Alien Dawn, 8A



High Strangeness


pp. 209-10 Leon Rivail : table-tilting by spirits; automatic-writing by a mortal medium controlled by spirits : such spirits answer metaphysical quaestions

p. 209

"In the 1850s, ... People would sit around a ... table ... link hands and concentrate, and soon the table was sliding around on the floor, or rising into the air in spite of efforts to push it down. It would even answer questions by rapping in code with two legs. Table turning was ... easy to do (as it still is)."

"Leon Rivail, who was to Paris ... a ... lecturer on all topics from astronomy and electricity to art and botany ... had a friend called Becquet, and Becquet's dughter Christina was not only skilled at making tables dance around the room, but in automatic writing : both she and her sister could hold a pencil ... with many varieties of handwriting quite unlike their own ... to answer questions. ... But Rivail ... proceeded to ask questions like 'What is God' and 'What is matter?' and got sensible and coherent

p. 210

answers ... well ahead of their time. When he asked ..., he was told ... of ... a 'universal fluid' {alcahest of Paracelsus?}.

'The ethereal and subtle matter which forms this fluid is imponderable to you, and yet is nonetheless the principle of your ponderable matter.'

{Ectoplasm flowing in from subtle planes-of-existence is able sustain the existence of the material universe.}

This remark would not make sense for another half-century, with the discovery of electrons.

{The author's absurd remark is that this little-known "subtle" fluid must be electricity : but electricity was already very well known (as bolt-lightning, ball-lightning, etc.), and is in no way subtle.}

Recalling some recent poltergeist disturbances [elsewhere in Paris], Rivail asked Christina's 'control' ... if {whether} he could speak to the spirit ... . ... Did he have any help in creating the disturbances ...? asked Rivail. Certainly, said the spirit, he used the energy of a maidservant in the house. ... He explained, interestingly, that

he 'joined his electric nature to hers', and made things fly through the air.

{The analogue is the ability of physical static electricity to attract or to repell material objects (depending on whether those objects be more positively, or more negatively, charged).}

When Rivail asked about the subject of 'demoniacal possession', he was told that the ... spirits ... often influence our thoughts and actions. 'A spirit ... assimilates himself to an incarnate spirit who has the same ... qualities as himself ... .'"

"In due course, Rivail wrote down all he had learned via the Becquet sisters in a work called The Spirits' Book, under the pseudonym Allan Kardek {< /ALL-&-ANy CARD-DECK/ (allusion to Tarot)?}. In Brazil, where 'Spiritism' is ... widespread ..., it is ... regarded as a kind of Bible."

pp. 211-2 Brian O'Leary : remote-viewing; astral-projection during near-death-experience

p. 211

"A contemporary scientist called Brian O-Leary ..., born in 1940, started life as an astronomer ... . Carl Sagan invited him to become and academic at Cornell University, and ... later ... Princeton. ... And in the spring of 1979, ... to test his ability at remote viewing ... O'Leary picked up ... facts by telepathy ... . The experience made O'Leary aware that he had been living for thirty years in a false paradigm ..., he knew beyond all doubt that the paradigms of science were inadequate. ...

In March 1982, ...

p. 212

he ... experienced ... floating above {via astral projection} ... as a typical near-death experience (NDE ...). A month later he ... drove to California with all his possessions. One of the first results of his altered way of life was a book called Exploring Inner and Outer Space.

But ... the spent some time in the San Diego laboratory of Cleve Backster, the man who discovered that plants can read our minds -- Backster had attached a lie detector to a rubber plant, and found that it reacted when he thought ... . ...

In May 1987, O'Leary and a girlfriend went to stay with Whitley and Anne Strieber in their cottage in upstate New York; Strieber was about to publish his bestselling Communion, describing his own abduction experiences. ... O'Leary and his girlfriend ... began to experience a strange ... paralysis, accompanied by a sense of euphoria. ... His girlfriend ...

awakened four times in the night, still paralysed, and saw lights in the room."

