testing the gullibility of the general public by praetending to have covered a crashed space-alien space-craft -- which is, however, not actually possible, for, so-called "flying saucers" are in reality vimana-s, indestructible vehicles of immortal deities (abiding in subtle, immaterial planes-of-existence).}

the third, which Sparks called the Black Budget Boys (or BBB {not meaning the Better Business Bureau}), is a Secret Club ... unknown {read "undisclosed"} to {members of} the other two levels."

{The budget of the "black (i.e., covert "special forces") operatives" is classified "top secret". Its true magnitude is not officially disclosed; the part this budget that is officially disclosed is merely a small fraction of the actual total.}

{Above "top secret" is a still higher level, "ultra-sensitive" : this is used mainly by embassies in their receiving secret instructions. Also it is used by the National Security Agency for similar purposes.}

{In addition, there is an unofficial level beyond all those official levels : it is the level at which ploutokratic families give secret orders to politicians, in exchange for promises to give to those politicians, after their retirement from politics, lucratively paying jobs on the boards of directors of ploutokrat-majority-owned corporations (such as, major banks). This is not illegal, for it differs from crass bribery (which is illegal on account of immediate payments being involved) by being set (quasi-contractually) far into the future.}

pp. 231-3 "deliberate cover-up" by the Foederal Government : in order to negate any effect of the Freedom of Information Act, a policy of "leaking" falsified disinformation is adopted

p. 231

"At the beginning of High Strangeness, she [L.H.] quotes a long passage from Major Donald Keyhoe's 1960 book Flying Saucers, Top Secret, which makes it very clear that the military is fully aware of the reality of UFOs, and is engaged in a deliberate cover-up.

In 1958, ... at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas ... a script of the programme ... acknowledged that there was an official order muzzling all military personnel, members of the Defense Department and other agencies, on the subject of UFOs, backed up by threats of fines and imprisonment. ...

Two UFO organisations had tried to sue the American government to obtain information about UFOs under the Freedom of Information Act, but the Supreme Court turned them down."

p. 232

To "Peter Gersten, the attorney who had presented the case under the Freedom of Information Act, ... Special Agent Richard C. Doty, of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) ..., ... acknowledged that there had been a UFO landing at Kirtland Air Force Base in 1983, and that, when a guard had approached the disk-shaped object with a shotgun, it took off vertically at great speed. Moreover, when a UFO had landed at Ellsworth Air Force Base six years earlier, in 1977, a guard who pointed a gun at an 'alien' had his gun disintegrated by a 'light beam', which also burnt his hand.

Gersten and Doty discussed a highly classified study group, set up by the military to examine UFOs, called Majestic 12,

which included ... the arch-sceptic Professor Donald Menzel.

{implying that he (Menzel) was officially denying the existence of flying saucers only at orders from a high level of the U.S. Foederal government, which was merely feigning ignorance of their existence}

Doty told Gersten that the US government had been in contact with aliens ... at Groom Lake, near Las Vegas (and known as Area 51) ... . ... .

... was Doty deliberately repeating back some of the wilder theories of the conspiracy theorists? {Yes!}

{Doty was apparently attempting to determine (from Gersten's possible reaction) whether Gersten had further knowledge of some sort about the motives of the flying saucers.}

Linda Howe was herself granted a meeting with Doty ... ... In his office, Doty ... showed her a paper entitled 'Briefing Paper for the President

{At this time, Doty was evidently seeking some possible reaction from Linda which might give his office in the Air Force some clue as to the flying saucers' intentions -- he (rather overconfidently) was surmising that she knew them more intimately than she actually did.}

p. 233

of the United States' ... . ... . ... in 1949 ... Los Alamos ... Ebe (extraterrestrial biological entity) ... told investigators (telepathically and in words) that its civilisation originated on a planet five light years from Earth, and have been visiting Earth for 25,000 years. There is a colony of them underground on Earth. They have been manipulating DNA, and aiding human evolution."

"The highly respected UFO investigator Timothy Good ... concluded that it was a hoax.

He continues to feel that Majestic 12 did exist ... . Linda Howe is inclined to believe in the authenticity of the Majestic 12 ..., as does another well-known investigator, Stanton Friedman."

{The so-called "Majestic 12" (whose name may be borrowed from that of the council of 12 -- 6 gods + 6 goddesses -- atop mt Olumpos) may actually, however, have consisted of only 2 persons = Richard C. Doty + his immediate boss.}

pp. 234-5 another Foederal-Government-fabricated hoax, this one emanating directly from the Pentagon

p. 234

"In 1961, Corso, now an assistant to General Trudeau in the Pentagon, {alleged, evidently with connivance of the general, that he} found he had inherited a filing cabinet full of alien technology from the Rosswell crash. ... Corso describes how he headed

a research-and-development team

{consisting of himself, the general, and any other disinformation-officer involved}

to study the technology, and 'seed' it at various large American corporations".

p. 235

"Senator Strom Thurmond {of South Carolina, a state heavily manipulated by the George Walker Bush family (vide the Unauthorized Biography of ... Bush)}, Corso's boss after he retired from the Army in 1963, who wrote a foreward to Corso's book, is on record as protesting that he ... should not be seen as endorsing it. ... According to Corso,

the enormous build-up of atomic weapons during the Cold War was not to defend the West against the Russians, [n]or vice versa, but to warn the aliens that ... they could be totally destroyed." {As if the immortal, indestructible deities who control the material-plane from the subtle universes could at all ever be resisted! Resistance to deities would, indeed, be quite futile, ending in damnation of such ploutokrats' souls!}

{In actuality, the "the enormous build-up of atomic weapons" in American hath been accomplished by U.S. politicians under orders from trillionaire families in order to be used to threaten the American people in the event that decent, bribe-proof politicians should ever be elected by the people with intent of confiscating the vast wealth of trillionaires for the sake of general public welfare.}

{This whole scheme (of alleging to threaten deities) is so praeposterous (every plutokrat knowing better than to attempt it, in all actuality), that it is most likely (instead of just being a big joke in very bad taste) merely another U.S. Army Intelligence ploy to test the gullibility of the general public. [The Democratic Party would not wish threaten the general population, but some of the most ferocious elements in the Republican Party might be planning to do so.]}

p. 236 flying saucers are, in reality, psychic phainomena

"Vallee's Invisitble College begins with a chapter called 'The Psychic Component', then goes on to speak about ... visions ... .

John Keel's experiences in West Virginia left him in no doubt that he was dealing with some kind of psychic phenomenon ... that has something in common with poltergeists. Most of Linda Howe's abductees -- Jim Sparks, Wanna Lawson, Linda Porter, Judy Doraty -- would also agree ... .

In a book called Open Skies, Closed Minds (1996), Nick Pope ... investigates UFOs for the government".


Colin Wilson : Alien Dawn : an Investigation into the Contact Experience. Virgin Publ Ltd, London, 1998. Fromm Internat Publ, NY, 1998.