Alien Dawn, 7





pp. 180-5 family history of 3 successive generations abducted by extraterrestrial space-aliens

p. 180

"Beth Collings -- ... the granddaughter of the man who had vanished in 1943 ... had reason to believe that she was at least the third generation that had been abducted ... . ...

p. 181

Her father would later admit to many strange episodes of missing time -- but said that he thought he was dreaming or hallucinating. ...

{Memory for the time is missing because of one's material body's having been occupied by a deity during that while. If there be actual dreaming, it is because one is in the dream-world then; if or viewing of the praeternatural (so-called "hallucinating"), then one is observing ingress of otherworldly entities into this world.}

Beth had started to become aware of episodes of missing time in 1989. ... She ... woke up ... to find herself in Little Rock, Arkansas. ... But ... her father's car pulled up. ...

p. 182

The same thing happened several times more during her teens ... . The implication would seem to be that her father ... was somehow being told {by extraterrestrials} where to find her."

"December 1991. Beth was driving ... when ... quite suddenly, she found herself ... miles away, with no knowledge of how she got there."

p. 183

"In April 1992, Beth ... went to see a doctor ... . Her vagina was so inflamed that he asked her if she had been raped."

"Then both of them woke up to see small grey figures in the room. ...

And this, in turn, led to their appearance at the UFO conference at MIT. They met newpaperman Courty Bryan, who would write about them in Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind, and also Budd Hopkins, who would invite them to New York and hypnotise them both. During the conference, Beth had an odd experience. ... She found herself ... in the conference hall, looking at herself {her material body} and Anna (from above and slightly to one side, as has been reported by many people who have had out-of-body experiences), then she felt herself sink back into her {material} body".

p. 184

For Anna Jamerson, "lights blinked out in unison ... all the time -- she records as much in the book Connections which she later co-authored with Beth. ... There are as many ... events as in Puharich's Uri ... . ...

When she removed her jeans, she was puzzled to find she was wearing no panties ... . ... . ... she suddenly remembered what had happened ... . The fog bank had 'walked' down the slope; then three grey figures had emerged from it, and the fog had vanished. ... They [she and the greys] climbed to the ridge where she had seen the fog bank, then she was engulfed in a blue-white light. She found herself in a room, and a taller 'grey' ... had a huge head perched on a thin neck, and black almond-shaped eyes. ...

p. 185

Liquid was injected into her hand below the thumb. ... Then she was undressed, and a needle driven into her navel ... . ... Later ... The creatures dressed her, forgetting her panties ... . Once dressed, she ... was immediately paralyzed ... . Then she woke up in bed, fully dressed ... . The 'greys' had allowed her to remember."

"(The women began to receive mysterious phone calls ... that sounded like gibberish, although each word was carefully pronounced ... .) And, when Budd Hopkins ... hypnotised both women, he uncovered memories ... that Beth and Anna had been abducted together since childhood, ... that their whole lives had been manipulated by aliens. ...

Anna had always been convinced that she had been raped ... when she was twelve ... . Under hypnosis, she recalled this as her first abduction experience, during which her father was paralyzed, and that it had resulted in the loss of her virginity."

p. 186 during 1953 ChrE in canyon nigh Los Angeles

"Two women who preferred to shelter under the pseudonyms of Sara Shaw and Jan Whitley were awakened ... by a bright light at their cabin in Tujunga Canyon, near Los Angeles; Sara ... suddenly ... felt giddy and confused. Years later, under hypnosis, she described how she and Jan were floated up into a UFO and medically examined gy aliens, then floated back."

p. 186 Antonio Villas-Boas in Brazil

"In 1957 there occurred the famous case of Antonio Villas-Boas, ...

{All his 3 names may be based on towns prominent in Middle-America geography : ANTO`N in Panama`, VILLAvicencio Colombia, and BOA Vista in Brazil. (This fact may have attracted a flying saucer to him.)}

taken on board an egg-shaped craft, and seduced by a naked blonde. ...

{This event in the state of Minas Gerais is described in more detail in SEE, pp. 21-5.}

Villas-Boas later added that, in the second act of {sexual} intercourse, the alien woman took a sperm sample".