{It is quite usual for someone in the grip of sleep-paralysis to see something otherworldly in the bedroom. [I saw green-jade Maya carven hieroglyphic text covering the ceiling of the bedroom when I woke paralyzed (in Ch., IL in the early 1970s).]}

p. 212 paranormal emotional linkage, with her own human tissue-culture, of donoress thereof

"in the San Diego laboratory of Cleve Backster, the man who had discovered that plants can read our minds -- ... O'Learywas present when ... the machine recorded the electrical fluctuations in white blood cells donated by a young woman. As she and her boyfriend made love ... five miles away from the laboratory, the strip recorder registered wild fluctuations ... . The next morning the register again registered fluctuations when the young couple woke and began lovemaking again ... . Although separated from her body, the blood cells ... were still responding to her sexual excitement."

p. 213 visitation by claw-handed space-aliens from flying-saucer

"The year 1973 ... On 11 October, two shipyard workers, Charlie Hickson (42) and Calvin Parker (19) were Pascagoula, Mississippi, when on oval-shaped UFO landed close to them, and three bizarre entities floated out .. . They had pointed projections instead of ears and noses, and very long arms with clawlike hands. Hickson and Parker were 'floated' on board ... . ... After being 'scanned' ..., both were returned to the pier."

pp. 214-7 "huge", cattle-mutilating monstres; trees which suddenly vanish; a Bigfoot

p. 214

"By this time, the UFO phenomenon was displaying a new and terrifying aspect : animal mutilation. ...

At ... a ranch in Colorado, ...

p. 215

the ranch ... in Colorado was virtually haunted by strange phenomena. There were electrical failures, sounds of someone walking outside the house, and sightings of 'Bigfoot'-type creatures in the woods. ... Huge eighteen-inch footprints were found in the snow, even in the barn. ...

One day, awakened by a humming sound, he rushed out to see a disc-shaped object flying past. Another

p. 216

night ... a hairy creature ... .

One evening, no fewer than nine disks {flying saucers} landed within sight of the house. ... And, as Barbara watched out of the window, she was struck on the forehead ... . ...

On night, with guests present, a mechanical-sounding voice spoke out of the radio and TV speakers. 'Attention. ... Do not cause us to take action you will regret. ... remain silent about us.'"

"On patrol one night, the lawman had seen a box with a blinking light, in a group {grove} of trees. The officer returned [to his police-station] to get a colleague -- but by the time they returned [to the site of the grove of trees], not only had the box disappeared but the trees as well."

"One night in January 1977, Jim experienced a strange compulsion to go to the top of a nearby hill ... . There was a box on the ground with a light inside it, and it was making a noise like '... bees'. Jim was ... to get back in the car. By the time he went back, the box had vanished. Soon after, Jim saw another light, and walked towards it. He found

p. 217

two fair-haired men in tight-fitting clothes waiting for him, and one of them said, 'How nice of you to come.' ... Down the hill was a disk {flying saucer}. The light seemed to be coming from nowhere in particular. And there was also a Bigfoot present."

pp. 217-8 strange phainomena

p. 217

"As in Puharich's Uri, we note the strange phenomena of

voices speaking out of air

{the so-called "direct voice" in spirit-mediumship}

or out of loudspeakers. We also note Jim's 'compulsion' to go to the hilltop, as if summoned -- an indication that 'aliens' can exercise the same form of mind control as

(according to Rivail) disembodied 'spirits'."

{Such "disembodied 'spirits'" have, nevertheless, their own "subtle bodies", which can be seen by some mortal sensitives.}

p. 218

"A local reporter named Bill Jackson ... saw what appeared to be an enormous ae[:]roplane about to land on the prairie. What he saw fly over him, in complete silence, was a machine as big as a football field, with hundreds of lights -- green, white, orange and red -- that ran in lines along it. Sheriff Tex Graves tried tracking it down in a plane, but could get no closer than five miles."

pp. 218-9 women are temporarily pulled out of their material bodies into a flying-saucer

p. 218

"in May 1973, Judy ... driving ... in Houston with ... a bright light hovering overhead ... found herself outside the car. ...