{The sexual intercourse furnished a pleasant and agreeable way to obtain a sperm-sample.}



Boa Vista

SEE = C. L. Turnage : Sexual Encounters with Extraterrestrials. Timeless Voyager Pr, Santa Barbara (CA), 2001.

pp. 187-8 woman is abducted and sexually violated aboard a flying saucer

p. 187

"One of the most admirably detailed investigations of a sexual encounter with an alien was recorded by Hans Holzer in a book called The Ufonauts in 1976. ... a pretty blond woman named Shane Kurz ... told how, one evening in April 1968, she and her mother -- who lived in Westmoreland, New York -- saw a cigar-shaped object overhead. ... Her hearing became abnormally acute -- an effect noted by other abductees, including Beth Collings. ... But then she began to dream that she was in the field in her night robe, and that ... the UFO ... hovered above her. In the dream a spotlight beam comes from the bottom of the ship, and she is floated up through a hole underneath."

"under hypnosis, ... Shane was able to recall the night in 1968 when she woke up with ... someone ... calling her name. ... She sees the saucer, with a revolving rim, hanging above her, and she

p. 188

is 'floated' aboard. Then she is in a white room, and a small man ... comes in. ... Finally, the naked man lies on top of her and makes love to her. '... I am enjoying it.' ... Afterwards, ... She is dressed and floated down to the ground again."

pp. 188-89 scorching of lawn accompanied by sensation of chill; breeding of hybrids

p. 188

"After the publication of Missing Time in 1981, Hopkins was contacted by a woman named Kathie Davis (real name Debbie Tomey), who lived in Copley Woods, near Indianapolis. She sent him colour photographs ... of UFO landing -- ... a burnt circle of grass ... . In July 1983 ... night, the grass was burnt, and nothing would grow there. ...

p. 189

When Hopkins visited Kathie's house ..., she told him how, on the night the lawn had been scorched, she and two friends had been swimming in her pool when -- in spite of the heat -- they all became freezing cold. ... Neighbours verified that some kind of bright light had landed on Kathie's lawn, and had made the lights flicker and interfered with the television.

When Kathie had been eighteen, she had found she was pregnant ... . A few months later, the pregnancy vanished -- yet there were no signs of a miscarriage. ... During a hypnotic session, Kathie described how, during an abduction, she was allowed to see the child that had been removed from her womb; it was now a little blond girl".

p. 190 woman is probed in her vagina

"Susan described how ... she ... experienced some telepathic communication with the UFO, and felt herself drawn up until she was lying on a table inside it. ... she was naked from the waist down, and felt a probe inserted into her vagina."

pp. 191-2 mortal hypnotists who possess paranormal powers similar to the praeternatural powers owned by unearthly space-aliens : summoning by thought-transference; being hypnotized by flying-saucer; absence of any "normal reality"

p. 191

"most skilled hypnotists have the powers attributed to aliens : can cause certain people to become 'will-less', to paralyse them, and to cause them to experience amnesia."

{These "powers" ascribed to hypnotists, however, are in reality powers of the praeternatural entities who are thus exercising their powers at the behest of the hypnotists. Such entities are the "familiar spirits" favoring the hypnotists, just as such spirits favor practitioners of "mediumship" etc.}

"John Keel and Hans Holzer both suspect that 'contactees' may be chosen for certain reasons, including 'psychic' tendencies."

p. 192

"The psychologist Pierre Janet was able to summon one of is patients, 'Leonie', with whom he had established hypnotic rapport, from the other side of Le Havre. It is quite clear that 'aliens' have a similar power over people with whom they have established a rapport, so that they can be 'summoned' in the middle of the night, often hearing their name being called 'inside their heads'."

"We have seen a number of cases where people have entered a trance after seeing a UFO."

{Quite likely, these may be cases wherein an invisible laserlike ray was impinged along a wavelength for controlling the mind.}

"The truth is that there is no 'normal reality' that we all share; there is simply a ... consensus morality or consensus religion or consensus politics that is taken for granted".

p. 193 changing public consensus concerning flying-saucers

"In 1950, only a tiny proportion of the population of Europe or the United States believed in the reality of UFOs; now the figure is more than 50 per cent. ...

Of course, it would be much easier

if people who believe in the existence of UFOs could decide exactly what it is they believe in :

{If, however, they would "decide exactly what it is they believe in", this would rendre the flying vehicles "identified" (instead of "unidentified") : making their nomenclature /IFOs/ (instead of /UFOs/).}

solid metal ships from Sirius,

semisolid craft from another dimension, or

psychic vehicles from Ted Holiday's goblin universe that should be classified with ghosts and poltergeists."

pp. 193-9 Linda Cortile

p. 193

"Budd Hopkins ... In Missing Time ... concluded ... that 'they' are able to induce amnesia. In Intruders he concluded that 'they' are involved in ... breeding semihuman hybrids. But his next book, Witnessed (1996), ... to take the subject ... further ... succeeds in making it ... to be taken seriously. Hopkins had already described the case ... at the MIT conference. ...

p. 194

In 1967, when she was twenty-three, she ... had the experience of feeling paralysis creep from her toes to her head. It happened several times. On the morning of 30 November 1989, she telephoned Hopkins to say that a small, grey-skinned alien had approached her ..., and she had thrown a pillow at him {how rude of her!}. Then she had become paralysed {that served her aright!}. ... she described being taken to the window ... and floated out to a UFO. ... Fourteen months later, Hopkins received a letter signed '... Richard and Dan', which informed him that at 3.30 a.m. on 30 November 1989, they had seen a woman ... 'floated' out of a Manhattan apartment ... into a large oval craft hovering overhead. The craft turned reddish orange, then flew away and plunge into the {East} river near Brooklyn Bridge. ... Now Hopkins learnt that Richard and Dan were ... bodyguards of ... (Perez de Cuellar, ... secretary of the United Nations {"JPC"}.)

He had also witnessed Linda's abduction from their car, which had broken down under the Brooklyn Bridge.

{Flying-saucer crews are sometimes under orders to display activities of the craft to high-ranking international diplomats. Those extraterrestrials had caused the temporary breakdown in order have an opportunity to catch the secretary-general's personal attention.}

And soon ... a woman wrote ... saying that she also had seen the

p. 195

abduction; at 3.30 in the morning, her car had been one of many that had stalled on Brooklyn Bridge; the streetlights had also gone out."

"Then Dan ... wrote ... disclosing ... Immediately after the abduction ... they had found themselves -- inexplicably -- on the seashore. And there on the sand was Linda ... . ...

p. 196

Hopkins also received a letter from 'the Third Man' ... verifying that he had been present when Linda as floated out of her apartment, and the seashore episode".

"Subsequently, Richard wrote ... to tell Hopkins that, since the age of ten, he had been dreaming of a girl, who was introduced to him in a white environment ... . He called her Baby Ann; she called him Mickey. ....

p. 197

Hopkins ... confirmed by Linda. ... Pressed by Hopkins, she recalled an imaginary playmate called Mickey, who called her Ann. And ... Linda and Richard had been deliberately brought together {but only in their dreams!} by the aliens in a long-term ... breeding experiment."

p. 198

"Richard admitted that ... under Brooklyn Bridge : they were in official motorcade ..., full of ... important political figures. Their engines had simply stopped ... for an hour. ... After the episode ..., they found themselves back on FDR Drive outside the car -- in fact, with the 'third man' on the roof."

p. 199

"Kathie Davis of Intruders has written her own book confirming it all."

"JPC" = "Javier Pe'rez de Cue'llar".

p. 200 genetic engineering

[quoted from GG, p. 120] "alien astronauts are capturing literally thousands of people all over the world, over long periods of time, and performing genetic and sexual acts on them, as part of a programme of genetic engineering".

{This is indeed occuring, but generally involving astral bodies (extracted out of their material bodies), which are more noticeable and influential in the dream-world than in waking-life.}

GG = John Spencer : Gifts of the Gods.

pp. 201-3 described by John Spencer in his book Perspectives : "a case in Vallentuna, Sweden" involving "odic force"

p. 201

"March 1974 ... night, ... the light was right over him. Then he found himself outside his home ... . He was bleeding from a wound ... . The next day ... A UFO investigator ... advised Anders to try hypnotic regression. Under hypnosis, Anders remembered that ... Some force lifted him into the air. He was then sucked into a vehicle by four 'semi-transparent entities' ... with no nose {n}or ears. ... They were surrounded by a hazy glow. ... After that, the aliens delivered him to his home. ...

Two men independently saw a metal object in the field where Anders had his encounter. A woman and her fiance', driving

p. 202

towards the spot, saw what they thought was a ... tower with lights shining out of its windows; later they saw that there was no ... tower at the spot. There were numerous ... sightings ... the following night, including one of a bright yellow-white object that travelled over the forest and lit up the sky, moving off at a great speed. Televisions blacked out ... and tele phones malfunctioned."

Arne "Groth had been studying the theories of Baron von Reichenbach, who discovered that certain people ... were responsive to magnets and crystals ... . (Reichenbach ... discovered a so-far unknown 'odic force'.) Groth found that Anders was sensitive to magnets ..., and to a rock crystal ... . They gave Anders a stinging or sucking sensation in his head. ... A year later, Anders had a dream in which he heard the words, 'Search in yttrium'. ... Groth obtained some, and tried it on Anders; ... Anders felt something like an electric current.