Later, under hypnosis by Dr Leo Sprinkle ..., Judy Doraty described ... that ...

p. 219

she found herself watching her teenage daughter Cindy, who was also on a table on {board} the UFO ... . And, since she speaks of being 'pulled back to her body standing beside the car' ..., it would seem that the 'abduction' could have been basically an 'out-of-the-body experience'".

p. 219 extraterrestrials perform the cattle-mutilations

"a group of ranchers ... where several mutilations has occurred ... saw a light overhead ..., and a kind of searchlight beam came from it. ... .

... the 'beam' might be, in part, composed of microwaves -- which would also explain the nauseous feeling and running eyes.

Perhaps the oddest thing of all was that, when ... examined under a microscope, ...

in the actual mutilation, there were no broken or divided cells.

{indicating that the cutting-device was a vibratory standing planar wave, which separated pertinent cells by vibrating them asundre}

When Linda Howe drove back ... with some mutilated tissue in her car -- which she was taking to a laboratory -- there was a strange high-pitched sound in the car ..., ... which continued all the way home".

"a rancher from Texas. In April 1980, ... he saw two green-clad creatures {elves?}, about four feet tall, carrying a calf between them. Their eyes were like 'large dark almonds', and they had egg-shaped heads with 'pointy' ears. Their clothes fitted as tight{ly} as leotards."

pp. 220-1memory of "missing time" is recovered by means of hypnotic regression

p. 220

[abduction by space-aliens nigh Cimarron, NM] "Under hypnosis, she revealed that she and her son had been taken to an underground facility ... . Struggling, she had been stripped, and a cold object inserted in her vagina. ... One of the aliens was female ... . By now she was very cold. Then a taller being in white came in ... . ... Then she was taken to some kind of underground cavern with a river flowing through it. She saw a room with a humanoid figure floating in a vat of reddish liquid ... . ...

After the abduction, [M.H.] became seriously ill with a vagina infection".

p. 221

"In her second book, Facts and Eyewitnesses (Part 1 of Glimpses of Other Realities, 1993), Linda Howe describes being present at the hypnosis ... [to restore memories of an event which had occurred some 15 years in Texas] in Springfield, Missouri ... . ... There were two creatures of Judy Doraty's daughter Cindy ... by then ... divorced ... . Cindy recalled ... two creatures ... -- skinny and sticklike, with large eyes. ... There was ... light streaming down from the UFO. Then she saw the calf raised in the yellow beam , and added 'It acts like it's bawling, but you can't hear it.' This seems to suggest that the aliens have some method of cutting off sound -- which may explain why UFOs are so often silent. After that she was taken on board, and described

a 'kind of sweet, smelly air'.

{evidently scented with the sort of perfume favored by those particular extraterrestrials}

They made her lie on a table ... . Then a probe was placed against her forehead, and she felt deeply relaxed, '... like a sedative ... .' They ... looked down her throat with some sort of instrument."

p. 222 praeternatural entities are encountred in Missouri

"In July 1983, Ron and Paula Watson of Mount Verson {sic : read "Mount Vernon", county-seat of Lawrence in southwestern} Missouri, saw bright silver flashes in a pasture across the road. Looking through binoculars, they saw a black cow .. floated up from the grass and into a cone-shaped craft that was almost invisible, because its mirror-like surface reflected the leaves, grass, and sky. Standing by the ramp that led into the craft was a creature like a cross between a man and a lizard, with green skin, and on the other side of the craft was a 'Bigfoot' covered in hair. After they had all entered the UFO, the craft disappeared. ...

When the farmer who owned the pasture told the couple that one of his cows had vanished,

they tried to tell him what they had seen -- but he did not want to hear."

{The farmer may have even witnessed a similar event himself, but considered all that as too dangerous even to be mentioned.}

pp. 222-3 instance of reception of messages via thought-transferral from extraterrestrials

p. 222

"Jeanne Robinson, of Springfield, Missouri, ... would experience a sudden urge ... to set down the thoughts that poured into her mind,

p. 223

then the urge vanished just as suddenly. She explained that she felt that 'something out there' was communicating telepathically.

According to Jeanne Robinson's 'messages', the 'greys' are 'manufactured replicates', or some kind of robot. But the other type of alien --

sometimes described as the 'praying mantis' type --

{Is this why the Bushfolk of the Kalahari venerate a divine Praying Mantis?}

are the 'ancients' ... . Now unable to reproduce, they can only pass on their genetic ancestry by creating hybrids.

The 'reptilians', according to Jeanne Robinson's 'communicators', are servants, possessing great bodily strength ... . There are also blond 'Nordics' who have been on earth for many thousands of years."

"In a dream, Jeanne Robinson saw a bull on a raised platform. A computer-like screen had some kind of X-ray image on it. A grey being took a penlike tube with a light on the end and stuck it in the bull's rectum. ... There was a smell of burning flesh and hair. On the screen a moving dot showed the 'light' cutting around rectal tissue, which was then pulled out."

pp. 223-4 a Sasquatch in the State of Washington

p. 223

"In the second volume of Glimpses of Other Realities -- High Strangeness -- Linda Howe describes the experience of a man who ... 1977 ... near Everett ... saw a Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, ... walking out of the woods. It was almost eight feet tall, had a

p. 224

cone-shaped head ... . ... He hurried home, ... [to his own knowledge] had only been gone about fifteen minutes; ... [but in actuality] several hours. ... Under hypnosis he recalled that ... he saw a small man, about four feet tall, wearing a 'sparkly blue metallic suit'. This being stepped into a kind of transparent egg with ... a helicopter blade on top. Sasquatch ... A large UFO then descended ...; it hung suspended above the trees, causing a kind of whirlwind. He then became aware of 'specks' in the air ...; these suddenly came together into a shape like a wolf, which moved swiftly toward him; as it reached him he received an electric shock. ... The same thing happened several times. Then he saw a Sasquatch being lowered from the craft on a cable ... . ... After that, he remembered -- dimly -- being taken aboard the craft, and being paralyzed by a kind of mild electric current. He could recall a radio, from which there came the sound of voices speaking in many languages, including English and Russian. Then he recalled a man with a shaved head who removed [his (the narrator's)] eyeball to examine it."

pp. 224-5 cattle are abducted in Oregon

p. 224

"Linda Howe quotes a man ... in Sand Springs, Oregon, ... where ... [he] had found the body of a dead cow lodged in the upper limbs of a huge Ponderosa pine. They met a cowboy who ...

p. 225

took them to a dead bull that had dented the ground as ... it had falled from a great height ... . The cowboy told then that coyotes would not touch these mutilated animals, and that even flies failed to congregate around them. The cowbody had seen cattle floated up off the ground, into glowing disks."

p. 225 telepathically-received information from flying-saucers at Bentwaters AFB

"High Strangeness ... in the opening chapter, 'Military Voices', ... interviews ... a staff sergeant who was at the Bentwaters Air Force Base in Rendelsham Forest, in Sussex, UK, when a famous 'close encounter' took place during Christma 1980. ... Staff Sergeant James Penniston {admitted} ... not only to have seen the UFO at close quarters, but to have touched raised symbols {transponders} on its surface, from which he received information {by way of communication} ... telepathically. Penniston recalled under hypnosis that the UFO entities were engaged in research. Asked, '... with what?'

Penniston replied, '... They are us {read /we/} ... From the future."

{This must be a figurative statement, meaning that we will [with assistance from them] eventually evolve our status into a status (of knowledge and technology) aequivalent to that wherein they now are.}


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