Groth discovered 'lines' in Anders's body, similar to acupuncture lines, and that these were also sensitive to yttrium. ...

p. 203

Anders discovered that he could move a compass needle by passing his hand over it, and that he could cause 'patterns of force' to appear in iron filings placed on his stomach. ...

Anders ... got Spencer to hold a dowsing rod ... . ... Anders placed his hand ... above the rod, when Spencer felt a surge of energy, and the rod bent down ... . Anders had dowsed the abduction site, and found that it was the convergence point of many lines of force (... ley lines). Anders was able to see the aura of the Earth".

"Significantly, a study of Ander's biorhythms revealed that he had been abducted at the exact moment when the ythree energies -- physical, emotional and intellectual -- peaked at a triple maximum ... . The implication is that Anders had been carefully selected for the abduction, and with some specific purpose involved with increasing certain paranormal abilities".

pp. 204-5 cosmic consciousness under hypnosis

p. 204

"In April 1969, ... out in the Swedish countryside ... she and Martin looked up and saw an oval shaped object with 'legs' against the sky. ... Kathryn ... heard ... the rhythm of the universe ..., and ... she felt cosmic consciousness. Then she seemed to see the history of the human race flash past in a few seconds. ... Then she experienced a paradoxical insight ... .

After this they found themselves sitting on the sofa, having 'lost' about ten hours. In 1986, Kaythryn decided to try to regain the mising time by undergoing hypnosis. In a trance, she recalled that the 'legs' had withdrawn into the craft, and that she had been somehow sucked into it, and was looking down ... at the Earth. ...

p. 205

After that ... she was on another planet, and ... the UFO entities were transparent (Anders had said 'semi-transparent'); she saw a cigar-shaped object taking off. She felt she was wearing a kind of crystal headdress or helmet, and states that clairvoyants have sometimes seen this around her head.

The experience caused ... Kathryn ... insights into past lives".

p. 206 observing populations of persons involved with flying saucers

[Among mortals transported in flying saucers are] "possible abductees, or about two per cent ... to the population of the US[A], that meant about five million people.

... under hypnosis, Anna Jamerson had stated that there are eight million 'changelings' {walk-ins?} on Earth."

"At the same time as Linda Cortile's abduction, another Manhattan woman ... [was] abducted from her apartment, and [was]

seeing fifteen or twenty other women moving {flying?} through the streets towards a UFO on bank of the East River; she saw two others in the sky."

{The "women" thus seen may have been projecting in their astral bodies.}

"Patrick Huyghe {i.e., a Huguenot} tells of interviewing Jacobs in 1994, and how Jacobs mentioned a hypnosis session he had conducted the evening before, in which the abductee had seen fifteen other human beings on board the {flying-saucer} craft.

Jacobs went on to suggest that

a massive abduction programme may be taking place, 'twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week', ... with hybrids".

{If so, then only astral bodies (or, perhaps, dream-bodies) of such "abductees" are being abducted, and they are, in those bodies, rapidly returned into the material body as soon as their brief mission be completed.}

p. 207 subtle-bodies' passing through walls and through windshield

"the aliens possess powers ... able to transport human beings through walls and windows, ... floating human beings through the windscreen of their cars".

{The bodies which pass through material walls and through material windshields, are astral bodies (and not material bodies).}

p. 207 apparently time-suspended physics

"Linda Cortile ... had been in the cubicle at a swimming bath on Coney Island ... . The door opened, and ... she saw two men in skin-tight blue uniforms. They told her that she had to go with them and ... took her to some strange environment ... . As she left the swimming bath, people were standing as if in frozen animation. But ... when she returned three-quarters of an hour later, the splashed water in the swimming pool was suspended in the air, as if caught in a photograph.

It seems that the aliens can somehow slow down time."

{Not "time" itself, but merely the speed of physical processes [quite some diffference!] can be slowed by them; and, at that, only in the anomalous sub-plane of the material plane wherein these events must have been witnessed.}

p. 208 beginninglessness of history of abduction of mortals by supernatural space-aliens

"Perhaps some semi-supernatural beings with whom we unknowingly share the Earth have been abducting humans ... since the beginning of history.

But if -- as that MIT conference on abduction seemed to imply -- something new and strange is going on, then perhaps the human race ought to be looking for the answer with far more persistence".


Colin Wilson : Alien Dawn : an Investigation into the Contact Experience. Virgin Publ Ltd, London, 1998; Fromm Internat Publ, NY, 1998.